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[Tutorial ] Advanced Raze Satchel Boost on Valorant


Drop it come forward blast it. The 2nd step is using the 2nd satchel. Many people face obstacle in 2nd satchel. You guys dropped. It here, dropped here again, Thats it Done The moment. Your 1st satchel is exploded. The moment your 1st satchel is exploded and your height decreases at that time you will drop 2nd satchel and explode. It instantly Repeating again Drop 1st satchel Jump over it explode it.

You will receive speed and inclination and, as soon as your height decreases, Look at the ground drop your satchel and explode it. This is satchel. You came here and jumped & moved forward, look below and explode it at that very instant. At that very instant, We will do this inside the game. How will it look inside the game? Drop 1st Satchel explode it Now we are advancing in JEE What we were doing right now. That was simple JEE. Now we are preparing for Advanced JEE.

This will be the first advanced JEE that you’ll Qualify p. Now we want to take a Mid-Air turn. How will we take this Turn W? That is moving forward, A that is moving left side. You want to take a turn. You want to take a turn Press W A together. Let me show you this normally Done Whenever: u want to practice Jump Strafe Only, and Only you need to press W A together W A You will be taking a turn Drop Jump Press W. A Done Now will practice Ultimate. Now we will move forward with Advanced JEE, Wait, Let finish Strafing 1st. We are going to complete strafing right now, 1st we will complete W A strafing Drop jump Press W A Now. We will complete W D strafing.

We completed W A we will complete W D Drop Press, W D explode Where’s the problem, Guys Its easy. We are going to go 2 x, Advanced JEE, to use ULTIMATE For the ULT, how to use ULT I’ll type S for Satchel I’ll type S for Satchel. For ULT X, Drop, satchel Explode Satchel. We are talking about 1st satchel Drop satchel explode the same satchel Press X for Ultimate Drop, 2nd Satchel explode, the 2nd satchel, Repeating myself Drop 1st satchel explode.

The 1st satchel Press X for Ultimate Drop, 2nd Satchel explode the 2nd satchel. Now we will try this ingame I”. Do it slowly Drop 1st satchel explode the 1st satchel Press X for Ultimate Drop, 2nd Satchel explode the 2nd satchel? Let’S do it slowly Again in slow mode Drop. 1St satchel Explode, 1st satchel Press X for ultimate drop, 2nd satchel explode, 2nd satchel. Now we will do it in fast way. Where’S the issue dudas. Thank you so much for watching the video guys.

I hope you liked the tutorial, if you have any doubts regarding how to use satchel for raze, Don’t forget to drop in the comment section. I promise i ll reply to each and everyone Also. We are giving away A Logitech g402 Gaming mouse and a Redgear Headphone. So don’t forget to participate in that giveaway I” ll drop the link in my description for how to participate in the giveaway. So please participate. Do it See ya?

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