The Craptop users guide to Valorant By: minion803


Let me preface this by saying that I know Valorant is not a hard game to run. I’m using a laptop that was low end 6 years ago and it’s not fun. Because of this, I’ve been taking a break but I’ve also been reflecting a bit on my experience. So, for anyone else who plays Valorant at 40-60 fps with frame spikes and drops, here are my tips to be competent at the game and help your team.

  1. Play a supportive character

Some people (Myself included) hate playing support characters and instead want to sink rounds into other players. However, if you have a bad computer and want to support your team, play a character like Cypher or Killjoy. The more laid back playstyle of holding down sites and lurking will benefit you and your team. For you, you don’t have to worry about frame drops when 3 players rush into you and your frames drop. By doing this, you can give Intel to your team to act upon and help without sacrificing your life each round. An added bonus is that you don’t have to have the best aim when you play like this as you’re more stealthy and not taking dynamic firefights.

2. Use Comms. Like, alot.

Just because your frames suck doesn’t mean your teamwork has to!! Let people know who you’ve killed, who you see and where and other important info. This is kind of a more broad rule that applies to everyone but it’ll help your win rate a bunch!

3. Use shotguns and sniper rifles. (And maybe the guardian sometimes)

It sucks to have a framedrop right before you get that sweet firing sound and musical sting. To combat this, I would suggest buying guns that are easier to work with. The Bucky and judge are great choices on maps like Bind and Split. The tight areas are where these guns shine! As well, using a gun like the Marshall will let you pick up some easier kills if you can hover over their heads long enough. I have a personal bias against the Operator but it’s also a viable option if you have a teammate who can hop in if you die. The Guardian is also great as a long range rifle which can allow you to get some good picks. Happy shooting!

4. Play with friends

Overall, the experience of playing with friends is always fun. You can work together, get kills and have a great time doing it! However, the better part of this is that friends will understand your situation. If you die because your computer couldn’t handle rendering all of the stuff going on in a firefight, your friends will most likely shrug it off and won’t flame your too much. Playing with randoms who don’t know why you keep dying will just cause some frustration for them. (Unless you’re a cool person who doesn’t care because it’s a low rank game or unrated.) Play on!

5. Play casually

Sure, some of you guys would love to play some ranked. And don’t let me stop or deter you! You can absolutely kick ass if you’re good enough. However, it will always be frustrating to die to the framedrops in firefights. This can be remedied though! Just play unrated! A lot of people there are cool and will just shrug it off. As well, you don’t have anything to jeopardize except your SBMM rank!

Well, that’s all of my tips. I know this probably won’t apply to alot of people unless you have an AMD GPU or also use old hardware like me, but if you read, I appreciate it! Do you have any tips for dealing with low frames? Let me know! Thanks!

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