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Vindictus Lann Guide by loadjade

Lann (called Lethita in Korean incarnation) is a male warrior character who wields dual-sword or duel-spear and is centered around the concept that offense is the best defense.

You can wield dual-spear once reaching level 24.
Dual-spears are focused on even more offensive moves, but it rips you off of SLIP DASH and SLIP THROUGH, risking the survivability in a great deal.

Recently, a long-waited for evasive move was added for dual-spear wielders, where Lann throws himself forward executing a double cross chop with his spears.
This has both attack and evasion judgment at the same time.

Dual-spear Lanns can execute a smash attack where he unleashes a series of helicopter-like spinning move (you can also move around while doing this) and literally cleans up the entire area.

In Korea, they are nicknamed Chang-licopter (as ?Chang? means ?Spear? in Korean) and these dudes do some serious vacuum cleaning on the field.

The game tutorial describes that Lann is easier to control for beginners of action games.

This is somewhat true but mostly false since in the end-game, Lann players need to perfectly balance when to attack fiercely and pull out safely in order to stay alive. (or master how to nullify enemy attacks using the short invulnerability time granted during the execution of SLIP DASH.)

Skill Guide


Lann Skill Guide

This Skill Guide is heavily based on the Korean version guide that is written by ?AeonS,? the Lann (Lethita) board moderator at INVEN MABINOGI HEROES Forum (

I hereby express my sincere gratitude for him letting me to use his original guide to produce the English version of Lann Skill Guide.

And I politely ask all of you not to copy ? post this guide to any other forums or websites as the permission from AeonS is only granted to me and xvindictus forum to reference his guide.


This skill guide is designed to prevent so-called ?ruined? Lann characters that invest their APs in not-so-necessary skills during the first few levels.

When it says ?STORY,? it means you can acquire the skill (or, the corresponding skill book) by finishing a story (the Vindictus equivalent of completing a quest). Otherwise, you can purchase appropriate skill books from Ceara (hope that spell is correct, notify me if I?m wrong).

The rank following an arrow for each skill is the ?recommended? rank.
It does not mean that this skill absolutely has to be at this rank, but rather leaves some room so that it could be somewhat lower or somewhat higher.
Use your own discretion as Vindictus has no actual ?ruined? characters, since skill points are accumulated indefinitely, and you do not need to delete your character and raise a whole new one if you invest some skill points in an undesired skill.

So here it goes??..


  • COMBAT MASTERY (Default) -> D (for DualSpearLann)
  • SLIP DASH (Default) -> D (for DualSwordLann)

? Dual Sword Lann

If you plan to play as Dual Sword Lann, it is recommended to put some APs into SLIP DASH. Because you need Rank D of it to learn SLIP THROUGH.

? Dual Spear Lann

If you wanna play as Dual Spear Lann, you do not use SLIP DASH so just leave it as Rank F and put all the APs into COMBAT MASTERY.


  • MEDITATION ? STORY (After completion of Dwynn?s Request)

Lv.8 (?)



? Common

Do not put any APs into MEDITATION. Refer to Fiona Skill Guide I wrote about the efficiency of MEDITATION skill.

? Dual Sword Lann

If you?ve put some APs into SLIP DASH to raise it to Rank D, then you may put some APs into COMBAT MASTERY as this has immediate effect on normal attack damage, and Rank C of this skill is prerequisite of SP: SPIRIT OF BERSERKER skill later on.

But, if you reach Rank 9 of THOUSAND NEEDLE, you can unleash an additional attack that?s super uber cool to watch (and strong too) so if you want to invest into this first, put some APs into THOUSAND NEEDLE. You can?t go right away to Rank 9 now as Rank A requires lv.20 and Rank 9 requires Lv.30, but as I said, you may need that early start.

Likewise, if SLIP DASH reaches numerical ranks, you can actively use the invulnerability time when in battle. If you plan to become an expert of dual swords, then you need to know how to use this small chunk of precious time granted by Rank 6 of SLIP DASH.
The downside, however, is that the skill isn?t really practically effective until it reaches numerical rank.

If you ask, SLIP DASH is the ultimate winner in efficiency compared to THOUSAND NEEDLE but 1k needle extra move surely looks uber cool so if you dig looks, go for it.

? Dual Spear Lann

You cannot use THOUSAND NEEDLE when you wield dual spears. Leave it at Rank F. Put APs into COMBAT MASTERY.


  • SLIP THROUGH ? STORY (After completion of Decisive Battle)
  • RESIST KNOCKDOWN ? STORY (After completion of Decisive Battle / Third Request From Arnest)


? Common

Most Lanns will use Crimson Rage set at around Lv.10 (3 pieces of light armor and 2 pieces of heavy armor) and use Blood Prince set at around Lv.32 (5 pieces of heavy armor).

Considering this, it is advisable to put some APs into HEAVY ARMOR MASTERY up to C or D in advance.

LIGHT ARMOR MASTERY, on the other hand, is not really needed after Rank E.
Most common light armor Lanns use is Savage Leather Armor set, and this requires Rank E.

Surely the Nightmare set (Lv.44) requires Rank B of LIGHT ARMOR MASTERY, but Lagodessa Slayer set or Spider Lord set that shows better protection and stats increase are at around same level requirement and requires both of HEAVY ARMOR MASTERY / PLATE ARMOR MASTERY, so the latter two are more popular.

Even in terms of money spent to acquire / repair, Light Melka set (heavy armor set) that you can acquire via quests shows better efficiency over Nightmare set.

So easily put, Nightmare set just looks cool and gives a unique title upon gathering all the sets and that?s pretty much all. If you still wanna wear this set, you don?t still need to put APs into LIGHT ARMOR MASTERY in advance, cuz you WILL need to grind for the items needed to make the set and this grind work will surely get you enough AP to raise the skill from E to B.

For DUAL SWORD MASTERY, you don?t have to worry too much as Dual Redmetal Longsword (Lv.19) requires only Rank E.
However, if you worry about your weight limit when you?re wearking Crimson Rage set, then put AP in advance to reach about Rank E.

Going for Rank D for DUAL SWORD MASTERY only because of weight isn?t efficient at all. Put those APs into armor masteries as sword mastery only makes your weapon lighter but armor masteries make all the same type armor pieces lighter (and increases durability and defense rating as well!)

? Dual Sword Lann

Dual Bonespike Longsword (Lv.28) only requires Rank E, and Ikesha (Lv.32) only requires Rank D as well.
Don?t put APs into DUAL SWORD MASTERY, but invest some into HEAVY ARMOR MASTERY for Blood Prince set, put some into THOUSAND NEEDLE for the uber connecting move or show some love to your Lann by putting APs into SLIP DASH for increase in invulnerability time.

? Dual Spear Lann

If you wanna start using dual spear at Lv.24, then you need Rank D of DUAL SWORD MASTERY.
However do not do it in haste.
Just start putting APs in at around level 23~24. Put some in HEAVY ARMOR MASTERY for Blood Prince set.

Many of Lann users do not feel they are in short of APs until now but beware.


  • PHYSICAL TRAINING -> D (A, eventually)


? Common

If you invest some into PHYSICAL TRAINING now, you will not be so stressed in terms of APs later on. They say COMBAT MASTERY and THOUSAND NEEDLE do not show apparent signs of rankups but PHYSICAL STRENGTH will get you increase in attack power.

Also it helps you to carry heavier objects during battle. Considering Lann doesn?t have many moves that have high groggy value accumulation, throwing heavy rocks at bosses is extremely effective in team battle.

Reaching Rank D wouldn?t be too hard at this point.

Also Rank D of PHYSICAL TRAINING is prerequisite for WEIGHT ENDURANCE at level 34, so early investment is advisable. If you try to pull Rank D later on, training skills require alot of APs so it is not so easy to do later on.
So invest now.


? Common

Lanns need to evade at all cost. So DEFENSE isn?t so effective compared to APs the skill requires.
Some who wants more protection put AP into DEFENSE but do it after you rankup most of offensive skills first.

? Dual Sword Lann

Again, go for SLIP DASH for the invulnerable time or go for THOUSAND NEEDLE for the uber connecting move.

? Dual Spear Lann

Start putting some AP into for DUAL SWORD MASTERY Rank D as prerequisite for DUAL SPEAR MASTERY at level 24.


  • CRITICAL HIT ? STORY (After completion of Cobold Chieftain) -> A


  • GLIDING FURY ? STORY (After completion of The White Tyrant) -> A


  • AGILITY TRAINING (Not too much now, reach Rank A far later)
  • WILLPOWER TRAINING -> D (A, Eventually)


? Common

When you finish Cobold Chieftain (Lv.19 battle) you acquire CRITICAL HIT Story.
If you finish the battle after that called The White Tyrant, then you acquire GLIDING FURY Story.

First of all, CRITICAL HIT Rank D is prerequisite for GLIDING FURY so do this first.
After you learn GLIDING FURY, make it Rank E.

Majority of skills in Vindictus have huge difference in efficiency between Rank F and E then gradually (yet slowly) increase in efficiency through E to A.
GLIDING FURY is an awesome skill so put some AP to make it Rank E first.

The level requirements for these skills are 20 but some are story-acquired skills. So you might end up getting all these skills at around level 21 or 22. Then you need to purchase and rankup skills under level 22 tab as well.
And they are all important skills!

Don?t panic.
Here?s a thought.

First of all, CRITICAL HIT, SMASH MASTERY and GLIDING FURY are for Rank A no matter if you?re a Dual Sword or Dual Spear Lann.
Then one needs to put some priority over these skills but it?s hard to say in concrete.

For example, you need to score CRITICAL HIT to execute GLIDING FURY so this suggests CRITICAL HIT needs to be high enough. There are people who put APs into this first to reach Rank A.
But if you actually play the game, Dual Sword Lann?s 3rd smash (attack x 3 ? smash) or Dual Spear Lann?s 1st / 3rd smash (attack x 1 or attack x 3 ? smash) have some CRITICAL HIT chance due to Rank D of CRITICAL HIT and willpower bonus from equipments and titles.

Also, you can?t really say you only damage deal with GLIDING FURY. It?s almost a standard that you waste your normal attacks in air to land your final smash attacks on boss safely or use SLIP DASH and Double Crescent then get away.
You benefit from GLIDING FURY skill only when you score CRITICAL HIT.
But SMASH MASTERY, you benefit everytime you land smash attacks. (Double Crescent became a smash attack from recent update -> increased damage.)

So you can?t really compare what?s better than what.


Gliding Fury has uber damage amount even if it?s Rank E, and you land far more smash attacks than Gliding Fury itself.
This is about how one plays Lann so it may be different to other players.

Also it isn?t so bad to put some APs into training skills such as PHYSICAL / WILLPOWER / AGILITY TRAINING. It isn?t too AP stressed at this point so it?s advisable to put at about from E to D. As I said, Rank E is far much better than Rank F.

Do not put APs into INTELLIGENCE TRAINING. You don?t need brain. Only muscle.


  • DUAL SPEAR MASTERY ? STORY (After acquiring quest item ?Broken Wand? from the battle Hell Over The Gate)
  • LIBERATE ? STORY (Same As Above) -> 9 (Dual Spear Lann)


? Dual Sword Lann

DC is a skill that can be executed right after SLIP DASH and is a major damage dealing skill of Dual Sword Lann. If you reach Rank 9, you can even use this after SLIP THROUGH.

If you?ve invested APs into SLIP DASH (and used it actively during combat) you will find your total damage dealing is increased in great deal as you can execute DC during SLIP DASH.
However, DC doesn?t get improved that much when reaching Rank E, so you don?t need to reach for that in haste.

? Dual Spear Lann

If you wanna be a Dual Spear Lann, you should have achieved Rank D of DUAL SWORD MASTERY. When you learned DUAL SPEAR MASTERY and LIBERATE, you stand on a crossroad again. It?s already complicated skill tree and yet LIBERATE comes into it.

Dual Spear Lanns cannot use SLIP DASH (and THROUGH). Instead they use LIBERATE, although many Lanns question the efficiency of the skill. But this is what Dual Spear Lanns stand as they are, so they end up reaching up to Rank A of the skill. And LIBERATE is one of the most AP demanding skills such as PHYSICAL TRAINING.

If you reach Rank 9 of LIBERATE, you can use it while moving. This will transform you into better Dual Spear Lann, so it is a standard to put all your APs into LIBERATE ASAP to reach rank 9.


It is virtually unreasonable to switching to dual spear right after you reach level 24.

The only dual spear you can use at this point is Iron Dual Spear that you got as a quest reward. But most of you were using Dual Redmetal Longsword! The damage and reach are out of question to compare.
Royalguard Dual Spear (Lv.26) shows similar damage as Dual Redmetal Longsword.
So this would be better timing to switch if you want to learn rather earlier.

At level 30, you get Executioner and this is where you start express yourself as a Dual Spear user.
Come to Blood Lancer (Lv.32) then you are the major dual spear user.
It is better advisable to switch into Dual Spear when you acquire Executioner.




? Common


Ask any Lann right next to you. He will say this is the most important skill among all. As soon as acquire this, stop any other rankups and reach for Rank A.
Not as AP demanding, the immediate effect that you can actually feel as you rankup, this is a must.

STONE SKIN isn?t really important as of now. As I mentioned before, if you didn?t put APs into DEFENSE to raish up to Rank D, you cannot even learn this skill.

Now you will see signs of your AP supply is far below than AP that you need.
Even if you are following what I suggested (i.e. CRITICAL HIT/ SMASH MASTERY/ GLIDING FURY/ PHYSICAL TRAINING), you WILL need more AP.

If you have reached up to this point, you will have enough knowledge to move on your own.

But before I close the guide, reach for Rank A of HEAVY ARMOR MASTERY before you hit level 34.
Only recommended armor for Lann around this level is Blood Prince set (5 pieces of heavy armor).
But the weight of the full set of this is quite heavy. It?s almost impossible to wear without reinforcement.
The weight will decrease up to the point of +2 reinforcemnt at Blacksmith?s Shop. But doesn?t decrease after that until +5. From +6 the weight decreases again.

I remember at level 32, I had +5 Executioner, all +2 pieces of Blood Prince set, and Rank 9 of HEAVY ARMOR MASTERY, but even with all this, I had my total weight exceeding my limit.
After I learned WEIGHT ENDURANCE at level 34, I finally could wear all these.

So keep that in mind.


Combat-related Skills

As I mentioned above, CRITICAL HIT, SMASH MASTERY and GLIDING FURY will get priority. If you are dual sword Lann, SLIP DASH ? DOUBLE CRESCENT combo and if you are dual spear Lann, LIBERATE will take another priority.

I can?t really say LIGHTNING FURY has high priority as you don?t really get many chances to use this skill.
If you are a dual spear Lann, however, you can use more of this thanks to LIBERATE.
LIGHTNING FURY requires rather smaller amount of APs, but you don?t have to master this first because of efficiency.

As of COMBAT MASTERY, you normally let normal attacks go to land smash attacks safely on bosses, and even if you mastered the skill, the increase in damage isn?t too great.
So not too high priority.
Put just enough AP to reach Rank C for SP: SPIRIT OF BERSERKER.

You don?t really need to put APs into WINDMILL or STONESKIN.


Training Skills

Lann needs to master all the trainings except INTELLIGENCE TRAINING.
Among those, PHYSICAL TRAINING has top priority.

WILLPOWER TRAINING increases willpower, which will in turn increase crit chance. But the amount the skill increases willpower isn?t too much so PHYSICAL TRAINING is still the top priority here.

AGILITY TRAINING also has not-as-distinguished effect. This comes even after WILLPOWER TRAINING.


Recovery Skills

HP POTION MASTERY is also really important. If you are so confident that you will not get hit at all, you don?t need this. But otherwise, this is really efficient skill.

KNOCK DOWN RESIST and KNOCK OUT RESIST are also efficient as KNOCK DOWN RESIST grants some chance of getting invulnerablity time so you can get out of a situation where your death is inevitable.

HP MASTERY, STAMINA MASTERY require alot of APs so you start to invest in those after you rank up all the other skills first.
CAMPFIRE is really useful as well for the party play. Rank A is super useful for boss battles.


Equipment Skills

For DUAL SWORD MASTERY and DUAL SPEAR MASTERY, rank up only to meet your weapon?s requirement.
Lann will wear heavy armor during middle phase and plate armor+heavy armor later on so give APs to those two skills.
Increase in durability, defense rating, decrease in weight are the effects of armor skills.


SP Skills

You learn SP: SPIRIT OF BERSERKER first then SP: SLASHING HIGH then finally SP: FURY NO.7.
SLASHING HIGH?s efficiency is really questionable now so I don?t recommned to put APs into.
SPIRIT OF BERSERKER is somewhat useful but FURY NO.7 is much better.
You will still use SPRIT OF BERSERKER before getting the SEVEN, you could put some AP into BERSERKER.
But again, you will only use FURY NO.7 later on so master this when it comes to that time.


Again, thanks for reading and let me know if you got any questions.

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