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Hey everyone and welcome to skill capped in this guide we’ll be going, over all the viable wall bank positions you can use to add onto your toolkit for winning ranked, games on ascent having free damage on the enemies without taking any damage is the ideal situation, if We add the fact that they can’t see you while you deal chip damage to them. This can add a lot of pressure and can make your opponents make dumb decisions. Now. We’Ve also broken down another wall bank spot video for buying.

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Invalid different walls require different gun penetration for it to be effective. There are three levels of penetration low, medium and high to see where they are labeled, go into the buy menu and look at the top right hand corner another way to determine if the wall is penetrable or not, is to look at the bullet hole in the Wall, if it is penetrable with the gun you have, it will leave a dark black hole. If the bullet doesn’t go through, it will show there’s a gray, splash image here, always remember these indicators when you are trying to wall bank, let’s start off by looking at all the areas of b in the entrance of it, we have this box that can be Penetrated something to keep in mind is that it is the most effective if you shoot through the box at head level, and luckily the top part of the box is always going to be a headshot level. Make sure your crosshair is around that area.

So if they peek out, you simply have to move left in a straight line. Next to this box area, we can actually penetrate this wall as well. It’S a very common place, most sofa mains like to play while anchoring the b site. This is popularized by sinatra and his ability to hold b and defense with very high efficiency. The default setup would be to stand around this area here in lane and you can actually penetrate this wall with all guns which are high penetration. These include the sheriff odin guardian aries and the least viable, which is the operator as you can see, the bullet holes made by any gun. Besides that are gray, while the high penetration ones are black circles, careful, though you can’t actually shoot through the box, so make sure you’re at an angle where the box isn’t in your way, if you were to blindly spray a trick you can use is to paint The entrances of b main and span them a higher level way to become more consistent with this area is having a lineup while standing on the ledge aim at this tetris piece looking brick and that would aim towards the left side of the main entrance.

You can drag this to the right side, where the feet of the dinosaur graffiti is. That is where the b main ends off on the right. As mentioned before, you should always avoid shooting the box, because the bullets actually don’t go through the lineup, for that would be right above this curved empty brick area and to the left of the spotted brick on the wall, make sure to crouch and spray with the Odin, when you’re spamming on the spot, because that gives you the most accuracy and highest chance of getting you a kill. The only flaw to this area will be that there is a limit to penetrating at an angle. You can see the grey holes indicating no damage through these areas of the wall, but if you step down from a spot and go left, you can spray through again because you’re not at an angle anymore. Now, when you hear somebody take the orb, you can always spam this line up here.

There are bricks isolated at the top on the left of the dinosaur graffiti, go to the middle of the second brick and hit above the gray line. Since the enemy would be crouching while taking the orb, you don’t have to aim too high alright, so this strategy seems pretty good, but how do we counter it? This is actually pretty simple. What you can do is simply start spraying back with an odin of your own to the left of this box, anywhere from the middle of the wall to the left of the box. This should cover where the enemy sofa is standing or you can just trace where the bullet holes are coming from on the wall. Now we’ve covered the entire b main. Let’S talk about what happens when we get into it a very common spot. Many people play that can be spammed through is the corner of the boat when you are entering. It is very easy to miss and go past this spot, because there are so many angles you have to look out for, while entering the site. An easy way to clear this area is spraying to the right side of the top stain on the wall, make sure you’re aiming at the head level for maximum damage.

Another popular area you can spray through is a stairway area. You can simply spray the rightmost tile in the middle, which is the head level, and you should clear it easily. Now, on the other side of the boat, there are two good spots to spray, while you’re on site for post plant, you would usually need to cover market or ct. Luckily, you could spam these areas while on site through boat, the safest and best spot to do. This is behind the green boxes, where your body is mostly covered, while you’re pre-firing, simply just ping the market area here and then fire around the area for sola mains out there. You can actually shoot an arrow on the wall and mark it and wall bang. This entire boat side, of course, this can be said, for vice versa, just in case you wanted to do a retake on site now for ct to get into the correct position for this. Here are a couple lineups to keep in mind one be against the lane wall.

Two have the green box line up with the red brick wall on the left, three ping, the ct area on the mini map and finally spam. The area that is in between the bow area and the brick – this is definitely one of the most common positions. Somebody would come from for a retake on this site and definitely a wall bank that should be used more often also for this corner that many people play on site. You can actually spam it through two areas. This angle would be easiest to span through because it is a straight line, a direct span through the bow here, and that would be an easy kill, make sure to line up with the head level here. The downside to it is that it is very difficult to get into this spot for entry. It is mainly a post plant retake spam spot. If you are entering, you can actually shoot through the lane side diagonally here the lineup would depend on what kind of angle you’re on if let’s say that, you’re not past, this roof aim right at the corner where the faint line starts.

If you are past the roof, though, make sure you are shooting right under the left side of the roof, now onto the two boxes on site, the box on the right of the site is probably the most common spam spot for players coming out of the ct For the retake make sure you aim on the green parts of the box, because the metal areas are actually non-penetrable with triple box. If you are peaking from stairs or lane and the enemy player is too close to the box, you can actually see their head without them. Seeing you if they are a crotch, though a good lineup, is just shooting at the middle of the box, and that should go towards the head level, depending whether they play closer to the right or left. As long as you are using the bottom of the boxes.

On the center, as reference, you should be able to hit your shots. If you shoot too high, it might not land on the enemy, because you’re, technically shooting on a downwards angle, regardless, if you are from lane or stairs now. Something interesting you should know is that you can actually shoot through these walls on backside only if you are directly lined up to shoot straight through. If you are on any angle whatsoever, the bullets will not penetrate. I wouldn’t really find a use for this unless you were to be backsight and you would want to shoot through to kill somebody on site alright, now making our way over to the middle. Let’S start with the ct wall bang into market a good angled spam spot would be to be near the right side of ct wall straight down market. The flaw of this wall bank is that you can get shot back very easily by the attackers.

A good counter to that is to stay near the right side. So when you are done shooting you can go towards b site to cover market right away while using the wall to take cover. You can start this off with a jump peak from fountain to find information, instead of just blindly spraying at a wall, now careful for how you aim at the wall, because there is an elevation difference on the way to market. I suggest staying at the back of this wall and shooting to the right of this pink leaf shaped image as a reference for height. This covers both above and below heights. Another bonus is that you can actually shoot through these barrels on the left side of ct wall. It’S not a very common angle for somebody to hide in, but it’s still good to know. Past market we have the two most commonly spammed walls on offense.

You can spam on the left side of this wall if anybody were to be standing on top of this corner area at the beginning of the round, depending if they are standing or crouching, you can shoot anywhere above these bricks and below the top of the metal Container to your right now, some people may try to hide behind this container on the top of this bench area, because you can’t shoot through it. But if you go at an angle, it’s a clear and easy shot. This area is the easiest to wall bang, but there are many areas to play. The corners are usually too obvious. So not a lot of players hide there anymore. Something that is consistent is actually the head levels. You can line your crosshair up on this line of bricks, where the gap is spray horizontally and you should be able to get some chip damage or even a kill now onto the boxes on the right where cat is. You have to be very careful with where to spray.

If you are in the middle tiles area. The angle which you spam on has to be lined up with the vertical gray area. On the top box, this gets the most inner corner. The bottom right side of the box actually can’t be spammed through due to the metal sheet that blocks it. On the other side, you can see the white bullet holes created instead of the black ones that indicate penetration. If you are near the mid bottom area, you can spam on the top left corner where the diagonal line is all right. Let’S take a look at the other box on the top mid. In my opinion, this is not a very good place to hide, considering all the possible angles that everybody can spam you from. If you’re behind the box, you do need to know the right angle to spam for each spot, though from cat.

If you are on the left side, you must spam towards the left corner of the box. If you’re on the right side, though, you can spam in the middle to hit the target from the bottom, just simply line your crosshair up on the top right corner of the box, and that should be a headshot if the enemy is in the corner. Otherwise, the head level is anywhere on the top of the box. Now there is another box you can span through here on the left side, but if you stand on the curb, you can see quite far on a headshot angle. If you want to span through it, though, just make sure you are aiming at the top of the box, and that should be headshot height next to this box is the a sight entrance where this wall can be shot through. Actually, it’s not common for enemies to be hiding in this area, because it’s technically in spawn, but definitely good to know still the headshot height is in the third brick from the top. As a defender, there are these two boxes outside of a main that are spots.

The enemies could hide when you’re pushing out first one is this green box at the corner. The best angle would be to keep your body hidden. As you are spamming, it here make sure you aim at the top left corner of the box for the headshot angle. The other box on the left, you can shoot above the pig for the headshot angle. You can spot the blood splatter, sometimes to know if you are actually hitting the head, as you enter a main. A common hiding place to clear would be wine for the offense. Something unique about this angle, though, is that there is actually no way of shooting through the corner until you get very close, and sometimes that might not even be worth it since you’re this close anyways swinging out and popping the head could actually be more efficient at That range now, as we enter a site, there are three boxes you can spam when you’re at the entrance. These spots are very common for anchor players like cipher or kilroy, who are just waiting for their traps or cam to spot you before swinging out the most common out of three and the safest to be in is the green box area.

Due to the fact that you can actually fall back into hell if the enemy starts spamming you as long as you aim at the top part of the box and start shooting cross horizontally, you can actually see the blood splatter at the top and know exactly where The enemy is the box on. The right is actually a very difficult area to spam, because many people shoot too far on the left, assuming that it is the corner. The correct lineup is actually to the right and in between the corner and the left railing on the box. The headshot height is the middle of the box if they are standing. This box also has a strange angle to span through, depending on where you are standing in aiming. My recommendation is to have, as less of your body exposed as possible. To do this. You should line the wall up with the most left front side of the box. The top line up is this window area and for the headshot level aim at around the center of the box area, and that should be good. Although you can’t see the enemy run out of the box he’s out in the open, which makes him an easy target for your teammates to shoot at once, you’re on site, i want to talk about the areas which you can wallbang through hell on the right side.

You actually can’t spam at an angle. You must go towards jen area to shoot at this corner. Something you should take note is that enemies shoulders are actually showing when you’re in this position, meaning they actually don’t have vision on you. Yet what you can do is actually wall bang that area, if you are shooting directly through it. The lineup, for that is the left of where the drapes cover the drop and have the box on the right. Give you the head shot height. The left side of hell is actually not spammable through any walls on the lower levels. You would have to go on the right side and shoot the corner of this box to be able to deal damage again, keep in mind that you can see their shoulders before they see you alright. Now, when you’re, behind generator on site, heaven is a very common spot. The enemies can come from when you are in a post plant position and they are pushing from heaven. You can shoot just this metal railing and that is all penetrable with anything above medium penetration levels.

That would mean that this is not a silva exclusive spam area. If you are right up against this generator, the angle which you spam should cause the bullets to go around head level. A nice pre-fire lineup to counter the green box peak in heaven would be going to the left, generator and aiming right above the railing for this rectangular area. That is created. Definitely one of the most common areas enemies will be in when they go heaven now up on heaven. You can actually span this entire gen lane, with this lineup in the middle of the plank, be positioned in the back wall and look at the bricks. The start of the lane is the from the middle of the second block to the right to the end of the third block. It can also go as high as the middle of the two blocks above the steel rods. The square area is where you can spam in the generator lane now be careful. This corner is actually not possible of being spammed through with a medium or lower penetration gun. You need to possess an odin or something with heavy penetration, or else you need to swing out on heaven to shoot this guy. Now here’s the new spam areas, i’ve been seeing a lot of players use for health. These new wall bank discoveries have made it a lot riskier to play this position.

A good lineup for hell from heaven would be to get on the right side of the wall, be positioned at the end of this plank wood and aim at the metal rod on the floor. This should cover the corner areas of the hell on the far side and provide a good base on where to spam. With the enemies move around for the opposite side, you can actually use this lineup go to the back of heaven and line up with that wall. Afterwards, look down and there should be two wood planks on the floor, shoot in between those planks where the metal rod is, and you should be able to get yourself a free kill. If you have a medium penetration gun, though, make sure you shoot it on the floor above the first one in the same area, or else it won’t penetrate through for the other floor now swap positions, and if you were in hell, you can span the heaven position With any gun, which means there are no penetration requirements, i suggest using the metal railings on the walls as indicators on around where to shoot the one right above the boxes seemed to do the trick for me most of the time, but this doesn’t really have to Be precise, it really depends on where the enemy is positioned on heaven.

The last area we have to cover is the areas in tree and outside cat. A wall bangable spot would be this glass area. If the opponent were to peek out and go back to the right side, you can always trace their heads through this wall for some extra damage this wall and switch is actually able to be shot through. If you are facing it directly and not an angle because of that, you actually cannot shoot the guy hiding in the corner after he flips the switch. This would only be useful if they were pushing on the site, and this would apply to the left wall as well. Take a look alright, so that concludes this video on wallbang spots for ascent. Hopefully, you guys can master and utilize these areas in ranked and remember if you want to improve, win more gunfights and get the rank.

You’Ve always wanted, then come check out skillcap.com link in the description below alright. So let us know in the comment section as well which wall bank spots you have most success with and while you’re down there leave a like and hit that subscribe button with bells on to get more premium guides to help you improve. We here at skillcap want to thank you for watching and we’ll see you in the next one.

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