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Carrying as a controller can take insane knowledge and creativity, the best way to put a team on your back as smokes is to big brain your team to victory, rather than just clicking heads like a duelist except out thinking. Your opponents requires a strong intuition of where the enemies are and how you should react in this video i’ll review. Some crucial rounds from bugsy’s smurf commentary on our website, where he single-handedly changed the outcome of the game. Bugsy is a radiant level. Astramin we’ve been working with to bring you more premium guides on the channel, we’ll focus on how to refine your game sense. Consider the situation to make impact plays how to correctly switch up your defense, if you’re losing and how to correctly use astrazolt. Take note that we’re going to be focusing on astra in this video, because that’s who he’s playing, but these tricks with smokes can be used on any controller agent. The first major skill that we should be working on with astra is your game sense. This means understanding what you should do to help your team, the most and being able to predict where the enemy is and when they will peak you game sense is important to play valorant at a high level, but it’s pivotal to play astra at any level. Astra’S global star placement and activation is her biggest strength. However, it’s only a strength if you fundamentally understand the game and can use the knowledge to gain foresight on your enemies. In the third round of bugsy’s game, he used his knowledge of valor to single-handedly win them. The round, let’s begin with his first blood i’ll, let bugsy explain what he’s doing here. Take him. I’M gon na put down a smoke for cat, and then here i’m gon na show you something. I’M a smoke cat and i’m gon na recall this mid mid-smoke. We might be able to catch someone in the open who thinks this is a full smoke, see exactly like that. You can see how well that worked out there, that play worked, because he recalled his stars in a common smoke spot. Knowing this, he knows that his enemy will assume that it’s a full smoke and they may try to reposition behind it now that their sight line is blocked off as soon as he gets. An opening trade in mid his mind immediately goes into defensive mode. He goes to hold b because by glancing at the mini map, he can see that he has two teammates in mid and one in a main and the only spot that they could possibly push and get killed from is b moving on. Let’S look at how he brought back the 2v4 in this round. The first thing that he did was get aggressive, given that they are down a man and have been defending a mid-push from the rest of his team, the whole round. He can make an educated bet that he can now take a 1v1 at b. Isolating players is the key to bringing back deficits in this case it worked even better than expected, and the 1v1 that he found himself in was against a player holding another angle. After both brim and bugsy get kills, he immediately knows that the last two players are far based on who they killed. This allows him to set up for a 2v2. He decides to put up an alt that sets him up to isolate the ct rotate from the market or b main rotates, because of this he’s freed from watching a heaven and he’s available to hold the lane cross where he gets a free kill from there. It’S a 2v1 with no info after clearing ct again quickly. He knows both where sova will need to enter sight from and where he’s safe to go into astral form. Finally, his team uses all this info to hold the correct angle and place util to impede him and before we move on to the next round, if you guys are looking to see bugsy’s commentary throughout the full game that is all available on our website. Let’S take a quick, listen, let’s play mid now, so what i’m going to do? I’M going to put this one star, this isn’t for really trapping anyone. This is for letting me get out. If i’m going to play left or right, the star will. Let me fall back to market if i ever need to, and then i’ll just put some stars for my teammates. If you’re, looking for more gameplay from top radiant level players teaching you how to carry in your games be sure to check all of that out at skillcap.com link in the description below. But let’s get back into the game round. 11 of this game will show you the importance of sound and situational awareness in valorant. Let’S start with the sound cues in the round that let him have a massive impact so right now the reason i’m waiting. I still hear this killjoy util as soon as it disables. I know i can go. I don’t like this right now when he and his teammates push up in a main, they can clearly hear the killjoy turret to the right of sight. This turret tells them that killjoy hasn’t fallen for the fake that his teammates were trying to pull at b. Yet his reina clearly didn’t realize this yet, but because he did, he was ready to trade her out and got a free kill after the trade. He knew that his site was clear because he had been paying attention to the mini-map and who his teammates were dying to. This is where situational awareness is key. He had a free sight, but little other info. He could have tried to plant the spike here, but the rotates would probably be close and he might have gotten stuck because of this, especially given the fact that one of his teammates was also so far away stuck in mid. So, instead of planting, he decided to make the unexpected play of pushing past the site and managed to catch two rotators incredibly off guard. I wanted to highlight this because this play is almost always a bad play, except in this instance it worked. Although the cipher did miss a trade on the enemy, not looking at him anyways, it worked because he had been aware of the situation and realized that he could push past the tree or cat player and catch their players off guard when they were holding cypher in Mid in valorant it can be easy to go into autopilot where you’re always just making the play. That is the most obvious decent idea, realizing timings and gaps can allow you to make excellent situational plays, though, that win games. Sometimes, when you find a good decision, there can still be a better decision following up on this idea of going into autopilot mode. Let’S look at the final round of the game. Bugsy got a 3k off the flank that they didn’t expect could be there so fast. One thing that could always help, especially on defense, where teams tend to be more static, is changing things up to catch the enemies off guard going into this round. They had lost four straight rounds in a row where he was holding mid passively. The other thing that you’ll notice is that they rarely ever took mid. Okay, let’s try something else since we’ve been doing this mid stuff here, let’s go aggressive mid, i’m going to show you a good aggressive setup. So if i put a star here, i’m going to do it late in the round, obviously not to show them and smoke this and i’ll put a star here to suck this. So they can’t really peek top mid and then i’m going to push and try to try to get around here. That angle should be a very weird off angle for them, and my stars also do the thing: maybe they’d send one person to hold or lurk, but they hadn’t gone mid as a team. The other team’s tendencies, combined with four straight losses, is why he decided to try a hyper-aggressive play in mid after the jet kills his reina, who they knew was his cat player. He decided to push the smoke and his reasoning was this and i’m going to push and try to get try to get around here. That angle should be a very weird off angle for them, and my stars also do the thing they even scare people a little of peeking before you even pop them. So i know there’s a jet opera here and because she’s an op, i should be able to push through the smoke pretty safely. As expected, their op was rejoining with their team and gave the angle allowing him to flank just to clarify by no means is he saying that the answer is just a whole w. In his case, he supported the play with his stars. He stopped the top mid-peak with his suck and smoked tiles, letting him clear close, the moral being that if your defense just isn’t holding anything, don’t just go passive and hope your team starts winning fights. Instead, you should think of how you could switch your holds up. Switching it up could take the form of aggression like what he did in this round, but another good option is to switch where your agents are playing. For example, maybe a sage wall could stop a team from rushing sights or a phoenix flash could catch them getting ready to take their utility out? Also coordinating any switch with your team will almost always get better results. Finally, let’s examine oping and another astro ult in this clip. You can see that he keeps a saved op from the last round at the beginning, because he has the operator he’s going to decide to take the fight in mid and he will eventually win it. However, even though he won this fight, i’d advise strongly against using the operator on astra. Take some good control. Generally, i don’t like picking up an office astra um, not because smoke offing is weak. I mean it’s weaker than jeffy very weak because, like look, if i want to suck this, i have to disarm my op so really not worth hopping on astra now that we know why he dropped the operator. Let’S take a look at how he uses the wall to guarantee a 1v1 win. Astrowall is extremely strong. If you can force the enemy to push through it, you force them to gamble, which side to look at with no information of. What’S behind it. Therefore, you already have the upper hand. Then, if you camp one of the corners of your wall, you can watch the entire plane, while also blocking the enemies who try to enter the corner where you are luckily for him, that’s exactly what the sova tried to do and, as you see, he gets body Blocked by him in the wall, causing him to be essentially flashed by it, if he had instead tried to push anywhere else through the wall, it’s already a 50 50. If he looks the right way and you’ll see him first, so there’s no way that astra could lose that fight. Thinking back to situational awareness, though this depends on which agents the enemy team has left alive, a phoenix or a sky could easily flash through it, rendering this idea useless. But hey remember if you’re looking to stay up to date with the common trends in valorant as well as see what a top level player like bugsy looks like when he’s carrying, then you can see this full vod available with the commentary as well. In the description below our website is also backed by our rank improvement guarantee, meaning that if you don’t see the improvement that you’re looking for it’s literally no risk come join over half a million satisfied members improve that kda and get the rank that you’ve always wanted. At skillcap.com, after seeing how we managed to carry the game by making impact plays, though, i hope that you were able to carry your matchmaking teammates just a little bit harder by continuing to work on your game. Sense, refining your predictions of where you expect your enemies to be and changing up your setups when they aren’t working, you will be able to have a larger influence on the outcome of your games, and, as always, we here at skillcap want to. Thank you all for watching and we’ll catch you in the next [ Music ]. You

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