The PRO GUIDE to SPLIT MIDDLE & B SITE – Best Spots, Angles to Hold, & More!


Hey everyone and welcome to skill capped. My name is dr zora and today we’re going to go over the best positions that you should be playing on. Split many players get caught up, trying to practice their aim as much as they can, but they neglect another key aspect that allows you to get kills much easier, which is playing the right positions. There are multiple positions that are fantastic to play on split. In fact, there are so many great spots that we had to split the map into two separate guides. This guide is going to go over the best spots to play in middle and b site, so let’s get right into it. First up is vents. As a defender, you are able to set up your crosshair and aim towards ramen before the round even begins. This gives you a huge advantage against the attackers who will take approximately two seconds to even get there. If you have an operator, you can simply scope into ramen ahead of time and any attackers that try to peek will meet a devastating end. Now, there’s much more complexity to this position than meets the eye, though it’s important to note that this is a very common position that attackers will likely expect in terms of dry peaks.

You’Ll definitely have an edge. However, once attackers have identified your position here, they are likely to flash vents to try to even up the odds. You will then subsequently have to back up briefly before peaking again, and this second peak will be much riskier, as the attackers could have a surprise position and already be pre-aimed and expecting you again. Because of this. We recommend having an operator to get that quick, peek and then change up your position once the attackers have started to catch on to you. For example, after playing this position to peak ramen, you can move further to the right and scope into sewers. Now the attackers will peak vents and falsely report that it is clear in which any sewer players may push out and you can grab the kill onto them. So that’s the most common position to play in events, but there is another position that is incredibly useful to play, and that is the side events.

This position allows you to check for any attackers trying to push through mid to heaven it’s a tough spot for attackers to check, because once they get to mail, they have to decide whether to continue looking forward to challenge the players at heaven or to look back For a potential vent player, if they check this position, though, they risk getting shot from behind by heaven, which is where the offenders are more likely to be. Because of these factors, the side of vents tends to go unchecked, in which you can get yourself. Some easy frags, similarly to the side, vent position, this back corner of vents also tends to be a position that attackers will not check. Attackers tend to not check this position, as is much more likely for defenders to be on the right side of vents or holding at the top of ropes, even if they do suspect someone in this corner, they’ll likely check it. Second, in which you’ll be able to get the first shots now, some of you may be thinking that it’s better to play slightly off the corner to minimize peaker’s advantage. The issue with this, though, is that your position will be much more exposed, and attackers can actually pick you without entering vents.

This would then take away the surprise factor for this position because of this it’s best to hug the corner and because the entrance to vents is so close, the amount of peaker advantage is close to none, and with that you have four different positions that you can Use interchangeably to keep the vents positioned on lockdown against the attackers and, if you’re serious, about improving, then go to to unlock our hyper improvement system. That will teach you how to win more gunfights master, your agent and so much more backed by our rank. Improvement.

Guarantee you have nothing to lose so come join over half a million satisfied members of skillcap, improve your kda and get the rank. You’Ve always wanted at link in the description below continuing on with middle. If you initially peek out and there aren’t any attackers presenting themselves, a good place to go for is behind the metal crate. This is a sneaky position. You can use to grab. Surprise kills onto attackers who decide to go for a late mid push once attackers have seen you use this position, though you want to be cautious about using it again, as they will likely pick you the next time, and the fight will be more of a 50 50 aim duel, if you use it a second time, we suggest moving slightly back from the crate, to create more of an off angle for the attackers to deal with to make this position more unexpected.

If you’re playing an agent that can block off middle, you should do so and then head towards the metal crate with well-placed utility attackers are usually less likely to suspect a player here in which you can then let them pass by briefly before going for a multi-kill Spray down going deeper into middle, the back of these wooden boxes are another position that you can push to in the middle of a round. We don’t suggest running towards here right away as there’s a high chance that attackers may be nearby and you would get demolished. However, if at the start of the round, the attackers do not try to take middle control, you can push over to the wooden boxes and hide. Not only are you in a surprise position here, but you have now taken significant control of middle, in which the rest of your team can rotate out and focus their resources onto the bomb sites themselves.

So if you killed two birds with one stone here, you’ve also decreased the options that the attackers have, if they push middle you’ll, be able to frag them out which decreases their ability to split push. The con with this position, though, is that there is no escape route. If all the attackers decide to go through middle at once, you’ll likely get overwhelmed and killed. However, usually you should be able to get at least one trade kill and you’ve gathered good information on the attacker’s positions for the rest of your team to adapt to now that we’ve covered vents, a good position to back up into if players take over mid is Ropes, you still have a high amount of accuracy on these ropes, so this gives you a headshot angle where you can easily spot and kill attackers that try to make a vent play onto a. You can also jump on top of these mini boxes. To get an angle that is just as good to challenge attackers without the hassle of dealing with the ropes. Now that we have middle covered, the next position to play is mail room.

The most common spot to play is the left corner where you can peak players at sewers. This position works well with both an operator and rifle as you’re, far enough to get a good snipe, kill and escape from, but also close enough to get a good rifle engagement. We do have to consider that this position will be likely peaked, though, so make sure that you have utility ready to help you escape. You can also play the very corner of mailroom as well, similarly to the back corner of vents. The amount of peakers advantage here is very minimal, because the distance is so close. We recommend using the corner on economy rounds or when you have a shotgun, such as the bucky or judge, as the range here is perfect for grabbing some easy frags on attackers trying to push by with that being said, we are now going to move closer to The b site and talk about heaven first up is the edge of rafters.

This is a really good position to play, as it allows you to quickly spot out players pushing through mail. You can grab an initial kill and then easily back away to the left and even fall off back to spawn, if necessary, to get ready for the next push. If you are playing an agent such as raise, you also have the ability to perform this initial peak or jiggle around and prepare a grenade afterwards, which will do some serious damage to the attackers. Along with that, this position also allows you to quickly transition your attention. Over to garage, if it turns out that the attackers are pushing in that direction, next is the back boxes. This is a common angle that players will use, as it helps to hide a portion of your body and thus giving you an edge in the engagements.

Along with that, you can also jump on top of the boxes, and if you have a shotgun such as a judge, you can really bring terror to enemies, and this is a common strategy that you’ll see the pros do to hold down heaven control with ease to Back up this player, you can also play back heaven to create a crossfire that is nearly impossible to break through for the attackers. Similarly, to vents, there is a rope that you can also utilize under rafters to create a headshot angle. You can then safely pick players going into mailroom and then be able to jump off safely. An incredibly powerful position to play on heaven is stairs. This is a position that a good number of players don’t know about and therefore tend to neglect at the edge of stairs. You can actually see players trying to push through heaven and onto the b site. You can then catch attackers off guard and grab. Some, free kills to help, give your teammates on site a better chance of holding it, down playing under heaven is another option even though it does get checked.

Quite often you have a lot of space that you can create off angles with to give. A slight edge into the fights, however, we suggest you use this position more on the attacker side in a post-plant scenario, as it gives you options to peak spawn heaven and garage as necessary. That being said, do note that if there are still multiple players remaining – and you don’t have enough teammates around that it can be easy for you to get surrounded here so make sure that the odds are either in your favor or at least even when using this Spot with that being said, we’re moving on to the b itself, and the first position we recommend is the back corner of the site. This position is incredibly powerful, as there are so many options in place that you can make.

First, you can hold the garage push with an operator and get easy snipe kills. Second, the bulletin board here is wall bangable, so playing rifle is not a bad idea either where you can go for an initial peak and engagement, and if that doesn’t land you a kill. You can then shoot through the bulletin board to kill them for free. If you want to know how to perform this wall, bang make sure to check our split well bang guide. When playing this position, we recommend using jet rays omen or rayna, as they all have abilities that will allow them to escape away from this position as necessary. The most common angle, you’ll see players play on the b site, is what we call default, you’re on the site itself and peeking into garage.

The concepts here are similar to back b, where an operator would be ideal to get the long range engagements. A rifle is okay here as well, but it’s very common that attackers will check here and pre-aim at you. So the dual becomes more of a 50 50 or even more advantageous for the attackers as they can dictate when they want to peak, and you have to wait and react if using a rifle. We recommend that you jiggle peak the angle to make your character more mobile and therefore a harder target to hit. If attackers have started to push onto b, a sneaky position to play is the back of default box. This is a really strong position, as most players will assume that the site is clear. After clearing out the back of b, once they start to plant, you can then peak to kill the unsuspecting players, and if the attacker’s positions are off, this may create space. For you to kill the spike planer as well, if you want to get up close and personal, this corner outside garage will most certainly get you some kills. Most attackers will check the back sight or to the right towards heaven.

First, as those are more common areas that defenders may be at as a result, this angle tends to go unchecked and you can grab a kill or two. You also have these boxes in the corner that you can boost onto with jet omen or race. This gives you multiple different angles to play with. So, even if the attackers know that you’re here they have the gamble on which position you’re actually at and you have a very high chance of winning the fight and remember if you want to improve, win more gunfights and get the rank. You’Ve always wanted, then check out link in the description below alright, so which position was your favorite to play on split. Let us know in the comment section below and while you’re down there make sure to like subscribe and hit the bell icon to get more premium guides. Just like this one, with one goal in mind, helping you become a better player. We here at skillcap want to thank you for watching we’ll catch you in the next. I’M dr zora and good luck out there.

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