Vindictus Glas Raid & Break-off Tactics

Vindictus Glas Raid & Break-off Tactics?by Ghiggi


1. As you start,?immediately build a campfire, don?t go too far as you may trigger the intro cut-scene.

2. While the rest of the party is at the campfire, the ballista man must go to the right side of the screen andpick up the arrows: throw them to the left side, where the ballista is.

3. As you trigger the cut-scene, be prepared to: the ballista man ready for the ballista, the rest of the group on the boss.

4. 2 hits from the ballista make Glas to be stunned for a very short period of time. Please note: you can hit Glas even when he?s flying.

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?Glas requires two hits from the ballista to stun him. But unlike Titan, it?does NOT?require?two consecutive hits. You can hit him once, dance around, come back after a few minutes and if you get another shot, it?WILL?stun him. This basically means you don?t have to hit him twice immediately and it?s a very good thing because you can always hit him once and only come back to the ballista when he grabbed someone, meaning a single shot is enough when that happens.?

4a. The ballista has additional ammo in the oppisite side of the room, it is advisable that the ballista man go and throw each arrow in the direction of the ballista, maybe the best time is when Glas is flying around (watch for his attacks).

5. Another way to bind Glas to the ground is by hitting his feet/ankles with?holy spears. In the upper and partially destroyed floor of the arena, there?s a blue area, when touched by a player, this player will equip 2 special holy spears used to bind Glas or to free a player from his grabs. Please note: once you have equipped the holy spears you cannot go back to your previous secondary weapons so if you are carrying chain-hooks,please DO NOT go upstairs for any reason or you will loose the hooks.

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?I have binded him for about 1 sec when throwing a goddess(?) Spear though the foot and towards the ground, this is also easy to do if he has grabbed someone, It will disrupt his grab. Also keep away from the front of HIS left foot, thats his grab area.?

Please note: I have successfully hit each foot with 1 Holy Spear and have Glas bound to the ground for at least 2 seconds. This was very easy to do after an inverse gravity done by another player, as soon as Glas is smahed to the ground you have 1 second of time to hit both feet, Glas will not move at all and you?ll aim properly.

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?I highly recommend Evies to use the Goddess Judgement if it is a breakoff party, because the chain hooks on other classes will be replaced by the spears. Here are a few tips about Goddess Judgement:
1. To pin down his leg, just aim at the area below his leg ring (with the spikes) and if it hits, it should pin that leg down.
2. Pinning his one leg down will stun him for a few seconds.
3. Pinning both legs down will stun him for a very long period which is even longer than the ballista stun. Pinning both legs is usually hard if only one player is doing it(at least for me because I haven?t pinned both legs all by myself). Hence it might be best if there is another player who will time and agree with you on when to pin him down.
3. The best time to pin Glas (like the above posts have mentioned) is when he grabbed someone with shockwave grab.?

6. Glas can grab a party member (usually a close and idle one) and "squeeze him/her to death. In this case quickly hit Glas?s either hand holding the party member or one of his feet with a spear.

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?When Glas grabs some1 and throws them down, there?s massive shockwave that can (and will) kill everyone near him. So unless you got a way to stun him, run for the furthest corner.?

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?There are 2 types of grabs.

The first one is a very quick one that is rather very hard to dodge. He grabs the player almost immediately without hesitation and if he caught someone, he will throw the player to the ground (Not smash) and deal a lot of damage (but it might not kill the player). Life flares can trigger from this grab since I encountered one myself. There is no shockwave in this grab either. This attack only hits a single player.

The second is a special grab where Glas?s upper right hand lights up with a red glow before he grabs someone. But most of the time, melee players will get grabbed by this because they can?t always see his hand when they are attacking up close. If someone gets grabbed by this, immediately help him/her out. Because this grab does produce a shockwave that hits every player who are staying on the lower floor. But take note that he will still do the shockwave smash, regardless of whether the player is dead or not and won?t stop unless interrupted.?

Ok, last but not least, the BEST tactic to deal with Glas quickly and painlessly: right at the start, the ballista player has at least arrows for 4 full stuns: the rest of the party must?transform immediately after the intro?cut-scene and burn Glas down. In the meantime, an Evie player needs to golem the arrows in the upper left corner of the room and bring them towards the ballista, this will provide the party of 4 additional stuns. The initial transformation acts also as fast SP building: by the time the whole raid will end the transformations, each and every player will be able to unleash his SP.


Break-off spot:?his right wing.
No. of chain-hooks:?2 at the same time, this means 2 ppl equipped with hooks is mandatory.
Done using:?chain hooks only
When to do:?at any time, for sure NOT when he?s flying around.
What to do:?2 ppl shooting hooks at the same time and pulling [I need to know how many successful hooks have to be used]

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?Do breakoff only at last bar because:
(i) He will get weak during the last bar where he will kneel down from time to time prodding himself up with the sword. This is the best time to do breakoff and even better if there is an Evie to freeze him.
(ii) chaining when he is frozen during attacks will not immediately disrupt his attacks and he will not tear off his own wing until his combo is complete. Meaning there is a very high chance that the chainers themselves will get caught up in the attack even though they chained him when he was frozen earlier.
(iii) when his wing is broken, he will get steroids and start doing more combos?

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