PRO PISTOL ROUND GUIDE for ALL AGENTS – ft. Hiko, Brax, Mixwell, Aceu, and MORE!


Hello, everyone and welcome to skill caps, I’m notorious dove, and today I’m going to be talking about hands-down. The most important round in the game. Pistol round now pistol run is a difficult round to get right because it’s not just a comparison between light-armored in the classic or the ghost which I’m going to be going over as well. But it also depends heavily on your agent, playstyle and abilities, which is why I’m going to be going through each agent one by one and going through the most optimal, buys on pistol round, based on what we’re, seeing from some of the best pros on those agents. Now, before we get into that, though, make sure you hit that subscribe button with bells on to make sure you’re staying up-to-date with the guides and staying ahead of the pack. Now the debate between the ghost in the classic seems pretty simple, because it goes to out damages the classic at every range. This gives it the edge up close because the one hit headshot potential on unarmored targets and it’s better long-range as well, because it’s always two shot kill to the head-on pistol round or five shots to the body.

This is compared to the classic seven shots to the body to kill, combine that with a larger magazine capacity, more total ammo a silencer, so it doesn’t have tracers and a better wall penetration value. The ghost is just overall better right, while not exactly the classic. Has one of the most overpowered strategies associated with it that gives kill pressure that that goes, couldn’t even dream up and that strategy is the jumpring burst now, if you play valor for any amount of time, you’ll soon notice that shooting anything except for a shotgun while In midair is incredibly inaccurate, but the classic verse function doesn’t function that way for mid-range distances. You can be incredibly mobile and unpredictably do jump shots while still being incredibly accurate and keep in mind that by staying with the classic pistol, you can buy light armor, which directly counters that goes to one-shot headshot and gives you 100 extra credits to spend on utility. At the same time, you could always pick up a dead player’s ghost as the round progresses.

Now I’m gon na let heat, go. Show you exactly what I’m talking about here in just a second, but this point is to say that, while it goes provides more overall flower power and most pros are gravitating towards it. Whenever they can, the classic provides benefits that allow you to be super effective in certain scenarios, while being able to afford all of your utility and we’re starting to see more pros start to trend towards it whenever they need to alright. Now, first off we’re gon na look at hiko playing jet and after the jet, buff she’s, quickly becoming more and more as the go-to team duelist, and here we see he co-opting for the most common by both updrafts and to smokes with light shields. Now, just such a great pistol round agent, because her utility is so cheap that she can afford for massive abilities while still buying armor and the classic suits, are placed out very well anyway. With these four abilities and her tail, wind jet has enough utility to get her team to sight contest important areas of the map like mid on a cent or go for flashy, unexpected picks that can easily win her.

The round and, like I said earlier, jumpers seat is accurate, meaning that jet can tell wind, updraft and hover all she wants, because her right-click on her classic still provides deadly amount of burst damage to her opponents from very unexpected angles, and the ghost could you become Close to consistently pulling off a play like he co does right there all right next up. Let’S talk about sofa being played by Sinatra here, so if his body is interesting on pistol round because you’re by changes, whether your own attack your side or defenders, but the most common trend we see them go for consistently is the ghost now so far Sinatra has Shown that he’s likely one of the best it was in the game right now and he and most other greats ovis love their shock. Darts on the fender side to delay, pushes and punish enemies for going into a funnel and their recon drone on attacker side.

So their team can push up right behind the recon drone attempting to draw fire on the recon drone. Now this recon drone play when so many rounds, because you essentially have a robot injury fragging for you to reduce the risk that your team actually dies now. I know on a tighter side you so it means love. Bouncing your sky-high shock darts to protect a plant but being able to get on the site safely is much more important, but by all means get those ready clips. If you need to so next up, we have Reyna this time being played by Brax. Now, Reyna is the epitome of do. Listen Valerie and Reyna players look for the best by to maximize their building potential at all times and honestly, with the utility and weapon that rain is able to pick up, make sure hands down the best pistol round agent in the entire game. Now rain is optimal by is the ghost combined with one leader and one devourer, and the goal for rain on pistol round is to pick up a kill. However, she can manage to make it happen because, while everyone else is stuck with the ghost or light shields and early kill can allow Rayna to be sitting on a ghost and essentially heavy shields because of the 100 HP heal and over heal from her devour.

Whenever she kills someone now, this one kill routinely wins pistol rounds because it seems to be just too much damage to need to deal to your opponent and makes your next fights as Rayna so much easier because of it. Alright, next up, we have one of the best players showing us the standard by for arguably the best area controller in the game, Iko playing cypher. Now we notice that on pistol round, most great cypher players are going for light armor, both cyber cages and one tripwire. This is because Cypress get is so useful for cutting off flanks and making sure that your team can control an area to safely play around now, while it goes can be extremely effective with good aim. You have to realize what your job is on your team. Now here we see he go do exactly that, because his team makes a lot of noise beat and then they end up rotating through mid towards eight and as they rotate he co does his 1 job of cutting off the enemy’s rotation path behind them now using Ciphers area-denial, like this, allows you to ignore that area completely, because the enemy cannot come through there without alerting you in some way. This allows you to focus on the enemy’s other rotation towards the site that you’re taking like this CT rotation that he co is cutting off. With his back to rope, room even completely focused on the CT rotation and ignore the entire rope room, because he knows the enemies cannot come through there without alerting him allowing him to clutch this round out for his team.

Alright, next up, we have TSM Wardell playing omen and going for the standard buy of ghost 1 shrouded step and his paranoia now sometimes we’ll see great omen players opting for to shard steps, but that’s only if they don’t think they’ll have a good opportunity to use Their paranoia effectively, but this is a very safe and reliable, buy, because you can make sure that your team manors safely with paranoia’s like this one, they take up the entirety of hookah and guarantee safe entry. Now this is all while still being able to utilize your one teleport to get on site unpredictably and really open the round up for your team, and the ghost also fits the omen play style really. Well, because you want that firepower to allow you to play aggressively.

Get into the fight and be able to shoot your way out of the aggressive situations that you find yourself in all right. Next up we have to talk about rates, and here we see a suit himself, opting for the usual buy of one satchel charge and the ghost that was a very good argument to be made for one last pack in your boom bot with light shields. But the damage output of the go is very reliable and, with a good aim, you’ll be able to more consistently frag out a piss around with a ghost, rather than relying on your boom bot to hopefully get some damage down and not to mention the boom bot Is generally just a much slower way to play raise now, this would be very effective on defense over this aggressive raise players like most people lean towards the ghost provides the damage output. You really need for those aggressive plays and your satchel charges are generally just a must-have. Now, like we see here, the best raise players, including a Sioux use, their satchel charges very aggressively, and the ghost firepower is almost necessary backup, for these aggressive plays to take your enemies out as quickly as possible whenever you catch them, off-guard and pistol round is the Best time to make these kinds of plays happen because trying to shoot a flying raze out of the air with a pistol is a nightmare of a task. Alright. Next up, we have competitively one of the most important characters in the game.

Brimstone, this time being played by Psalms. Brimstone is another one of those characters whose utility is King for his job on the team. This is because of his very long, lasting smokes and insane damage on his Molly and because of that, most REM stones are going for their incendiary and one extra smoke with their light. Armor and one important thing that realized on pistol round is the importance of information. So, at the beginning of this rounds on smokes off see long because his omen is gon na smoke off garage and mid doors, and if you opted for ghosts here instead of one of your smokes at this point, you would need to be pushing hard for a Site because your team would have no smokes left to use, but because he still has an extra one in reserve, his team can play it slow around there, denial of information and get picks and because of their denial of information.

The enemy team has to give up a lot of pressure and when the smokes fade, they get picked off one by one having to scramble to get back their map control. Ultimately, Brimstone’s smokes are a must-have at all times of the game, and his incendiary is incredible. For denying plants, so honestly, I don’t think many people would disagree that having your incendiary at all times, just in case is a necessary thing as well. All right now we have Brax playing phoenix now. Brax has always been known for his aim and dueling potential and if you’re a Phoenix man you’re probably going to be going for those same types of plays, that’s why we’ve been seeing most Phoenix’s go through the dueling potential of the ghost and one flash now really. Basically, one flash should be enough to get you on site. Do your job is the entry Fragger for your team, and I think a lot of people would make the argument that light, armor and two curveballs is more important. But honestly, with how short the duration of his flashes most pros seem to be going with one, because it seems way too important to be able to put the enemy down quickly after that. First, flash and those are the types of kills that take sites, which is exactly what Phoenix needs to do for his team to be successful. All right. Next up, we have sage being played by Psalms and with the recent changes we’ve been seeing to sages barrier or but people are trying to shy away from it, but it still shines very heavily on pissed around and the metaphor.

Sages bear your orb and light armor based on what all the pros are doing now I see so many new players getting this wrong when they play sage, because it’s such a huge and daunting investment of 400 credits on one ability on round one. But it’s honestly a must have on pissed around because pistols take far too long to kill it. This makes it the best area-denial in the entire game on fist around now. Bear your orbit light, armors, the meta for sage players, but I’ve also seen a rise in sage players opting for barrier orb, as well as both their slow orbs on defense, and while it seems to be a bit too squishy and lacking damage, it does do an Incredible job of allowing you to be the support for your team, and it also allows you to play a very safe angle and to lay the enemies from getting on the site, so your team can come help you alright! Next up, we have mix while playing viper.

Now, viper players are unanimously going for the ghosts, one snakebite and their poison worm. This is because Vipers snakebite just likes a little bit too much damage to make it viable to get both and miss out on the ghost damage and the poison. Orb is just vital to your kit, the ghost also synergizes so well with Viper, because it doesn’t have tracers due to the silencer on it. This allows you to spam through both of your smokes with very little chance. The enemy can spam, you back and because Vipers job is to support the entry Froggers from behind by popping your smokes that extra firepower is needed to be able to support our teammates effectively with damage as well. Alright, finally, we have breach breach is arguably the best support for the entry Fragger in the entire game, and the best reaches in the world are opting for their one aftershock and one flash point now for reach. You’Re gon na be wanting to pick up a ghost because by flashing out or fault lining for someone you’re definitely going to need that ghost to support your entry frag, because the faster you can get the kill, the more likely the person that’s in front of you Is going to stay live now with breach, keep in mind that your abilities last for a very long time, if they hit so don’t be afraid to throw them out preemptively and let your team push ahead or to delay a push, because I want to hit see Enemies, they are stuck with the effect for a while for you to make a play off of it. That’S why the ghost is so effective to pick up that first kill and then potentially pick up.

Multi kills based off of that one ability that you hit so did this video change what you normally buy. If so, let me know in the comments down below and let me know what you want the next video to be on as well. All in all, though, I hope this video helps, you pick up more pistol rounds because winning pistol rounds wins games well before you go, make sure to subscribe, hit that Bell icon and like the video and as always, thank you for stopping by skill capped where we Have a ton more comprehensive premium guides help you improve, win more games and get you to the top of the leaderboard we here at skill, cabin 1. Thank you for watching, and good luck in your games. I’M notorious dub signing off

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