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How i made Jett Judge the New Meta in Valorant By: Chicken-boy21


Since you guys liked my previous Jett Judge guides, here I am again, teaching you guys my secrets on how I carry every single game as Jett Judge. The secret to why I am so consistent in carrying every single game is because you don’t need aim with Jett Judge. You don’t need crosshair placement. You just need to have decent reaction time and good decision making. That’s all it takes to climb up to Diamond 3. Jett Judge Guide

You have 2 updrafts to outplay and ruin any player’s crosshair placements. You have 3 instant smokes to block unfavorable long angles and to isolate favorable close angles. You have a dash which is basically a get out of jail free card since you can use it even while getting shot. You can also use Jett’s dash aggressively, however you have to make sure enemies are distracted or isolated since good players will shut you down easily if you use it mindlessly. All her abilites can also be comboed very well but it needs a lot of practice. Lastly, you have Jett’s ultimate, which I use when enemies force me to peek long angles. I also use it when my team decides to low buy to boost my team’s eco even further.

I also use shotguns not only because it is OP on Jett, but also because it tilts enemies. Being super slippery in Valorant is not what players expect. Strafing left and right when in combat, flying out of people’s vision, dashing away after getting a frag, dashing and flying out of people’s crosshairs, jump peeking close angles. There is actually so many things you can do with Jett and you can actually destroy even Radiant aimers. However, with more than 1500 hours of practicing Jett Judge, I still have a lot of things where I need improvement on.

I believe the only thing holding be back from reaching immortal is my old laptop, I legit get 50-60fps when in combat and sometimes even drops to 20 when I am recording. However, I believe I can reach Immortal/Radiant once I get a proper pc setup.

Hope you guys find your own playstyle! 😛


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