Vindictus Perilous Ruins Max BP Guide

Vindictus Perilous Ruins Max BP Guide by Invertex


Well, thought I might try writing a guide.
Anyways, I assume we already have nearly every quest available in the Perilous Ruins and I?m sure some of us will want to get full BP on every mission.

Note that this guide is written by someone playing as Fiona, I tried to avoid talk about blocking but if you Lann players have something to add, feel free to do so. I also will not do a walkthrough of the whole mission as you should be able to beat that yourself.

What is BP?

Battle Points (or Completion Points) are points awarded for doing various things in a mission. Most quests require a certain ammount of BP (usually 100-160 BP) on previous battles to do them. BP is obtained in 3 different ways.

The base BP, you just need to clear the battle.

Bonus Missions
Bonus missions usually involve killing enemies in certain ways, finding items, or not letting your equipment break. Most of these are easy, except finding items is probably the hardest type as they are extremely luck based. Completing these also rewards bonus Gold (though usually the ammount is negligable)

Oaths are difficulty modifiers that either prevent you from using items, increase difficulty, or limit your party size. You should usually run with one of these on as they offer good EXP bonuses.

Note that you cannot use the same Oath twice to gain BP, you must clear the mission with an Oath you have not used yet to gain more BP.
Missions and Oaths are sometimes marked with a (P). This means that it?s a running total for the entire party. So, for example, if P1 gets 3/10 kills, P2 gets 2/10, P3 gets 4/10, and P4 gets 1/10, it will get completed for everyone in the party.

Level 1 Missions

Mercenary Training Site ? Level 1
130 BP

Mission BP ? 100

Total Bonus Mission BP ? 30
Defeat a Wood Man using Smash (30BP)
Do a standard combo or just spam the smash button and you?ll get this. Really you should have full BP on this on your first run.

Total Oath BP ? 0

Formorian Emblem ? Level 1
170 BP

Mission BP ? 100

Total Bonus Mission BP ? 25
Obtain Black Gnoll Leather (10BP)
Shadow Fang drops this, really common and you?ll probably get it on your first run.

Obtain Shadow Fang?s Helm (15BP)
Again, dropped by Shadow Fang. This is slightly rarer and you may need to run the mission a few times. Thankfully this misison is short so it?s not too painful.

Total Oath BP ? 45
Win with 2 or fewer players (20BP)
You should still be soloing missions at this point so turn this on during your first run, the mission isn?t hard.

Win within 5 min (25BP)
The time restriction Oaths aren?t too bad at this point, just run between groups and don?t waste time breaking items for Erg Crystals.

Gold Leather ? Level 1
170 BP

Mission BP ? 100

Total Bonus Mission BP ? 25
Obtain Gold Gnoll Leather (10BP)
Dropped by the boss, Embermain. Really common drop and you sort of need 2 (one for Shayla and one for Kristie).

Obtain Ruins Erg Crystal (15BP)
The missions involving Erg Crystals are the most annoying ones in my opinion. Erg crystals are dropped by destroying the enviroment, so just smash everything up as you go (I?d turn all oaths off for these sorts of runs). The Ruins Erg Crystal is probably one of the rarer drops so that just adds to the frustration.

Total Oath BP ? 45
Equipment destroyed To avoid equipment breaking, just don?t get hit. Really it?s hard to have everything break in a run so you should turn this on for your first run.

Win within 15 minutes (25BP)
You can do this battle in 5 minutes easily, so just do the usual running and you?ll get this done.

Level 2 Missions

Gwynn?s Request ? Level 2
170 BP

Mission BP ? 100

Total Bonus Mission BP ? 50
Obtain White Gnoll Leather (10BP)
Gotten off the boss, Foul Snowpaw. All he does is shoot arrows and kick you, so really just stay up on him and roll to dodge the kicks. Constant moving will dodge the arrows. This is a common drop so you will get this done easily.

Obtain White Gnoll Heart (15BP)
Again, from the boss. This is a fair deal harder to get and may require a few runs. You?ll need 2 of them too for Shayla?s second quest.

Obtain Broken Arrow (10BP)
Off the boss, but can also be obtained from cores dropped by archer Gnolls. These are even more common than the leather so you will probably finish this on your first try.

Obtain Ice Spirit Remnant (15BP)
Off the boss, this is a bit less rare than the heart, but still slightly rare. You could try smashing stuff through the stage to find one as well (but the boss is usually good enough).

Total Oath BP ? 20
Incapacitated Don?t die, which is pretty simple. Really 10 deaths is a lot of room so this oath should be on every time you run this.

Level 3 Missions

Wind Through The Ruins ? Level 3
190 BP

Mission BP ? 30

Total Bonus Mission BP ? 60
Obtain Mad Grizzle Paw Earrings (15BP)
Dropped from the boss (it has his name in it, what did you expect?). Pretty common (though it may take a few runs to get).

Obtain 5 Rare Ergs (P) (25BP)
This is is the worst Bonus Mission in the ruins, and the last one I finished. Rare Ergs just means any type of Erg (Life, Eternity, Light, Ruins). Problem is, Ergs are dropped by Wisps and destroying stuff. You have to get really lucky to get enough Ergs by the end of your run in order to finish this. Run solo while you do this so every Erg is yours to take (since I know some people ignore Ergs). Otherwise I can only say smash everything in sight, kill every wisp, and turn all oaths off.

Equipment Destroyed You should get this passively as well, these sort of missions/oaths are never that hard at this point.

Total Oath BP ? 100
Win within 20 minutes (30BP)
This is really easy if you just keep moving. 15 minutes is about all you should need if you don?t waste too much time.

Win with 3 or fewer players (35BP)
You still should be soloing your battles at this point, so turn this on.

Season of Macha (Difficulty Up) (35BP)
This pretty much makes Normal into Hard and Hard even harder. If you can?t handle Hard/Macha then switch it down and it?ll be about the same. This only boosts enemy damage as well, so if you can dodge everything, you?re good to go. That and you are allowed to use potions after all.

Level 4 Missions

Friends? ? Level 4
160 BP

Little preface here, this isn?t a mandatory mission and is one for a side quest. Talk to Tieve when you get a quest about it and she?ll have you deliver two letters. Just go through that until this battle quest unlocks.

Mission BP ? 70

Total Bonus Mission BP ? 35
Obtain Spiked Gnoll Club (15BP)
This is actually a boss drop, but this boss seems to have a much lower drop chance of this than any other gnoll boss. So you?re going need to run this a lot.

Equipment destroyed The length of this mission can be a bit daunting, but in a party you should get this easily.

Total Oath BP ? 55
Win within 12 minutes (30BP)
This is the first mission I?d say you should take a party with for. The main battle here is 100 Gnolls (in a row, same room) and the boss. So having more people will make this mission easier, and probably possible if you?re at the normal level at this point.

Win without potions (25BP)
This is harder than it seems, due to the fighting oriented nature of this level. I?d say revisit this later. Or if you want, get in a full party, and do it.

Level 5 Missions

Decisive Battle ? Level 5
215 BP

Mission BP ? 30

Total Bonus Mission BP ? 75
Defeat Bryialne wish a spear (P) (15BP)
This mission is a pain as the mission has 3 randomized maps, with the 3rd having a miniboss. Problem is half the time you?ll get Mad Grizzlepaw instead of Bryianle and you won?t be able to get this. I found Warrior?s Challenge is good for this as it reduces it to 1 randomized map which will have the miniboss, if it?s not the right map you can just restart right away. Also the other problem is the fact that people in parties tend to carry hooks to trip the boss instead of spears. Also, you don?t only have to use the spear, weaken it to a low health and start throwing.

Win with 2 Lv. 5 players (P) (20BP)
If you get into a party when you?re Lv. 5 and get another Lv. 5, you should be set for this. If you?re already past that and don?t have this, just spam on Ch. 1 and pray some low levels need this.

Finish Gnoll Chieftan with kicks (P) (15BP)
R button is the kick button in case you don?t know. Just hack him up to his last health bar and start kicking when he?s really low on HP. This is usually how you finish these types of missions.

Obtain Rage Helmet (break off) (15BP)
Break off drops are from hitting a certain area of the boss enough for something to fall off. The target here is the Chieftan?s helmet. You?ll need a spear user (nice to pair this up with Bryialne). Hitting the Chieftan when he?s ?down? does not count for this, however hitting him when he?s tired at 1 bar left will still count. Also note you have to hit him in the head twice to get it. After that a item will appear labeled as a (?), after the boss dies, go pick it up.

Obtain 2 Remnants (P) (10BP)
Normally I hate these missions, but this level is so long that you?re probably going to get this (especially if you?re one of those Crimson Rage lovers and need more red leather).

Total Oath BP ? 110
Warrior?s Challenge (solo mode) (25BP)
Oh boy, Warrior?s Challenge. The length is reduced to 1 map and then the boss, but this is still a pain. Most of the level is easy enough, but the Chieftan on solo requires different tactics than in a party (aka no hook trip locking). If you?re still level 5, just run with this on. Spam the free revives and get this over with. Anyways, bring spears and don?t use any of them (except maybe one for Bryialne). 2 spears will stun him so you can unleash a combo on him before rolling off. His kick leaves an openning for a short combo (2 attacks and then a smash) and if he lifts his hammer back, get the hell away from him. After he?s down to his last bar, sometimes he?ll get tired and that?s your chance for a free combo.

Win with 2 or fewer players (30BP)
Full length level, with 2 people. Just do the same things as you did solo (as hooks are nowhere near as effective with a small group). Or if you?re still Lv. 5, free revive spam now.

Season of Macha (difficulty up) (35BP)
Not too hard if you?re in a good full party. Just do the usual and heal after taking one or two hits. Do note that his spin attack on Hard/Macha is usually a OHKO.

Win within 13 minutes (20BP)
This is hard, not going to lie. You need a full party of 4, all with hooks, and all ready to run like hell.
The first 3 areas should be done extremely quickly and all item drops should be ignored (except maybe remnants). If you get lucky you may not get a miniboss and you?ll get shorter areas for the 3 random maps. You should have 6-5 minutes left for the boss. Just have a designated order for people to launch hooks and trip the Chieftan up while everyone else just combos him. If you have a good party, he should get tripped, get up, get tripped the instant his animation is complete, and he shouldn?t be upright until 1-3 bars left.

Revenge ? Level 5
215 BP

Mission BP ? 40

Total Bonus Mission BP ? 70
Defeat 10 gnolls with objects (P) (10BP)
You only need to finish them with objects, so slash a few times, pick an item up, and whack them in the head.

Win with 2 players under Lv. 6 (P) (20BP)
Same thing should be said as with Decisive. Just join some lower levels or be the level yourself.

Obtain 3 Rare Ergs (solo) (15BP)
3 ergs isn?t too bad considering the length of the level, just run the mission by yourself and smash everything until you finish this. Also, Bryialne is a possible miniboss in this level (other one is an Embermian/Shadow Fang double fight), so if you fight it, you?ve got anywhere from 1-3 ergs done at that point.

Defeat 3 Wisps with spears (P) (25BP)
Just go near the Erg pots to spawn some, spear them (OHKO), and kill anything near Bryialne if you get it. Not too hard (you just need spears).

Total Oath BP ? 105
Win within 12 minutes (25BP)
Nowhere near as hard as Decisive?s, but I?d still go for a party of 4 and running a similar tactic on the boss. Also note that I?d go for the melee one first. The ranged one has horrible aim and is a minimal threat.

Win without Pheonix Feathers (25BP)
In a party this may be hard with the length. Heal often, run away when hurt.

Win with 2 or fewer players (20BP)
I?d go with 2 as the boss is still a double boss. Spears and hooks are about the same here (it still is 2 spears for a stun). Go for Wolf Tail (the melee one first). He has 2 moves, a standard smash move and his dash, roll to the sides to dodge either. Jagged Tooth has a normal shot, a charge shot, a kick, and his dash. Really all of them are dodged by rolling to the side. The charge shot does do high damage so try and avoid it. If you?re targeted by Jagged Tooth, the other player is free to combo him while he aims for you. Note that the dash will hit anyone around the Gnoll as they start it.

Season of Macha (difficulty up) (35BP)
Not really much to say, same tactics as always. You just need a smart enough party and enough hooks.

Other Tips

You are allowed feathers in no potion runs, use that to your advantage.

Moving to the next area automatically revives everyone who is dead, even on a no feather run.

Most of the gnoll bosses have the same moveset. They can do a swing (dodge by rolling), go down and either swing once or swing, followed by a spin. Dodge this by staying away. Mad Girzzlepaw also has a flying lunge attack which he uses when you run away, roll to the sides as usual.

Abuse the free revives if you can.

Playing on hard increases the items the boss drops from 3 to 4. Use Hard if you really are having a hard time with some of the boss drops.

If you?re running low on spears/hooks, you don?t need to go back to Merrac. There?s a cat to the left of the gate to town that sells most of the secondary weapons.

You can always come back later, being overleveled makes everything easy.

Breaking off can be done with spears or a well aimed smash. You can knock the Gnoll Chieftan?s helmet off with a Combo 2 from Fiona when he?s ?tired?.

This guide was written by Invertex.

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