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– These are the top five mistakes that makes every noob in “Valorant”, offered by Logitech. Due to the explosive popularity of “Valorant” in recent weeks, it has players from all kinds of backgrounds. Understandably, the now very large group of players is not familiar with the most basic mechanics of the game, which leads to many of these errors we find in most of have seen our games.

If you are wondering how to go about this. I am really bad! At this, keep watching this video because we will break down the most common mistakes we players have seen it made so far. If you find yourself making these mistakes, don’t feel bad. Especially if you are new. This video is for teaching you how to play better and improve so you don’t do it again. Number one on this list, and the most frustrating for an experienced player to watch on death cam, is to watch their teammates do this. Or, to make the point clearer, this. What do these clips have in common? The correct answer is their reticle is not aimed at anything at all. In clip one, which literally every FPS noob does, the player aims at the floor while moving or running.

In clip two, the player is aiming for the sky. And almost always in “Valorant”, want your reticle to be placed in a spot where when an enemy walks into your line of sight, his head will run directly into your reticle. This is one of the most basic and important concepts in all FPS games and it is something which literally every noob struggles with. You want to do this because you want it there as little time as possible between when to target comes into view, and you pull the trigger. The first bullet you shoot while standing still is always 100% accurate with the rifle like the vandal. And it becomes much easier to headshot create instant tabs when you don’t put your mouse over it need to move screen to fire. This is especially important for holding and checking angles. If you expect someone to turn a corner just hold your gun in a headshot angle, and wait for it to appear.

You greatly increase your chances to kill the man the moment he appears if your reticle is in the right place. Last thing on the subject, be careful with changes in height such as ramps, stairs or boxes. They often require you to aim higher or lower based on where you stand, so they can throw your shots. It’s a little bit of practice and math knowledge to get used to, as long as you know that it can happen. The second biggest mistake many people make, especially those that come from games like “Overwatch”, is running while you shoot While it can work, it shouldn’t work most of the time. This is why. Your bullets will always be somewhere in between land this area of ??your reticle. If you shoot and move errors in your reticle settings, you will notice that that region is getting a lot bigger. This means that you lose all control about where your bullets go when you run and shoot. This clip should show exactly what the problem is. Even though the bullet spread slightly more manageable when you squat or running, it is still a lot more inaccurate compared to just standing still.

While this may sometimes be necessary, if you do this, you become a slower and easier target for an enemy to hit. So it is not really recommended. The bottom line is if you wanna land your shots, you have to stop, aim and then shoot. Say it with me this time stop, aim, shoot. This one isn’t really that big of a mistake. Many experienced players do it too because sometimes not every spell in every situation usable. However, what distinguishes a noob and an experienced player, is that an experienced player spells his will usually use when he can, while a noob will just never use his spells.

This probably doesn’t need to be mentioned, but if you push or hold a visor, good use of a resource can take your chances on success. Throwing in utility will force enemies to move, or at least screw up their corner. If you get our last point about run and shoot keep in mind, when you force an enemy to move, can’t shoot that enemy.

You can then just walk in and kill them with time who bought the tool. Frankly, it should be obvious when you get on press your buttons at the right time, good things happen. But we’ve seen too many people in our games who did not press their buttons. So watch this clip from Myth Solo who holds his visor by using his aid properly in the event of a burglary, and please start using your spells. One last thing about this: don’t forget to pick up ult orbs if you get the chance. They spawn it in fixed locations, and often an enemy watches over them. If you have trouble remembering that you have to cast your spells or don’t like key bindings, then consider using mouse bindings for spells. You may find the use of the middle mouse button side buttons on a gaming mouse like the Logitech G502 more convenient and easier to use Give it a shot if you’re really struggling to remember these things. Another thing that drives veteran players crazy, are people who just walk the map when the bomb has been planted, hoping to seize the round.

For God’s sake, just save your stuff if that’s your plan. Here are the reasons why run across the map to clutch trolls. A) There is no map where you get to the bomb on time are by walking the map. B) If, by some miracle, you get to the bomb in time you still have anywhere from one to five players to fight.

Considering that you: one, has to find out where they stand. Two, get in a position to kill them. Three, actually kill them. And four, defuse. C) In addition, by walking slowly across the map, you literally have your enemies for at least 15 seconds given the time to set their post plant positions, which means you probably never will without getting shot. – [Game] Busy. – When you are in a situation where to disable a link, you will have to take risks. We don’t say stomp like a barbarian, but move as efficiently as possible. Use your knowledge of where enemies were last seen and play accordingly. – [Game] Last player alive. – [Player] The shooter shot out, Hey, Connector? – [Game] One more enemy left. – [Myth] Speaking of pairing situations, we wanted to comment on the time it takes to plant bombs and make them harmless. Placing a bomb takes exactly four seconds. Make sure you are able to plant before the timer shows four seconds. If not, you made a mistake. Dismantling is a bit more complicated. Although it takes seven seconds to defuse, you just beep the bombs to tell you whether or not you can turn it off unlike a timer.

When you have the defuse completely, you have to start the defuse properly as the third set beeps starts. If not, you won’t get it done on time and should run so you don’t lose your gear. Something not many people know yet if you spread the bomb halfway through, the progress of it is defused. If you try a fake, and they try to bluff you, try to get at least half way, because it gives you extra time for the final disassembly. This can be a bit controversial, but this is the deal. You can push a point as many times if you want. You can die at that point as many times as you want but here’s the thing. For example, if you have four rounds pushes in succession, and you die four times to the same person, and you haven’t even thought about it to flash one of those rounds, then we have a problem.

When you do a replay game over and over, you become predictable. Of course, there is no guarantee that you will be the same spawn will play in the next round, but you have the right player on exactly the same way three rounds in a row. He will be prepared for it that you do it a fourth round in a row However, you can push the same sight multiple times, while being difficult and unpredictable about it. Things like changing the angle you look from cast another spell, or even delaying the push can really change things. Also respond to how your opponent that angle also played. If he killed you from the exact same place, it might make sense to check out that same spot. Ultimately, it is a smart player just as valuable as having a good aim in “Valorant”. And playing intelligently delivers just as many benefits.

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