Vindictus Karok Clash Basic Guide

Vindictus Karok Clash Guide?by?Kelikitic

So you wanna clash, hmm?.? You gotta be quick, have fast reactions, no slowpokes here. Need to be good with timing.

I will post some videos later and slow them down in order for you people to see the clash point. I?ll even put a little happy face or something signifying when i hit the grab button :3

Clash, a move i love because of it?s effectiveness in a group of people. A move that makes the Karok fun to play and significantly sets him apart from the other characters. The concept of this move is so simple, it?s hard to believe so many people play karok JUST because of it. This is the Mabination clash guide, i made it so i could spread my joy all across Mabination, so i could touch all the other Karokin out there.

How do i clash well?
Since you?re here, you probably already know how to clash, so i will move on to how you can clash well.
A clash done well in my eyes is when a Karok successfully grabs the boss and the boss gets the living heck beaten out of him by that same Karok?s teammates.

What the heck was that? I clashed but i didn?t?.?
When i first encountered this i flipped my desk and then ran off yelling??THAT BLOODY CLASH BUG!!!??which was swiftly followed by me bashing my head into the wall. This is called clash bug, and its infuriating for new players. From what i gather it happens when the player and the boss? clash attack aren?t positioned correctly when the clash happens.

The Basics Of Clashing
Obviously to do a clash, you need to be facing the boss,?the align view to closest enemy button?REALLY helps here for obvious reasons. For a clash to happen you need to have your hitbox lined up with the bosses attack, then press?E
You don?t really need to press?E, this brings me to the two methods of clashing:
1.)?Pressing E?to clash with correct timing (HARDCORE)
2.)?Holding E?to clash without timing (Softcore)
The second option with very easy but the problem for Pillar Karoks is that if you have pillar throw it will toss your pillar if you don?t use the right timing, and you will fail the clash.
To win a clash you need to either tap?E,L,N?or the?Spacebar

How does one?FAIL?a clash?
You fail a clash when you:
1.) Hold a boss for more than 10 seconds
2.) Die

Willy and Lakoria will not be in this guide until i clash them both, they are the only two bosses i have failed to clash as of yet and i will NOT take their timings or clash attacks from any other guide.

Currently there are no guides i know of that tell People how to do clashes except for the vindictus mmosite clash guide, and as far as i know that doesn?t cover episode 2.

So at the moment i cannot reference any other clash guides because i know of none.

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