Hey everyone and welcome to skill capped. My name is dr zora and in today’s video we’re going to be reviewing the best wallbang spots on split that you should be using in valoran for those who aren’t familiar with the term. There are several walls that can be shot through and result in you getting damaged through those walls onto enemies. Hence the term wall bang was created with all of these wall banks you’re going to need a weapon that has at least a medium penetration or greater. The weapons that fall under this category are the rifles, heavies and the operator, and, if you’re serious, about improving, then go to to unlock our hyper improvement system. That will teach you how to win more gunfights master, your agent and so much more backed by our rank improvement guarantee you have nothing to lose so come join over half a million satisfied members of skill cap, improve your kda and get the rank. You’Ve always wanted at link in the description below enough with the hype, though, let’s get into the video first up we’re going to review the wall bank spots for the b site, a common position that defenders will play while attackers are pushing is the back of B behind this bulletin board, this tends to be a spot that many players will neglect while going on the attack. This board is actually wall-bangable and, if you’re one of the last players pushing in you, can help clear this angle, so your team doesn’t have to to line this up, go to the very edge of the wall at the back of garage from there line your crosshair Vertically, between the two pieces of paper on the board, go just a touch to the right of the left piece of paper and shoot, and you will be able to get a headshot onto the enemy player.

This is also a great spot to check if you’re trying to play retake from garage as a defender. It’S also important to note that the majority of the bulletin board is penetrable and some enemies will try to change their position. Just a touch to throw you off guard if you have a heavy duty weapon like the odin perform this lineup, just like we mentioned and start spraying to the left and right and with the high firing rate of the odin you’ll, be able to effectively spam through This wall and deal deadly damage to any enemies standing behind it next, if you’ve ever attacked the b-site before and annoying angle to check is the immediate left corner where players can hide in multiple angles. Once you’ve cleared the back of sight, you can clear this angle without exposing yourself to heaven, by using this wall, bang line yourself up with the bottom right corner of the sewers and then place your crosshair in the middle of the dark line above the red box. Now bring your crosshair down just a touch below the red line and shoot now if the enemy is playing jet or rays and are able to boost up, you’ll want to be able to safely clear these angles as well. Luckily, the position is going to remain the same as we just mentioned. If the enemy is boosted on top of one box, then simply aim your crosshair at the bottom of the brick, with a dark outline slide your crosshair to the right until it meets the vertical railing and then shoot to kill a player in this position. If an enemy is boosted onto the second box, the position stays the same again, but this time you’re going to go up to the higher brick with the dark outline place, your crosshair there and then lower yourself, one and a half bricks of distance. Once you have that position, shoot and you’ll be able to get that wall band kill as well.

Now that we have that annoying angle cleared out a more common angle that players will be in is the side of the bulletin board. Many players will hold this angle with either an operator or a rifle, and this is especially a dangerous spot to peek as an attacker if they do have that deadly sniper to safely clear this angle out with an operator of your own, you want to line yourself Up with the outlet on the right side of garage once you’re, there start moving forward until you meet the calendar and start scoping in and taking side steps until you hit the end of the maroon colored part of the board from there you’re going to look at The bottom left corner of the calendar drop down two bricks and then slide your crosshair to the left, just beyond the vertical rail once you’re in that position, fire away and blast the enemy’s head off now on the fender side, there are also effective wall banks that You can do to stop attackers in their tracks from garage. If you see or hear enemies approaching, you can utilize the bulletin board to fire right back at him, for this lineup go all the way to the back corner of b and then place your crosshair on the middle of the second piece of paper on the board Slide your crosshair down to the bottom edge and then spray. This will usually be sufficient to grab at least one cheeky kill, and then you can adjust the wall bang by sliding your crosshair to the left and right, based on how far you think the players have approached the site if the enemies are further back, then aim More towards the right, if they’re, further pushed past garage aim more towards the left. Lastly, on the b site, another common area that players may be in is directly under heaven.

This is an area that some defenders may play at, but it’s much more common. When defenders have taken over the b site and are now defending the spike to perform this wall, bang line yourself up to the end of the wall outside mail from there head straight forward and stay in the middle of the floor tile that you’re currently standing on Until you reach the end of the hall from this position, raise your crosshair just a touch above the lowest crack on the wall and shoot now for this wall. Bang a medium penetration weapon like the phantom and vandal is not going to be able to shoot through this wall, so you’re going to need a high penetration weapon like the odin and operator. Players may also play the back corner under heaven. So this is another area. That’S important to clear out the position is going to be exactly the same from what we just mentioned, but from here you’re going to crouch and look at the first square tile in front of you from there place your crosshair in the exact center of the tile. Go just a hair to the left of that once you’re in that position, spray away to grab another free kill again this wall bang will require a high penetration weapon. Alright, now that we’ve cleared up the best wall bank spots for the b site, we can move on to the insane wall bank spots that you can use for middle first up is a wall bank on the attacker side that you can use to deal damage onto A player holding middle from mail room to perform this wall bank you’re, going to line yourself up to the middle of the doorway and sewer from there you’re going to line your crosshair up using the boxes place your crosshair in the middle of the third tiny white Box and begin spraying, you will need at least a medium penetration weapon for this wall bang.

But if you have a high penetration weapon, this will work much better as the damage dealt with this wallbang can be fairly low, so make sure you spray an ample number of bullets through to ensure you get the kill or at least deal some significant damage onto The enemy’s health, thus forcing them to back away from this position. Likewise, there is also a wall bank that you can do as a defender in mailroom that you can, while bang right back at him to perform this wall bank. You want to position yourself so that you see the entire box in middle, but nothing else. This prevents you from exposing yourself to the enemy while performing this lineup from there you can see there are a bunch of square tiles on the top of this box. Simply aim your crosshair above the bottom right, tile and spray again. A medium penetration weapon is sufficient for this wall. Bang but you’ll be able to spray to the left and right of this lineup with a high penetration weapon like the odin to ensure you get the damage and kills that you want to follow that up. There is also a similar lineup. You can perform from vents to kill a player coming out of sewers for this lineup place yourself in the very back of vents and make sure that you only see half of the box that is in middle from there you’re going to see a dark horizontal line. At the bottom of this box and you’re going to want to aim in the middle of this line from there spread away to get the same position that we just showed. Another common position that attackers will play is in ramen to peak events to wallbang this player. From vents, you want to line yourself up with the bottom right corner of the third thickest sewer line once you’re, there line your crotchet up with the dark, horizontal line on the wall and then vertically line it up to the right edge of the rectangular panel.

On the wall match these two spots up and go a touch, lower and start tapping and bursting and you’ll be able to annihilate the ramen player without them. Even seeing you next we’re going to review wall bank positions for players and vents to fire back at a defender, that’s holding vents and checking ramen. You can perform this lineup position yourself in the center of the left edge of the middle drums on the wall. From there you’re going to align your crosshair height with the top edge of the papers on the side, now slide your crosshair to the right until you’re, just a hair short from the edge of the wall. Once you’re. In this position, you can fire and you’ll be able to get some surprise head shots onto the unsuspecting enemy, another common spot that defenders may use in vents. Is this back corner here as it’s not commonly checked when attackers try to hit the a site through middle? If you look at the wall right outside vent, there is a long vertical border that is darker than the rest of the wall line yourself up so that you’re directly behind this border and spray just below when the border lightens up the best part about this wall. Bang is, if you follow this crosshair placement. You can shoot at this player from nearly any position in middle. The lineup better ensures you hit the shots, but you can strafe to the left and right as well and still have success with it. And lastly, we’re going to go over the best wall bank spots that you can do on the a-site. First up is a quick wall bank that you can do to shoot defenders holding a short and you’re going to need an operator for this.

One line yourself up with the chopsticks that you can see in the display room and then back up to the wall behind you from there line your crosshair up with the cups on the side and then slide to the left until you’re. Just a touch further from the vertical gray railing once you’re in this position, fire with your operator and get a clean head shot onto the enemy player, another common spot defenders will play is a ramp for this wall. Bang. You want to line yourself up with the edge of the third stair from there. Look at the wall in front of you and you’ll see a distinct triangle that is darker than the rest of the wall line your crosshair there and then move to the right until the vertical scope line is aligned with the left edge of the small left dot. On the top of the wall, once you have, this lined up fire your operator to get a quick annihilation with players trying to rotate onto a through vents attackers can catch these players off guard with this wall that can be sprayed through to line this up. Tuck yourself into the back of the boxes behind you from there you’ll see a triangle on the wall, as well as a horizontal bar place. Your crosshair in between these two landmarks moves slightly to the left and then spray for an easy kill. This is the most common spot that a player may be in, but it can vary. So if you miss initially make sure to spray a few extra bullets to the left or right to double check the other common position, a player will end up is right at the edge of the wooden board on this wall. So the first lineup wasn’t effective. Keep the crosshair height the same and then line it up with the edge of the board and spray again more effectively. You can also use an odin and spray across this lineup to ensure that you get the damage and kills that you want from unsuspecting players when players are trying to push 2 onto a from ramps, you can stop them in their tracks with this next wall.

Bang. If you’re playing back of tower center yourself with this box and back up until you just start to see the edge of the doorway entrance line, your crosshair up with this distinct marking on the box and then slide your crosshair to the left until it is on The right edge of the doorway entrance from there fire away to get some free damage and kills, and i have found this wall bank to be very effective in halting a ramp push now onto the a-site itself. The most common area that attacker will be in is the middle of bag, a behind the digitalized board to while bang this area jump onto the trash can at heaven from there you’re going to line up your crosshair with the white rectangle on the left.

Part of the board place your crosshair on the top right edge of this triangle and then spray and hold the recoil downwards: to get a kill onto this player. It’S important to spray downwards, with this lineup to ensure you get the player if they’re standing, but also, if they’re, crouched and trying to plant the spike following that up. If you have an operator and you’re playing screens, there’s a great lineup, you can perform to take out players that are trying to push through from a short. What you want to do is line yourself up on the middle of two panels where the yellow stars are located and back up onto the wall from there scope in and you’ll see a small rectangular border on the left side line, your crosshair up with the right Edge of this rectangle and then slide down one and a half tiles once you have that done, snipe away to get some easy head shots and halt the push. Now, as an attacker, you may find yourself pinched behind the digital board against players in heaven to fight back without being spotted line yourself up with the middle of the board, which is indicated with a vertical line on the ground from there you’ll notice, a cluster of Three square and rectangular markings on the board place your crosshair in the center of these three markings and then spray to catch players holding the right side of heaven. If you’re able to get out of this position, you can do a simpler and more effective wall bang. As well line yourself up with the right edge of heaven before the wooden board and then from there, you can use the outline of the heaven doorway to line yourself up with enemies peeking from the left or right.

Once you have this position lined up, all you have to do is line your crosshair up just slightly below the dark blue rectangle in front of you and then fire for this wall. Bang i’d start off with the right side of heaven and then i’d spray. A few bullets over to the left side as well to cover my bases if you’re playing cipher and have a camera available. This will also greatly help with getting the lineups and sprays and remember if you want to improve, win more gunfights and get the rank you’ve. Always wanted, then check out link in the description below alright so which wallbang was your favorite on split. Let us know in the comment section below and while you’re down there make sure to like subscribe and hit the bell icon to get more premium guides. Just like this one, with one goal in mind, helping you become a better player. We here at skillcap, want to thank you for watching we’ll catch you in the next. I’M dr zor and good luck out there.

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