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Known for being one of the top duelists in the north america, pro valor scene, tsm sabrosa recently made an in-depth video highlighting both his pc and his valerian settings that he claims allows him to play at the highest level of competition in valor. Now a lot of these settings were settings that i haven’t even considered changing and as subrosa highlighted, these are settings that almost all pro players use to allow them to run the game as smooth as possible for them to play to the best of their abilities. And ever since i’ve personally changed these settings, i’ve noticed an improvement in my personal gameplay as well.

You guys watching today’s video can also improve your gameplay experience and who knows maybe one day you’ll be one of the top pro players in the north america valorance scene. As well, however, before we get started, i just want to quickly remind you guys that, if you’re new around here make sure that subscribe button and turn on all post notifications to stay up to date with everything disrupt gaming related as we work our way towards 2. 000 subscribers here on the channel, if you guys liked today’s video, if you learned a thing or two make sure to drop a like and, of course, last but not least, if you have anything to say about today’s video or if you have an idea for a Future video you want to see here on the disrupt gaming balance channel.

Let us know in the comments down below without further ado, let’s get started so the first couple of settings here that subrosa highlighted are actually windows settings. So if you go to your start, menu and click on the settings icon, the first setting we’re going to take a look at is in the privacy section, so click on privacy and then locate background apps now by default. This is gon na be set to on what you’re gon na wan na do is turn these off now, as subrosa claimed in this video. When you have background apps running as your game is running as well, this makes your computer run all of these apps as well as valerian. At the same time, however, if you turn off background apps and just have valrent open, this allows your computer to have more processing power focused on running valorent, which will therefore help you get more frames per second now, if we back out of the privacy menu – and We go back to the main menu here now, make sure you click on the gaming settings and make sure that your game bar is turned off the xbox game bar and all related features related.

It’S the xbox game bar again. These are just background processes that take away from the firepower that could be going towards your valerian game. Then, within the gaming setting as well make sure you turn off game mode when this runs it can mess with your frames per second as subrosa claims, so you’re going to want to just turn this off as well. Now, once you’re done, all of that make sure you back out and get back into the main windows settings screen once you’re. Here, click on devices, click mouse make sure you click on the right side here: additional mouse options once you have this pop up, go to pointer options and then at the very top here, where you see motion make sure you have enhanced pointer precision, disabled aka, make Sure this box is unchecked.

The reason why you want this unchecked is because, when you move your mouse at a certain speed with enhanced points or precision on this will actually affect your mouse’s sensitivity. If you move it in a fast motion, it will speed up your sensitivity if you move it in a slow motion, it will lower your sensitivity, and you don’t want this because you want your sensitivity to be consistent. So if you turn off enhanced points of precision, it will make your mouse more precise. It doesn’t make a lot of sense. It’S just how it works. Now, these next settings, we’re going to highlight, are only available to those who have nvidia graphics cards.

For those of us who have nvidia settings right, click on your desktop and open nvidia control panel when the menu opens at the top. Here, click on manage 3d settings now subrosa just quickly scrolls through his settings, so that we can just simply pause the video and copy it. I’M not gon na go through each individual setting i’ll just simply let the video run as well. I will say this, though, pay close attention to the settings that he has, because when i was personally watching this video and going through my own settings, i realize that the nvidia default settings aren’t the best settings for valerian, make sure you go through each setting and Copy the settings that you see in this video as well, these settings will help you maximize your performance. Invalid they’ll help you get the most frames possible. They’Ll help your computer run the game as smooth as possible.

So if you ever find yourself dropping frames in valerian or if it ever gets choppy for whatever reason it could be, because your settings are a little bit off so make sure you have these settings that you see on your screen right now, because these will help You get the most performance out of your computer, then the other settings he highlighted is under the display category. If you click on adjust, desktop color settings, he showcased his settings here so for brightness. He had at fifty percent contrast. He had it at fifty percent gamma at one and then he also showed his digital vibrant settings at fifty percent with hue at zero degrees, make sure you go to adjust, desktop size and position now under scaling mode subrosa has it as aspect ratio and then for Perform scaling on he sets it to gpu.

He mentions in his video how some people claim that display helps you with input lag. So, for example, if you click your left mouse button to shoot, if you have it on display, it will start shooting a little bit faster than if you have this setting on gpu. However, subrosa mentioned how he didn’t really notice a difference in his input lag. So he keeps it on the default gpu option. So i recommend you do the same here for resolution. He has it at 1920×1080 that just gives you the hd resolution. If you have a different monitor, perhaps this value might be different. Whatever the default resolution is, that gives you hd settings, keep it as that default resolution. Now, for refresh rate, this number will be different for everybody, depending on your monitor, just make sure you have it on the highest refresh rate possible.

The reason i am highlighting this specifically, we all know somebody, and in fact it may even be you who has a very strong monitor, but by default the monitor is set to like a 30 hertz or 60 hertz. When this whole time it should have been at 144, hertz or 165 hertz, etc, etc. So make sure you have this setting change to the highest output that your monitor can handle, but once you’re done adjusting these settings, we are done with the windows in nvidia settings and now we can launch valorent and adjust our valid settings. Now a bunch of these settings are, as subrosa points out, personal preference, so, for example, he highlights his sensitivity, his crosshair settings, etc, etc.

Now, if you’ve been playing valen already – and you feel comfortable at your own sensitivity, settings – and you have your own personal crosshair – that you feel like is great, don’t feel pressured to change your sensitivity to subrosa sensitivity and don’t feel pressured to change your crosshair to sabrosa’s. Crosshair, whatever sensitivity you feel most comfortable at that is the best sensitivity for you. Even if that means not a single pro player in the community uses your exact sensitivity, numbers that doesn’t make it a bad sensitivity, it’s only bad if you’re not used to it.

The same goes for your crosshair, keep your crosshair as consistent as possible. So that way you can get used to your crosshair, but overall those are just the settings that i wanted to highlight for today’s video. A lot of these windows settings and valor settings, like i mentioned earlier, i had to change them personally, i thought i already had the best settings in the game, but once i saw there’s windows settings that i needed to change once i saw there’s valerian settings that I should consider changing. I started to realize that i can make a lot of differences to my settings to help me in balance and sure enough.

Once i made these changes, i saw a bunch of changes in my gameplay. The game ran smoother. I found it was a lot easier for me to get some kills since tight spots. For example, if i was shoulder peeking an angle or if an enemy started, shooting me my game wouldn’t slow down, because i was running such crazy settings. So i highly recommend you guys check out these setting changes. Let me know what you guys think. Let me know if your game runs smoother. I highly suggest you do this because this will help you in game, like i said, but with that being said, that is the end of today’s video. I hope you guys enjoyed today’s video, like i said at the beginning, just a quick reminder, if you guys are new around here, make sure that subscribe button.

If you liked today’s video, if you learned a thing or two make sure to drop a like, and you have anything to say about today’s video or a future video you want to see on the channel, let us know in the comments down below. I hope you guys enjoyed today’s video. I hope you guys had a merry christmas and a happy holidays.

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