How to Play BIND like the PROS! – Valorant Guide ft. Hiko and WARDELL


Hello, everyone and welcome to skill caps, I’m notorious dub and today I’m going to be teaching you everything you could possibly want to know about playing bind effectively by looking at what the pros are doing and covering everything from a bind agent tier list to detailed strategies For each site on attack and defense before we get into that, though, make sure you hit that subscribe button and turn those bells on, because we have a ton more premium content and headed your way. And you don’t want to miss out on your chance to improve.

Now, before we get started with anything else, let’s talk about which agents are the best for bind and why now must-haves for bind our sage and cypher easily, because retaking V is close to impossible if the enemy team has a sage so to log down defenders on Defense for B or a must have, and that sage is gon na help you in every year, on offense and trying to lock down that B side for retake errs and next up we have sofa so bind, is a wide-open map with very narrow funnels, which led So they easily gather tons of information and punish the pushing enemies with his ol, and then we have smoke agents binding without a doubt. One of the maps that require smokes to be able to be useful on attack now brimstone is gon na, be one of the most consistent. He provides tons of utility on attack and defense and has incredible alt for very critical positions like u-haul, and then we have Viper.

If I, if we can provide, probably the most benefit for defender side, because she has an incredible one-way for mid control and then simultaneously. She can use her curtain to set up to go through hookah and cover up be long as well, locking down mid and helping out your B players at the same exact time and then finally, we have omen. Omen should be the go-to smoker to help with the attacker side, if you think you’re gon na have trouble there, because the defender spawn is wide open, giving omen a ton of viability for his ultimate as well as his paranoia covers the entirety of hookah. This gives your team free rein to push hookah freely every single round. Alright. So now that we have the optimal picks out of the way, we have to establish the basics right. So where should you and your teammates be playing on defense? Well, B. Side is easily the most difficult side to retake because it has such a hard funnel to work through if the enemy team has a sage on them, and because of that, you want your two best side defenders playing on B.

In this case, we see Viper insight for playing on B sight with sage raised in Phoenix playing a site, baiting the enemy in and then going extremely four kills now the biggest benefit to stacking a site like this is to close out the round and capitalize on The enemies still playing around the site, that is stucked and if you’re not going to play aggressive and finish off the kills. You have to be ready to rotate extremely quickly to help out your guys on B site, because letting the enemy team, rotate out or even TP out causes a very easy round to turn into a difficult one. Now it is worth noting, though, that VIPRE and sage will often swap sites, because vipre has an incredibly strong one-way from mid control, but both agents perform very well locking down that b site now. Another quick tip. If your team manages to have way too many duelists and no controller, or only one controller, put three agents on B, because it’s so difficult to retake that’s worth losing that little bit of pressure on a site.

Alright, now that we have the basic setups nailed down, let’s talk about some critical points of the map. Now, first of all, we have you all or lamps. This area is the focal point of a site. It allows you to peek both sides of the site with either cover from truck or cover from ticket booth. This makes this one area the single, most important area, to control on a site whether you’re, defending or attacking, being able to control. You Hall creates a ton of opportunity for you and causes so many problems for the enemy team. Now, moving on from u-haul, though, is heaven when C enemies get on-site, heaven can be countered, but attempting to enter site. If someone is, heaven is essentially suicide. Here we see hiko turn a difficult round into a very easy one, because he had the frame of mind to rotate very quickly through to heaven, before the enemies kicking on sight when approaching side on bind, you have to smoke off heaven, because, if not an operator Like this will almost guaranteed be looking down on you with vertical advantage and pick your team off one by one as you try to enter site now, while it’s also important to keep the enemies guessing and gopher control of the showers angle or the hookah angle, every Once in a while, mid control is by far the most important and consistent way to keep truck control of rounds.

Now here we see WTC n doing something incredibly powerful, which is placing his broom some smokes where there is a tiny gap to see the enemies enter on either side. Now, no matter what agent you’re playing you have to use your utility key to control mid. If that’s, where you decide to play now, mitt is too important of a position to dry peak it and risk dying instead peak with your flashes show up with your utility smoke off one side, so you can peek together or just double peak it with your teammate. Now, either way, these quick picks on mid, establish dominance of the area and dominance of an area.

This crucial wins round, because if the enemy team knows they’re going to die, if they come to that area, their chances of winning plummet because they’re forced to go to worse areas of the map to try to fight or control, that’s probably not going to be winning Them around anyway, the next critical spot to take control of on the map is be long. Now most people think that hookah is a power position and, while that’s correct, it is a very strong position to peak room. It’S also very difficult to actually hold that area from a team of rushing enemies. Now, instead, we see more importance placed on B long, where the operator reigns King. Now the problem would be long as an attacker is that it’s a very long walk to the end and there’s no cover along the way either, and we see Ward L and his teammate abused.

That fact, in this clip so playing first contact, weird L banks on the fact that the enemy is going to walk up slowly, to not give away any information and as soon as the elbow pokes out from the Phoenix where Dell takes that opening frag. And then we also see why it’s so important to peek and fight with your teammates, because this age actually saves the round here by saving Ward, L and Ward. L then comes out with a clean, closing frag on the brimstone and from there. The only thing left is to camp the spike and dare the enemies to peek this deadly operator.

Now the defenders side is pretty much taken care of. Let’S talk about playing default on attacker side now default on binding, usually contains a two to split in some way. Combined with a lurker, because this map has so many different paths that lead to a flank behind the enemy team, and because of this, you want to have someone being to look out for the team. While they try to get control of the site and if they manage to get around behind the other team, it slowly turns into a more and more difficult round for the enemies. Now this lurker is usually going to be someone comfortable with an operator or a duelist willing to fight it out with the enemy. But let’s go ahead and see a couple examples from here all right, so, first off, let’s start with a side as an attacker.

Now, as we talked about before, mid control is vital for the defending team and if the defending team doesn’t keep mid control, the a push gets so much easier for the attackers, so where Del’s team actually stacks that mid push to over pressure and dominate the side. Before they rotate or flanker can cause problems now. The first thing that notice here is before they push in for mid control is that viper throws a long curtain, all the way down the center of sight and, most importantly, over the box in front of the truck. This actually raises the smoke up in that area and blocks the heaven players vision from the shorts out of sight.

Now, there’s another reason they do a 4-1 split instead of a two-to-one, because the shower player doesn’t get benefit from that smoke because heaven is still exposed. But with that critical spot of having taken care of ordell’s team, bum rushes to take control of u-haul, where they already killed a player and from there varnel pushes out on the site and immediately jet boost into heaven to take control of that position and with full Control of all of the power positions on a site, the defenders have no chance from here.

They just abuse the angles that they have and close out the route. So remember when you’re taking a site, take it fast, get rid of heaven and take control of u-haul. No matter what, because planting with an enemy – and you all spells disaster for your entire team, now b-side is a bit different from a site, though here we see WTC and making a little bit of noise and distracting the enemies on a site, while his teammates are Pushing up very slowly onto B and whenever they get into position WTC and runs over very quickly to smoke off for him, and the most important area is to take care of when rushing B site is the door steep to CT spawn and the opening down bow.

That’S because they’re the only places the enemies can actually run to to be safe from rushing enemies and what those areas taking care of my brimstone enemy enemies that want to contesta site have to commit to the fight entirely. So there’s no quick peaks and then running to safety, and just like we see here, the cypher is hung out to dry because of the smokes cutting off his support and that’s an added benefit. So if I actually pushes, through the smoke to help him and gets him killed as well, this is something that happened so often when you smoke all the defenders support because no one wants to leave their teammate to die and the hero play from the enemies. Often just lose them the round turned off the round.

We see the attackers get into a very good post. Plant position like a cypher is inside the container and brimstone is setting up the crossfire from long, and this is something I’ve seen. People get wrong so often, even if you’re in the post, planet scenario and you’re just trying to let the time take down on the bomb. If your teammate is fighting, you should almost always peak and fight with them, no matter what? Because of that WTC and finished the round off and doesn’t force himself into a weird 1v1 where he has to play ring around the rosey with sage.

So what are your favourite ways to attack online and are there any strategies or agents that work really well for you? Let me know in the comments below and let me know what math you want me to cover next now. As always, we here at skilled CAD, want to thank you for watching so make sure you hit that subscribe button with bells on, so you can stay up to date with the latest strategies and stay ahead of the pack. Now I just want to say thank you for spinning this little bit of your day with us and I’m the tories dub signing off

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