Valorant A oversimplified guide to choosing guns for noobs and newcomers


Valorant is a tactical game where having the better aim,crosshair placement, blah blah, makes you on the upper hand.Unlike PUBG and COD, running and gunning is not allowed (unless you have an aimbot). A lot of new players feel difficult in choosing from a wide variety of guns the game provides.So heres my views on which you should definitely take:

  1. Classic:The default gun ,mainly used in the first and second eco rounds(unless you want to destroy your eco). 2nd favourite gun of Jetts with Operators. Can be deadly if right clicked at the right moment.

2.Shorty: I mean who uses this! With 2 rounds of bullets,this definitely can give you the finger, if your shots dont place on the head.

3.Frenzy: Beware frenzy players! Never use it for long ranges else your dumb . Very effective for close range combat in eco rounds. The only con is the mag capacity(Seriously how come the mag finishes so fast)

4.Ghost:The best gun in eco rounds and the favourite gun of the OP users.Dont click too rapidly else the bullets will go almost everywhere ,making you an easy target.Not recommended to use this gun at short ranges when the opponents have a pistol.

5.Sheriff:A gun with a high damage output but with one of the worst recoils I have ever seen! Aim for the head and dont click too many times repeatedly. You have to be a pro(like Tenz) to oneshot people with the gun.

6.Stinger:As the name suggests,the stinger is the most overpowered gun at close ranges,making headshots land more easily.(Caution:dont use at long ranges as compareded to its counterpart)

7.Spectre:A good smg with a more firing rate but lower damage than the stinger.Good for short and medium ranges.Can counter lmgs at short ranges but is countered by the lmgs at long ranges.

8.Bucky:Shorty reincarnated with a more magazine capacity.Nothing else to say at all…..

9.Judge:The superior shotgun ,great for professional campers and backstabbers. Very great at close range and can easily 1 shot an enemy. 10/10 Omen users approve

10.Marshal:The sniper with no chance of 1 shot kill unless its a headshot.Makes operator users go mad if they do a body shot.Its much better to pick up an lmg than this guy,unless ur a pro who always land heads.

11.Operator:The gun that every1 fears the most. 1 hit kill,unless ur so bad at aiming that you do a leg shot.Best for Jett and Omen users .Accompanied with a ghost or sheriff . Bye bye to your eco btw.

12.Ares:The most underrated powerful gun in the game.Overpowered at long ranges with a good recoil control.Great while defending sites.Bye bye to you if you rush with this weapon.

13.Odin:I have only one thing to say:It requires almost no skill to kill with this weapon.Odin campers are the worst and should be regarded as noobs!

14.Guardian:The costly Sheriff with a much more damage output and less recoil.Good for headshotting the enemy at long ranges

15.Bulldog:Basically a vandal with a leeser firerate and less damage output.Is very powerful if you have a hood aim and can be used to 2 shot kill enemies if fired at the head.

16:Phantom:The classic automatic witha much more firerate than vandal but lesser damage than Vandal at long ranges.Can be infuriating if you land a head and the enemy doesnt die.Otherwise phantom dominates at a short range fight between itself and its counterpart

17.Vandal:The rifle with a lower firerate but good output damage as compared to the phantom.Overpowered if you are a pro and can easily land headshots with this gun.Dominates over phantom over long ranges .

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