Hey everyone and welcome, and today’s guide you’ll be learning how to properly position yourself and utilize an angle advantage to win every single gunfight in town. It will be covering tips. You can use that will absolutely outsmart the enemy team physicians. That will grant you an easy engagement that you’re guaranteed to win and you’ll learn the best positions you can use to get more kills and carry your team to victory with. That being said, let’s jump right into it. First, off before we even start talking about positioning, we need to talk about angle advantage. One of the right employees tuxedo, has posted a fantastic image on Twitter. That represents this concept.

What angle advantage essentially means is, you can actually see player models earlier or later, based on how close you are to the angle you’re about to peak you can see in the left side of the image here that the blue player is closer to the wall, while Peeking and the red player is further away from the wall, because the red player is further away. They can actually see more than the blue player and, as a result, they will be able to react quicker and shoot the blue player down. Likewise, in the right side of the image, you can see that the blue player is tucked in the corner of the wall and the red player is tucked in the opposite wall. Since the red player is further away from the angle where blue is they’ll, be able to spot the player first and again, react quicker and have a better chance of getting the kill. Angle advantage is something that is prevalent all across the maps.

For example, let’s say you’re playing on the attacker side and you’re pushing into V site on a sent from garage. Often the player will hide in the cubby to the right of the site, and this is an area that’s often under looked and can catch your team off-guard as they try to push left onto the site without checking. If a player is there. Now you want to check this position, but you want to check it properly using angle advantage instead of peeking this angle, close up, you want to move far away from it, giving yourself the largest angle advantage possible. This will allow you to see a bit more of the enemy model and you’ll be able to see the enemies a touch earlier than when they can see you and if we slow things down and look at the cubby players point of view. You can see that I can barely see Phoenix’s head. He actually can fully see mine and can land an easy headshot on to me before I can even see their head and shoot at it. So this is what angle advantages the closer you are to a wall or corner the less you’ll be able to see and the further away you are. The more you’ll be able to see it’s important to think about angle advantage as we go through the different positions that you can play.

You can see in this clip from radiant player a sue where he stays just an inch or two away from the corner to his right to ensure his vision isn’t blocked and he can see the enemies as early as impossible from there. He actually then backs into the wall as he prepares to go for a peek into sewers, but then he’s interrupted by cyphers camera. To give another example, you can see a sue again sticking to the wall behind him at heaven to ensure he can increase his vision and take advantage of an angle advantage to get the best chance of grabbing a kill and mid on a male. After doing this for a while, he decides to get aggressive and pushes male after smoking it off. During this push, he continues to stay as far back against the wall as possible to ensure he maximizes his view, and he ends up grabbing a kill on to the enemy Seifer. Now that we know what angle advantage is, I want to provide the golden rule that you can use to determine if a position is good or bad first off, regardless of where you’re playing make sure you’re in a position where you can get a good peek onto The enemy, but where you can also have an easy way of running away from you, don’t want to be in a position where you’re wide open and have no escape route from an example. This is being wide out in front of a long on a scent.

An enemy can easily peek you and you either win the angel or you don’t, and you have no walls or objects to cover yourself. The golden rule for a good position is: it needs to have a small angle that you’re peeking and need to have objects and walls that will allow you to run away after shooting down and this way regardless. If you win the fight or you shoot and miss, you have an escape route. You can see in this new position, I’m holding a long with my rifle. I can see the enemy and get an initial engagement, but if a kill doesn’t occur right away, I can retreat to this box from here. I can move to another position or stay here and peek again, to give a more advanced example of this rule.

We can go back to our earlier clip with a su where he uses angle advantage to peek into market and sewers. This angle, actually works out really well with his smoke, as the smoke gives him an escape route where he can get a quick kill and then safely back off and find a new position to play. Keep this Golden Rule in mind as well as angle advantage and you’ll find yourself winning way more gunfights. But that being said, we’re going to move on to the standard positions to be playing on attack and defense, we’ll start from the basics and then we’ll go into advanced positions. That would really take it to another level, starting up on defense. You’Ll notice that for every map in valiant base, I tend to have bigger choke points and areas that can be attacked from vs. The B site, which tend to have choke points, are a lot tighter because of this.

There are less points to focus on in B and more areas to watch for on eight, so you should position your team as such for most Maps. You should have two to three players on a one or two at mid and one to two FB make sure that each player is positioned in a way so that each choke point is covered for, and there is no way for the attackers to flank you. For example, on a scent, you want one player position to cover a long and one player covering Kat and from there you want one player to watch mid and two players position on different areas, on B, such as spawn and closest site, to ensure that you have A cross fire they’ll prevent the attackers from hitting it with each position, though, remember to consider angle advantage: try not to be too close to a wall or corner, as this will decrease your vision and make you an easier target to face. Moving on to the attacker side, when you’re, just starting off around you, want to spread out and position your team around each choke point to ensure that each choke point is covered and that there isn’t a possibility for your team to get flanked.

This is called plain default and is very helpful for maintaining control of the map once you’ve secured control of these positions. You want to group up and take the information you’ve gathered to pick a site and attack it. There are usually multiple paths that you can come from to attack a site, for example on ascent. You can push on to a from long and cat and therefore you should position two to three players, each on those two spots before you decide to go for a push. Make sure that you do this. Many beginner players will only position themselves in one spot and push from only that one spot and, as a result, a simple slower wall from the enemy can completely block off the attack and leave you in a very tight situation. So now that we’ve gone through the basics, let’s go over more advanced tips for positioning. The first tip is to make sure to adapt your positioning based off of enemy habits, no matter how hard a player tries, they have habits that they unconsciously will do until it doesn’t work.

For example, let’s say you’re defending closer to choke points on a site on a scent and the enemy team has constantly been rushing you and taking you out and as a result, you have lost a firm, multiple rounds in a row GG right, not quite if the Close-Range positions were not working and enemies have started to identify where you’ve been playing. You can adapt by playing a newer, more unexpected position that can potentially throw them off if you’ve been playing close, all game and maybe time to back things up and play closer to cat inside site or up at Haven on a scent. The advantage of these longer-range positions is that you’ll be able to still hear the enemies pushing you, but you’ll be further away, where you can throw your abilities to slow them down or grab a quick peek and then have somewhere to back away.

The main point here is: if you’re trying a position and it hasn’t been working, the enemy team has been constantly pushing you there. You want to switch things up, start playing closer to start playing further back, keep the enemies guessing so that they can’t easily pick your position each round. One more tip you can add on in this situation is stacking, a site if the normal set up isn’t working. If the team is hard, rushing beat every round, then it’d be worthwhile to bring another player over there at the start of each round to have that extra body and backup to prevent the rush, this player can help, add firepower and create crossfire setups they’ll give you A good chance of stopping the push once the rush is over. You can then go back into the standard positions that we mentioned earlier, following up with our previous tip, you want to switch positions every three to four rounds.

This is especially true if you’ve been playing a position for a while, and the enemy has seen you in that position previously, even if this position has been working for you, the enemy team may start to catch on, to where you’re playing and will know where they Need to position themselves in the next round and use their abilities to overwhelm and kill you to put this into perspective. Let’S say: you’ve been playing mid on a set and have been positioning yourself to peek at every round. The enemy is smart and adapts to your position.

They’Ll know to flash you prior to peeking and you’d be dead, so you can play this initial position for one to two rounds. If it’s working then from there, you can adjust your position just a touch by playing slightly back into market the rounds. After remember again, in each position, we want to consider angle advantage so stay a little bit further back from the wall in front of you to ensure that you see as much as possible. This simple switch can be all it takes to throw the enemies off guard and make them peek a little more ambitiously and result in another easy pick for you, so the general rule. If the position is working really well, you’re killing everyone with it barely taking any damage, then keep doing it, but at the enemy has figured you out and is well prepared to challenge that position and they’re taking you out or done significant damage to your health. You want to reposition to a new location.

If you watch professional players, you will see that they switch their positions quite often, sometimes even on every round to make sure their location is never No. You can see tens from cloud9 doing this while playing on B sight on vine. It’S one four and he starts off. Opping it’d be long for the first time and it’s able to jiggle peek and grab a kill onto the arena and then followed by an astronomical flick onto the enemy sage. This is a pretty common position for opera’s to play and can make for some initial easy picks on two enemies. But if you repeatedly play this position, the enemy will eventually find ways to counter you so after playing Bilan for a couple of rounds. It’S now, four six and tens begins to switch things up by positioning himself over at be short. Now he pushes pretty aggressively here, and this surprises the enemy cipher. The cypher ends up in a really bad position due to this change in up location and puts himself in a spot with nowhere to escape from he.

Never lately tries to back away, but tends already has him locked down and grabs an easy kill. As you can see, a simple change in position here was all it took to outplay the enemy. Now that we’ve got the basic positions down and an idea of when you should change up your position. Let’S talk about off angles on each map. There are standard common positions that you can play. Let’S go over this on b-site Haven, first, the common positions that players will defend from it’s the left and right sides of door or a or C connector. These are positions that attackers well likely suspected to be in and because of this, they will usually pre aim and check these positions with their crosshair. If they perform this correctly and know that you can play in one of those positions. You’Ll end up in a dis advantageous tool because the enemy knows where you are, but you don’t know exactly when the enemy will peek in terms of timing, there’ll be less capable of reacting to their peak and you’ll likely lose the fight.

So once these standard positions start to no longer work, you want to begin implementing off angles and off angle is similar to those standard positions but you’re moving slightly to the side of those spots that you’re originally going to play in this change can catch enemies, off-guard And force them to have to adjust their crosshair from those standard positions they’re used to peeking and that adjustment gives you extra time to kill them. A simple example of this is, let’s say: you’ve been playing C connector every round and the enemy has been pre. Aiming you there and killing you. What you can do is still play around C connector, but play slightly further back towards the site or play closer into doors. These are positions that the enemies are less likely to pre aim and, as a result, you’ll be able to surprise them and kill them as you’re trying to adjust their aim onto you.

All angles aren’t just for the fender side, though you can also use these angles on the attacker side to punish the defender that has been consistently pushing too hard past the site, or if you planted the spike on a site, you can use them to catch as A Fender off guard as they’re trying to play retail. To give you another example, we have tens again playing an often go on a long. He pushes towards the left wall and hugs it with the OP. This is an angle that most players won’t be expecting and you can see that the enemy Silva was not aware of this play at all and he gets annihilated from here. He tries to get really fancy with his positioning using us all and pushing aggressively in personally.

I think this was a bit much and a little unnecessary and he could have just used jets to backup to the site. But since his tens were talking about here, he ends up still grabbing another operator kill before going down, but again that initial kill on the solo was possible due to the off angles that – and it’s played that’s all we have for this video. So what site do you usually play in about it? Let us know in the comment section below and while you’re down there make sure to LIKE subscribe and hit the bell icon to get more premium guides. Just like this one, with one goal in mind, helping you become a better player. We here at skill, count want to thank you for watching we’ll catch you in the next video and good luck out there.

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