Listen guys getting better at valerian is so easy. If you just know what weapons you need to be practicing, so we went ahead and jumped right into the training ground to show you guys five of the best weapons you have to be using in valorem. If you’re looking to improve so what i would recommend is taking these five weapons and just practicing with them, you can come into the shooting range, pull up the bots and just start shooting around him, and you will instantly improve at using the weapons and, if you’re, Able to go ahead and figure out how to use these best weapons in valorant, then you’re going to be able to first of all get a lot more kills and start winning way more games in valor. That will hopefully help you rank up. So let’s go ahead and get right into this, starting with our first best weapon, and it’s actually going to be a pistol that being the ghost.

So i just want to take a minute to look at the right side of the screen. We’Re just going to kind of look at the statistics for this, so the ghost is such a great weapon because, first of all only 500 credits. It does not break the bank whenever we’re on that pistol round, because you get 800 credits to start so you’re able to get a ghost and then possibly three abilities if they each cost 100, maybe two abilities if one costs 100, the other cost 200. But the ghost is just such a great option because, let’s just take a look at our bots, we can go ahead and just tap the head twice for. If the bots have armor, because you see i have bot armor on and then, if we don’t have armor, then you could just one tap headshot on pistol rounds which a ton of people will constantly not buy armor, so on pistol rounds.

All you have to do is aim for the head and tap once and you can secure that kill and that’s why the ghost is probably my go-to weapon whenever i’m on a pistol round, because it’s great, if i have a ghost, then i know all i have To do is have good crosshair, a good crosshair placement – i just kind of come over here and we’ll pretend that this is a wall as soon as that person peaks. I tap him and he’s gone he’s not gon na be playing for the rest of that round. So that’s why i like the ghost, but just taking a look at the damage. We can see that from 0 to 30 meters, it’s 105 damage to the head, which basically means that it’s a one-tap headshot if they did not buy armor, but once we do back up, it’s gon na take two shots to hit that hit the headshot, and you Can you guys can really see just how good this uh these damages are? If you can aim like for the head, because it goes from 105 down to 30, so with this weapon, you definitely want to be aiming for that head level, which you should be already. So it’s not really a big change, but it’s insane.

The reload speed isn’t too bad either you get 15 bullets or 15 rounds in your magazine and um overall amazing weapon for piss rounds. If you guys haven’t already tried using this weapon during your pistol rounds, then you got ta. Do it? That’S my biggest advice. You guys now, let’s go ahead and talk about our next weapon and that’s gon na be a rifle. You guys can probably guess which one it is we’re, starting with a phantom and we’re gon na go ahead and preface this with uh you’re gon na be able to check the channel um out and you’re gon na be able to see uh what which weapon you’re Gon na wan na prefer so either the phantom or the vandal. We have a video on that releasing, but those are our next two best weapons, so the phantom and your vandal, your common ars you’re gon na take this thing because look at the damage 156 to the head.

That means that if the bots have armor, you don’t even have to worry about it. If you aim for the head, you will get a automatic head shot if you’re within zero and 15 meters. If we back up a bit to 15 meters to 30 meters, it’s only gon na do 140. So it’s two taps to the head. But if you’re close up the phantom is going to do really well, if we back up a bit further from 30 to 50 meters, it does go down to 124 and once again, that’s just two times or a body shot on top of that. So go ahead and just like mess around with this in the shooting range to just see which one you like best, whether that be the phantom or the vandal, i will tell you guys. One really big plus of the phantom is that you can like spray. It’S more of like a spray and pray weapon. That’S what how i would uh like describe it almost because, when you’re using the vandal, it’s kind of like you just want to tap fire, but with this one i think you spray like one or two two to three bullets. You just kind of do this repetitively and honestly just doing that in the shooting range you’re going to get used to it.

I’Ve always been a phantom player all throughout valerian’s history. I’Ve always played with the phantom. I never use the vandal. I like the phantom, because my aim isn’t as good as everyone else, because i don’t practice on that too much. I just play valor to have fun, so i’m not too serious about it, but allowing me to basically have fun and still get some kills. Is the phantom because i can literally spray – and i can like still do a decent amount of damage? I’Ve learned the recoil pattern, a good bit, so i know like when to stop shooting and everything. Overall, i love the sound to it. That’S another huge plus to me, so that’s why i put it at second now: let’s go ahead and take a look at the vandal, and one thing you’re gon na be able to see is with the damage i’m gon na slide over here. There is no distance drop off for damage drop off for the distance from 0 to 50 meters.

You will always have a one tap headshot with that being 160 damage. So i’m just going to reset this real, quick and, as you guys can see, it takes a bit more time to fire the bullets. It’S a slower fire rate, but the damage is just crazy because even if a bot has armor or even if an enemy has armor, i can just one tap headshot, no matter what so it’s kind of like i, i don’t know if you guys will like this Comparison, it’s almost like an ar mixed with like an operator, because if i can hit the head, then i know that it’s a one tap every single time, no matter what distance i’m away so like, even if i’m scoped in or ads, then i’m just far away. I can still do that and kind of hold things as if it was an operator except uh, we’ll get into that next. But that’s why i really like the vandal.

Again, we have a video up on the channel with the vandal versus the phantom, so go ahead and check that out and you’re definitely going to want to just play around this in the shooting range. I’D recommend just going like this going on the hard and then uh pressing start and uh just trying to trying to kill as many as you can and then see which score you get with each weapon. Take the higher of the two and just run it. If you don’t like how you’re performing in a game, then you might be able to switch, but that video will talk more about that. So now our last two weapons that we need to cover are the marshall and the operator, we’ll start with the marshall, because i think that this is one of the best weapons for the round right after piss round. If you win, if you lose, it does not matter.

The marshall is great because let’s go ahead and take a look at the damage, you guys can see it’s 202 damage to the head and to the body, which is probably the best part, 101 damage. That means that if the other team did not buy shields, which some people won’t buy shields on save rounds, you can go ahead and just shoot them in the body and it will kill them. So, as you guys can see right here, i’m shooting them in the body and he’s going to die, which is awesome because at the end of the day, whenever we’re going into a save, we don’t want to purchase like an operator which is 5 000 credits.

Instead. We’D rather go with the 1 100 credits of the marshall, and it basically does the same goal. You don’t have to like just aim for the head, which i mean some people might think when you’re going into like a a worse operator or like a worse op. So either one of those but um. I just really like the marshall on those save rounds, i’m able to just aim at body level and then go ahead and tap it and it’s awesome. But now that’s gon na bring us to the operator, which is the last weapon you guys should get really good at. This will single-handedly bring you from a low elo to a high elo one of the weapons that really carried me out of those low elo lobbies, because if you can get good at it, you can just hold angles on defense and then like.

I know that i keep on showing this but like if you’re just sitting here and i have to move because the bots don’t want to strafe. I didn’t turn on that setting, but if somebody peaks, then all you have to do aim body level and they peaked. Okay, let’s go ahead and just shoot him it’s as easy, as that so go ahead and try to learn these weapons. I try to make this a quick, concise guide. Let me know how you guys liked it and what is your favorite weapon in valor? That is our question of the day. So go ahead, and let me know if you guys have any any changes to the best. Five weapons in ballarat then go ahead, and let me know in the comments down below also be sure to subscribe with notifications on, because we’re trying to get to 2 000 subscribers and all of your help is appreciated just one more time. Just in case you forgot, the best weapons in valorant are the ghost the phantom, the vandal, the marshall and the operator. That’S gon na, be it for me guys today. I hope this video did help you out be sure to like subscribe notifications on and i’ll see. You all in the next one.

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