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Now you may take offense to this title, but just know that Garbage can still be refurbished. Like yeah, your Positioning may be Garbage right now, but hey by the end of this Video we’re going to have your position looking like a big old castle. Made out of Garbage. But first we need to talk about positioning as a concept in general. Because something you need to understand is that positioning in a game like Valorant, is all relative.

Or really positioning in any game right, like let’s think about how a Goalie would stand in a game of soccer, or football if your not from the US. And for the record, I’m not throwing shade, the game is just called soccer where i’m from, so I call it soccer.

In a game of soccer, generally the goalies job is to position himself between the ball, and the net. Obviously his goal, is to stop the ball from going into the Net, so his position is going to be relative, to where the ball is. Notice how as the ball moves, the goalie is going to move as well.

If the goalie was on the opposite side of the goal, from the ball, we would call this bad positioning. He is going to get punished for this positioning, because the opposing team is likely going to score. In Valorant, it’s the same idea. You need to position, relative to who your opponents are, and where they are at. Now because Video games can introduce infinite numbers of variables, now instead of the example being, The Goalie, The Player, and The Ball, the example is going to be, You, the 5 enemy players, the abilities they have, the abilities you have, the map you’re playing on, how your teammates are playing, the time during the round, where the spike is positioned, the gun you’re using, the gun they’re using, the elevation of the angle you’re playing, the options you have after your engagement, where the enemies crosshair is likely to be positioned.

As you can understand, positioning is relative, and there are infinite scenarios we could craft around positioning.

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There are a lot of positioning guides on youtube though, and I want to provide you guys with something that you maybe haven’t heard before, that will help you think about your positioning more critically, and assess any position for yourself. Because like we said, positioning is relative, and a position that is good in one situation, might not be in another.

So the first question you need to ask yourself in any position, is “What is my Job”, or “Why am I here” which I think is a question many of us find ourselves asking a lot. Asking yourself this question in game though will help to solve a lot of the problems players have where they bait their entire team without realizing it. Because a lot of the time, you’ll be playing a position, that doesn’t actually have a job.

Take a look at this clip from a game I played the other day This is pretty blatant example of someone who is baiting their teammate.

This Reyna doesn’t really have much of a job right now, because his sage is clearly going to take first contact here. Maybe if the enemies were going to chase the Sage into vents here, his position would be useful, but this is pretty far fetched, and once they kill the Sage, they sort of just steam roll onto site. Obviously this is an extreme example, but sometimes when teaching things, it’s best to go over an extreme example, so you can get a better idea of what this looks like in a less extreme example. Because it’s easy to not do what this Reyna did, but it’s not as easy in this next clip.

Notice how in this clip it’s actually a 4v2 right now, so the odds of us losing this round are pretty low, right? Well not really.

3 Members of the team are low HP, so this round is a lot more losable than you’d think. Now let’s pause the video, and talk about each of these players positions right now, and what are their jobs. Well, Omen is the only full HP player, so his job right now is to absolutely not take solo duels.

He wants to use his teammates as a tool because they are low HP, so that he can trade them out and get kills.

He can actually do this from back site, but he needs to peek off of his Raze’s contact. So now let’s bounce towards Raze, what’s her Job then? Well as we said, it’s to stay alive, so Omen can play off of her contact. This means not aggressively peeking angles, and probably just hiding on site.

What she can do however, is play off of Skye’s contact, because Skye is currently positioned in a REALLY strong position in Spawn. This means Skye’s job is to watch the cross onto site, so that when she makes contact, her teammates can play off of her. And her teammates, meaning Cypher on Pillar, can swing once his Skye makes contact on a player dropping down from Hell. So everyone has their job, and as long as they stick to their job, this round should work out fine theoretically.

However, what you’re going to see instead, is Omen is going to peek and get headshot, bring all 4 members of the team down to low HP.

Skye is going to start to flank, making it so her teammates can not play off her contact, and also putting her in a worse position because the bomb is actually not planted for heaven, so if by chance she does make it through, she will now be in a worse position. Raze is going to swing out from cover, making it so Omen can’t play off her contact. And because she didn’t communicate anything, Cypher is going to have a momentary lapse, and miss his opportunity to play off of her. Notice how many things go down in a matter of seconds though in this round, and suddenly they end up losing a 4v2 because of this. Each player had a job in their position, but they didn’t really recognize their job, and it caused them to play each position incorrectly, and lose the round.

This is why it’s so important to think about what your job is, whenever you’re setting up for site holds, or post plant, or retakes. You need to know what it is you need to do to win the round. Sometimes what you need to is literally just stay alive, like if you’re in a super strong position like this Skye was, literally just staying alive will give your team a huge chance of winning the round. Other times your job is going to be a little bit more stressful, such as trading players out, or taking a duel that will help even out the numbers for your team. But now that we’re thinking about what our job is in each position, let’s try to talk about something else that is equally as important, which is, “Could My Position Be Better?

” Because we’ve all had jobs before right? Well considering some of us came to Valorant from Fortnite, maybe we haven’t all had jobs, but the point is, some people do their job better than others. And sure, your job could be to watching an angle, but what is the best way you could watch that angle.

Because sometimes you’re going to want to watch an angle from the safest location, but sometimes Ironically, the safest location, is no longer the safest location I can’t possibly go over all of the scenarios in which one position may be good, vs when it may be bad. That would literally be impossible to cover.

That’s why we go over VoD reviews by the way, because it helps us find actual examples of these real scenarios in game. If you want to submit a VoD for us to review by the way, you can do so on our new community discord, check that out in the description below. But just like the example I showed on screen, notice how Uhall can be a good position, but suddenly when the enemy Brimstone has his ult, you better be very careful about positioning in Uhall, because this is a very common, and strong spot for Brimstone to ult. Ultimates are the first example of thinking about enemy utility, but it really extends far deeper than just ultimates.

For example if the enemy team has flashes, you want to position in a way, that is going to prevent you from being flashed.

Whether that’s around the corner waiting to peek off of the flash, or in a position where the flash won’t even hit you, these are both Valid options However, if you’re in a situation where the enemy doesn’t even have flashes, maybe you killed their only flash agent, or they just didn’t even pick a flash agent, or even deeper, if you know their flash agent has used all of their flashes, this leaves you a lot more open to play closer positions, or off angles. Because you know they’re not going to flash around a corner, they’re probably going to have to dry peek it. Obviously you have to worry about recon abilities in this situation, such as drones, or darts, but the idea is, because they don’t have utility currently available to deal with an off angle position, you can abuse that.

This is mostly usable, in clutch situations when there aren’t a lot of opponents alive to trade you out for playing a position such as an off angle, or a one and done. Because obviously if their team doesn’t have flashes and you just position in the middle of nowhere, you’re probably going to just get traded out.

This is why we ask ourselves the question of, could this position be better, though. Because as you start to climb in ranks, you’ll start to think about, how could this position be better. and often times, the answer is going to be, if I had a teammate to play off of me, that would make this position better. and because of this, you’ll start suggesting things like “Hey can you come over here and play off of me.” “Come over here, and set up a crossfire with me.

” This is an example of making a position that is alright, really strong, and it’s all done by taking an initial concept, such as “What if I stand in this spot” and turning it into, “What if I stand in this spot, and when the Sova tries to drone me, my teammate will shoot the drone, causing the drone to not only not see me, but my teammate will pull their attention towards him, so that they won’t expect me in this corner, and I will pick up 2-3 kills because of it.” Notice how big of a role the teammate plays in this setup, and that’s going to often be the answer to how to make a position stronger, playing off your teammates.

Because a position that is played solo is generally just okay, however if you play off your teammates, it’s going to generally multiply the value of your position, and that’s the key to playing this game at a higher level. For example take a look at this Omen clip, where he teleports to the other side of Garage at the start of the round. This is not a really good position to be in solo, because the enemies are probably going to hear this teleport, and trade him out.

However, if you couple this with a Skye flash, like they do, the enemies are going to hear the Omen teleport, and push out to kill him, and the the Skye can flash them, and they can play off each other, because they have a crossfire. Because of this, they end up picking up a kill on an unsuspecting Jett, and this is just a base level example of how this stuff can be used. Again the emphasis here being, this Omen TP play is probably a pretty bad idea solo, but when done with teammates, it can actually be pretty strong. Lastly, I want to finish off by telling you guys a little bit more about Skillcapped. We offer a 5 division rank up guarantee, which we think is pretty crazy.

It’s like your local gym promising you’ll get ripped. Your local gym would go bust if they offered you that right? Not us, that’s how confident we are that our service works. Over on our website we have tons of examples of Radiant level players showing you exactly how to carry in your ranks, as well as courses tailored specifically to what you need to learn, so that you can improve at Valorant faster than other players. So if you are looking for the fastest way to improve at Valorant, I highly encourage you to head down into the description below, and check out Skillcapped.

com. Anyway though, thank you all for watching the video, and we’ll catch you, in the next one.

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