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Hello, everyone and welcome to skill capped, i’m notorious dub and today i’m going to be going over one of the most important topics in all of valor team composition, because having the correct utility at your disposal is vital to your success on each map. So today, i’ll be going over the basics of team comp and then diving into each map individually and going over what you need to be successful on the map and who the best and worst agents are to help. You succeed before we get into that, though, make sure you hit that subscribe button with bells on, because staying up to date with our comprehensive premium guides, is one of the best ways to up your game and get to the top of that leaderboard.

Alright, first things. First, one of the most important things to understand when it comes to team composition and valorem is that there are certain things you need to be successful, no matter what map you’re on and utilizing. These basic theories will stop you from having those games where you feel, like your team. Just gets steamrolled everywhere that they go and those necessities are area, control, vision, denial and an entry opportunity. Now the area control usually comes in the form of cipher and sage, with the cipher locking down one site as hard as he possibly can allowing his teammates to not have to worry about that area and focus on controlling the rest of the map and on offense Trip wiring is spy, camping, the flanks, so your team can push without being afraid of those flankers, and then the sage uses her utility to deny pushes stall out the enemy, team and abuse the funnels enemies have to push into allowing her team to rotate and catch. The pushing enemies off guard.

This is why cypher and sage are necessary in almost every team comp, because they are the best area controllers in the game, with the one exception being tsm’s, not picking sage in certain niche scenarios, which i’ll also be going over in this video and the third. Most common standard agent that you’re going to see come up in this guide over and over is brimstone because vision, denial is so important because, without being able to smoke off important angles, the wrath of the operator will dominate the entire game and you’ll have to push Into their angle, every time you want to go somewhere, but there is variety to the vision, denying agent picks and sometimes you’re going to want to swap up what agents are utilizing here for different opportunities.

Finally, we have the entry opportunity with characters like breach, phoenix arena and occasionally omen being the person that’s running in and causing disruption, allowing the team to take control of an area and force the enemies back and without this person, attacker saw becomes very difficult and you May be realizing at this point, that agents like silva and reyes don’t really fit into any of these categories, which is very true and they’re usually picked as a fifth man they’re, not necessarily vital to the standard way that the team is going to play. But the unique utility that they bring to the table can make the game so much easier on the right maps and then a couple of agents that we really won’t see. Very often this guide is the reyna and the viper, because so far most teams and most pros just don’t see them as viable.

Because, although reyna is a good entry, fragger phoenix and breach just really do it better and, aside from a few niche scenarios that they find use out of these two agents, they’re not really going to be picked very much because people just don’t think they’re viable. So far, so let’s get started breaking this down map by map. Now the one agent we see work their way into pretty much. Every pro lineup on a set is silva. Ascend is a relatively wide map. Making information critical for rotations and side takes, but silver provides. So much more utility than just the rotation information so mid on ascent is easily the most important area to control and with both teams, throwing their smokes out at the beginning of the round and pushing for that mid control. Getting tagged by a recon dart caused the other team to just full spray and shoot through whatever smoke.

That’S blocking their vision, silva’s recon, dart and drone are also great to use on b-side as well, because of that easy wall penetration kills that you can get on a team trying to push through be made and with a good sova on the other team aggressively pushing Mid or b main is just way too scary and causes too many problems for your team, which makes silva the best fifth man and pretty much all rosters that we’re seeing and the next best agent that we have on the scene is actually omen. So a lot of teams actually swap out their brimstone for omen, because the scent just has so many vertical angles and blind spots that omen can just abuse with his teleport omen also provides crucial smokes that the team needs for mid control on the set, and this Paranoia is so wide that it’s great for pushing down past mid or taking care of market whenever you’re pushing through b mate and then another great use for omen on ascent is to be the second smoke agent for the map, because the center is actually heavily defender-sided.

If the defenders know how to use their operators and smokes are actually the best counter to operators and running two agents with smokes like brimstone and omen, gives you plenty of opportunity to smoke off everything that you need to cause problems for the enemy offers all game. Finally, have breach while phoenix is a great pick on ascent because of the winding funnels that enemies have to push into it, gives him great opportunity for his curveball and breach is slightly falling out of the meta in the competitive scene. Honestly, breach is just far superior for taking back that mid control. This flash and his fault line just has so much value out of the funnels on b main and amy that, if the enemies decide to push, he just gets too much value out of it and with all this being said, though, so what are the best?

Comps total that we’re seeing for ascent well, it seems, like everyone agrees that cypher is a must-have and from there sage, brimstone omen and silva in theory looks like the best overall comp. It’S also a very balanced team comp, giving them a great defending capability, as well as the ability to take back mid control and force offers back on attack and a variation of that the tsm brought to the table was actually subbing their sage out for the phoenix. Now this map is defender, sided and they sacrifice a good bit of their defending ability to instead give them more pressure on that attacker side to press sights and flash enemies out of position, so they can actually force that area and then finally, we see teams trying To work in the breach with only one smoke agent because breach helps, take mid control anyway and force the operators back so with a comp like omen, cipher sage, breach and sofa.

You could actually force those enemy operas back into really unfavorable positions for them, and then i do think i have to mention jet here, because she is known as the operator character, and you would think that you want jet as the character that’s holding the op. For you on ascent, but honestly, there’s just too much utility that your team needs and picking jet just kind of takes away some of that utility. So we often see the silva or the sage player end up picking up the op because they want to either play rights out of mid or you know, mid or cat with the sage. Alright. So next up, we need to talk about split, so split. Is that one map, i think most people complain about because they’re just not sure what’s going wrong and in some games you just can’t seem to consistently make it work, whether you’re on attacker’s side or to finish up with that being said, though, once again sage is Vital to the team comp and while tsm ran split without a cipher. Most teams are still thinking.

Cypher is a must-have for that b sight and for cutting off the flanks on attack. So on split we start to see oman actually become the go-to smoker. Instead of brimstone so omen has so many unique teleport locations to flank the enemies like into heaven from both bomb sites. His long range smokes, and then he also has his alt to fake bombsite takes and flanks to do wonders for this map, and then juarez brimstone’s ult is very effective. Omen just seems to find more use in other ways and actually provide more benefit to the team, and then we also see breach have a higher pick rate on split, because his old covers the entirety of heaven on both a and b bomb sites. Making the most popular strats mid to a or mid to b, just way more effective, with a breach on your team and then overall, he just seems to outclass phoenix from most compositions on split, and this is also the one map where we see silva have a Very low pick rate because his recon dart just can’t seem to get as much effectiveness as on most maps and then razer jet just seemed too important to have that sova on your team. So jet is a very common pick for split.

She has the ability to flank up into heaven and take control of that power area, as well as the ability to get a pick mid with an operator and dash back into safety. But if jet isn’t an operator player, then raise is likely going to be a more important pick for you, because the ability to nade out heaven clear areas of mid break sage wall and all with your satchels out of heaven to stop a push is just far Too effective of strategies to actually give it up and with all this being said, though, the most common setups that we’re seeing are double smoke. Comps, like uh sage, omen brimstone, phoenix and cipher tsm’s variation of this swap decipher for the jet, because having that massive amount of smoke actually still provides decent sight control, so you could technically get away with not running the cipher and then another variation would be like A single smoke comp getting rid of the brimstone keeping the omen and instead opting for a breach. That way you have more mid control. You still have the sight control because of the cipher.

It just allows you to be a little safer running up into those mid to a and mid to b areas. Alright, so next up, we have haven haven is one of those maps where cipher and sage are honestly just non-negotiable. The map is far too big and has accessible entry points to all of the bomb sites. So without the top tier area, deniers defender side just gets far too difficult and attacker stat actually struggles to prevent retakes without these people as well. So i don’t think we’ll be seeing pro teams going without the sage or the cypher on haven for a good while now after we have both of those, we also need someone to take control of garage. Now garage is one of those areas that gives defenders and attackers headaches throughout the entire game, because it’s difficult to defend for the defenders and provides great flank opportunities for the defenders to play aggressive on the attackers.

And this is when we start to see. Agents like reach and phoenix come in so far it seemed like a bit of a toss-up, but phoenix is slowly taking the edge because his ability to flash his way out of smokes and his run it back allows him to make some of the long unprotected walks To a site, as the leader for his team and essentially escort them safely through the otherwise dangerous and long route to site, whereas reaches old, covers the entirety of garage and basically gives him a free sight. Phoenix can more consistently and reliably do more throughout. All of the rounds aside from reach on that one round, but then we have to look at the smoke agents for haven. I think everyone would agree that brimstone takes the cake on haven by far now, although omen can tp to very important areas and old for information safely.

Brimstone’S ultimate alone provides too much utility, because the important areas to hold are often too difficult to escape. A brimstone old from now combine that with simple lineups to deny defenders from defusing the bomb and brimstone easily wins so many rounds that you should really have. No business winning so far, the most common comps consist of cipher sage, brimstone, phoenix or breach, and when we’re talking about the fifth man on the team, we have the choice here between jet reyes and sova. So jet is often the pig because her operator is very strong on haven. This allows her to swap up bomb sites, operate from unusual areas and keep the enemies guessing because, with a cipher on one bomb site, sage slowing the push on another bomb site and jet rotating locations with an operator, the enemy doesn’t really have very many good opportunities To attack and then, as always with sova haven, is a very open and very big map. Making information invaluable so with a good silva and decent coordination haven on defense becomes so much easier. And then, after that, we have reyes, because many of the power angles are just far too predictable and raises grenade rocket and satchels are just too good at preventing enemies. From taking spots like heaven and sitting in a garage window waiting for an opportunity to peek, so adding one of these three to the four men team that we already have provides a really good and balanced comp to take over haven.

Take that mid control and actually be able to push sights and defense sites as a defender and then finally, we have bind so once again. The sage and cipher seem a little bit too important, because b-side is far too difficult to retake once the enemies take it. But this time it seems like rey’s is honestly just a must-have, so raisin sage, both playing b-site, gives that synergy that scares teams out of playing hookah entirely because, if they’re ever spotted in hookah a simple sage slow into a raised grenade almost guarantees. At least one kill and then from there we have sova, so sofa has been getting a huge amount of play because bind is similar to haven with how open the map is as well as it being such a big map. That requires information to make quick, effective, rotations and sight takes. Then, after that we have brimstone. That is another agent that is very high on the tier list for buying, because most of the time, it requires three smokes to get everything important taken care of when pushing on to either one of the bomb sites and then his ultimate being used in hookah, heaven Or u-haul almost guarantees a kill if an enemy is playing there. Brimstone also gets much more play because most great teams don’t seem to like playing omen on bind, because his teleport plays are a little bit too predictable and his paranoia doesn’t get a ton of value whenever you’re taking bomb sites.

It’S mostly used just for hookah takes so overall for buying. We have a pretty standard setup for agents with sage, cipher, brimstone, silva and reyes, but we do see some variation from time to time, with picks like viper instead of silva. Although it’s a niche pick, viper is actually able to help out b site with their wall through hookah and throw a one way on a site simultaneously, helping lock down both sides on defender’s side making. The map feel very one-sided on defense. Another sub in for the raise or the sova is breach, because on this defender, sided map, it seems like breach, can actually open up opportunities with his very effective flashes. His fall line actually covers most of hookah or the entrance of u-haul, and an ultimate that essentially gives this team cipher free, so breach actually gets a lot of value on attacker’s side and can make this seemingly one-sided map have a great opportunity to actually take some Rounds on attacker’s side, ultimately, though, one of the most important things to remember is that, regardless of your team composition, you have to synergize with your team, because even if you manage to pick four duelists and have no smokes, having a plan is the most important. But drafting the right agents actually make that plan much more effective and easier to develop.

So i hope this helps when figuring out who you should be picking to help out your team and if so, let me know in the comments down below and be sure to hit that subscribe button with bells on, because here at skillcap we have a ton more Comprehensive premium guides that you’re going to want to stay up to date on to keep you ahead of the pack, and, as always, we here at skillcap want to thank you for watching and spending this little bit of your day with us have a great day. I’M notorious dub signing off

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