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How to plant properly In Valorant By: AsianNudleSoop


There’s lot of skills in valorant and one of the most underrated ones is how to plant properly. A good and smart plant can make or break a post plant, so it’s important to understand how to plant. It’s nothing too crazy, but very important. There’s two big things that many people don’t get. This isn’t a guide on how to play post plant, it’s a guide on where to plant to make post plant easier.

First one: planting for x

You’ve probably had a teammate say, “plant for long” or something like that. What this means is that you should plant in a place that can be easily held from another angle. For example, planting for long on haven c would mean planting to the left of the green box directly in front of stack. This means T can sit in bottom of long and cubby and watch bomb from there. Using this kind of call out and asking for a certain plant is pretty simple and can make post plant very easy.

Second: plant locations

On most sites there’s usually 3 types of plant locations: default and what I like to call safe and suicide. Safe plants are plants that are safe for the planter but have the least amount of angles watching the bomb post plant. Suicide is a plant that has a lot of angles watching post plant, usually in the open. Default is the default plant of the site and is usually some combination of the two. Which plant you do is based on how much site control you have. Plant safe when you have little site control or CT is close to finishing their rotate, suicide when you have lots of map control and default whenever else. Some sites don’t have a hard 3 spots, they may not have a suicide or a safe. Here’s a quick list of plant spots for the sites in each map, if anyone has any others leave a comment. All these spots can be modified to be planted for a certain location.


A site

Default: behind the screen, can be swung on from elbow or main, and wallbanged from heaven.

Safe: inside elbow, can only be watched from elbow or the slanted wall, otherwise requires a swing from main or dropping heaven.

Suicide: in front of the screen in the open, ideally as close to the edge of site as possible. Can be watched from heaven, screen and main easily.

B site

Default: in the corner of the metal box and pillar. Can be swung on by heaven, and watched from ct and backsite. Alternatively, in the corner of site next to brown stack.

Suicide: either in front of ct, or across from ct in the open.


A site

Default: in front of the crates, can be swung on from long and short. Safe and suicide are just planting for certain spots, there’s not really either of those on this site.

B site

Default: either of the 90 degree corners in the metal box. Can be peeked by mid, on box and from a/c link.

Safe: behind the metal box near gong, can be watched from on top of box and a/c link.

Suicide: in front of metal box near the door of b, can be watched from mid easier than default, on top, and a/c link.

C site

Default: in the corner of green and metal box, and anywhere along that chunk of boxes. Can be peeked from site, plant depending on how much map control you have and swung by long.

Safe: default

Suicide: anywhere in the open perpindicular to the stack of green boxes, adjust for either garage or ct. Can be watched from site and long.


A site

Default: either in front of truck or triple. Truck can be held by short, u-haul and swung by shower. Triple can be held by shower, and wallbanged from short and u-haul. Suicide and safe are the same things but either varying degrees of cover, planting in more or less open places depending on map control.

B site

Default: either of the corners of container, watched from elbow/long or hookah.

Safe: either inside of container or behind it. Has to be swung and can’t be held except for ct watching behind.

Suicide: on top of container. Can be easily watched and is very hard to defuse because you are exposed to all angles.


A site

Default: in front of generator or triple, can be watched/swung from tree and main.

Safe: in generator near the wall, needs to be swung on from main tree heaven or hell, and can’t be held.

Suicide, anywhere in the open between generator and triple, lets you hold from tree, main, heaven and hell.

B site

Default: behind triple, can be swung by back, speedway and stairs. Also wallbangable by speedway and stairs. Alternatively, behind stack or in front of brown box.

Safe: default.

Suicide: in front of triple or on the stairs. Planting on either of these spots makes it easier to hold from stairs, speedway is the same, holding back is harder for front triple plant, but same for stairs

If anyone has any corrections or additions, lmk. Hope this helps!


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