The PRO GUIDE to ASCENT MIDDLE – Best Spots, Angles to Hold, Headshot Placements, & More!


Hello, everyone, my name is jack, and today we are back with another section of our best angles for ascent series. Today we are focusing on all things mid and tree room as a sense metagame has developed, since it’s released. One thing has become increasingly clear. Even in solo ranked play games will be fought and decided based on who controls mid. So, if you’re struggling on ascent, maybe these spots will help you to turn the tie in an extremely meaningful way without any dillian or dahlian. Let’S get right into it and start off inside the tree room.

This is by far the best supporting position that defenders have access to to bolster the mid defense. Not only is it the path to shutting down a split takes, it also allows for holding early mid aggression from attackers in b, mid and quick road taste up with b, takes or splits through mid and market, we’re first going to focus in on holding the tree Room to prevent the split take for the most part, it’s standard to take a peek for some until the rounds start in mid, then back up into green room or a site to hold as tree room itself is really just a corridor. It doesn’t have any useful cover or angles fun fact. This is why most of my attacking rounds fail, because all my teammates want to sit in tree till the end of time, anyways from green room. There are three main angles to hold. You can play left side of the doorway and tighten to this corner. This gives you a nice wide angle to try and contest the wide peak from catwalk.

Its biggest flaw is by far the lack of rotation. If you take this fight and mess up crossing to your right is too slow and the corner you’re in isn’t deep enough to fully obscure your hitbox, so either way you’re screwed the better way to play it, in my opinion, is to back up more towards the Jump into heaven about where the wall starts to bow outward. This still gives you that nice advantageous angle, but you can now duck to the right to reposition if needed, always consider your bailouts when deciding to hold somewhere. An angle often can be good, but if the routes for escape are too easily punished, then it may not be worth it overall and on the averages. Now, if you favor a more passive play style, you can leave the left side entirely in play from the right side of green room as well.

This is great because you can creep up into the doorway corner once again to help out with the sight, push or play further back to cover people passing from tree to site. It’S flexible, it’s fast and the heaven rotate is very quick as well. Speaking of your other choice for passive holding is to actually play from the heaven window room itself. This is great because of surprise factor. It’S very standard to have someone in green room and while you risk a losing tree quickly, you may get into highly advantageous fights because of it. The real cheese of this position is, if you leave the glass intact, the glass for the heaven window has a sort of one-way opacity issue, as you can see here from the attacker point of view. Where am i wait? What’S that enhanced image, we need to get closer, enhance image, my god and then boom you’re dead. This angle was disgustingly underutilized and it’s so defensively favored. That surprised me, it’s like that! That’S all there is for that aspect of tree room and we’re going to scoot right along into talking catwalk.

Firstly, let’s talk the most basic thing. Everyone should know when peeking catwalk is a defender and an attacker, and that’s your headshot level. The ability to pre-aim your crosshair height can help create the best scenarios to grab the quick opening pick. This can be neglected, sometimes, especially if you are an operator heavy player from the defense perspective, entry room – you are looking for about half way on the square in the archway before you peak, then about the height of the blue light on the bottom on the wall. Barriers, it’s sort of hard to describe verbally, but hopefully it makes sense on screen.

The flip side is from bbmin is quite similar. Actually, it’s that same blue light, but just slightly higher. Let’S talk briefly about what not to do when defending cat. You see this corner here that corner right there. It’S bad do not stand in this corner ever unless you were literally broken just trying to do some rat stuff on a save, then i guess feel free. The biggest issue with this cubby is its poor angle advantage compared to the attackers pushing down cat watch here, i’m being shot with no possible way of responding, because i can’t even see them yet now. What you rely on here is for your opponents to not check the corner. It’S as simple as that. This is your suicide shorty spot, and if you were a true gamer like me, then of course you take the viper shorty into battle as well. To multiply your luck, alternatively, and credit to hexadecimal for pointing this out to me, you can actually stand on this box instead of in the corner directly, it’s something to see a little off angle and i think genuinely strong, what’s cool about this is the distance from This box to the corner that the attackers will be swinging from, is literally perfect distance to do this with a bucky right click yeah, pretty nasty. I will be personally incorporating this into my own play. Be weary, though, going into this with? No smokes is really dangerous.

So consider smoking cat itself or, at the very least, be mid speaking of smokes. If catwalk gets smoked, as is almost always standard, you can get really cheeky if you’re feeling a little duro and push into that smoke, because there’s only one lane in the cat. You could just camp the smoke, especially in a low econ situation and maybe scrape a kill you wouldn’t have gotten otherwise. Another aspect for playing catwalk on defense is to remember your rotate through mid is a deadly fast flank to blow up b, hits and splits. It can be dangerous, obviously, but this quick pinch isn’t utilized enough in my opinion, and it can be the difference in stopping a devastating take so learn to incorporate it in your game. Now it’s not all purely defensively favored on the old catwalk. For my top mid attackers here is a nasty angle to work on not only punishing defensive aggression on cat, but also setting up nice head glitches through tours market. This is a great all-around power position to establish mid control and i would recommend incorporating it into your play, especially if you were skittish about taking the fight from b mid just to preface this next position.

This is needlessly aggressive in my opinion, but hexadecimal is a madman and actually does this in-game, so we’re including it anyway. If you want to punch the attackers in a big way, smoke top mid and b mid then slow walk into this cubby. This is the office angle to ever be off, and you will only get away with this, maybe once or twice before you create paranoid players that will check it until the end of time. This peak also doubles as a great punch for players running it down. Catwalk like real talk. Hex has me so spooked with this position that i’m clearing it in my private matches now too, even when i’m alone jumping over to the other side of the courtyard. Let’S talk about the archway and bottom mid, mainly how to wallbang to your heart’s content, because on ascent there is one rule. Walls are suggestions. You see this cubby right here, where literally all attackers known to man stand while they contest make control. If you do a little hop and a skip on the planter on the other side of this wall, it’s one of the easiest wallbangs in the game, basically think of this as a window. This window covers the entire area that you can spam to potentially hit targets.

If we look at it from this still frame, it’s essentially from just off the edge of the planter on the left to the end of the second gray, brick, our height of this window is about four blocks on the brick wall. This space will cover players crouching or standing across the entirety of that cubby. It’S a bit esoteric to understand, i know, but once you’ve practiced this a bit it’ll make a lot more sense, an easier way to frame this to see what i did there is to realize that, for whatever reason people tend to favor corners, rarely will someone just Stand in the middle of a piece of cover, they will often tuck into those corners. So really, instead of spraying this box, that we created it’s more like spraying, two different lines on the far sides, but keep in mind when you go for these wall bangs. The rules of ascent are universal and definitely not biased.

You can and will be wallbaned back. The attacker wallbangs are a bit trickier because of the angle difference, but the best, i can say is follow my crosshair placement in the video you’re watching and try it out in a private match with a buddy. The best thing i can offer here is: don’t go for this wall being tight against the wall. You’Ll just date, the planter for days because of the fact you have to look up, you’re, not gon na, be able to cover anything useful, all right, moseying on to the top of the middle. Let’S talk about defenders getting frisky and pushing up to flank through a one thing to keep in mind when doing this is that, if you don’t hop on the ledge of catwalk, you can’t attempt to clear the small box at top mid. However, if someone is standing behind this box and you jump on the ledge oop, that’s dome sticking out. So if you want to rat, hold this box make sure to crouch and of course, if you are pushing through this check this corner, please back to bottom mid. Let’S talk about another angle that is commonly held by people, but it’s pure beat no yeah. I’M gon na hold here may peak towards b mid. It’S gon na be great. Don’T do it this angle, sucks!

There’S no rotation out! You are standing behind a very stiff piece of construction paper that they call a wall, but i do not believe them, and literally everybody and their mom is checking this the moment they push their mid. Just stop it. Stop right now do better get some help. Maybe consider playing for the planter side. Instead, it’s just as much of a suicide position in terms of there being, you know, no escape, but you gain some well-being, protection, a height difference to throw people off and the ability to get a cheeky peek into catwalk as well. This is great to punish people who over check death alley over there. It’S still very much ride or die position, though, and i would personally recommend more safe approaches, but hey you know, that’s just me omen means rejoice.

We are finally at your favorite spot in any map, and i know this for a fact: the pizza corner baby louie’s on 15th best in the city, but in all seriousness, this angle is great. It lets you cover enemies, moving from b, mid towards bottom mid and ages, with movement abilities can avoid the one issue, which is the bad rotate potential. As you can see here, cipher, not a good pizza boy, but omen. That’S a perfect meatball right there in alternative market locations. Are you an operator player jet wallpaper on your pc, wardell, your favorite pro that you i know you, then you need the standard setup to pick top mid. It’S safe, it’s reliable and it works like a charm. Now let’s say you do that and then fall back to hold inside of the market. Doorway.

Be careful because, just like everything in life, it can be wallbanged. Moving on to the market itself, attackers, i’m calling you out on this one check your corners entering market also smoke pass market in mid to block off spawn. Unless you want these things to happen to you that you are seeing on screen, do you i thought not speaking of spawn? Let’S talk spawn wall, op wall, the wall, your wall, my wall. I really need some sleep, but we’ll power through anyways i’ll. Take care of that later spawn wall should be exclusively played by operators early in the round. It’S very strong and it’s hard to push people off of it other than using breach.

But if you lack god on your team, then your best bet is to smoke past market. Do keep in mind also that op wall is also the wallbang wall and defenders might get saucy in spawn. By going for a jump. Peek then hitting you with the laser. The downside for the defender, as with most ball bangs and everything else on the scent, if you don’t get the kill fast enough, the enemy can just shoot back at your tracers, which is no bueno and remember if you want to improve, win more gunfights and get The rank you’ve always wanted, then check out link in the description below and that’s all there is for men on ascent.

Like we said in the beginning, your games will revolve around controlling and contesting mid. Hopefully this will help you guys better approach. That task. Do you guys like to play sites or mid on ascent? Let us know in the comments down below while you are down there, make sure to like the video and subscribe as well for more premium guides. Just like this one, with one goal in mind, helping you become a better player. We here at skill couch, would like to thank you for watching, and we will see you in the next one.

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