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Valorant How I hit Radiant with 100% win-rate (secret to Matchmaking exposed) By: memerinosuperino


Everyone knows you must have good mechanics and game sense to rank up. There’s no way around this – you must grind the game and watch others play to improve. However, this guide isn’t going to be about that. We all know that matchmaking can sometimes be a coin flip, but what I am going to do, is show you how to beat the odds. This guide is going to cut through the bull and go straight to the DIRTY TRICKS you can use to climb, NO MATTER WHAT RANK YOU ARE.

To show I know what I’m talking about, check out this YouTube video of my journey to Radiant (proof of win-rate at the end) – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SsiBqtFPX-Y

  1. Find friends (duo if Immortal), then rinse and repeat dirty gimmicks – If you trust your friends to be better than the average player, you are more likely to have the better team (duh). But more importantly, you must play a complementary role to your partner. As Valorant is a team-based game, if you and your partner synergize, your will improve and play ABOVE your natural rank. For example, me and my duo partner played Jett and Reyna, both dualists, meaning that our utility and pathing would synergize naturally, while the other team’s dualists might not. We then came up with some creative gimmicks together, that are likely to get kills in unorganized matchmaking. The beauty of this, is that you can use the SAME DIRTY TRICK over and over again because you are always facing new opponents in matchmaking. You just need to have enough gimmicks to last 12 rounds on attack and defence. Check my duo’s Youtube too! –https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCva2DESYagM2MPPvGCXZRZQ

  2. Vibe-check your teammates during agent select and dodge if necessary – The truth is, most games are won and lost during agent select. If you don’t have a viper on breeze, you’re probably going to lose. If you have 4 or more dualists you’re probably going to lose. It sucks, but it’s just how the game is, unless you have a team full of smurfs. The advice here is to check your team comp, check for mics, and just check the overall vibe and chemistry of the team. Think about it this way, dodging a 95% chance loss, is equivalent to saving 20RR and an hour of your time. Of course, you must be the judge of the penalty you want to cop and adjust accordingly to what sorts of games you want to dodge. However, if you are serious about ranking up and don’t want to have a toxic experience, this is a must.

  3. Monitor yourself for burn-out and don’t queue when not feeling well – You’ve probably heard this a lot before, but I am still including this, because of how important it is. Ranking up is a marathon, not a sprint – it’s not good enough to pop off in one game, it is more important to be consistent across multiple games. I did not win 17 games in a row on one day – I did this over 4 days, and the reason for this, is that I limited myself to 4 games a day to protect myself from fatigue. If you are serious about ranking up, you will do the same. It will astonish you how easy it is to beat someone who’s better than you if they are tired from playing Valorant all day, while you just got on and did a little warmup. Be well-rested, have a warmup routine, stay hydrated, because if you are choosing to grind ranked in Valorant, then make sure you don’t burn out because you are in for a marathon.


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