[Guild Wars 2] Retribution Power Renegade Build Video


Introducing the Retribution-Power Renegade, an incredibly resilient and beginner friendly build for Open World Fractals and even Raids. This build boasts high solo DPS, while also supporting nearby players with strong buffs. Furthermore it is one of the tankiest build in the game right now with insane lifesteal and damage reductions all the while being easy to play. For the gear, you generally want to go full Diviners, but you can sneak in a few pieces of Berserker or even Marauder, but do not let yout Boon Duration fall below 75% so you can swap in Righteous Rebel for permanent Alacrity when needed. Personally I like to go full Diviners with Berserker weapons. We are going to use Runes of the Pack since they offer a nice chunk of boon duration to reach those critical 75%, and provide us with some nice boons right at the start of combat. For our weapons we will be dual wielding swords. No other weaponset is required, but you should keep a staff in your offset for access to one of the best cc-bar-breakers in the game.

If you want you can also bring a hammer for open world tagging, and situation where melee is absolutely impossible. Since this build has an insane amount of crowd control we want to be utilizing on-interrupt sigills, which is why in our swords we use a Sigil of Absorbtion for some insane boonsteal, and a Sigil of Celerity for easy 50% uptime on quickness. If you are playing in a group that can provide you with enough quickness already you can swap Celerity for Draining, for some extra life-steal or Force for some extra raw damage. Either way since we will be using our staff always for break bars, we want to upgrade it with a Sigil of Paralization and another Sigil of your choosing.

Personally I prefer Absorbtion. For our consumables we take the regular meta power food but if you are filthy rich you can also Writs of Strength. One of the pillars that makes this build so tanky is the high amount of stacking % reduction. We’ve got permanent protection, permanent determined resoultion, and a hight uptime one Vengeful Hammers. In Fractals we also get another 25% reduction from our potion. Taken together these reductions will drastically reduce any direct damage you would take. The other pillar keeping this build up is the relatively new trait Dance of Death, which will give you a stack of Battle Scars, a strong lifesteal buff every time you apply vulnerability.

This will synergize extremely well with the Renegades insane potential to apply vulnerability via its utility skills Darkrazors Daring and Icerazors Ire. Darkrazors Daring is our key skill, it will trigger up to 6 interruption events which each will proc Ashen Demeanour – for some quick Battle Scar stacks, Dwarven Battle Training – for a +10% damage modifier, and both of our sigils for quickness and AoE boonsteal. The other skill Icerazors Ire is a strong single target attack, which also applies a whopping 40 stacks of vulnerability each giving you another source for stack of Battle Scars. Since each stack of Battle Scars however decays after 10 seconds we will need a way to proc them before that. This is where Jallis comes into play. Namely the rotating Vengefull Hammers, which will hit enemies around you 3 times per second triggering your Battle Scars as well as their own lifestel, while protecting you from damage. A simplified rotaition therefore looks like this: You start in Kalla; immediatly cast Darkrazor and Icerazor. Make sure the circle is overlaping you so you get Protection from your All for One and quickly switch to Jallis and activate the hammers.

As you can see this rotation leaves you with some extra energy in between the stance swaps. You can use this extra energy however you see fit but here is a quick overview of your options: Chilling Isolation This is a pretty cheap attack that does 50% more damage if it hits a lone target. You should use this skill whenever you can even if you can’t single out an enemy. Unrelenting Assault A strong ability that also gives you a lot of dodge frames. Unfortunatley its high cost, and long animation make it difficult to use. You should only use this if you really need the dodge. Shackling Wave A high damage cone ability that also roots and applies vulnerability. If you hit a group of enemies with this you can quickliy stack up Battle Scars. Deathstrike A high damage teleport ability that will provide you with unlimited fury. Keep in mind that you can use this skill slightly out of range for a longer teleport, but you will not hit your target if you choose to do so. Citadell Bombardment A pretty expensive skill, but it hits like a truck especially since we have the grandmaster trait for it equiped.

Use this whenever you have a large amount of energy left and you are about to switch stances. Inspiring Reinforcement On demand Stability with an almost permanent uptime. You should use this if you expect incoming crowd control. Forced Engagement A surprisingly strong cc-bar-breaker, and if you time it just right you can even use it to steal some boons from your enemy, thanks to your Sigil of Absorbtion. Soulcleave Summit A really strong source of lifesteal for not just yourself but your entire group. Unfourtunatley you won’t be having much energy to keep this skill runing for more than a few seconds, but you should try to do so everytime you can. Especially when playing in a team. Speaking of teamplay: With just a minor tweak this build can fill the role of Alacrigade.

Now you too can unleash the power of the F4 button. Simply keep some of your surplus energy to use Orders from Above every 16 seconds and you can provide a whole party or even an entire raid squad with Alacrity. Also when you are playing with a group and notice your Might is lacking you should use Heroic Command every time you can to help out. Now lets talk a bit about a few traits in particular Dome of the Mists In certain encounters, especially in Fractals projectile destruction can come in handy. Usually you would swap in Ventari for some high uptime thanks to Protective Solace. This trait however gives you some new options: You could drop Ventari entirely if the encounter is short enough. Or if Solace ist still needed it gives you an opportunity to swap to your off-legend without losing access to projectile destruction. Just make sure you don’t bring this trait to an encounter where it could unintentionally harm you like Mathias in wing 2.

Vicious Reprisal vs. Versed in Stone On first glance you would think that Vicious Reprisal would give you more damage than Versed in Stone. And you’d be right if your Retaliation uptime was higher than 50%. However unfortunatley, and quite ironically the Retribution line doesnt provide very much Retaliation at all. In fact the only source of Retaliation this build has is the Jallis heal skill for around 30% uptime if you use it off cooldown. Furthermore the 50% duration increase is broken and gets eaten entirely by your Boon Duration.

Meanwhile Versed in Stone gives you a reliable 130 Power at all times and a neat proc if you ever fall below 50% health. If you enjoied this video, why not give it a thumbs up? And if you want to see further content from me, why not subscribe? This is Rengaru, signing out..

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