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The COMPLETE PRO BREACH GUIDE – Valorant Tips, Tricks & Guides


Hey everyone, it’s dr zora here and welcome to skill cap’s guide to playing breach and valorem. We have looked at some of the top pros, currently playing breach to provide you with the best breech guide that you won’t find anywhere else by the end of this guide. You’Ll have learned tips and tricks on breech’s abilities, the best positions to use each ability, tactics to open up or retake sites for your team and so much more. All this information will be backed up by demonstrations to ensure you understand each tip and trick provided, but before we get into that, we’re excited to announce our brand new hyper, improved platform specifically designed to help you improve fast at skillcap.com, you’ll.

Finally, learn how to level up your aim: different techniques to win gunfights and so much more. We have professional courses on every single agent map and mechanic in valorem. This is backed up by the top pros players and coaches to make sure you are getting the most up-to-date and accurate information possible. In fact, we’re so confident that you’ll improve using our system that we offer a rank improvement, guarantee check it out yourself in the link below simply put in what rank you’re currently at and find out what rank you’re guaranteed by using our system. So what are you waiting for unlock your true potential and get the rank? You’Ve always wanted at skillcat.com link in the description below alright enough for the hype. Let’S jump right into the video first off, we need to talk about breaches, role on the team, which greatly impacts.

The way you want to play this agent breach is an initiator meaning. His job is to get information for his team and then utilize his abilities to assist his team in pushing through a site. All his abilities are incredibly helpful to accomplish this as you’ll notice. Throughout this, video breech’s abilities are also fantastic for defending a site installing an attacker push as well. So keep these two aspects in mind whenever you’re trying to play breach first up is breaches ability, fault line. This is a move that you can activate stunning players that are in front of its zone. You can charge this ability by holding left click to increase the zone and distance that fault line will cover. When stunned players will have decreased movement, speed, their firing rate will be slowed and their vision will be obscured when using fault line. Though, there’s a bit of delay once the ability has been used for it to actually activate, and there is an animation on the ground for other players to identify where it’s going to trigger this heads up prior to activating can allow players to dodge the ability.

So stunning players with this ability can be hard, but can be done if you position it in common spots that enemies may be at and if they are there, this will give them less time to react and then fault line has the potential to hit them. Because of this delay, though, there are many scenarios where fault line is used more to force players to move rather than actually stunning enemies and then pushing them for kills. The main purpose of this ability on the attacker side is to cover a chokepoint that you’re about to push through, for example, when you’re trying to push a short, your team may throw smokes to cover the right side of the map from there you’re going to need To check u-haul, so this situation would be a great time to utilize fault line, to get a potential stun on anyone playing there or to push a player out of that position. This then allows your team to push onto a for free and set up the plant.

This ability is also best used with backup from your teammate in order to cover the most area with breach, you need a charge up which can expose you to enemies. If you push too far, this is especially true, as there is also a delay before you can take out your weapon and shoot after using this ability. So if you’re, too close by someone, may immediately push you once they see the ability come out and grab an easy frag onto you. Therefore, it’s safest to be further back to set up the fault line and then have your teammates go in with the ability. Do note that faultline will stun any players in front of its own? This includes your teammates so make sure that your friendlies are not nearby or that you call out when you’re going to use fault line.

So they know to get out of the way to give you a couple ideas of where faultline would be useful if you’re playing heaven on split as a defender and hear enemies pushing through mail, you can use your fault line to get a large area of mail And mid to stun them or force them to take a couple of seconds to back up prior to the push, if you or your teammates hear enemies coming through b garage, you can charge up your fault line to the entrance point to delay them. This one won’t be able to stall them for very long, but those extra 2-3 seconds could be all you need to get additional rotations onto the site to better defend it when the push actually comes through next is one of breech’s, most powerful abilities flashpoint. This is a flashbang with a bit of a twist in order to use flashpoint, you have to fire it through walls and the flash will trigger it at the endpoint of the wall.

This is incredibly useful for flashing, an area that you’re about to go through or when you suspect, an enemy to be at. It does take some time to trigger, but most players won’t be able to react in time to avoid them or if they do they’re forced to still back away and have the difficult decision of whether to push back in or to back up into another position. There aren’t any fancy techniques that you can do with flashpoint, but knowing where and when to use them is what’s going to allow flashpoint to shine to its fullest potential as the strongest flash in the game on the attacker side, you’ll usually want to use flashpoint in Areas you’re about to push like we mentioned earlier, for example, if you’re about to go for an a hit on split and you’ve noticed someone playing ramps.

You’Ll want to flash through this wall to force the enemy to back up. You’Ll then want to take over this position so that, if any enemies decide to push again they’ll be met by multiple members of your team. From there you can throw a second flash in the corner of the wall to the right, which will blind players from practically every choke point. It covers close to a short, outbound, rafters and heaven elbow screens, as well as anyone trying to watch a short from an exposed position on the site. After though, in this flash, your team can then safely push forward and kill any blinded players and take over a when playing breach on the defender side. You’Ll want to pay close attention to sound and communication from your team to identify when you may want to flash, for example, if players are about to push through a main like we were showing on the attacker side, they’ll usually make a lot of noise once you Have hurt these players? A flash you could do is right through this wall, and if players are going in hard to the site, many players will be likely.

Blinded. This will then give you a chance to grab a kill or two before backing out. You want to make sure to back out afterwards, as your location has been exposed and if there are still multiple enemies in the area you’re likely going to get overwhelmed and killed once you’ve, backed out if enemies decide to continue pushing. You have two fantastic positions. You could play you could first play back sight and wait for enemies to begin to push further into the sight. Once you’ve heard that noise, you can then flash through the board to blindly pushing attackers and grab more easy, kills option. Two, if you have the time, is to run back over the elbow and do the same thing. Listen to sound, and once you hear the enemies getting close, you can flash through this wall to blind them again and get quick peeks onto them. This position is more powerful, as you have areas that you can still back up from versus the backsight, where you’ll have to flash get a pick, but you still have a chance of getting sworn by the enemy team, depending on how many players are still alive.

This is an example of how to utilize breech’s flash point on the a site, but the concept remains the same, regardless of what area you’re playing. One final note to be aware of with flashpoint, though, is it does take a long time to take out plus there is some delay after using the ability that you can shoot so make sure you don’t wait too long or you don’t expose yourself too much. If you plan to use this ability moving on, we have breaches dirt ability after shock, visibility is similar to flashpoint where it’s fired through walls. If an enemy is in range of disability, they will take a ton of damage if they’re directly on it enemies could even get one-shotted by aftershock. However, the catch with aftershock is that it takes a significant amount of time to trigger and if enemies are in its range, they will get a notification on their screen, indicating that if they stay where they are, they will get hit and take damage.

Because of this heads up and how long it takes for aftershock to trigger many players will be able to run away from the ability and prevent taking damage. So the main point of aftershock is less so to do damage to players but more to weed enemies. Out of their position and thus exposing them to your team’s line of sight, so when using aftershock pick a position that an enemy may be hiding at and shoot it. For example, some common positions that defenders may play at is closed rafters in the back corner of a site to clear out these positions. You can fire an aftershock safely through the wall, to force that player, to make noise to move away and thus expose themselves to being killed. Another option is throwing an aftershock in the back corner of sight, which again will force the defender to have to leave their position and expose themselves on the defender side.

You want to use aftershock to block off small choke points that enemies may be going for, for example, if enemies are trying to take control of mail to get to the b site, you can, after shock right at heaven entrance which can stall for a couple of Seconds for your team to rotate over likewise, if the enemy has pushed and taken over male already and are trying to reload before going into heaven, you can then throw an aftershock in the corner of mail to force them to have to move out while reloading and Then you can peek to grab some kills. Similarly, on defense, when you’re trying to play retake, you can use aftershock in those positions that you think enemies are going to be at, even if they aren’t there. This helps decrease the number of locations the enemies may be at making it easier to play retake. Lastly, we have breech’s ultimate rolling thunder. This is essentially an advanced version of breech’s fault line. You don’t need to charge it up, and you have a large cone where rolling thunder will slowly begin to cover once activated if enemies get hit by this ability. They will get knocked up stunned and have significantly decreased movement, speed, vision and firing rate these effects.

Last a very long time, so, essentially, if you’re hit by rolling thunder you’re, probably going to be dead like most ultimates, there will be a voice line expressed to give players a heads up on this ability. Teammates can also get hit by this ultimate so make sure again that you’re aware of the teammate’s positions before using it. Another note is that rolling thunder comes in waves, so it won’t hit the entire area that the cone indicated immediately and will instead slowly creep its way forward, but once the ability is activated, your team can slowly move their way forward without worrying about getting dazed. Likewise, since it takes time for volume thunder to reach farther areas, plus there is an animation on the ground indicating where rolling thunder will hit enemies, have a decent amount of time to move about from the cone and avoid it.

But if used appropriately, breech’s rolling thunder will be able to get a majority of players that you want to target the best times to use rolling thunder is when you’re about to attack a sight again. Breech’S ultimate can cover a lot of real estate on split. You can cover a large amount of the a site just by altering from a main in which your team can then focus on screens and raptors before going into any day’s players. You can also get a large amount of the b site by using breaches ultimate from heaven, with this ultimate, any players on the site itself will have nowhere to run from and unless they react quickly with other abilities, they’ll likely be easy kills. Likewise, on the defender’s side, you can use the exact same ultimates. We just saw to play retake over here a large number of players in a certain choke point and you’re in a safe position, where the alternate will hit all of them.

You can do so and then push forward to get those kills to wrap everything up, we’re going to put everything together and show how a typical round looks like on the attacker side and defender side when playing breach and we’re going to start off on the attacker Side on the attacker side, you usually want to be the second or third player going into a site. The reason being is that you have very strong abilities to blind stun or force players out of positions, but when using these abilities, there’s a big delay on when you can shoot because of this breach’s abilities are actually better used to support your teammates, who can peak Out quicker than you can use your abilities, like we mentioned earlier in the video, to put enemy players in a bad position in which you can then push them and take over sights on the defender side.

You’Re, mostly going to use your abilities as a reaction to what the enemies do, and this is the key concept to playing breach well here, if you hear enemies about to go through a choke point, if that choke point is narrow enough, and you have a good Line up available, you may want to use your fault line to stun them or delay the push. If you don’t have this option available, you may want to use a flash to slow them down and grab yourself some kills before backing away. Lastly, if you have a player that you know is hiding in a certain position during a push or during a retake after shot, may be the best option to force them to move and be exposed in which you can then get a kill.

Think about what breaches abilities do and identify which one is the best option during the situations that you are in and you’ll find yourself having a lot of success on the defenders side and remember if you want to improve, win more gunfights and get the rank. You’Ve. Always wanted, then check out skillcap.com link in the description below alright. So what is your favorite map to play, breach on? Let us know in the comment section below and while you’re down there make sure to like subscribe and hit the bell icon to get more premium guides. Just like this one, with one goal in mind, helping you become a better player. We’Re here at skillcaps want to thank you for watching we’ll catch you in the next. I’M dr zora and good luck out there.

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