How PRO TenZ got RANK 1 in SOLO QUEUE – Valorant Guide, Tips, and Tricks


Hello, everyone and welcome to skill caps. I’M notorious dub and today we’re going to be going over how tins achieved rank 1 in north american valorant and to do that, i’m going to be breaking down exactly what makes ten so effective and competitive valor and how he got that way and all the little Strategies that you can implement into your game that tens takes advantage of to pick up more kills and win more games and with tens recently taking a break from competitive valerian to focus on content creation. We have a ton of vods and gameplay to learn from. So let’s get started now. First of all, let’s be honest, i would be lying to you if i didn’t mention the fact that tens is an absolute god. Aimer. Tens has arguably the best aim in the entirety of valorent, whether it’s with the operator aiming down sights and one-tapping with the vandal or full-on spray transferring with the vandal tens can basically do it all, but he wasn’t always that way. Many of you may not know this, but tens was a professional counter-strike player before valorem was ever released and right now there are a ton of clips. I’M sure you’ve seen them of tens playing grid shot in aimlapse because he is absolutely insane with how good his raw aim is.

But tens got that way because of his obsession with practicing his aim in counter-strike’s aim map and the most common misconception that i see people mistake far too often is that grid shot is going to make. You have insane aim because that’s what tens uses so it has to be good, but gridshot is a great tool for warming up and staying primed to play. It’S all. The other aim training that he did that made tin so great, and this is what he had to say about aim, training and improving. Do you have any tip for improving aim? Do you think any labs actually help? Yes, um? I would suggest doing the precision modes on aim labs for the most like efficient way of practicing and getting used to your sensitivity and then crosstalk placements, probably one of the most important things and keep in mind. We have a ton of videos here on our channel to help you develop that aim from our full on valor and aim guides to videos on using deathmatch to improve your aim or even just using the practice ring. But overall, this wouldn’t be a video on the success of tins without talking about how to develop the insane aim that he has mastered and before we get into those specific strategies. Tens uses remember if you’re serious, about improving, then go to to unlock our hyper improvement system. That will teach you how to win more gunfights master, your agent and so much more.

It’S backed by our rank improvement guarantee. So you have nothing to loot, so come join over half a million satisfied members of skill cap, improve that kda and get the rank you’ve always wanted at link is in the description below now. Let’S move on to those specific strategies that tens uses that you can implement into your game today, starting with is counter strafing now counter strafing is the most overpowered and effective way to kill enemies without putting yourself in danger and counter. Strafing is a huge buzzword in the valerian community because of everyone coming from counter-strike, but before i explain the difference, let’s hear from tens himself the inaccuracy works in this game. So let’s say i’m picking on this corner. If i peek out – and i start shooting and i go around this corner as i’m shooting – we actually still shoot straight in this game. You see how my bullets are going straight, wait.

Why is it like that um? I have no clue, but that’s actually one of the reasons why running accuracy is so good, and that is the big difference between valor and cs. Go you’re not counter-strafing to stop faster, like in counter-strike you’re counter-strafing, because you can be fully accurate, while you’re in the process of changing directions. Now this isn’t great for spray downs and it is a very difficult skill to learn, but with practice and a little effort, it becomes natural and you can end up snagging insane clips like this, where you counter strafe and absolutely one tap the enemy player and in The same motion run back to your bomb site that you started at because your work here is done and when it comes to learning counter strafing we’ve done a full video of it on this channel. I recommend you check that out, but the rundown is this simply strafe side to side and let off a shot as you change direction and slowly work your way up to being able to get off more accurate shots and then being able to aim correctly while you’re Doing that, but with counter strafing out of the way, let’s move on to the off angles that tens plays almost every round when he’s not using an operator now tens loves to play off angles.

It seems like that’s his main reason for playing jet honestly, because he tucks himself so deep out of the way that he catches enemies off guard insanely, often and an off angle is simply just playing somewhere that isn’t a typical peak location just to throw off the Enemy’S crosshair placement a bit – it’s like where tens is playing in this clip right here on top of this box now, one huge thing to notice here is that tens is on a short playing with his teammate, because you should always have a reason behind everything that You’Re doing tens is keeping an eye out for the long push just in case, but the fact that tens is cross-firing with his teammate mixed with how deep he tucks himself into the corner and aims at the wall to make his gun barrel not show makes it Nearly impossible for the enemy team to know he’s there and to flood in and instantly kill him, and these are the type of angles that you should be looking for. Whenever you’re trying to cross fire with your teammate, whatever angle, gives the enemies the most difficult shot to hit, because it’s nearly impossible for someone to come up, sewer, kill the arena and immediately flick and kill tens before he has time to get the shots off. To kill them, but this off-angle strategy also works really well when playing alone.

So in valoran all the maps stay the same and all the agents are the same height, making the normal angles that people play very predictable over time because you see them so often and something as simple as standing on a box like we see tens doing here Is enough to give you the edge as the person holding the angle now, after all, making the enemy move their mouse farther away from the angle they expected is going to take longer and be less consistent at hitting the shots. So, even if that fraction of a second, the enemy has to take to aim over towards your off angle, doesn’t seem like a huge deal that fraction of a second adds up and will net you way more kills over time. So it’s those little things that don’t seem like a big deal that make up the majority of the kills that you’re going to be getting in games, because it’s all these little things adding up and of course, another thing that tens abuses, every single game and nearly Every round of every game is a fast rotation strategy like in this clip right here. Tens hears multiple people shooting down the sage wall and mid, and with that he immediately runs to go play with his teammates in be heaven and only 12 seconds into the round. Tins is already walking in to be heaven from a sight to triple stack to brace for the push and not to mention 10 does a beautiful job of peeking off his razer’s utility after he gets there, but the thought process behind these fast rotations are simple tense.

Can play along on a just in case the enemies push, and in that scenario he risks dying and giving up the site for free or even if he trades one for one and then they take the site. It’S still not worth it for him to do that. But instead he knows that multiple people are admitted he’s not sure how many, but he knows that he can rotate and play with his teammates to back them up and get kills with them and almost guarantee in that scenario, that his team will get a favorable trade With their three stack that the enemies aren’t going to expect and if the enemies do back out and decide to go a then he can just rotate with his three stack and play for trades as you retake. No harm no foul, because tens always tries to play proactively. He stays ahead of the enemy rotations and tries to cut them off instead of playing reactionary and just playing it safe, trying to hold down the bomb site that he has. But another thing that tence does beautifully when he comes to these fast rotations is realizing where the weaknesses are in his team and moving around the map to fill in those holes like in this round.

Right here we saw 10 start off at the c-bomb site and things get really hairy, but they managed to work out because he gave up holding seasight to deal with the immediate threat of the people coming through garage. So he helps out his teammate there. But as the round develops, tens realizes his a player rotated off too early to come, see and immediately bolts to fill that gap. In this scenario, most players would be yelling at their arena to go back to a instead. Tens takes the initiative himself and because of that, we see tens routinely rotating faster than the attacking team does and almost always beats them to the bomb site that they decided to go to and with how fast the rotation paths are for defenders and how slow they Are for attackers in valor this fast rotation strategy of being a floater is arguably the most valuable way to pick up kills and pick up rounds. You can abuse the fact that you can always beat the attacking team to where they’re trying to go and, of course we have the pre-fires and running guns that tens loves. So much now there is more to pre-firing than just shooting before you go around the corner, which i’ll explain in just a bit, but whenever we see tens with the stinger spectre frenzy or phantom, we see him pulling the strat out over and over again.

His goal. Isn’T always to kill the person he’s peeking into when tens is doing this little pre-fire peak he’s getting off as many accurate shots as he can, while he’s changing directions, but he’s also just using these shots to roll the dice and hoping for a cheeky headshot or Even just a couple of tags from those random inaccurate shots that he’s throwing out in their direction – and this isn’t one of those strategies – that’s gon na double your kills in a game, but getting that random tag as you’re going behind the wall slows the enemy enough To make them a sitting duck if you decide to repeat the angle and gun them down, because you know exactly where they are and where they’re going to be and say you end up doing this 10 times over the course of a game.

Odds are you’re, going to luck up and snag one of those lucky headshots, because you have to put yourself in situations to get lucky and even though running and gunning is getting nerfed. It’S always going to be worth it because there’s really no reason not to roll. The dice it’s just random free kills that you can pick up. So, let’s quickly go over exactly what tenza’s goal is with this whole thing, so tens peaks around a corner with no information and he’s just blind firing, hoping to get a little bit lucky if someone’s around that corner and as he gets around the corner. He then swings his crosshair to the enemy and gets off a couple of accurate shots before he talks back behind cover, where normally you would just be peeking getting off those three accurate shots. Instead, your goal now is to get off three accurate shots and 10 other shots that are rolling the dice, hoping to just randomly pick up that kill, and it’s these little one percent strategies that tenz throws into his games over and over and does so well.

That sets him apart from everyone else, now believe it or not. There are people with similar aim to tents, and they don’t even come close to how good tens is, because tens also does everything else and putting all of these everything else’s into your game will easily start to rack. You up more kills and more rounds and don’t forget if you want to improve, win more gunfights and get the rank you’ve always wanted, then check out.

Skillcap.Com link is in the description below. So what do you think sets tens apart from everyone else? Let me know in the comments down below and while you’re down there make sure to hit that subscribe button and turn those notification bells on, because we here at skillcap have a ton more comprehensive premium guides. Coming your way that you’re going to want to stay up to date with so you can stay ahead of the pack. As always. I do want to thank you for spending this little bit of your day with us and i’m notorious dub signing off.

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