Hello, everyone and welcome to skill caps. I’M notorious dub, an environment. It feels like every game is won or lost by a long string of lost rounds or one rounds where the game starts to snowball out of control in almost an instant, and the reason for this is that one small economic mistake can cause a butterfly effect that Causes your entire team to not be able to buy together or trying to buy too much causing you to constantly be at a disadvantage in every round, and in this guide we’re going to be breaking down the basics. All of the terminology, you need to know in the economy, meta right now and then going through round by round and talking about all of the different scenarios. So you know exactly when to make each decision, so you can start picking up more rounds and then we’re going to finish it off by talking about how to save up for the coveted operator and if you’re serious, about improving then go to skillcaps.com to unlock our Hyper improvement system that will teach you how to win more gunfights master, your agent and so much more.

It’S backed by our rank improvement guarantee. So you have nothing to lose so come join over half a million satisfied members of skill caps improve that kda and get the rank. You’Ve always wanted at skillcaps.com link in the description below now before we get started. This wouldn’t be an economy guide. If i didn’t talk about spending your money together, because valorent is a team game and your money should be viewed as your team’s money because you’re only as strong as your team’s weakest link, so drop your teammates. If they need it, don’t be afraid to request weapons. If you need it and make sure that you’re playing and buying as a team, because there is no faster way to snowball into a 0 and 13 loss than to stagger your team’s, buys and never be able to buy together now with valerie being out for quite Some time now you probably know how the basics of the money system works by now.

But let’s quickly go over that, so we can start to understand the reasoning behind the decisions that you’re going to be making now in valor. There are three ways to generate money round bonuses which will give you 3 000 credits for winning the round 1900 credits. For if you lose one round 2 400 credits for losing two in a row and 2 900 for losing three or more rounds in a row and the only time this doesn’t apply is if you survive, while losing a round as an attacker without planting the bomb Or as a defender when the enemy did plant, the bomb now riot games implemented this change to try and stop the massive bankrolls teams were able to build and stop players from any time. The round was looking grim run as fast as they can away. As far as they can to keep their weapon and still get enough money and have a huge bankroll to be able to buy their team with, and then everything other than that is extra and comes from kills, which will grant you 200 credits per kill and planting Which will grant 300 credits to the entire attacking team whenever the bomb gets planted? Now that we have the basics out of the way?

Let’S take it into the game and talk about exactly what we should be doing and when starting with the first four rounds, where your decisions are the four most important decisions, you’re going to be making in the game. Now, in the first round, we have pistol round where everyone in the game starts off, with 800 credits, and at this point most of you know what you want to be going for on pistol run. But if you’re unsure, i made a pistol round guide on this channel. That might just be right up your alley now on pistol round you’re, choosing between buying out your utility light shields or just spending the majority of your money on a ghost. But the most important thing here is that you are using your money with pistol round being the most important round in the game. Your main goal should be buying to win that round, although it does sound good to be able to keep your abilities whenever you die. So it’s not wasted money. If a ghost or light armor gives you the best chance to win this one round, then that’s what you should be going for.

That’S because round two gives the team that won round one the biggest single advantage. A team can get in one round strictly based off the economy. Difference and the standard metal play here is for the winning team to force up to specters bulldogs in the occasional vandal or phantom if that player is filling themselves, but we have been seeing a lot of people like asu going for a pistol in the second round. Now the thought process here is simple and sounds pretty good. You have full armor and a ghost and the enemy most likely is just going to have classics and they’re not going to buy, so this round should be an easy one anyway and plus. If you win this round, it allows you to save up that money and have just enough money to buy a rifle and armor for the next two rounds, with around 5 000 credits in the bank on round three now i’ve been seeing so many people do this Because people like asu or hiko will do this and they just blindly follow them without understanding why they’re actually doing it.

But this type of strategy isn’t always enough, because if the enemy decides to force which is becoming more and more common, then your odds of winning the round plummet and your economy goes to shambles for the next two rounds. If you do lose that round, which is why we’re seeing teams opt for the force of specters, bulldogs and rifles and then they’ll have one or two people max on their team sticking with the ghost to squeeze that little extra economy out of the round. This allows those two people to force up in the next round and increase your team’s odds at stealing that round, without actually killing your economy just by forcing up vandals. But anything more than two sticking with the ghost puts your team at too high of a risk at losing that free round these two rounds are usually going to be the only times, you’re staggering, your buys and valorem, because you want to have enough firepower to get Those wins that round, but also be able to have enough money to make the next round possible as well.

So don’t be the guy sticking with your ghost, when only two people on your team decided to buy first up and secure that round. First, and as the attacker, you just want to make sure that you have enough money to buy for the next round, and this is what i see people doing wrong the most often now, when saving for round three, you should be buying something to give you even The slightest chance of winning the round now keep in mind the magic number is 3, which is exactly what you need for heavy armor and a rifle in valorem, and here you may be disagreeing with me, because you still need money for utility right well. This is the perfect time to take a step back and talk about heavy armor versus light armor invalid. Now this is one thing i see over and over again causing people to have far sub-optimal buys than they could afford.

Now light armor is going to give you 125 total hp for 400 credits, while heavy armor is going to give you 150 total hp for 1000 credits, and while this is an improvement, it’s not even close to worth it if you’re, sacrificing a lot of utility or Resorting to a bulldog or a spectre instead of a vandal or a phantom now, the reason is because the damage thresholds for taking damage with the vandal remains exactly the same, with one shot to the head: to kill you and four shots to the body to kill. You meaning that versus a vandal light, armor and heavy armor are almost exactly the same, and the phantom actually operates the exact same way for under 15 meters. But whenever you get past that 15 meter threshold, the phantom takes one extra shot to kill in all scenarios. So long story short, while having heavy armor is very important, especially against phantoms at a distance. It’S heavily overvalued when your economy is on the line, because in the majority of scenarios it actually wouldn’t make a difference anyway, and this is also why i say the standard number you need to remember is 3 900, because if you have all of your utility, 3900 Gives you a vandal and heavy armor, but you can always go vandal and light armor and buy out the rest of your utility now back to choosing what you should be buying on round two after you lost round one losing round.

One gets you 1900 credits and round two nets. You 2 400 credits, leaving you 4 300 credits to work with, meaning that you have 400 credits left over that you can spend and still be in the clear for next round, which, coincidentally, is exactly how much the frenzy costs and the frenzy since the shorty nerf Rest in peace is now the king of being able to kill one enemy in almost an instant all while investing almost zero money into the weapon. Now, if you’ve gotten a couple of kills or even just a bomb plant, then you have enough money to think about going for a ghost or even a sheriff, and while people with insane aim like tens like to go for the sheriff, the general rule of thumb Is that if you’re playing close angles, then you should opt for the frenzy if you’re going for a medium range engagements or just want to have a good gun for whatever occasion pops up for you then opt for the ghost and of course, if you’re looking for The long range or the one tap headshot potential, then the sheriff is the only real option that you have, but on the other hand, you can always choose to force on round two after you lose round one, and this usually comes when your team gets the plan Off so you have that little extra money for weapons and utility to help secure that round, but with the rise of the stinger and the stinger, only players hitting radiant, showing just how strong the weapon can actually be. The second round force is becoming more and more common and consistent because, let’s be honest here, even if you have a phantom and heavy armor, a team full of stingers full sprinting onto your bomb state spraying you down while running full speed and having no interest in Actually, stopping is an absolute nightmare to try and defend, but this is mostly just for attacker side.

Defender side forces are much less common and much less consistent because you can’t maneuver a man advantage as easily and you don’t get the extra money for planning the bomb. But that brings us to round three where the losing team finally buys their rifles and armor. But what should the winning team be doing, while the reason playing the early rounds properly is so important is because when you get to this round, you want to be able to swing the momentum back in your favor. Now your team should have forced last round, which now leaves you with 3 000 credits in the bank and hopefully the weapons that you use the last round and that’s exactly what you should be keeping to fight this round with and everyone’s been calling this a bonus Round because you’re, essentially just looking for a free round where you don’t really have to spend any money and you can work on your economy and breaking down the enemy’s economy at the same time. Now, if you don’t have the weapon that you’re using last round, then your job is to make sure that you have 3 900 once again in the bank for the next round and make sure that you don’t die this round now your team has weapons to have A decent chance of getting a kill so don’t go aggressive, trying to get the round over with, because it’s a save round for you anyway, now sit back play off your teammates that have guns be the guy.

Instead, that plays beside the person with a weapon, gets the trade out, kill and then can pick up the weapon and get your team back into a good scenario later in the round, and also don’t be that guy that forces a vandal round three because they didn’t Have a gun to work with your job isn’t to win round three, even though it would be nice, your job is to set yourself up to win round four, the only time you should be forcing a vandal round. Three is, if you stuck with the ghost round. Two and will have enough money to at least force the next round anyway, because think about this. From the enemy’s perspective, they lost two rounds in a row. They have around four thousand credits in the bank and they’re spending all of that money to try and win this round now. If they manage to win that round, they lose a couple of members. Then they now have 3 000 credits in the bank, and not all of them have rifles, and they also can’t get rifles without missing out on all of their armor, and this also resets their loss streak, meaning that losing the next round puts them right back in Economic trouble and starts that vicious cycle right back over again, and this is exactly what you want to happen at this point.

You’Re already up 2 rounds to 1 and your team ends up with a perfect, buy against enemies without a perfect buy, giving you a great chance to go up 3 to 1 before the economy stabilize, and that is how the snowball happens. Winning pistol round almost guarantees. You those first two rounds, and it gives you a huge opportunity to go up 3-1 and have a good enough economy to last for nearly the rest of the half. While the enemy team is scrounging for credits, trying to get enough money to buy and their economy is essentially ruined until they can make a huge change and build it back up all right now, after these rounds, the economy is essentially stable. Almost all rounds are going to be full, buys versus full, buys or full buys versus saves from here on out, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some economic decisions. You should be making to give your team a bit of an edge. So let’s talk about the different types of saves and forces and when you should be going for those first of all, you have the save round which, as you can probably guess, just means that you’re saving up credits, so you can buy for the next round.

Now. You’Re going to want to go for this whenever you look at the scoreboard and the enemy has enough money to give more people rifles and armor than your team does now, when you’re on a save round, feel free to buy a little bit with the best options. Being the sheriff or the stinger, but use this number just below your credits in the buy phase. That tells you exactly how much money you’ll have the next round bare minimum and on save rounds you might have heard of something called a hero buy, which is essentially where one person on your team is going to force up into a high tier weapon and try To make something happen to steal the round from the enemies now, the only time you should really be doing. This is, if you have enough money to buy the next round, and your team doesn’t need you to buy anything for them anyway. Now i do see this happen. Pretty often it seems like everyone on the team loves to go aggressive because they have pistols and they want to just get the round over with, but don’t be that guy.

That throws around that early on once again sit back play off the guy with the gun, who has the best chance to win a gunfight, support him, but make sure if he does die snag that gun as quick as possible, because he gives you another chance at Getting a few picks, and next up we have the half by which is very simple. Everyone in your team is forcing up to where they have enough for rifles and armor anyway, but you’re choosing to spend a little more money where, on the save round, you’re, usually going to have money left over in the bank to help build a bankroll. On the half by you’re, forcing as much as you can, while still being able to hit that 3 900 credit minimum, and the goal here is to make the round very expensive for the enemy team. Now, in this situation, it’s often all right to trade, one for one because, like we talked about earlier, the enemy is forcing all of their money, while you’re going to be able to buy the next round anyway, so kills. Even if you don’t win, the round could put the enemy into economic trouble, causing them to not be able to buy properly in the next round. And finally, we have the force buy, which is where you’re going to be spending all of your money on weapons.

Even though you don’t have enough money to buy exactly what you want now, sometimes you’re gon na have to force when a couple of your teammates have good buys, because you need to be useful and the team should always be on the same page. So you’re forcing up to give you a chance at winning the round, because your teammates already have good weapons and other times you’re going to be forcing as a team, which is often going to be to catch the enemies off guard. Or if you see a weakness in the enemies game like someone playing too passive of an angle on a bomb site or just playing a little too aggressive, and you can stack and try to kill that person now force rounds are best used on attacker’s side.

Where you can stack and overwhelm the enemies with numbers, but also they work very well on defender’s side, with the power of the close range weapons that we have like the judge and the stinger that absolutely tear through enemy pushes and can easily trade one kill. While the enemy still has to push into you now, of course, one of the most asked questions right now is how you’re supposed to save it for an operator and all of this madness when the operator costs so much now and while the operator did get nerfed A bit it’s still a huge problem for the enemy team and saving up for the operator is very simple, but usually goes against what i’ve said so far now here we see wardell opting for the ghost round, one with a ton of utility and because he picked Up a few rounds on pistol round he’s able to snag heavy armor and the rest of his utility and still have enough for the operator in the next round.

But the biggest thing here is making sure that you have 2 000 credits in the bank. At the start of round two, now with the operator being so expensive, now at 5, 000 credits we’re seeing a ton of people pick up the operator without armor on round three. I know what you’re thinking, if i’m winning the first two rounds. I thought i was supposed to save on round three, but this is the only time. That’S not the case, because the operator does so much to change your team’s odds of winning the round that it’s worth it to risk your ability to buy the next round anyway, because the enemy physically could not have saved up enough money to buy an operator. This round, so your team has the operator and the other team doesn’t, which is a big difference, and this is especially a good strategy if you’re playing jet and you’re getting close to your knives for the next round anyway.

So you can spend all of your money and then the next round. You just use your knife, so you’re, essentially not even down a weapon at this point, but remember if you want to improve, win, more gun fights and get the rank. You’Ve always wanted, then check out skillcap.com link in the description below and ultimately, valerian is a team game and playing together will win you more rounds and more games than anything else, so use these strategies and just make sure you’re on the same page as your team.

But i’m curious: what’s your biggest struggle when it comes to the economy in valorem, let me know in the comments below and make sure to hit that subscribe button and turn those bells on, because we here at skillcap have a ton more comprehensive premium guides. Coming your way to keep you up to date and ahead of the pack, and as always, we here at skill cap want to thank you for spending this little bit of your day with us and i’ll see you in the next video i’m notorious dub signing off.

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