Hello, everyone and welcome to skill capped, i’m notorious dub and with the recent changes and updates to guns and valorem. It’S about time. We get down to doing a full weapon tier list, and this time i’m going to go into detail, ranking every weapon invalid. Based on how the meta is shaping out right now and explaining why each weapon ranks where it does and the strengths and weaknesses, you need to know to make the right weapon choice in each scenario, but before we get into that, do you find yourself struggling to Win gunfights: are you a bit lost on what you should be doing in game, or maybe you find yourself stuck at your current rank? Well, don’t worry, as our brand new hyper improvement system is specifically designed to solve these problems at You’Ll. Finally, learn how to improve your aim: different techniques to win gunfights and so much more. We have professional courses on every single agent map and mechanic and valorent.

This is also backed by top pros players and coaches to make sure you’re getting the most up-to-date and accurate information possible. In fact, we’re so confident that you’ll improve using our system that we offer a rank improvement, guarantee check it out yourself in the link below simply put in what rank you’re currently stuck at and find out what rank you’re guaranteed by using our system. So what are you waiting for unlock your true potential and get the rank? You’Ve always wanted at link is in the description below all right now. First up, starting with s tier the most controversial weapon in the game. The operator where previously this gun would have had a tier of its own in the overpowered category. I’D argue now that it’s tied for the spot of the best gun in the game. Now the nerf really just made the operator a bit more clunky, less aggressive and more difficult to get multi kills with, but buying. The operator still makes you good for one, meaning that you can hold an angle and still have a great chance of getting the pick before the other team. Even has a chance to pick you off and the 5 000 credit price range does mean you have to be really rolling in the cash to be able to afford armor as well as abilities when you’re buying this weapon, and it puts your team at risk of Actually, breaking your economy, so while it’s still the best choice for getting the opening pick, it does have enough downsides at this point to make you think twice and really, as an attacker. Playing with the operator is just not quite as good as it used to be. Also occupying s-tier with the recent buffs, we have the vandal now the vandal at this point has a 0.02 seconds lower time to kill when hitting the body within 15 meters, but at every other range. The vandal has a 0.06 second faster time to kill where, before the buff, the time to kill differences, favored the phantom it now favors the vandal and yes, the phantom does have a silencer that allows you to shoot through smoke without being spammed back as easily.

But there is one thing that people overlook when it comes to the combat ability of the two weapons. The vandal, at all ranges takes four hits to kill to the body, and the phantom at farther than 15 meters takes five hits to kill to the body and with the recoil pattern, becoming random and swaying left to right, very heavily at random. On the 10th shot and every shot after the goal is to kill the person before you get past that 10th bullet. This means that, with the phantom, you have to hit 50 percent of your bullets when spraying, but with the vandal. You only have to hit 40 and the 10 shot. Spray pattern is almost exactly the same, but the vandal goes slightly more vertical. So ultimately, it’s just going to be easier to hit 4 shots in 10, with the vandal than it is to hit 5 shots in 10, with the phantom and ultimately for pure combat statistics. The vandal outperforms the phantom at almost every range in every encounter that you’re going to run into and next up, i think with no debate in str. We have the judge.

Now the judge is one of the few guns that, when the other teams hear it will make them avoid that entire area of the map at all costs, with essentially the killing power of a fully automatic operator at close range holding a close corner with a judge. Can get you pick after pick without giving the enemy time to actually trade you out? This makes this gun one of the best defender, sided guns on eco or otherwise, as long as you’re playing tight areas, and it’s one of the best guns on attacker side. If you’re playing jet or raise and you’re going for a fast pick with your mobility and finally in us here, the sova mains love child, the odin. Now the odin has almost the same body shot damage as the phantom in the vandal, with a higher fire rate. High wall penetration value and 100 round magazine and a laser over recoil pattern. Now the odin is a wall. Bang machine, usually taking five hits to kill through a wall, giving you almost a one third of a second time to kill through most objects. Now the odin, with knowledge of a couple of common wall bank spots, stops early round aggression and stands up toe to toe with phantoms and vandals in a one-on-one engagement as well, and then moving on to a-tier at the top of the list.

We have to have the phantom now. This gun is loved by most pros who hold or pressure sights instead of going for mid, controlled and fast rotates. The phantom also boasts a faster time to kill at very close ranges and from there allows for faster, intense area. Multi kills that can change the swing of rounds now, while the phantom is the spray weapon of choice at over 30 meters, be careful not to get caught up in the common scenario where you need one more hit to kill the enemy, but you have no control Of your recoil pattern at this point by realizing that long range engagements aren’t going to be your strength, you can take your shots and if you don’t get the kill, take some side steps to let your recoil reset and you can be safer and increase. Your odds of actually picking up that kill and since you have the silencer that lets you spray through smoke without tracers, make a use of that ability and spray through smokes as much as you can from uncommon angles, and next up we have the spectre: the eco Round weapon of choice for most players now, with the 1600 credit price point, the spectre dishes out a ton of damage for the amount of costs and close range.

It can shred through the enemies fast enough to pick up an important kill to swap the tides of the eco round. Now dealing 78 damage to the head and being pretty accurate while walking. The spectre in close ranges can allow you to out maneuver phantoms and vandals with near ease, but the damage fallout and the long range recoil pattern gets near impossible to control past 20 meters. So, stick to the strength of the close range engagements and next up we have the sheriff simply because mastery of the sheriff turns you into a threat on every single round of the game and with a one shot kill to the head for most ranges for 800 Credits, the sheriff can catch an enemy off guard and get you a quick weapon upgrade if you can find a 1v1 on equal rounds. Just be careful because way too many people, panic and start spamming that trigger gunning for those body shots to try to get them out of a sticky situation. But the sheriff has a very slow time to kill if you’re hitting the body. So, even if you’re under fire slow down and make sure you click that head because that’s where the money of this weapon is and next up, we have the shorty for only 200 credits. You can buy this weapon on nearly any round of the game and give yourself a fighting chance now before the nerf. The shorty would have been up there in ester, but at this point the shorty is much more balanced, but at 200 credit price point and the ability to one shot enemy is close range.

The shorty is an incredible choice for eco round defenders. Just make sure to play those tight angles and be patient, because you’re waiting on someone to get close enough for that one shot potential. Now, next, in the a tier we have the ghost because for 500 credits, it’s a decent eco round choice, but also the pistol round weapon of choice for good reason at 105 headshot damage from under 30 meters. The ghost will one shot in most engagements that you get into and compared to the classic has a very accurate first bullet and the left click spam is relatively accurate as well when compared to the other pistols and on eco rounds. The ghost guarantees the kill with two headshots and is accurate enough to play fast, take those strafe shots and chip down the enemies who are just much slower with vandals and phantoms and finally, barely hanging in at eightier. We have the bulldog now. This is strictly because of the 2100 price point. The bulldog is the perfect weapon to pick up on round two with heavy armor, to still be able to compete on round three against vandals and phantoms.

Now this is not to mention that the three round burst can actually be very strong at lowering your time to kill where you only need a headshot and one body shot for the kill at any range with the bulldog. The three round burst also gets off the fastest six shots of any weapon in the game. Aside from the classic right click, this means that with some decent accuracy – and maybe even a little luck, you can do a ton of damage and pick up a few kills. If you get the opportunity with the bulldogs, alternate fire burst ability and starting off beats. Here we have the heiress now with the slower time to kill the specter of the same price point and a slower movement speed. The aris does have an easier to control, aiming down sights recoil pattern, a 50 round magazine and a high wall penetration value. The arrows can shred enemies through walls just like the odin can stop early round pressure from the enemies and can serve as that long ranged. Laser of a weapon that you sometimes need on eco round.

This gives the areas a fighting chance at the go-to weapon of choice for eco rounds on defender side, where most people are still going to prefer the spectre and the attacker’s side. Really, the errors is just a little too slow to make it viable compared to the spectres and moving on to the classic. We have one gun that some people are going to argue as ester. Now. The right click does give the classic a three round burst, which for zero credits, gives you a budget version of the shorty with a slightly longer range and more random damage values. Now i’m not gon na lie the classics. Right click can sometimes be a bit too accurate and slightly over tuned for a weapon that costs zero credits because getting headshot twice by classic. Whenever i have full armor and a vandal is a little bit annoying, but the atrocious accuracy of the normal fire of the classic makes up for the strength of the right click from past 20 meters. If your crosshair is on the head of the enemy, you’re still rolling the dice of whether or not you’re going to be getting that hit. So, while the classic excels in short or medium range, skirmishes and jump right, clicking, anything from range makes the classic turn into an inaccurate peashooter that really just kind of makes up for the close range power of it and next up in bt. We have the frenzy.

Now the frenzy has many of the same problems and strengths of the classic for 400 credits, you do get a slightly better weapon at medium ranges and a more consistent kill weapon at close ranges, but it does have a very hard to control spray pattern. Now, with how much consistent kill pressure, this weapon has at close range for 400 credits, you can make the argument for a higher ranking, especially since it fits the phoenix budget allowing the phoenix to get two curve balls on pistol rounds with a frenzy. The frenzy just has too many options around the same or less price point that have similar ability and finally, in b-tier we have the stinger. Now, with the four shot bursts, the stinger’s mid-range isn’t terrible and the fast fire rate and high mobility makes its close range. Pretty good as well, but the inaccuracy of the weapon spray pattern makes it where you almost have to aim down sights at anything further than 15 meters which takes away from your mobility, and you have virtually no chance at very long ranges versus a somewhat competent player. But that doesn’t make this weapon bad.

After all, this is the b tier and most weapons invalid are surprisingly useful and balanced and kind of have their place. But c tier is where we start to get into the less effective weapons, and i know i’m going to get hate for this one, but the bucky belongs in c tier now, with the right. Click of the bucky targets from 10 meters to about 18 meters are easily one shot potential and the weapon seems insane and anything closer than 5 meters with the left. Click has a very similar effect, putting people down with ease, but that range of too far for a left, click and too close for a right. Click is deadly for bucky players to fall into and ruins a good play far too often, but that fact alone wouldn’t warrant the c rank. The weapon honestly just seems too inconsistent whether it’s the random spread pattern or hit registry issues from the game itself. Shots that seem like a guaranteed kill, often turn into a 70 damage shot instead, which, realistically for 900 credits, just makes the gun a little bit too. Inconsistent when you need to be able to rely on something to get that kill in those ranges where you expect it to, and next in c tier we have the marshall where, before the operator was nerfed, the marshall was a very good go-to on round two to Allow you to have enough money for operator and light armor on round three. The marshall doesn’t now allow you to do that with the operator costing 5 000 credits. Now the marshal is still the king of farming enemies with no armor.

You could still do the same thing with a different weapon and with the meta now after you win round one you’re buying on the second round to have the same weapon round three as a bonus, and the marshall doesn’t have a ton of value on that. Third round versus armored opponents, if you’re not hitting headshots and if you are hitting headshots, then any weapon would honestly do the same trick and finally, all the way down in f tier. We have the guardian. Now this hurts to say, because i do like the guardian. I think it’s a very interesting weapon and it’s in a very interesting spot, because the 2400 price point and the recent buff gives it the potential to be able to compete with vandals and phantoms, while still giving you the opportunity to sometimes pick it up on round.

Two with heavy armor, but even then the guardian feels like a stronger version of the sheriff, while it has a faster fire rate. You still have to fire very slowly to keep your accuracy, so all in all, valerian is just a very fast paced game and the slow shot requirement of the guardian makes it a little bit too weak at long ranges if you’re not hitting heads too slow. At short ranges when you’re caught off guard and still too expensive for eco rounds and honestly just has no place in the meta currently. But ultimately, the meta and the tier list of weapons is subjective, and these are based off of what we’re seeing in the higher tiers of the meta today and if you’re, finding something that works better for you then feel free to run with it. And let us know in the comments where you would change up our list or what you think about where we rank the weapons and remember if you want to improve, win more gunfights and get the rank. You’Ve always wanted, then check out

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