Fastest Way To Unlock ALL Agents In Valorant


Hey everyone and welcome back to another disrupt gaming video. Today, we’re going to be showing you guys, the ins and outs of unlocking agents in valerian, we’re going to show you the fastest ways to do that, how you actually set it up to unlock agents and even how you can get some free cosmetics. I mean who doesn’t like free stuff, you’re able to get it, and you guys just need to watch this whole video, because we got loads of tips and tricks to help. You guys earn xp fast and unlock agents as fast as possible in valorem. So let’s go ahead and get right into it, as you guys can tell we’re on the valerian homepage. Right now and honestly, let’s just talk about how to unlock xp at first, because that’s kind of a simple way to do things, so you guys can see that there’s various different game modes in valor. You got spike rush, you got death match and then you got your regular game. So if we went over to play, we got unrated and competitive and that you’re going to have like a basically by round basis, you’re going to get 100 xp for every single round. You win you’re gon na get 200 xp for every round that you win it’s 100 xp for every single round that you play and then uh you’re gon na get uh just as many rounds as you play.

You’Re gon na get that xp. So it kind of adds up like that, whereas spike rush, it has a set amount, spike rush has a thousand xp and then death match has 900 xp. That’S just for playing the whole thing, because we know that those game modes are shorter. We made videos in the past just deep, diving in to xp and valerian, and we’ve told you guys that the fastest way to unlock uh or get more xp in valor is to go ahead and play spike rush. Just because deathmatch is not allowing us to go ahead and gain xp through challenges, you guys can find your challenges over here, uh right to the left of the home tab and, as you guys can see, you got daily and weekly challenges. The weekly challenges are bound to give you more xp and they’re going to like level up, so this is still the first week, so i’m getting 5200 xp for this week’s challenges.

If i complete one of these challenges, then i’ll get the xp value to the right of it, and then this will uh level up and it will go all the way up to like sometimes close to 32. 000. That’S what happened in the past acts. I’M not too positive what it’s going to get up to, but you guys will be able to save these weekly challenges and then just batch like get them done just back to back to back to back and just play a ton and that’s how you’re actually able To get caught up on the battle pass and do a decent amount see like i could still possibly make it if i just wanted to grind but anyways now that we got that covered out of the way we we know that we want to do spike rush And everything, but how exactly do we want to go ahead and unlock agents and that’s where we move over to our agents tab so, as you guys can see we’re going to be able to find every single agent on this tab, all 13 of them?

And now we got to talk about how we actually unlock them, but for that let’s go ahead over to sky, because she’s, my one agent, that i don’t i have unlocked so go over and hover over an agent that you do not have unlocked as you guys Can see this example is going to be sky, so we can get some basic info over here from like her background and we’re also able to see her job. So i said earlier that you guys might wanted to change your play style whenever you’re wanting to unlock new agents, because maybe you haven’t found that perfect agent for you well you’re, actually able to read the description, whether they’re initiator uh. We got controllers, we got sentinels and all that then we’re gon na head over here, and so you already got your basis, then you can kind of look at the uh abilities and if you kind of would like yours like if you like heels, then i know Sage, a ton so like, if you feel like you’re, more of like that big delayer in the team, then go ahead and like choose sage to unlock, even though you get it right at off the bat but anyways with sky. We got this k taken care of, but once we look towards the center we’re able to see that we have agent contracts.

So i know that could be kind of confusing for new players. So let’s go ahead and jump right into it and you guys can see that we have a like almost mini battle, pass of 10 tiers, where you’re able to unlock some cosmetics, but at tier five you’re, actually able to unlock skye for the ability to player. So this is a great way to player you just you can either unlock her with a thousand radiant points or valorem points, whatever the system’s called or you come over here and press activate, and this will activate our contract now, all xp that i get over the Course of let’s say the whole day that i play today, let’s say i just want to sit down and grind all my weekly challenges i’ll be able to basically unlock her and all my xp will go just to her. If i wanted to like unlock somebody else, let’s say i was going for sages uh for stages, pulse check spray, because we all want that right.

So go ahead and just head over to her and then you can activate it. You cannot run more than one active uh contract active at a time, so go ahead and just make sure that you’re activated on that one you want to do. I would recommend just knocking it all out and then once you get to tier 5 going to the next agent just because you never know what your team composition is going to be in that next match and you’re going to want everybody unlocked in the long run. So go ahead and do that, but now that we’ve got that covered how to unlock her, we can now check the contract and we can see that it’s basically, i believe, it’s 20 000 for um for the first tier and then it gets all the way up. In total, it’s going to be around 150 000 xp to unlock, and you guys might be thinking to yourselves. That is so much but trust me. It will not take that long.

If you want i’m gon na about to give you guys some tips, so i definitely recommend you guys staying and it’s actually one thing that i did, which i think was really smart. I just didn’t play the game right when it came out, because i knew that the weekly challenges i heard or like this is with the axe. So i knew that valerian weekly missions stacked up. I knew that and i didn’t want to have to play games without sky in order to level her up. So what i wanted to do, i said, let me just save all my weekly missions and then one day, i’m just gon na sit down and grind her out and get her done in one day. I think this is the best, and this way i don’t actually have to pay money, because one thousand valen points kind of a lot. That’S ten dollars for an agent where i can unlock her for free, so you guys know which one i choose. I felt like it was the better option, but anyways now i have all of these weekly missions stacked.

So basically i have to do i’m really close to these missions being done. I just have to load up into a game run it up. I can play four games. You guys see that four games challenge right there um. So over the course of those four games. I should be able to use my abilities up to 200 times and then i’ll also deal enough damage to get new ones. Hopefully i can get this done within like the first two matches, so that then i can start completing those separate or the next set of weekly challenges, because you don’t have to complete them all in order for them reset. I don’t believe you guys can correct me in the comments, if i’m wrong about that, though, but you can just basically just knock these things out, you can knock out your dailies.

You knock out your weeklies and you will get so much xp like we said earlier. Just to recap, spike rush is the best to go ahead: the guest, the best game mode to get xp. So if you’re looking to grind xp play spike rush and complete those challenges, it is as simple as that guys. If you enjoyed today’s video, then please please, please let us know in the comments what videos you want to see next, because we are trying to bring you guys, the most high quality up-to-date guides, and we need your guys’s help for what you guys want to see. So with that, i also want to ask you guys our question of the day, and that is what’s the first agent that you unlocked in valor, because i know that, like some people took the approach of going for raisoff right off the bat. That’S personally what i did so this is kind of for those players that don’t know who they should get.

I went with rey’s right off the bat, but then, after that i went with um. I believe it was omen because i just loved the way that omen played then, after that this is where my opinion kind of changes with everyone else’s. I went for viper, then omen and then i went on from there. I believe i unlocked breach last, but it’s honestly up to you guys you guys can choose what order you want to unlock the agents, guys that’s gon na wrap it up for today’s video. Thank you so much for watching. I hope that this helped you out and hopefully now you can unlock agents even faster and valorant. That’S going to be all for me today and we will catch you all in the next one.

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