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Hi Lyrel Gaming presents you a beginner’s guide But Before we begin, I would like you to join my Discord server Link is in description. So let’s begin. First of all, Unrated and Competitive are plant and diffuse modes. Two teams have two different objectives. Attack and Defense. And it will be switched in the next half. [Announcer: Switching Sides] The team who scores *13* rounds first wins the match. Before the round starts, you’ll have 30 seconds to buy weapons, abilities, and shields. When the round begins, if you’re a defender, you will have to defend both A site and B site. The enemies will rush out to plant the spike. If they’ve planted the spike, you’ll have to clear the site and diffuse it. All in 45 seconds. And diffusing takes 7 seconds. Which is pretty hard. This is called Retaking a site. Meanwhile, if you’re an attacker, you’ll have to push and take a site and plant the spike.

Once you’ve planted the spike, you’ll have to save it from being diffused. Let’s talk about gunplay. First of all, what’s most important is to stop before you shoot. This is crucial. Because when you’re moving, your accuracy is greatly decreased and you will miss the shots. Meanwhile, if you stop moving, crouch and then shoot, accuracy will be maximum and you won’t miss any shot. There are 6 types of weapons. Sidearms, Sub Machine Guns, ShotGuns, Rifles, Machine guns, and Sniper Rifles. Each weapon has it’s own statistics. Such as Damage, Damage fall off, Recoil, Accuracy, Wall Penetration. Etc… Some weapons are one-tap headshot. Which means they need one headshot to kill a player even with heavy shields. Such as Vandal. Some weapons have higher recoil, such as Vandal. But their damage is quite high.

Economy. This game consists of in-game currency called creds. That you gain when you get a kill, win or loose a round. These creds will then be used to buy weapons in the match. In the first round, you have the least creds. In the second round, you have some creds. But you have to save for the next round. When mid or end game. You have to buy a lot. Good economy usage is required for better play. Knowing when to spend or when to save is important. Now let’s talk about abilities. This game is based on characters and their abilities. Each character has his own unique ability. You can buy the first two abilities. The signature ability automatically recharges for most of the agents. And then there is Ultimate ability. Which has to be charged by doing objectives, getting kills, dying or collecting these orbs from the map. Good ability usage to gain advantage or help out the team is very important. Let’s move onto Tips. These tips and tricks are very useful when starting out. First tip is going to be crosshair placement, which is very important.

This is bad placement. [In game audio] And this is good. In other words, place your crosshair where enemy is going to peek from. This requires good map knowledge and just an idea of size. For example, imagine a player standing in front of you and place your crosshair at his head. Again, this requires good map knowledge which will only be gained by playing the game. Second tip is practising the recoil control. Don’t buy Vandal before you practice it’s recoil. Vandal is hard to control. But if you practice it, it is the deadliest weapon. If you want to practice recoil control. Go to the training section. [Music] And come here and try the recoil control. This is very important.

[Music] Third tip is going to be the communication. Communicate with the in-game voice chat. Good communication with the team is very necessary. Once you climb up the rank, play with friends as it will be easiest to communicate. Fourth tip is to work with the team. This game focuses on teamwork. If you don’t work with the team, anyone will be able to defeat you. Fifth and the last tip is being unpredictable. If you find a good tactic or a good spot to hold, and you keep doing it for 2-3 rounds. Then enemies are going to expect you to be there. So be unpredictable and don’t let them know where you’re going to be. And that wraps it up for this video. In the future, I’ll be making more guides. So hit that subscribe button as it means a lot to me.

And as always, I’ll catch ya onto the next video. Till then keep gaming. [Outro Music].

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