Why the Frenzy is Hidden OP in VALORANT


The pistol class in Valorant represents an interesting case of spunk and character from within the game?s shop. Every single pistol is backed by a very distinct and well-defined playstyle, which allows for a wonderful sense of contrast between them, and offers many low-cost options for potential outplays. There?s the shorty for the brave and adventurous, the Ghost for those who want a well-rounded experience, the Sheriff for those who have a steady shot and trust their aim, and the classic for those who bought abilities and are too poor to buy a gun. Then there?s the Frenzy. This is the one that really stuck out to me, because it?s the one that I found the most interesting, frankly. Unlike the others, the Frenzy tries really hard to show off the allure of its fully automatic capabilities, and really competes to be as great as the likes as the other SMGs, all for but a fraction of the cost.

The frenzy cuts corners in just the right places to make what I find to be the most compelling pistol Valorant has to offer. This, is the Frenzy. To quickly summarize the frenzy, it is a pistol that is available in the shop for 400 credits. The Frenzy?s defining feature is capability of firing at fully automatic speeds, at 10 bullets per second. This is by far the fastest shooting pistol in the game, as the next fastest would be tied at the Ghost and Classic at 6.75 rounds per second, but in most situations you should not be shooting them that quickly regardless. This means that while remaining in the pistol class, the Frenzy carries a similar damage profile to much bigger and scarier SMGs. The Frenzy also achieves this of course by cutting some corners where necessary, but does so in very forgiving and reasonable ways that make you think that the gun?s still worth getting.

The main ways the Frenzy may feel restrictive are in its magazine size at a mere 13 bullets per magazine, and its recoil, which are both issues that are already present in one or both of the SMGs in the game. The Frenzy also does not work at longer ranges, which is fair because both SMGs in the game are in a similar state and don?t really work out that way either. When all is said and done, the Frenzy can actually make some remarkable comparisons and punch much above its weight class. The Frenzy is also not that difficult of a gun to use as well, as you will really only use it in close range, and it has a large but fairly straightforward recoil pattern to boot.

With one quick spray here, you can see that the Frenzy essentially just makes a nice 7 with its curve, going up and right for approximately the first 7 bullets, and then swerving to the left afterwards. When using it at close range as well, the inaccuracy of the spray is rather minimal, so it can be used with great effectiveness when paired with its fairly high rate of fire. Because of its general high level of usability, the Frenzy can be used in several economic scenarios within Valorant. The first one is of course, in pistol or sidearm round. The Frenzy is the only pistol in the game that shoots at fully automatic speeds so it really just has the highest up front pressure at lowish to medium range. It does have weaknesses in its lack of range, and in really really close fights it will lose to something like the shorty, but it?s the only gun in the pistol lineup that brings that level of firepower for that low of a price tag, making it the best pistol. The Frenzy can also be purchased on save rounds to try and make trades against enemies with bigger guns, which will allow you to take their gun after potentially claiming a frag.

When this works, it will net you a huge return for the mere 400 credits you have to pay in order to access it. The frenzy also offers a level of intimidation factor similarly to how the Ares and Odin do in the game, making it sound like you have a much better gun than you actually do, especially when your enemy considers your economic situation into consideration. Now let?s compare the Frenzy what I would consider its bigger and more expensive cousins, being the Stinger and the Spectre. These are the guns that have the closest playstyle to the Frenzy and are both used and played in similar situations. It is in this comparison that makes the Frenzy so compelling to me, because when you take a look at the these guns altogether, they are actually not too far apart.

The main differentiator would have to be these guns? rate of fire, as the normal SMGs really just rip bullets, firing 18 bullets per second, with only 20 bullets in a magazine. On the other hand, the Spectre brings this down to 13.33 bullets per second but offers a nicer recoil pattern, silenced shots, 30 bullets in a mag, and more consistency across the board. Moving back to the Frenzy, shooting at only 10 bullets per second, and carries only 13 bullets in its magazine, which makes it definitely the worst of the bunch, but an absolute bargain at the 400 credit price tag. Do you kind of see where im getting at here? Additionally, all 3 of these guns carry similar damage profiles as well, lessening the gap even further. This is the main reason why I find the Frenzy to be the best pistol, because it?s frankly NOT a pistol. It?s just an SMG tucked into the body of a pistol, and the weaknesses it has, are either easily counterable, or are just not weaknesses. Yes, the recoil is bad, but it can be controlled and is definitely abusable when used in the correct scenarios. The fact that it only has 13 bullets also isn?t that much of a problem, because time to kill is so fast in this game.

Most of the time, you will be using this gun to try and engage in 1v1 fights, similar to normal SMGs. The frenzy will only require 6 of these 13 bullets to hit in order to get a kill, and only 2 bullets with a good headshot, so if you don?t get the kill with the first mag, you probably deserved to die anyway. The only time where you might not be able to get too much done with the Frenzy would be when you take on multiple opponents at once, in which case you might be screwed, but don?t do that with this gun. It?s 400 credits. Based on what I?ve told you today, you might be compelled by the Frenzy and its capabilities, and I think that it?s in fact a great gun.

Everyone may seem super attached to the ghost as their pistol of choice, and while I think it?s a decent gun in itself, if players take the time to expand their creativity and try different options, they will find that the Frenzy is actually an excellent option and has situations where it can be better than the Ghost and frankly all the other pistols. Feel free to give it a try in your own games and let me know how it goes. Good luck in ranked everyone!.

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