Hello: everyone, my name is jack, and today we are going over some brand new changes that will redefine how the rank system works in valorem. On top of this, a mysterious new teaser trailer was just dropped. Could it be the next agent a new map or a skin line, we’ll be taking a deep dive and breaking it down? Alright, let’s jump into these upcoming changes.

Design director, joe ziegler and system design, lead david cole laid out the first set of changes to make valorent a better and more complete competitive experience in ranked the first major change coming in act 3, which is just around the corner being released on october 13th. Is the implementation of a much tighter rank queue? Currently, you can queue with friends, 6 ranks above or below your current rank, meaning that diamond 1 players can still kill with friends and gold, while also being able to run with someone all the way up and radiant david describes this as creating an average ranked delta. During q, that’s far too hard to control, i’m sure we’ve all been in that situation.

The goals in the audience wondering how, in the world a high platinum player and a bronze ended up on their team by tying up these q deltas riot can help better solidify a competitive environment. David’S direct quote reads: the former values of social play are important, but they should never come at the cost of your ranked accomplishments. With that, starting in act 3, the ranked disparity in a party is being reduced from 6 ranks to 3, meaning our diamond 1 player.

Can no longer kill the players below platinum or above immortal. Now i initially think this is a change that some people will not agree with and on one hand i can see how annoying it will be when you run into a situation with a friend, just one rank outside of that delta to be able to play with You, but at the end of the day, competitive is about winning at all costs and putting that first is undoubtedly healthier for the game overall to go along with these changes.

Act 3 will also introduce the ability to select preferential regions for matchmaking, meaning that the game will do its best to match you first for your preferred server regions and only reach outside of those if it can’t find a game. This is great for those who have issues with peeing, as they can select the server where they have the lowest latency, meaning no more missing kills due to lag now. These changes already are going to affect how we all play competitive, but the potentially most impactful change. Yet is first going to be trialled at the highest levels of play. Ryan also revealed that starting an act 3 for players at or above a mortal rank.

The only thing that will influence their ranks are wins and losses for those of you who don’t know. Currently, your combat score influences how much rank you gain or lose quite a lot, the idea being that if you’re top fragging on your team and you lose well, then you won’t lose as much rating as your teammates do for that loss in some cases losing none. Now that feature sounds great in theory, but in practice it can cause the meta to shift to playing more duelist for kills or teammates playing more selfishly to preserve that combat score completely. Removing the nebulous and hard to understand, combat score from the ranked process to preserve competitive integrity for the highest level of play also sounds good, but there are some serious questions about what this will actually do.

When the new act hints, will you no longer be able to essentially shield yourself from a loss by being the best player on the loser team or having high combat score, and in that same vein, will you not be rewarded more for being the top player on The winning team, as opposed to the lowest rated player david, says that the system will account only for wins and losses and, as he puts it directly how decisive the match outcome was meaning. If you won, 13-0 you’ll still gain a ton more rating than if you win 13-11. The system isn’t very fleshed out. We’Re not really sure what this change means. Yet, regardless only immortal or higher-ranked, players will have to be concerned about this change for now. But if this new system works out well, it will be rolled out to all the other ranks by episode. 2.

Also, concerning ranked into the new year ryder, exploring the possibility of making ranked play solo duo q only for mortal players or higher the goal here being to reinforce the competitive integrity for the best players in the game by preventing five stacks from dominating the latter, and Also having the side effect of reducing those q times, this change also ties into the next announcement, but there will in fact be a ranked board something the top players have been asking for since ballarat’s release. This leaderboard is region specific and will show you the top 500 players on your server, and i definitely won’t be on it. In this screenshot riot released of the leaderboard.

They also accidentally leaked a brand new player card. It looks to be some sort of rap, possibly something related to a future halloween themed skin line, but that’s just speculation. So what do you guys think of these ranked changes rank disparity being tighter when killing being able to choose the server to play on the possibility of wins and loss is only mattering for rank increase and no more combat score and a solo duo only potentially coming To a model or higher, along with a leaderboard, were these changes you were hoping for, or did they miss something you think would be a great addition to ranked. Let us know in the comment section below as we’d love, to hear your thoughts now as we were.

Creating this video, a brand new teaser trailer, was dropped on valorent’s official twitter. It was a trailer with 20 seconds of snowflakes propagating from different angles until it pans out to a single word in russian. That translates to five. Now this could mean many things and i’m sure everyone on their dog has a theory on what this could mean. Could it be five, as in the fifth map to be added to valoran, could it be the five weapons in the avalanche skin bundle? Honestly, if this innocuous speculative trailer sewing intrigue for the next big thing in valerian, is for this skin set that’s already in the game, but never been offered as a whole. Buy one get them all bundle, then i will literally never do anything except play viper again, and i will follow through with that anyways, as you can tell from my tone of voice here, i think it’s actually a teaser for the next agent that we’ll get in Act: 3.

We’Ve covered this agent and their dedicated leaks quite in depth in previous videos, but to summarize data miners have found a lot of information about a new agent named ice king in the data in these leaks there was an ice-based agent with ice-based abilities, supposedly from norway, Which, as we all know, is basically a country encapsulated in ice for a good portion of the year. I think this trailer is in fact, in reference to him. On top of this, there have been other snow themed, leaks and easter eggs. As of recent, for example, we have our friend dan, the penguin, who was added to the game and can be found on ascent, as well as a new player card that was datamined that was ice-themed. But what does the decoded 5 mean to the teaser trailer?

Well, considering that we are seven days from the end of this hacked and the start of a new one, i think we will get a reveal trailer for the new asian ice king in 5 days now. I could be wrong on that. Maybe the 5 represents the 5th map coming to valerian, and if that is the case, i’ll enjoy learning all the new viper setups on it. Well, regardless, that’s all the news for today, with the new rank system around the corner. If you want to improve win more gunfights and get the rank, you’ve always wanted, then check out link the description down below.

Do you guys, like the sound of these competitive changes? What would you like to see come to conference future acts? Also, what do you all think this trailer means? Let us know in the comments down below while you’re down there make sure to like the video and subscribe for more premium content like this, with one goal in mind, helping you become a better player. We here at skillcast thank you for watching and we’ll see you in the next one.

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