NEW KILLJOY ATTACK LINEUPS & SETUPS on ASCENT (Nanoswarm, Turret, Alarmbot, Ultimate)


Hey everyone and welcome in this guide. You’Ll learn the best attack, lineups and setups for killjoy on ascent, you’ll not only be learning the default standard, setups for your turret and alarmbot on attack. The pros are using you’ll, also be learning some absolutely insane lineups for your nano swarms that can clear out common angles, get kills and make your attacks way more effective with killjoy, not to mention you’ll uncover the overpowered lineups for the post plan that can prevent the Opponent from defusing and guarantee you the round now these pro setups and lineups aren’t just one person’s opinion, but rather created from researching the top killjoy players and consulting with the top pros and coaches in valorem.

Additionally, ascent is by far kiljoy’s most powerful map to be played on. So, if you struggle with the map ascent, then you may want to just consider picking up killjoy after watching this guide. Alright, let’s jump straight into it, starting with where you should be placing your turret on attack on ascent as of patch 1.11 they’ve changed how kiljoy’s, turret and alarmbot work instead of being constantly active, they will only be active if you’re in 40 meters of them. Additionally, the turret and alarmbot cooldown was significantly reduced to let you pick up and reposition them faster and more often this has changed how you want to use kiljoy’s turret on attack. So first, let’s start with b sight. The first turret placement is to watch your flank when you’re attacking b sight and it’s outside of b garage on top of this roof. This will spot two areas: defenders pushing b garage as well as mid. You want to right click to turn the turret towards you and try to put it on the leftmost edge. This is because a really common mistake players make is putting the turret too far back on this roof. This will actually cause your turret to only see a small sliver of mid, resulting in enemies being able to run past without getting hit by any of the bullets by placing it closer to the edge of the roof.

You’Ll see more of mid now, don’t worry even with the changes this turret won’t deactivate, even if you run into b-site implant in the default spot. Instead, you’ll have to be on the left side of b site for it to actually deactivate now. The alternative to watching the flank is to use your turret aggressively to help clear and scout out angles for you as you push into sight. For example, instead of peeking into b site, you can place your turret for you and based on, where it shoots or where the enemy shoots from to destroy it. You can get an idea of where they’re playing and, lastly, with the cooldown now being reduced to 10 seconds. When you pick up your turret, you can also pick up your turret once you’ve made it onto the site to then position it on site for the post plant, for example, on b site. The best post plant spots are either here on top of the boxes, with the idea of it catching enemies once they’ve committed to running into sight, or you can place it on top of the sight boxes to get earlier intel either spot will work.

A good idea is to constantly switch up between these two spots when you’re placing it in order to catch the enemy off guard and make yourself unpredictable in terms of which attack turret placement to use for b sight. I highly recommend the flank turret as it’s very strong at shutting down the common flank path from mid by defenders. Then, once you get control of the sight, pull back your turret and place it on either of the two spots shown. If you plan on playing the post plan inside of b site now, moving on to the turret for an a-site attack, you have this spot here in a lobby. This is great as it will catch defenders pushing through top of mid as well as a main. The downside is once you’ve actually committed to a site it will deactivate with the new changes. For this reason, it can be more viable to use your turret aggressively to clear angles.

Instead, when it comes to attacking a sight since the defensive turret isn’t as strong. Additionally, the a-flank doesn’t come as fast, so it’s not as common for defenders to push behind you either way. Once you get control of the site, pulling back your turret to reposition it for the post plant will be much more common on a site attacks, and you have two main spots to go for. First is here in the corner: this is the most passive turret placement. It will trigger when people drop from a heaven or push in from switch. Second, is on top of the generator. This will spot enemies when they’re a heaven deeper into switch as well as a lobby. The generator spot is definitely more powerful, but, as mentioned before, you still want to swap between these spots to throw the opponents off.

Now you aren’t always attacking a sight or b sight on ascent, as mid control can be quite important when going for mid control. You have two key turrets if you’re coming from top of mid at the start of the round, i highly recommend you do a jump, strafe peak to clear out any operators holding the angle at the start of the round. Once that’s cleared immediately place your turret in this spot. This will give deep vision into market, while also watching for the catwalk push with that being said, the strongest mid turret definitely comes from b-link from here. You can move against the plant and jump to place.

The turret on top of the wall, this will actually spot several common angles, such as this spawn wall location. A lot of operator players will be at the close right spot at arches and, of course, catwalk. This even goes so far as to cover some of the flank from top of mid, and the nice thing about these mid turret placements is that the activation circle can reach quite far, so you don’t have to pull them back to reposition until you’re pretty much either On site, or already committing to the push at which point the original turret placements mid won’t be needed and you can pull your turret back to place it in one of the post plant positions covered earlier. All right with that, out of the way, let’s get into the good stuff nano swarm, lineups, starting with a site when you learn lineups, it’s important that you understand what the common positions are, that the defenders will be at in the site for a site on ascent.

The most common locations are behind generator and boxes as they give the defenders cover, while also giving them the option of peeking from the left or right, making them less predictable. The second most common would be close to the right behind boxes or up close to the left near switch. These are less common, as they don’t have cover to fall back from, and you can only peek from one predictable angle and, lastly, there’s a heaven, which also has the same problem of only being able to peak from one angle making it predictable. So these are all the locations we want to learn lineups for the great thing about these skill. Capped lineups for a site is that they all come from the same starting location to get here head outside amane and look into the sky. You’Ll see these shards sticking out. You’Ll want to look at the edge of the second shard to the right now simply line this up so that it’s touching the corner of the roof. Don’T worry, it doesn’t have to be super precise. They just need to be relatively close to each other like this fantastic. Now all the a site lineups will come from the standard position.

Let’S start with the generator lineup, as this is the most common spot, a defender will play from the starting position. You just learned simply aim at the top of this roof in the sky, left click and it will land in a perfect spot to push a defender out of that position into the open where they can be easily shot as they’ll have no cover, always keep in Mind it’s important: you activate these nano swarms as soon as they land to prevent the opponent from destroying them. Next, we have the lineup for boxes, which starts at the same starting location. Aim at the top of this gray line in the roof left click and it will land perfectly behind boxes, pushing out any defender playing there into the open. One thing to note for this lineup is that it’s important not to aim too high from the gray line in the roof, or it will land on top of the boxes and do no damage to the enemy. It’S better to aim too low than high for this lineup. Next, we have the close right, lineup aim at the antenna where it meets the roof. You want to jump and then left click.

This clears out anyone trying to hide behind the boxes or hold an angle from there on a main. Next, we have the spot at switch for this one. You want to use the hud pay attention to your alarm, bot icon. You want to place the alarm bot so that it’s sitting on top of the roof in the distance left click and it will clear anyone holding near the switch and last we have a secret bonus lineup that no one else knows about. Until now, you see it’s typical on ascent, for there to be one defender in a sight and one defender on catwalk, this catwalk player can fall back outside of tree room to get a strong angle on pushes into a main. This is a common angle. An operator player would hold well there’s a sneaky lineup that completely shuts down this angle again same starting location, then see this upside down triangle, that’s above the nanoswarm icon. You want to line this up with the top of this antenna.

Simply left click and it will land on the other side of the wall. Once you activate the nano swarm, it not only completely prevents someone from holding this angle, but also prevents them from pushing through the doorway to reinforce a sight and, if you’re serious, about improving then go to to unlock our hyper improvement system. That will teach you how to win more gunfights master, your agent and so much more backed by our rank improvement guarantee you have nothing to lose so come join over half a million satisfied members of skill cap, improve that kda and get the rank. You’Ve always wanted at link in the description below now. One of the reasons killjoy is so strong on ascent is our ultimate can actually cover nearly the entirety of both sites. However, there are still gaps where a defender can hide, for example, when we use our ultimate on a site, it creates safe spots on the right side of heaven, the left side of heaven and the right side of hell. This is why, when you use your ultimate, you want to follow it up with specific nano swarm lineups to prevent defenders from holding these areas after placing your ultimate run so you’re in front of this wooden door. Look up at the rightmost shard in the sky and aim slightly to the right of it and slightly above the wall.

This will prevent anyone from holding the right side of heaven when you use your ultimate, then in the same spot in the front of the wooden door. Look at the second shard to the right aim slightly to the left of it and slightly above the wall. This prevents anyone from holding the left side of heaven. What you’ll find, though, is there is still a gap between them in the middle of a heaven, as well as not addressing a defender, possibly hiding in the right side of hell. This is perfectly fine, though, as it means when you first peek. All you have to do is line up your crosshair on that safe spot in the middle of heaven. As that’s the only place, an enemy can safely be notice. How, when we do this peak, we’re not exposed to that right side of hell?

So after we clear this angle, we know there’s only one last spot. The enemy can be right side of hell, so we can clear that next, additionally, these lineups still work. Even if you don’t use your ultimate as you can use them to clear out anyone who’s holding these positions with an operator in a heaven alright, so you now know the lineups to clear the most common angles, as well as to coordinate your ultimate for a sight. All that’s left is to learn the lineups once you’ve planted the spike you see once the spike is planted, most kiljoy players immediately drop their nanoswarms on top of the spike.

This will not work in mid to high elo, as players will be looking out for this and simply destroy them before they ever even defuse the spike. Instead, what you want to do is learn specific lineups so that you can throw your nanoswarms from a distance and then immediately activate them. This accomplishes the same goal of preventing the enemy from defusing, while also preventing the enemy from destroying them. In order to master this, you first need to understand the default plan spot for a site which is here in front of generator. This is the quickest and safest spot to plant out when you enter the site due to cover, and is where you want to plant the spike, if you have it or where it is most likely for your teammates to plant the first post plant lineup comes from Wine – this is one of the best spots to play from since you’re close enough to the spike to peak it. If you have to get into this corner in wine and then line up the corner to your left with the second dip of this broken roof, then you’ll notice.

There are some bricks that are much whiter than the others on the wall to your left. You’Ll want to aim at this one making sure your crosshair is aimed slightly to the right of the wall, left click and it will land at the default planted spot. As always, you want to activate this as soon as it lands to prevent the enemy from destroying it. Now this lineup was shown having material quality set to high. However, it’s much easier to do this lineup if your material quality is set to medium or low. This is because the white bricks will stand out far more. All you have to do is find the white line, that’s by itself and in below it at where the other white bricks start the next postplant lineup comes from a lobby. Now you may be wondering why you would need to learn this lineup if you can just use the lineup in wine. Well, the enemy will catch on to what you’re doing, and instead of defusing, we’ll just aggressively clear out wine the next time they need to defuse. So once your wine lineup is revealed to the enemy, you can switch to the safer, a lobby lineup next time head into the corner of this box, then look at your alarm. Bot, icon you’ll be resting it on top of this piece of the wall in front of you.

Another way to remember is to place the tip of your finger, so it’s touching this corner, then left click and you’ll be able to stop diffuses on the default plant. Spot now, these lineups are great when you’re playing in a main or lobby, but sometimes that’s just not possible. If instead you’re near catwalk, you can move into this corner. Then look at your turret icon. You want the barrel of your turret to be at the right side of this notch in the cable. It’S very important. You don’t overlap the turret’s barrel on top of the notch, as it will completely miss it’s better to be too much to the right of it again. This will stop the diffuse at the default plant spot. If, instead, you find yourself in tree room, then you can head into this corner for this one. It’S best. If you have your detail, quality set to medium or low. This is because it will create this triangle of empty space in the leaves from here. You just need to aim to the left side of it and slightly up and you’ll be able to stop the enemy from defusing the spike.

Compare this to when you have the detail, quality set too high, and it’s much harder to locate and remember the precise lineup for this, and the last spot you can find yourself in is an a heaven. This one’s actually really cool, as you can just move into this corner from here aim at the topmost pipe you’ll see a yellow marking on it aim in between the base of the pipe to the left and this yellow marking. The great thing about this lineup is: if the spike is planted further into sight next to generator, then all you have to do is make an upwards adjustment to make it land closer to you now, keep in mind that your timing of when you throw these nano Swarm lineups are so important if you throw them too late, the enemy can just get the spike to the halfway mark or even worse, just straight up defuse it. This is why placing your alarm bot on top of the spike can be a massive help. Once the alarm bot is placed, it will notify you of when an enemy is moving to defuse the spike. This way, you can time the release of your nano swarm with when your alarm bot activates.

This will end up with the nano swarm landing at right around the time the enemy starts as defuse. If you don’t have an alarm bot on the spike, then you’ll have to release it early before the enemy starts as defuse. You can do this by listening to sound cues and basing the timing around that, for example, if someone shoots and destroys the doors at tree room well, then you should know to probably release the nanoswarm in the next three seconds as he’ll be running into sight and Defusing the spike relatively soon, overall, though, this is a skill you’ll develop over time by practicing different timings and getting a feel for the pacing of the game. Now that you understand when to release your first nanoswarm, the question remains of when to release your second one. The first thing you need to know is that nanoswarms will last 5 seconds for all of your lineups. It typically takes 5 seconds from when you release your nanoswarm for it to land on the default plant spot. What this means is that you want to release your first nano swarm and immediately re-equip your second one, then activate your first nano swarm as soon as it lands and quickly line up and release your next nano swarm as fast as you can. This will give you around 10 to 12 seconds of completely preventing the diffuse one other tip as well is once you’ve released your last nano swarm.

You should be moving into position to then peak the spike if the enemy will still have time to defuse after the last nanoswarm expires, simply wait for the diffuse, sound and then jiggle, peak and pre-fire. The angle, you can just continually repeat this and be extremely hard to hit and your peaks will be able to scout out if they got off the spike. If they did, you can then hide and wait until you hear the diffuse sound again and repeat the jiggle peak process. Using this specific tactic, along with the nano swarm lineups, will give you a very high chance of securing rounds when you get the spike planted and just like that, you’ve now mastered all the best nanoswarm lineups for a site when taking the site and after you’ve planned It now before we move on to b site, though let’s first talk about the middle of the map. Killjoy really only has one good lineup here and that’s to clear out players holding catwalk. Most players will make the mistake of throwing the nanostorm on catwalk. Too short. This will create a safe angle at the back of catwalk.

Someone can still hold instead with the lineup that you’re about to learn. The nano swarm will cover the entire area and completely prevent someone from holding the angle at catwalk at the start of the round move against this barrier into the corner to the right, then, if you look at the hud you’ll see above your nanoswarm icon, two mouse Icons while above these, you have two dots line up, these dots so they’re on both sides of the tree in front of you at the height of the black line on the wall, then once the barrier falls run forward and left click. This is a super useful lineup when you want to take control of mid at the start of the round, and you either don’t have anyone with a smoke on your team or they’re, simply not smoking. Catwalk. Okay, moving on to b site, the most common positions defenders will hold are at stairs and ct. If the player has a sova, they are almost always playing at speedway, though, due to his wall bank strategy with his recon dart, the second most common positions are close right of b garage exit and looking out of market.

The vast majority of lineups will come from a very simple position, simply moving to this corner outside of b garage. The first lineup is for the close right outside of b garage move into the corner previously mentioned. Now. Look for the upside down triangle. That’S above your nano swarm icon line up the point of this with the bottom right of the letter e on the sign, left, click and it will land in such a way to not only push off anyone holding the angle into b garage, but also any enemies. Hiding inside of the cubby next, we have the lineup for speedway moving to the same corner as before this time, we’ll be lining up the same upside down triangle with the bottom left corner of this electrical box. This lineup is very unforgiving, so you really want to make sure you’ve lined them up accurately. This completely denies the wallbang angle silva mains like to play next up. We have the lineup for stairs same corner as before. Aim your crosshair at the bottom of the antenna on the roof, then jump and left click.

This prevents anyone from holding the stairs angle, while also giving you enough time to move into b garage before it lands, so you can move into b site off its activation. The next two are for ct and market and the position changes to inside b, garage and you’ll see shortly why that is the first lineup for ct. You want to move against this left wall as much as you can then look at the second window on the right keep hugging that left wall while moving forward. Until you see this top point of the roof through the window then continue forward until the point of the roof is hidden behind the left side of the window then aim at the bottom right corner of the other window and left click. This prevents anyone from watching the entrance to b site from ct the market. Lineup comes from the exact same position, move against the left wall, look through the same window as before and simply find the white generator place, your crosshair on it and left click. This one is pretty forgiving, so the lineup doesn’t have to be perfect. This will prevent anyone from looking into b site or b garage from market now. The reason why these two lineups are from inside b garage is because of how kiljoy’s ultimate works on b site when you place that ultimate, it will cover all of b site, but the enemies will still be able to watch you from ct or simply quickly, re-peek. From market as soon as the ultimate expires, because of this, you need to nanoswarm these areas with the two previous lineups mentioned for market and ct. This can allow you to run into b site much safer off your ultimate.

Additionally, you can actually activate these early on to prevent enemies inside of b-site from being able to run out of killjoy’s ultimate range without taking damage from the nano swarms. Alright, now that you understand how to nano swarm, the common positions defenders will hold, along with how to execute a proper b site. Take with your ultimate. Let’S talk about the lineups for once, you’ve actually planted the spike. The default plant spot for b site is here behind the boxes, since it gives you the most cover and safety while planning the first lineup comes from the most powerful spot, the cubby and b garage. This is a great spot since you can choose to peek on defenders who are preparing to move into sight or quickly peak the diffuser. If your nano swarms have expired, and they still have time left to defuse head into this cubby at b garage, then move to your left. Until you can see this box shape between the two corners you’ll then see the edge of a corner in the white fog. Here place your crosshair there and left click. One fantastic thing about this lineup is that if the spike is planted further to the right, you can easily adjust the lineup by simply moving your crosshair more to the right. The next lineup comes from b lobby from a very familiar position. This corner, all you have to do, is aim your crosshair at the point of the second rightmost shard in the sky, left click and it will land at the default planting spot.

What you’ll want to do is use the spot in b, garage cubby. First then, once the enemy team knows where you’re playing on the post plan, they won’t defuse the bomb and instead will try to rush you. This is when you switch to the safer spot in b lobby. Still, you won’t always find yourself going b garage every time you plant, b site, if you happen to be in market, there’s a really easy lineup move forward until there’s sky above this part of the building to the right then aim at the white generator on the Wall, the nice thing about this is that, as long as there’s a sky gap on the building to the right and you’re aiming at the generator, you can move anywhere from the left to right and it will go in the exact same spot. And lastly, if you find yourself in ct, then you want to again aim at that white generator in the distance move until it’s nestled into this corner, like this aim at the generator and left click. This one is pretty forgiving in terms of where you’re standing just make sure to aim at the white generator.

Alright, now that you’ve mastered all of the killjoy lineups for ascent, it begs the question which bomb site is better to attack. Well, firstly, it depends on where specific agents of the enemy are playing. For example, if the enemy has a killjoy who’s playing b-site, but they don’t have anyone to lock down a site, maybe they only have duelists like reyna or phoenix, then go for a sight, as it will be much easier to take, or maybe the enemy doesn’t have A killjoy, but instead has a cipher, that’s playing a sight again. That means to focus your attacks on b site in the situation that the enemy doesn’t have any agents like killjoy, cipher or sage. To prevent a rush, then you’ll typically find the most success on b site, as you can get quick and effective rushes on it at the start of the round with your lineups, especially with your ultimate. However, if the enemy has a killjoy, cipher or sage, one posted at b and one posted at a typically a site is going to be the easier one to hit in that scenario, this is because of how defenders are typically positioned on ascent, with only one in A site and one in catwalk, it also opens you up to a split attack from both catwalk and a main, which is easier to pull off than trying to do a split attack from mid and b garage. Since often defenders stack two at mid on ascent.

Alright, we put a ton of effort into this guide if you’re serious about improving and want to support what we do then check out link in the description below otherwise make sure to like subscribe and hit that bell icon to get more premium guides. Just like this one, we here at skillcap, want to thank you for watching and we’ll catch you in the next one.

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