Hey everyone and welcome to skill capped. My name is dr zora and today we’re going to be going over the best professional players that you should be watching for every agent in ballarat. While there are an abundance of experienced players in the scene right now, only a select few of them have really stuck out from the rest of the pack when playing the agents that they main we’re going to identify each of these players and review some of the Tips and tricks that they use with their respective agents so that you can apply them to your own game. With that being said, let’s jump right into the video first up, we have silva and the player. That’S really stuck out to us with this agent is none other than hiko from 100 thieves silva is an agent that has a fairly simple ability kit at first glance, but when you take the time to really learn lineups for his recombile and shock bolts, along with A strong sense of game sense on when to use each of these abilities.

He becomes an entirely different agent, and that is what a hundred themes hiko has accomplished. Hiko is one of the most experienced players in the scene right now, and one of the first players that really experimented with zova’s abilities at the early stages of valorem. He has since mastered these abilities and is definitely a player to watch to learn how to play. Sova to his fullest potential to show how hiko uses sova’s abilities we’re going to show two highlight clips from 100 thieves versus tsm. This first clip is a post-plan situation on seaside haven.

Hiko ends up in a two versus one situation, with the spike planted for long now. Let’S pause here and take a look at what abilities heco has available here. First, he has a shock ball available to him, but in two versus one situation that isn’t going to be sufficient enough to stall the plant, especially against two players. However, he only needs one kill to grab silva’s ultimate hunter’s fury which, combined with shock dart, would allow him to stall and delay the plant for multiple seconds, thus giving a high chance of winning the round you can see. This is what happens in the rest of this round.

Hiko knows this and he goes for the quick pick onto one of the remaining tsm members and then gets that kill that he needs now. He still has his shotgun, which he fires initially to stall the plant, and once the spike has been tapped, he then activates his ultimate to further stall wardell and guarantee the round win. Had the sequencing of plays been different, the round could have been much higher in tsm’s favor, but with hiko’s expert use of sova and making the right play at the right time. The round swung into 100 thieves hiku is also a player who streams very frequently and will provide educational content on silva during his streams. That will definitely help you get into his head and learn the valuable game.

Sense, that’s necessary to play silva at a high level, which is why he is our player pick for this agent. Next up. Our player recommendation for jet is none other than mixwell from g2 esports jet is a duelist with a high level of mobility, allowing her to play very aggressively using these abilities to outplay and out position. The enemy within milliseconds mixwell is a player that really takes advantage of jet’s kit to play with a high level of aggression, while also having quick reaction times to slip into enemy lines. Grab that kill and then safely escape before the enemy knows.

What hit him to emphasize this in this clip? You can see mixwell going for an aggressive jump peak onto the enemy team who has taken over the sea site with this jump peak, he lands the shot onto the enemy jet and then dashes away immediately after the shot has been taken. This takes away the chances of the enemy jet firing back at mixwell, while also taking away the chance of any other enemies pushing onto spawn and trying to shoot him down, while he’s in the middle of the reload animation. This next clip really emphasizes mixwell’s ability to play aggressively with jet. He starts things off when the initial pick onto the attackers died.

Pushing the b site of ascent maxwell then goes for a second peak afterwards, which is risky to do now that the enemy knows his location, but he is confident in doing so because of jet’s dash, which will allow him to get away after the shot. Only by knowing that he has his escape plan does he go for the second peak which he is successful. Doing and now has turned the one versus three into a one versus one. Pixel then uses jet’s ultimate and updraft to get himself high into the air. Putting him in a very advantageous position to finish off the remaining player, as he knows where soba is but silva has no idea how high he needs to place his cross here to match jet’s updraft and mixwell easily snags the third kill.

If we replay this clip, you can see just how fast this play pans out and requires advanced knowledge of how to fully utilize jet’s abilities to outplay your enemies and put yourself into advantageous positions to win your fights. Mixwell is a player that has proven himself to be a high level jet player and is the reason he is our pick for this agent. Moving on, we have reina and our player of choice is without a doubt, scream from team. Liquid reyna is an agent that highly relies on having incredible aim and aggressive play style that allows her to fully utilize her abilities being able to push hard at your enemies and consistently heal back from each engagement is what makes reina a beast in the playing field. Along with that, reyna’s dismiss allows her to be incredibly slick when going for picks where she can grab a kill and then dismiss quickly away before the enemy has a chance to fire back scream.

Is our player choice for this agent, as he has the tools to play reina aggressively, as she was meant to be with his incredible aim? He is able to kill enemies in an instant and quickly identifies whether he wants to heal back up or, if danger is present, and he needs to immediately dismiss away after the first kill. The latter is a play that you’ll find most professional players doing as it allows you to get the kill that you’re, seeking or preventing you from getting picked off afterwards. Scream is able to quickly identify the situation at hand and appropriately select the right ability to press in a matter of milliseconds after his kills. You can see in this first clip where screen pushes aggressively with his lears to grab the initial kills and then quickly dismisses afterwards to get to safety.

Giving him two picks for free in the second clip scream, gets the initial pick and then utilizes dismiss to prevent himself from getting traded, but also to get intel on where remaining players are positioned. With this, he gets information, while also stalling the attack for remaining teammates. To rotate after stalling, he goes in, for the second kill, then dismisses again to stall for time and identify where the last player is at with the skillful use of abilities. He stalls the push while also giving him the information needed to make the outplay, along with this scream, also effectively uses reign’s lears to work with his team to grab frags. You can see in this save round that screams team has three players: stack the octagon and hears the enemies pushing hookah once they’re on site.

He throws out the leer and calls for his team to push out with the lea thrown nice and high. The enemies are forced to raise their crosshairs to try to take it out quickly in which scream and his team are able to peek out and kill them with inferior weapons, with scream’s aim, game sense and reaction speed. He is able to dominate on reyna and is our player of choice for this agent. Going on to sky, our player choice is going to be sub rosa from tsm, while subrosa isn’t necessarily a sky main he’s recently pioneered a new style of playing this agent. Skye is an initiator and her abilities tend to play a more supportive role, where her flashes are typically meant more to help your teammates get kills.

Rather than for herself. You have to focus on aiming guiding light, which can be difficult to do when you’re on the move. However, sub rosa is a player. That’S fully mastered how to aim guiding light while also moving his agent. This allows him to take sky’s abilities to another level where he can actually flash in for himself and then peak for kills.

You can see in these clips where sabrosa gets close to the choke point he wants to hit and then quickly guides sky’s flashes, followed by an immediate peak to push enemies back while he goes in for the kills. Along with this sub. Rosa has also demonstrated how to adapt his flashes to surprise enemies. He starts flashing under tube here, but once that has been exploited, he adapts and fires a following flash above tube, which catches the enemy team off guard and allows him to sweep down the middle players. This ability to guide sky’s flashes quickly on the move and adapt the positioning of these flashes is what differentiates a great sky player from an okay sky player and sub rosa has demonstrated that in his recent gameplay and his tents are picked for this agent.

Next, we have cipher, and our player of choice is pyth from g2 esports playing sentinels such as cypher requires good knowledge of optimal setups, while also knowing how to appropriately adjust those setups based on what the opponents are tending to do. To give an example, a setup that pyth has been utilizing on the scent attack side when going to a site is placing a tripwire to watch the flank, while also placing a camera at b links that allows us to scout out middle and cat. This setup allows this team to push through a site their backs are covered and if the site is successfully taken, the camera is also there to watch for rotation through middle, giving a better idea of how defenders may be planning to play retake when reviewing py’s gameplay You’Ll notice that his setup is consistently changing during rounds based on where and how his team plans to attack and defend, making him very unpredictable and hard to read for enemy teams. Many players tend to use the same setup every round, regardless of the plan. However, pyth is always switching things up and being unreadable, which is the reason he’s our pro player pick for this agent.

Our next agent is going to be brimstone and the player to watch is zombs from sentinels. Brimstone is an agent with a fairly straightforward ability kit. That’S meant to smoke off and stall choke points, but the timing and speed that you’re able to utilize his abilities is what really allows him to shine and zombs is able to do just that. To give you an example, we have zombs trying to retake the b site from the attackers. He starts off using his ultimate to force attackers into less comfortable positions and then follows it up with a stim beacon to support his team and give them better odds of winning the duels from there.

He throws down two smokes to block off hookah and octagon impressively in rapid succession, which is harder to do than meets the eye. Another example of choosing and utilizing the right abilities quickly. Zomb starts out this round about to smoke heaven, but noticing that his team has already cleared it. He decides to use his ultimate onto u-haul instead to force those players out of position, while the rest of his team goes in for the push rather than deciding to set up smokes at this point, zomb decides to push in and support his team. As again, his team was already on the site, and this was a better option to ensure that the gunfights were won this in the moment’s decision making and using the appropriate abilities at the right time is.

Why is our player to watch for when playing brimstone? We now have our second sentinel killjoy, and our player pick is none other than steal. From 100 thieves steals a player with an incredibly high level of game sense, thus why he is the in-game leader for his team with killjoy. He has a good understanding of optimal setups for attack and defense. He really shines with his agent due to his high game knowledge that allows him to accurately predict enemy, plays and positions.

With this information he’s able to place and use killjoy’s utility in the right spots. At the right rounds and moments now, while most killjoy players have good setups on defense, steel sets the bar even higher, by being able to actually save some of the utility for potential retake scenarios in this clip here he’s retaking the a site on haven and utilizes. His ultimate in the corner that covers the majority of the site, the main thought with this ultimate is that it does leave the back corner of long open for attackers to cam out at. But knowing this steel has learned a lineup that lands in this area which has entirely cleared out the a site, the attackers now have nowhere to go, and it’s an easy retake for the defenders. Dale has multiple other killjoy setups that he uses in his games and knowing when to use each one through predicting the enemy’s next move is why we really recommend watching him to really optimize your killjoy play.

Breech is an agent that has gained more popularity since his rework and the player we recommend watching is shadow from fun, plus phoenix breech’s abilities are pretty straightforward, but again using him. Well, is all about timing and positioning to ensure that enemies get hit by them and shadow. Does this to near perfection to make sure the abilities will be effective to grab kills shadow wastes for information on enemy positions? Once that information has been gathered, he then throws a flash to blind the enemy and gets an easy kill. Knowing that players are now nearing a short, he then shoots an aftershock onto the a cubby forcing another player out and getting the second elimination.

Another combination that shadow will use to force players out of position is fault line, followed by a flash, knowing that the corner of merrim is a common position to play and that there is no escape route without being exposed. Shadow throws a fault line onto that area. First and follows up with a flash completely taking away artists, movement and vision, leaving him up to be an easy kill for shadow to pick up. These are just a few examples of how shadow effectively combines breeches abilities together and times them for the right moments, and hence he is our player of choice. Moving right, along with our second controller, we have omin and we’re going with nitro from 100 thieves, but omen’s ability kit allows him to go for aggressive plays most of the time.

He is much more effective on a more defensive and supportive role and nitro is really able to emphasize this with his playstyle. To give an example of this, nitro starts off this round with a deep smoke and to be long pretty standard smoke to throw. But what nitro does differently is his positioning for paranoia? He could have gone into octagon and throw the blind over there. However, this leaves more of a gap for attackers to slip through.

Instead, he sets up his paranoia from elbow, so he can shoot it down be long in a straight line which is guaranteed to hit everybody. He waits for the call from his teammates and then, when the call is made he throws it and his two teammates can then swing to grab the easy frags. While the enemy team is blinded. This small detail and change in approach allowed for a strong, coordinated play that easily got down the pistol round. Nitro is a selfless player that utilizes omen more for team play rather than individual play, and by doing so he sets his team up in much better positions to win rounds, which is why he is our player to watch for when trying to learn this agent going Into the deadly race we are recommending to watch the zip pan from front plus phoenix for this agent reyes has an incredibly powerful ability kit that, when put in the right hands, can deal deadly damage to enemy teams.

Similarly, to some of the other agents, we’ve discussed so far, being able to quickly decide on the right ability used in the moment is what really allows rays to shine. Ray’S abilities are meant to do chip damage, but zip pan takes it a step further and supplements that with area of denial, zippan starts off the defense by immediately popping rey’s ultimate onto the middle of the site, to deny an early plan. While this unfortunately misses it was still a good move, as he knew a player was near that area afterwards. He throws out two satchels and pay attention to the position of both zip and throws the first satchel onto the middle of the site, but then throws the second satchel towards the right. This ensures that one of the satchels is likely to hit, but also if an enemy was hit by the first satchel they’d likely move to the position where he threw the second satchel and take further damage.

Zipan then, pushes out slightly to grab another kill and with his grenade recharge and knowing that someone is still on the site. He throws it out and forces the remaining player to go out of position in which meadow is able to clean up that kill. Smart use of razor’s abilities to not only do damaged enemies, but also to force them into bad positions, is what zipan, particularly specializes in, and why we recommend watching him. Phoenix is our next agent and we recommend watching drone from tsm feeding in an aggressive duelist and really knowing how to deny vision with blades and hot hands. Along with perfect timing from his flashes as well allows for incredible plays with his agent and drone.

Does exactly that in particular drone does an excellent job of using phoenix’s flashes at the right time to surprise enemies. For example, a great play he tends to do is to flash out through a phoenix wall to catch enemies off guard and allow him to grab multiple frags with his speedy aim. Taking this to another level, drone also has learned lineups with phoenix’s molotov and uses it to deny enemy escape routes. In this example, he throws hot hands onto the back of the halls, to block out the enemy’s escape and from there he pushes aggressively and breech’s flash forces, the player to fall back in which strong is able to take out the reina. While she also takes damage from the molly drone demonstrates incredible efficiency with phoenix’s abilities, which is why we recommend watching him, play this agent going into our favorite support sage.

Our player of choice for this agent is none other than sick from sentinels, while sage’s primary role is to assist her allies and provide a strong defense, she’s capable of doing much more and sikh has shown us just how aggressively you can play this agent in this First, clip sek is in a 2 vs 4 situation, and he knows that he needs to find an initial pick to open up the site. He finds his pick at ropes and immediately throws two slow orbs, one that ropes itself and another at the fender’s spawn. This helps to delay rotations and allows zik to reposition himself to a new unknown location, while also giving his teammate time to plan to spike. Sikh then makes his way over the screens and pushes aggressively into spawn surprising two rotating players that were focused on heaven, where sikh was originally at in this second clip syk makes a strong aggressive play with the combination of sage’s barrier orb and slow orb. The attackers try to go for a quick push onto the a sight and, where sick puts up a barrier orb to slow them down, he realizes that the enemy is deciding to push through the barrier where he then throws a slow orb.

The timing of the slow orb is incredibly important. Had he thrown this immediately after the barrier orb, the enemies would have likely stayed back and held their push, but by throwing the orb mid attack, the attackers are now stuck in the orb and stick is able to. Then advance and challenge the attackers for easy kills now that their mobility has been greatly impaired. It’S these types of well-timed abilities and additional aggression that puts sick above the rest of the pack and is the reason he is our player of choice for this agent. We will now move on to viper, and while there aren’t many pros currently using this agent, one player has been consistently using it in competitive play, and that is poached from and box.

Viper is a controller who primarily focuses on blocking off enemy vision and slowing down. Pushes her abilities can be set ahead of time and used intermittently at the cost of fuel, with limited fuel to work off of the timing of when to use these abilities are crucial, along with having the right setup and poach has demonstrated both of these qualities. Hyper. Really allows for high aggressive gameplay, which poach successfully exploits here. Poach sets up toxic screen across the b site to distort vision for players in heaven, and then he triggers toxic screen, along with the smoke and b garage to start off to play his teammates then surprise.

The enemy team, by pushing through the smoke which overwhelms the defending jet poach, then does a surprise push through toxic screens to overwhelm the other player on b. He then secures the round by using viper’s ultimate to allow himself to safely plant the spike, deny enemy, vision to spawn and allow for a strong, post-plant setup. These powerful setups that poach is able to pull off with viper is the reason that he is our player. Pick for this agent. Lastly, we have the new agent in development, roster guru and the players who really shown what this agent is made of is ethos from soar.

Ethos is primarily a content creator, but does compete in tournaments and has demonstrated how powerful yoru can be when in the right hands. He has quickly learned how to fully utilize story’s abilities to play aggressively and perform outplays. The most unique aspect of euro is gate crash that allows for incredible. Outplay potential in this clip ethos sets up a very early teleport that sneaks his way into attacker’s, spawn without enemies knowing so once he gets a call that players are around b long. He uses it and the attackers are far enough away that they don’t hear the teleport.

So once the rotation comes by, ethos is able to easily flank them and grab. Three quick kills one of the ways you can effectively mask the gate. Crashes, teleport is by using yarou’s flashes at the same time that you trigger the tp ethos is one of the first to utilize. This mechanic, where he sets up gate crash while the enemies are distracted, pushing onto the site and then throws the flash while teleporting right when it pops to get behind enemy lines to take out players from the back ethos, is one of the players. Who’S really pioneered.

Gyro’S playstyle early on in this ages release and with his strong creativity for outplays with his agent. He is our player pick alright, so which pro are you currently watching? Let us know in the comment section below and while you’re down there make sure to like subscribe and hit the bell icon to get more premium guides. Just like this one, with one goal in mind, helping you become a better player. We here at skillcap want to thank you for watching we’ll catch you in the next.

I’M dr zora and good luck out there.

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