Vindictus Perilous Ruins Bosses Guide

Vindictus Perilous Ruins Bosses Guide by Astoru

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Vindictus Perilous Ruins Bosses Guide
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First area of the game. Few ore mines, weak monsters, mostly tutorial-esque bosses. A dragged out stream of missions that basically teach you game mechanics and shows you how different the bosses of this game will be handled in comparison to other MMO?s. None of it rather difficult.

Because of the nature of characters at this point, they will play very similarly because of their lack of class based skills. In other words, most characters will handle these bosses similarly, if not exactly the same.

Most, if not all of these bosses are easily solo-able.

Fomorian Emblem

First mission of the game, oh joy! Short mission, easy boss, nothing to be worried about. The bosses attacks are static and do not change direction, similarly to most bosses on this map. His setups for his attacks are so obvious and slow that you can easily just walk around them and just hammer away nonstop until he?s dead.

Makes me wonder why you had to click through 5 minutes of dramatic NPC interaction for such a pathetic boss.

Gold Leather

Boss numero dos, and not much different from the first one. The mission is a little bit longer, but the boss is basically a copy-paste from the first one. Long setups, easy to dodge, but it adds an attack where he makes a wide sweep of his club, then spins around on a second sweep that will hit everyone that gets close.

This brings up lesson 1 of how to handle bosses; when a boss is attacking, you usually don?t want to be too close. Remember this, it just might save you later on.

Gwynn?s Request

Pointlessly long mission for a pointlessly easy boss. Oh my god why are they putting us through this aaarrrrggggghhh?.


Anyways. Again, the boss is nothing to be afraid of. He has a bow so there?s obviously a ranged attack, but his aim is about as bad as Forest Gump on LSD. He constantly is backing away so he can be a little irritating for the slow smashers, and he occasionally likes to just headbutt out of random and stagger you.

Otherwise, you shouldn?t die to this boss (Shouldn?t?.). Just an introduction to a different type of boss you?ll see in the future.

Wind Through The Ruins

Oh. This guy again.

Yeah, this guy is yet another repeat of the first two bosses of this guide with one added attack that involves he jumping towards you and doing a barrel roll (Lol) with his club. Nothing interesting, just stay away from his front and smash away.

On a more interesting note, I?m eating a piece of some of the best Apple Pie I?ve ever had in my life. Mmm?.pie?.

Gnoll Chieftain

Alright, the gloves are off now! This guy is a great deal larger than any other boss you?ve faced, and quite a bit more mobile to boot. Until now bosses have just slowly run towards you giving you plenty of breathing room, but throw away that comfort zone. When this guy turns towards you, he will sprint into your space right away and begin his attacks.

On the bright side, his attack setups are slow and easy to predict. His two primary attacks are as follows:

1. He brings the hammer over his head slowly and brings it directly down on you. It?s slow and easy to spot, but it?s actually the first attack that seeks you to an extent. That?s right, if you move after the boss starts his attack, he will correct his aim to go after you. Best way to handle this is to either get out of his attack range, or (preferably) dodge to the right or left as soon as he starts to bring the hammer down.

This is the first attack that has an add-on effect that lowers your STR by about 50 for a minute.

2. He brings the hammer around his back and spins around in a full 360 with his hammer fully extended. DO NOT try to dodge this. For Fiona?s that don?t have heavy stander yet, DO NOT try to guard it. He?ll simply just smash through your shield and send you sprawling across the ground. Just get out of his range as fast as you can until he?s done spinning. This attack has a long recovery, so once he?s done spinning you?ll have a perfect opportunity to get a powerful smash in.

Side Note: This boss has the first breakoff item in the game, the Crimson Rage Helmet. It?s part of a set that (If you?re a Lann or Fiona) will last you until the Savage Leather set. Not hard to hit; just wait until he?s recovering from an attack and chuck a spear at his helmet.


What? WHAT?! This guy? AGAIN?!

Seriously, come on devcat. This is the THIRD TIME that you?ve copy pasted this boss. I mean, yeah, this is a tutorial map, but you could have at least TRIED to be creative.

Fine. This guy is a direct copy of Wind Through the Ruins, with an added headbutt attack from the boss in Gwynn?s request. Stay away from the front, smash like a maniac.



Easily the hardest mission of Perilous Ruins. Both bosses compliment eachother (One is ranged while the other is melee) and share a similar charge attack that acts as a smash and knocks you to the ground. If you?ve been running solo up to this point, this is where you might wanna consider going with a party.

The melee boss isn?t much to be worried about. Besides the duck and CHARGE attack that both bosses share, he?s basically a copy from the Wind Through the Ruins boss (asdfjalsdkfjaspodijOMFGAGAIN?!?!?!)

The ranged boss provides a few problems. Along with the normal ranged attacks, the fast kick, and the duck and CHARGE smash, he has a nasty ranged attack. The hint that he?s using it is when he smashes his right foot into the ground and pulls back on his bow sideways as it starts to grow. This attack shoots multiple arrows and hits hard and fast, and WILL knock you down if you get hit.

If you?re in a party, it would be a good idea to separate the bosses. Having 2 people per boss will make this mission a LOT easier.

If you?re alone, the best thing to do would be to kill the Melee boss first. Always try to line up the bosses so the ranged boss will hit the melee, as the ranged attacks WILL stun him. Once one boss is down, the other will fall easily.

EDIT: Yeah, it?s been a while since I ran these bosses for the first time. I had forgotten that there?s a little glitch at the top of the stairs to where you can get one of the bosses stuck to fight them one by one.

Thanks for the feedback.

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