Guild Wars 2: Cold War Strike Mission Guide | Team setup & Best Practices


Hey there guys, The “No Quarter” episode from the Icebrood Saga was recently released and with it came a new Strike Mission; Cold War. I’m sure most of you watching are able to do this Strike Mission but there are some mechanics that could overwhelm you! You really want to do this Strike Mission because of the unique Bear armors you can unlock by doing this strike mission. And in order to unlock that, you need to complete this strike 50 times! [Can also be obtained through PvP] If you want a guide on alllll the other Strike Missions, check out my video that I did with Arih. We will discuss the mechanics, difficulty and team compositions of each Strike Mission in that video.

Anyway, let’s get into the video! As with all the Strike Missions, it is easily accessible from the Eye of the North hub. You can also just enter it from the Drizzlewood Coast map. Once you are in the Strike Mission, you want to head over to the table and pick up an Electromagnetic pulse. This costs just 10 War Supplies which you can easily gather from the Drizzlewood Coast meta events. This item allows you to do a good amount of damage to a break bar of a Champion or Legendary you will encounter. But, next to that, it will also increase the effect of the next CC you apply to a break bar. Also, don’t forget to stack up on the pylons before you head into the strike. This helps you to increase your damage and can reduce incoming damage. If I had to give a difficulty to this Strike Mission, I’d say it has a Medium difficulty.

The first part of the Strike, is extremely easy but later on it can get tricky and the last boss could overwhelm you and your squad. For the next 8 minutes, you will fight incoming Charr. Yes, I know, that is pretty long. But I’m sure you can pull it off! For the first 6 minutes or so, this is extremely easy, but after that, the Charr greatly increase in numbers. And that is where some squads get overwhelmed. Since these charr come from all sides of the arena, it is good to pull them towards you instead of going to them. Therefore, I suggest to stay in a tight group. This way, it is easier for your healers to provide heals and your Firebrand, Renegade, Chronomancer or any other profession that grants buffs, will be able to give you boons.

To pull these Charr, you can use skills liked Binding Blade from the Guardian Greatsword or the Grasping Darkness Greatsword skill from the Reaper. It does not matter what it is, as long as it pulls enemies towards you. In the top right of your screen you also see two bars. The top bar shows the amount of reward chests you will get after you have finished the strike. Kill as many mobs as possible to increase this number. The second one shows whenever you will get an artillery strike. This bar fills up whenever you kill Charr or those Charr helicopters that polite the playing field with damaging fields. The key takeaway here is to slap as many Charr as possible. Now, during this first phase, there will be 3 to 4 champions you must kill.

These do not have a fixed timer on when they would spawn. It is all based on how fast you kill the enemies. For me they usually spawn around these timestamps: The first one spawns at 6:45, the second at 4:20 hehe and the third at 2:00. They are not hard to beat, just break their break bar and do damage. You can use your Electrical Pulse here to break their break bar. However, you want to try and save at least one or two charges of this skill. We need something for the last boss! When there is one minute remaining, it becomes tricky. You will get overwhelmed by a ton of Charr. The key here is to keep it cool. Stay tight together and use your blocks and your heals to stay alive. You don’t have to kill them all because when the timer reaches zero, they will all run off.

This is also a good opportunity to kill some extra Charr to get the some extra reward chests. But don’t stray away from your main goal; Stayin’ Alive. ha ha ha ha. Now, the big bad boss fight with Varinia Stormsounder. As you will see in the gameplay of this Strike Mission, Varinia will summon ads and will also use skills that will make your playing field smaller. For example, she summons Charr that create a walls of fire and she uses Charr tanks to run you over. This should not cause much trouble. Make sure to stay out of the AoEs and pull the Charr towards you and finish them off with Cleave or the AoE damage from you squad.

What you should be worried about are her buffs. The first one is Icy Echoes. Although the description of the buff is a bit vague, I’m sure it is some kind of retaliation. So, if you attack her, she will return some of the damage back to you. The second one, Lethal Coalescence, allows her to shoot a magic beam towards you or your squad members. This does a good amount of damage and it will impact everyone that is hit by it. The last one, Flash Freeze, is a time jump in order to avoid chilling pulses. You can remove all these buffs and briefly stun her by breaking her break bar. Now it is time to use your Electromagnetic pulse! Make sure to that your party members save some of these charges because she will regain this buffs eventually. When that happens, the cycle starts over. Just remove her buffs by breaking the break bar again. Once you get all of that, you understand about 80% of the fight. Another important mechanic of the fight is the green circle mechanic. Once you see that, make sure to get close together in order to spread the damage. The more people that are in this circle, the less damage everyone will take.

You might remember this mechanic from the Whisper of Jormag Strike And the last, and maybe one of the more important ones is the mechanic where she summons assassins. Once you have a orange circle below your feet, move away from the group and dodge at the last moment before the inner circle touches the outer circle. This will make sure that Assassins cannot damage you. They do a good amount of damage and can insta-down you if you are about half health. That should be about it! I hope you enjoyed this video and it helped you with the strike. Got a question, leave it in the comments. Don’t forget to like, share and subscribe. It helps the channel grow! Thanks for watching and PEACE!.

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