Hello, everyone and welcome to skill caps, i’m notorious dub and today i’m going to be going over some of the most important things that you should be doing after you plant the bomb. So you can close out rounds on attacker’s side now, once the bomb is planted, the attacking team has a huge advantage because the defenders have to regain control of that bomb site by coming through very obvious funnels into the site, which means the three things we’re going To be focusing on for improvement, are playing contact with your teammates understanding, abilities and ability, usages, post plant and taking control of critical spots on the site, where i’ll be going over every bomb site on every map and telling you the most important positions to take. Control of and finally we’ll look at some footage of pros holding bomb sites to see what we can learn from that. But before we get into that, do you find yourself struggling to win gunfights?

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In fact, we’re so confident that you’ll improve using our system that we offer a rank improvement, guarantee check it out yourself in the link below simply put in what rank you’re currently stuck at and find out what rank you’re guaranteed by using our system. So what are you waiting for unlock your true potential and get the rank? You’Ve always wanted at link is in the description below alright. Now, let’s talk about playing contact with your teammates first things: first, when you’re playing a post plant scenario, no one on your team should be peaking. If you have the man advantage, because there’s no reason to give the opponents a 1v1, when you can force them onto the site and make them peak multiple of you at the same time, this is because, as a defender trying to retake the site, they should be Looking for a pick before, they enter the bomb site that way they can attempt to level out the odds before they commit to a retake, but as the attacking team, if you’re at a man disadvantaged, that’s when you should be grouping up together and looking to isolate An enemy as they try to come onto sight by peaking and double swinging, different areas that the enemies could enter from.

This means that you and your teammates should be peaking one entrance to the site or just cross-firing one entrance to the site and looking for a fight while avoiding the fight on the other side completely until you get that pick, which gives your team the opportunity to Get the pick and turn the tides in your favor before you take the fight to the rest of the site, but this is great and all, but how do you actually play off of your teammates? Now it’s actually really simple, but it’s not always easy. The basic goal is to set yourself up in a position where you have a crossfire with your teammate, meaning you can shoot at the same enemy he’s going to be shooting at but from a different angle, and if he gets peaked by an enemy you’re in a Spot where you can then peek and see that enemy as well and fire, and try to save him from that battle, so the long and short of it is this.

You should be in a position to fight with your teammate, no matter what fight he ends up in, and there are probably infinite ways to make this work. But the two easiest ways to do this and set this up are to play opposite sides of the site. As your teammate like, if they are playing a main on a set, then you can play under heaven or if they’re playing you haul on bind, then you can play on bench and both of these angles together, give crossfires and the opportunity to fight together. Almost no matter what happens unless the other person just decides to be aggro peak and die before you can actually swing and help them out, and the other way to make this work is to play right beside your teammate.

Now it’s not optimal because you’re both playing the same angle, but it does make it much easier to play off of each other because you are so close, and it is still a very good strategy that we see pros. Do in post-plan situations all the time because when in doubt just play together all right now, let’s talk about ability, usage if you’re playing, viper or brimstone, you should know a couple of lineups on each map, so you can play to stop the defuse by throwing your Molly, on top of the bomb, if the round starts to get a little weird, and i’m also going to talk about critical points to hold from later so whenever you can’t get control of one of these critical points that the enemy can come through, you want to Keep it smoked as much as possible throughout the time that you’re trying to hold the site? This is something like heaven on a side, haven or ct on seaside haven.

You want to keep these areas smoked as long as possible, while you’re holding the site because they give the enemy too many opportunities to snag a pic before they actually commit to that retake. But aside from that, you should be looking at what your team has available in terms of ability usage, so you can tailor it to this round specifically, and you can actually press left alt on your keyboard to see what abilities your teammates actually have off. So if you or your phoenix still has a flash available, you should be using them or telling them to use them whenever the enemy does something specific like whenever the enemy drops off of balcony on b site split. As soon as you hear that sound cue, you should phoenix breach or omen flash and swing with as many people as you have there to pick up. Those kills and make this retake much more difficult for the defenders and when it comes to abilities, communication is going to be your best friend, because i see so many easy rounds get lost just because the teammates aren’t on the same page. This is something like if you’re, playing, brimstone or viper, with lineups and you’re playing off of those lineups or you’re playing killjoy with your utility in place, just tell your phoenix or brimstone, or whoever who’s playing sight to molly the bomb before they die, or vice versa. With any agent with area denial, because viper has 16 seconds of plant denial, so even if it gets turned into a one against five that little extra time from the phoenix molly can turn it into a guaranteed win for the viper.

If she gets her abilities off because she can lock down the defuse for so long, so all in all communicate with your teammates or at least tell them what you’re going to be doing. So they know what to expect or what not to expect so they can swing or play off view or not play off of you if you’re just going to play for your lineups all right now, that’s out of the way. Where should you actually be playing and what are the critical points of each map? Well, when i say critical points of a bomb site, it’s generally going to be areas that are extremely powerful to hold the bomb site from because it gives you great angles: crossfire potential access to the bomb or just takes a very strong position away from the fenders. That are trying to retake. Think of somewhere, like u-haul on bind so u-haul on bind, is a nightmare for the attacking team trying to hold the bomb site because it gives the defenders trying to retake access to a crossfire on short, as well as a ton of protection to isolate angles.

From like bench, cubby and short, so in this situation, while u-haul isn’t going to provide a ton of value to the attackers, because peeking out of the back of uhaul as an attacker is usually going to be suicide, unless you hit a nice shot, it’s best to Just take away the best position that the defenders can possibly have, because without u-haul peaks is a possibility. The defenders have to peak all of the angles that the attackers can hold from from the most predictable spot possible directly on site. So now that we know what they are, let’s go and talk about the critical spots of each map, starting with split so for a site on split you have screens and you have ramp. Both of these are insane spots to keep control of when holding down a sight, but screens is going to be way more important because it directly cuts off the rotation from ct. Spawn stops the enemy from getting to elbow for the peak onto your teammates and gives you a great crossfire on anyone dropping out of heaven or approaching the site from that. Long. Walk away from ramps to sight and ramps is also going to be a great spot, but it’s less effective than screens, because it only really gives a crossfire on anyone dropping out of heaven. It gives you a 1v1 on the screens person, but the angles aren’t great and it’s a very long walk before you actually get to peak sight and help if someone manages to get to elbow and peek through onto the site and while heaven would be a great Spot to hold, if you could manage to hold it, it would take a hero, play to actually be able to hold, and you should only really go for it if the opportunity arises and your team has a man advantage, but even then it would be better to Just double up screens with your teammate now on b-side split there really aren’t great spots to hold from, but having someone sneak into ct to hold is going to do wonders for spreading the team out, stopping one of the entrances to sight and giving a crossfire for Anyone dropping off of balcony whenever you want to swing off of that and then having someone take control of hell right below heaven.

While it’s a little more risky, it’s going to do roughly the same thing, giving the crossfire on ct and stopping the drop out of heaven, and the biggest thing you want to do on b. Site is, if you have more than three people still alive, is to spread out and create crossfires, because getting trapped in the back of sight or be made makes it a bit too easy to push you out and utility dump. You for free kills. As the other team, now, let’s move on to haven, starting with a site, you almost always want someone posted in hell and one person in the cubby on the far left of the site near the ct entrance. Now both of these spots are safe from almost all angles and give the perfect crossfire onto the ct entrance.

Now, if you have a jet omen or a raised, and you can manage to take control of heaven, then that’s a great play, but keeping someone long to watch the flank and keeping heaven smoked off with crossfires on ct is usually going to be enough to cause Trouble for the retakers and bring home the round, and then we have b site it’s one of the most difficult sites to hold in the game, and here you have three options: now: the safest and the most common. Is your team planting on the front of the site and getting out of there quickly to play mid and window to protect the plant or from there you can plant on the a side of b site leave and take over the a connector and defend the plant That way, with one person or two people playing backside for crossfire on anyone trying to peak him or walk up to the a side of the site. And then we have seasight and the go-to strategy should be to plan out in the open and run long to spray down whenever the enemy goes for a defuse and make sure to tell your teammates if they’re dead to ping the bomb for you. But that’s not always going to be possible and another great way to play seasight is to have one person go into garage or keep control of garage just to cut off the path into sight and have everyone else playing a crossfire on ct. Just keep in mind. If you don’t have a tripwire or a turret on long, then someone has to take care of that as well, and then we have bind with b being probably the most difficult sight to retake in the game and a sight being relatively easy.

Comparatively so, starting with a site, we’ve already talked about how powerful u-haul is, because it stops that powerful position from the defenders bench is also going to be incredibly strong because of the crossfire potentially gives, but playing inside of showers is arguably one of the best and Most overlooked areas that an enemy could actually play whenever you’re trying to retake the bomb site, because almost every team is going to have someone try to play. U-Haul and people are going to play short to protect the bomb plant, but having one person go showers and play extremely passive, only peaking for the crossfire when the enemies contest the bomb can cause enough chaos to win the round outright, because three people peaking one from U-Haul one from short and one from showers, all at the same time, is almost impossible to deal with, and finally, we have b site, which is one of the few sites where everyone on your team should be peaking because the enemies have two options: flank all the Way around to come up behind you, hoping that you don’t have any trips or a turret to catch them out or walk straight through ct and look for a fight which is what’s usually going to happen.

So with that being said, your team should be posting up, watching ct from every angle and being ready to crossfire as soon as they see an enemy. But the easiest way to lose sight is by peeking too wide, where your teammates can actually help you and trade out for you. So the easy go to should be to have someone play inside of hookah watching ct. One person play inside the crate to swing ct off of the hookah player’s contact and one person playing elbow ready to peak ct as well. Whenever that fight starts just make sure you take care of the flanks before you commit to that ct hold though, and finally, we have a scent, which is honestly pretty straightforward on a site. The best bots to hold from are going to be underneath heaven with someone a main for the crossfire and for everyone else. Aside from those two who are alive, you want to start spreading out a bit playing around generator is a great spot to hold from. Maybe you could play double boxes, but if someone can manage to take control of tree room or cat, then the hold gets so much easier because you block off that entire entry path, because on a site there aren’t many good defensive angles to play. From aside from those two, so the rest comes down to playing together being unpredictable and honestly just winning your aim. Duels and b-side is very straightforward as well.

Now, playing back sight is the strongest area. By far, if you’re forced into staying on the site. Now there you’re going to want to just play with whoever is on your team playing back sight with you. If you have the opportunity, though, creeping back out of the site onto be main lets, you get shots on enemies who are likely not going to be looking for you and controlling ct is risky but very effective if you can manage to pull it off. But aside from those two spots, once again, it’s all about being unpredictable, which is what makes a scent so difficult for attackers it’s difficult to take a site, because there are too many angles and there aren’t many good angles to play once you actually get the sight. So, let’s take a look at a couple of examples of pros playing to hold on to a bomb site, alright, so for this first clip, let’s take a look at the mini map. We have a standard setup where they’re playing two people backside steel is on breach playing ramps and jet is attempting to control screens, even though she got there late now, jed is going to take the first contact on enemies walking into the smoke and hiko is trying His best to support him, but jet dying here, makes this round so much more difficult than before, because hiko has to now deal with the pressure from elbow. So now he goes only job is to slow down that push and draw enough attention for his breach to work his crossfire from ramps, and that’s exactly what happens.

Hiko and his cypher backside dance around enough to stop the enemies from getting kills early and breach manages to clean up the entire rest of the round, just because he was set up in the perfect crossfire on the enemies trying to rush to site. So while they’re focused on hiko and cipher backsight, steel manages to pick off everyone and pinches in to finish the job and for the final clip we have hiko playing post plant on haven with 7 hp, and here we’re going to see the importance of ability usage. So, with cypher being so low, he decides to take a safe angle instead of holding the cubby by ct and omen actually gets pushed out and goes to play safe as well. And we see here why these crossfires are so important, because the jet coming out of ct has to make the choice whether she’s checking cubby or checking help, and even though no one was actually playing. Cubby hego is still playing off the fact that jet has to check that angle and with that hiko gets the kill and then his cipher and his omen starts to play aggressive because they’re playing off of hiko’s contact and from there it’s all about hiko separating himself From the enemies and buying time for his teammates to do their work as the person playing first contact, your goal is to get the first shots onto the enemy, hopefully get a kill, but, most importantly, you do not want to die so you’re still a threat to The enemies, so the entire point of playing post plant is to force the enemies to make a choice.

They can either focus on you or they can focus on one of your teammates and when you make the enemies make that choice, they make mistakes and rounds like this, with two people at almost zero hp becomes so much easier just by playing the proper angles. But in all honesty, retakes are just going to take some time to figure out, but understanding these basic concepts and important areas will speed up that improvement by a ton and remember if you want to improve, win more gunfights and get the rank. You’Ve always wanted, then check out The link is in the description below and, as always, let me know in the comments what you’re having trouble with in game, and hopefully we can make a video to help fix that. As always, we here at skillcap want to thank you for watching and make sure you hit that subscribe button and turn those notification bells on, because we have a ton more comprehensive premium guides coming your way and as always, i’m notorious dub signing off.

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