Valorant (Un)official Guide To The “Pick My Strat” Spray By: Kearnerr


Hello everyone! I’ve been working on this for the past day or so and finally have it at a point where I feel comfortable sharing this small guide with everyone. I went searching for a guide to the pick my strat spray given the fact that there are some really vague symbols, and I came up with nothing. If maybe I’ve missed someone else’s guide or opinions on what the symbols mean or should be/if there’s community consensus on what something should be, I’d be happy to update/change this.

Pick My Strat

The Pick My Strat spray, obtained in the Act 3 Battlepass, was meant to be something for fun. I decided to make a game out of it. Mentioned in the Act 3 Battlepass video from Hitscan with Riot Devs Preeti and Sean, Sean mentioned some of the symbols were pretty straightforward (and yes, they are, when I see a /ff I know what that means for sure), and decided to leave it vague so players can come up with their own meanings, explicitly mentioning that they hoped there was some sort of agreement across the internet. Mysca mentioned there would be a reddit guide. This is my reddit guide.

The intent is this: at the start of the round, you spray the spray anywhere and let it tell you your strat. Simple enough, right?

Alternatively, you can have multiple players of your team use ONE spray to dictate the ENTIRE team’s strategy, or you can have each player use their own spray to dictate their personal strategy (or use just one, since everyone sees something different on the same spray).

…That’s it! The guide below was made entirely by me (some of them are really simple). A lot of them were based off of in-game symbols or pings: the full buy symbol was the symbol for credits, so it made sense; the “watch an angle” was based off of the eye used for the “watching here” ping, and “help a teammate” was based off of the flag for the “need help” ping. The rest I did my best to come up with something that both suited the symbol and made sense. Without any further ado, I present to you the (Un)official Pick My Strat Guide.

Link to the imgur album with separated halves and full guide: Here


Edit: image was borked

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