How To Gain XP FAST In Valorant (Quickest Method)


Hey everyone and welcome back to another disrupt gaming valerian video. Today we are talking all about xp and valerian how to get it, why you need to get it and the best way to actually get it. So if you want to know how to like level up your battle pass, how to unlock every agent and even how to level up in valor, then this is the perfect video for you, but before we get into that, did you guys watch the first strike valerant North american event, a hundred thieves killed it. It sucks that coach smith can pull things through for tsm, but i’m a fan of both of them. So i really enjoyed that finals, but a huge shout out to 100 thieves for winning that, let me know in the comments who you guys were rooting for. Personally, i was probably more rooting for tsm because of just coach smith. I’Ve i’ve had a ton of laughs with him, so it sucks that he couldn’t get the win, but it was still a really cool event and i cannot wait for the future events coming. I’M sure that we’re gon na be releasing videos on that.

So why not subscribe? If you guys haven’t already uh? Let’S talk about xp, real, quick, so anyways. There are two main ways to get xp. You got your challenges and then you have play in the game. I think the easiest place to start is probably just challenges, because here are your challenges: we’re on the valor at home screen just head over to this top left hand, corner you’re, gon na see a zero out of two or a zero out of three there’s two Types of challenges: you got your daily challenges, which you have two of every single day they reset daily. So, for example, here’s my daily timer. I have uh, kill enemies and purchase weapons. Both of these are going to grant me 2. 000 xp. This is a base set, you get 2000 xp for every daily challenge you get, and these do not stack, but weekly challenges will stack. So, for example, i am still on week. One i haven’t been playing on. This account have not been playing valor this season.

So here are my weekly challenges from week, one and i’m getting 5 200 xp for every single one, but as we level up through those challenges, as we start completing more and more we’re gon na start getting more xp for the challenges. So i remember getting up to like 32 000 at some points with uh with act. Two, so we’ll just have to wait and see we’re getting kind of close with the battle pass, as we have 36 days left and as you guys can see, i’m at tier 5 kind of impressive. But this is why you’re mainly going to want xp, because you’re going to want to start leveling up that battle pass and hopefully getting like, probably all the weapons weapon skins. That’S mainly what people want it for, but then let’s go back to this home page and let’s talk more about the challenges, because i did miss a few things so common common challenges. You have use your abilities, another alternative. This is use your ultimate um. You have play games and deal damage, get kills so the kill enemies that can be a daily. That can also be a weekly and uh purchasing, armor and stuff, like that, that’s normally what you’re gon na be seeing for those challenges and they’re gon na scale. We already talked about that, but one thing that you need to learn how to do is the best way to complete your challenges. This is just gon na come from, like basically common knowledge, so, for example, purchase weapons, i’m not able to purchase them in spike rush.

So i’d have to get this challenge done in either competitive or unrated match, kill enemies. I’M able to do this in spike rush, so i’d probably load in a spike rush and get 10 easy kills, and i played one spike rush and i was just throwing the whole time just to get it over with to learn the xp values. So i would go ahead and just try in like a few spikerish games and you could normally get your challenges done for your weeklies deal damage. I think spikerish is a great place for this play a game. Spike rush is a great place for this because imagine playing 10 competitive and long games. I personally don’t want to go through that and i’m mainly just in it for xp and i’m sure you guys are too partially. So if you’re just trying to get that xp done then go ahead and just play spike rush, they’re much shorter. You guys can see in the feature modes right there, they’re 8 to 12 minutes, whereas uh competitive and unrated are 30 to 40. But we all know that those games can sometimes last even longer than that. It feels like ages whenever you’re not doing well.

But then our final mission is use your abilities, and for this i definitely go into spike rush and just play like a ton of spike rushes. That’S literally, all i can say, and what you’re going to want to learn to do this is this is my biggest tip for xp learn to combine your challenges. If i know i want to deal damage, then i’m trying to get my use abilities done at the same time, because my abilities can sometimes deal damage and you also need to choose agents that work well. So i i know that this is kind of cheesy. If but like, i know we’re just trying to get xp right, i i think you guys are on the same page with me. Some people might not like this idea. If you have a use, your ultimate spike rush has these things called orbs. There are orbs on the ground, and you can go ahead. Pick them up and you’re actually able to do that and uh pick up. These ultimate orbs basically gives you your ultimate and then you just pop that you use an agent like jet. That’S probably my favorite agent to use whenever we’re trying to get rid of challenges. So, as you guys can see, we got jet right here. Basically, i just dash all over the place, i’m annoying to my teammates. I’M throwing snow smokes all over the place, but then with the ultimate. I just go ahead and right click. If i don’t need to deal damage, i don’t need to hit the people. I just get it over with you’re trying to be as productive as possible. Is that you don’t have to worry about xp, so kill enemies? That’S simple purchase weapons.

We load into one game to do that during that game, we’re going to get one play game, we’re going to be able to deal damage, we’re also going to be able to kill those enemies. So in reality we don’t we possibly don’t need to play that spikerish game, okay guys, so i just hopped into the shooting range to show you guys how i would actually like play these games, and i wanted to make sure that i got the abilities right for Jet, so i’d go ahead and choose jet. We can see that she has three smokes two updrafts and one dash. So this is basically how i would do this. I just started the game. I wait till that timer hit zero so that the round starts. I look at a wall and then we just go. One smoke two smoke three smoke, let’s dash once and then, let’s updraft twice there we go if i’m just trying to be productive. I do all that and then i just go ahead and try to look for kills. I go. Oh there’s a person down there. We shoot him, we get the kill. We try to get this ultimate once we get the ultimate. We go ahead pop it five at once. We’Re done you, you don’t get it twice in a in a game, it’s because i’m in the shooting range. But let’s say that there was i’m trying to pull out a weapon, real quick.

Let’S say there was an old orb right here, but just pretend i go over to the old orb. I pick it up and then i get my ultimate. I go look at a wall and i click right click, it’s as simple as that. That is how you want to be productive in those games. So it’s just all about. Whenever we’re talking about challenges, you just want to be as productive as possible, but now let’s go ahead and hop back over to our main page, so we can look at our featured modes because we just talked about challenges. I feel like that. Pretty much summed everything up so now. We need to talk about uh getting xp through playing valorent, and this is like really simple. So basically, the idea is that, with any like normal game, the long ones where you played a 13, you will be able to get on average 4700 xp and we’re gon na go ahead and actually break that down. So you guys are seeing on the screen right now a picture of a victory that we won our team, one. Thirteen to eight, we gained 14 950 xp and let’s talk about like actually playing the game, how much we got so we played 21 rounds because you basically, like you, add the rounds. You won the rounds. You lost kind of basic knowledge. 13 plus 8 is 21

You will get 100 xp for every single round that you play in balance so times that by 100 you get 2 100 xp. But then, on top of that you will also get 200 bonus xp for every single round. You win in a normal game mode. So we won 13 rounds so 13 times 200 would give us 2 600 xp, and this would give us with 4 700 total xp for just playing the game. But then we have 14 950 xp as our total. So we find that we completed one daily challenge and that gave us 2 000 xp so plus 2 000, and that would bring our total to 6700 xp, and that would mean that we are left with 8 250 xp from our one weekly challenge of use. Your abilities, so you’re gon na be able to see a screen like this. After every single game, you complete it’s gon na, be able to tell you your match results. Your total xp that you earned and i’d always recommend just checking this you’re going to see your challenge progress and it’s always just good to know how much xp you’re gaining on average. But i’m i’m not going to like try to lengthen this video at all. If you guys want to rank up as much as possible, you’re not going to be playing or like getting xp and ranking up the battle pass as much as possible.

You’Re not playing normal game modes, you’re playing spike rush or death match, and we need to have a quick talk about that spike rush, you’re going to get a thousand xp for every game of spike risk that you complete. I know that’s not a lot, but you get a thousand xp for every eight minutes. You can you can honestly, okay, let’s, let’s take a quick step back real, quick. You can kind of throw these games. You can just kind of go brimstone and shoot yourself and then have a raise, throw nades so that it kills you. You can do this. It’S not advised you might get banned, but uh just don’t get reported and you’re good. So spike rush going back to the the normal video spike rush is 1000 xp for eight minutes. If we go ahead – and let’s say we’re talking about an hour – you’re, basically going to be able to play like eight spikerish games and that’s going to give you 8 000 xp. We combine that with our normal game, which i’m gon na say lasts an hour because those normal games last so long you’re, making on average, probably like without challenges. You’Re, probably doubling your xp i’d, say like just to be safe, you’re you’re making more. We know that for sure, and the best part about spike rush is that you can actually do your missions in it and it’s just the first four rounds. You can complete your mission.

So that’s why i can use my abilities. I can also use my ultimate there. That’S what i would recommend doing with that, but then you also have spike rush and spike rush is very interesting because it only takes seven and nine minutes and it’s a great way to warm up so like maybe you are trying to play your normal matches. You don’t care as much about xp hopping into death. Match is a great way to warm up, and everyone kind of knows that, and if you can play a death match game, you get 900 xp for that match. Um it’s gon na take a while on average. I probably played about eight minutes. It was shorter than spike rush, but um – i i i don’t know i i don’t really warm up, i’m just looking for xp and you also. There are no abilities. You can’t do your missions in there. So, that’s why i don’t like playing deathmatch. I would go spike rush without a doubt. If you’re trying to gain xp fast and valorent go with spike rush. That’S all you need to know. This is going to be able to unlock your agents and we got ta touch on that really quickly.

So this is the agent contract page so uh. Basically, if you want to unlock an agent you just head over here and you’d head over to a locked agent, so for example sky i don’t have her unlocked. I have not been playing the game i’d head over to her and i have to activate her contract once i activate her contract. I am going to be putting all my xp towards unlocking her, so you have to go through five tiers. You got ta complete tier one, which is twenty thousand xp and then tier two ramps up until you get a total of a hundred and fifty 000 xp, and that’s when you will complete tier 5 and you’ll be able to actually play sky. So it’s a unique leveling system that valerie has included so that you’re not able to just have access to all the characters right. When you load up the game, whenever a new one’s unlocked, you will have to go ahead and earn it, but you can go ahead and just grind these out and you get all these cool, cosmetics and little that people know some people don’t know it. Um you’re able to get free cosmetics here, they’re, mainly for pistols and your your uh, like pistols and shotguns, but you’re able to get some pretty good weapon skins cosmetics.

So if you’re trying to look for a change, then this is a great option for you. Just sticking with one i’m pretty sure, i’m pretty close to raise i’ve been using her a ton so yeah, i’m on that last tier and it’s like 200 000 xp, it’s kind of bad. I don’t really like doing it, but if you already unlocked all the agents, then just choose an asian contract to activate and do it without worrying about it. That’S my biggest advice. I hope that i covered everything you guys ever wanted to know about xp in this video. If i did leave anything out – and you guys have any questions – just go ahead and comment down below those questions and i’ll be sure to answer them and guys we’re uploading daily, valerie content. So, if that’s something that you want to see, go ahead and just subscribe with notifications on, i hope you guys enjoyed today’s video. That’S gon na! Be it for me today and i’ll catch you all in the next one.

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