Vindictus Prairie Entrance and Ruins of Sanctity Bosses Guide

Vindictus Prairie Entrance and Ruins of Sanctity Bosses Guide by Astoru?

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Vindictus Prairie Entrance and Ruins of Sanctity Bosses Guide


Finally, a new map. I dunno about you guys, but I sure was glad to get out of the dark, fire-engulfed remains of Ainle (And the god AWFUL screaming of those ?vampires?) to a little bit brighter of a map.

Oh, but wait. There?s two maps this time around. Prairie Entrance (Kinda savannah-ish sort of environment) and Ruins of Sanctity (Knockoff of Perilous ruins?.got a little lazy there, devcat?).

Anyways, no big decisions to worry about this time around, other than the weapons/armor that require ridiculous amounts of gold ore. If you really can?t afford the Gold Ore (Which sells for around 150k-200k in the market and are rare as hell) and don?t mind using lower level equipment for a while, you can wait for the update for easier to make weaponry.

However, we don?t know when the next update will be. Your call.

Prairie Entrance

Ah, new map, LOVE IT. Since the first bosses of every previous map were of no concern, it would only make sense that this one would be easy too. Right? ??..Right?

No? Oh boy.

Okay okay, he?s not that hard, but he?s a bit more irritating than the other ?Map introduction? bosses. He moves rather fast (Similarly to the werewolves in ?Trampled Plains), has a smash attack where he charges straight at you with his mace, and is a tad annoying to hit. He?s limited to only 2 attacks, so he?s easy to predict.

1. He charges at you from a distance and smashes you with his mace. This is a SMASH, so use those Heavy Standers you Fiona users.

2. He runs straight at you and swings the mace at you 1-2 times. This is easily countered/dodged.

EDIT: 3. After doing today?s daily, I realized that he also has a sideways swipe that he almost NEVER uses.

NOTE: This boss is a total retard and likes to stun himself by running into things in the environment. He?s easy to stun, so spear throwing tends to knock him down fairly fast. Otherwise?chase him down, corner him, smash, etc.

Red Archer

Alright, ANOTHER new map. If you feel nostalgic walking through this, well, you should; this is an exact remake of the ?Perilous Ruins?, except it?s darker and it?s raining.

Even the boss feels like a proper Map Opener. Very similar to the last boss, except that it?s using a bow. I?m sensing laziness here.

1. It hops around like a werewolf (Yawn)

2. It shoots arrows with the accuracy of a cross-eyed drunk (Double yawn)

3. It has a single kick attack that?s so lazy that you can block/counter/dodge it easily. (Triple Yawn)

Oh wait. There?s 4 of them.

Yep, you read right, you get to face 4 of these guys, and they have a fairly good amount of HP. It?s been a little while since I?ve separated strategies by characters, but there IS a difference in strategies depending on what character you?re using to facing these guys.


Pull out those spears and get spinning. No, really, I?m totally serious. Just use Slashing High + Fury Infusion and spin the shit out of them. If they all don?t die within a minute, I?ll be surprised.


They won?t be hard, but they will be irritating. They move rather quickly and have that annoying kicking attack that staggers, but they don?t deal enough damage to kill you. Just use Amaranth kick like crazy, since they are stunned quite easily.


I?m going to assume you?re using Scythe. I?m biased, I think that Scythe is vastly superior to staff when it comes to soloing, so that?s what I?m gonna provide the guide for.

For the most part, these guys should be easier for you (Not as easy as Lann, but easier than Fiona). Their arrow attacks won?t stagger you until they break your Mana shield, so for the most part you can just spam Invisible Loom until they all die.

Prairie Gnoll

Oh. My. God. Are you SERIOUS?! This guy? AGAIN?!

I?m sensing some SERIOUS laziness here. I couldn?t believe it when I saw this guy. I mean, come on, this is practically the same boss from 3 FREAKIN? BOATS AGO. Ugh.

Alright, whatever. This guy is basically the Gnoll Chieftain (Facepalm) with 1 extra attack.

1. Overhead swing (Groan)

2. Spinning swing (Double Groan)

3. Baseball slide. Okay, this one can be kinda irritating. It has a wide hitbox, so you don?t want to be in front of him when he does this. Like all of his other attacks, this is a smash, so Fiona?s need to use Heavy Stander. If you get hit with this once, it?s likely he?s going to do it again?then again?and again.

I?d feel so much better if they didn?t use the Gnoll Chieftain model again with Everwhite. Ugh.

Spider Overload

Yay, back to Hoarfrost again. WHY do we keep having to come back here for seemingly no reason whatsoever? Jesus.

This mission is basically just a bunch of spider bosses with a Kobold Boss. Nothing you haven?t seen before, but it might be difficult just for the sheer number of bosses that you?re going to have to face at the same time.

Listing the attacks here is kinda pointless. I?m sure you?ve faced enough kobold and spider bosses that you can recognize their attacks from anywhere. Just keep in mind:

1. You?re probably gonna have to kite. There are a lot of bosses here, so you?ll want to group them close together and smash them at the same time.

2. If you get in trouble, there?s a dead spot at the far side of the room where there?s a large piece of ice and the wall. Nothing can detect you while you?re back there, so run back there if you need a quick potion.

3. If you?re a Lann?..spear up and spin away (Lol)

4. If you?re in a party, disregard all these (Except 3? ) and just smash them to death

Hunter at the Ruins

Back to the ruins again! God I?m glad I replaced all my in-game music themes, or else all the theme changes to old boats would have driven me insane

If you don?t know how to change themes and want to?I has a guide for it. Go look.

Anyways. This boss is a MAJOR upgrade from the typical bow shooting Gnoll. His accuracy is much higher, he moves MUCH faster, and has a few smash attacks that can really send you reeling if you aren?t ready for them.

1. Typical bow shot. Slow, inaccurate, nothing to worry about.

2. Roars, then jumps into the air and shoots an arrow that explodes. This is obviously a smash, so Heavy Stander is a must. If you?re any other character, GET OUT THE WAY. This is difficult to dodge because of how fast it comes, so getting distance is the most sure-fire way of not getting hit.

3. He looks around, roars, then shoots multiple attacks all around them. They look and act very similar to the long range stab of ?The Reaper? in boat 3, meaning that?s it definitely a smash and need to be heavy standed. He shoots this around pretty randomly, but he always starts off shooting whatever is directly in front of him. Just get some distance and don?t stand in front of him and you?ll be fine.

Ruins of Sanctity

Okay, there is another repeat of the Gnoll Chieftain boss in this map, but I?ve seen enough people die on his to merit mentioning him.


He looks easy, mainly because he is. But since he?s so easy, a lot of people underestimate him and don?t respond properly to his most powerful smash.

He let?s out a roar as he sways side to side for about a second, then turns around to whoever he?s targeting and smashes his hammer into the ground, making a VERY LARGE circle of flame explode around it. The range of this is HUGE. When he roars, you?ll want to get as far away as you can.

You have been warned.


This guy is the introduction of a new boss model that has a few new attacks, plus a strange combination of other old ones. Nothing too difficult, but not anything you can just smash mindlessly away at.

1. The duck and CHARGE. You haven?t seen this attack since Revenge, but it acts exactly the same and hits a good deal harder. This IS a smash, so heavy stander is needed if you want to block.

2. He brings down his axes 1-2 times. This is a slow, normal attack that doesn?t seek, so it?s easy to dodge and counter.

3. If you?re beside him, he?ll do a single swing to turn towards you. Easy to predict, easy to dodge, easy to counter, but a lot of people are reckless and tend to get caught by it.

The Five Spider Brothers


You know, screw it. Most of you won?t even read this part. Sue me, I?m lazy, but if you seriously need help with this one? have some serious problems you need to work out.

5 small spider bosses. Kill them, move on.

White Tyrant Challenge

Welcome to Vindictus.

That?s the only way I can think of to put it. This boss pretty much is the first REAL representation of what this game is all about. He?s difficult to stunlock because it takes so many spears to take him down, he stays stunned for a very short period of time, and he strings attacks together almost seemlessly.

You will want to take this guy very seriously. He?s the second raid boss, and for good reason.

First off, I?ll reuse a few pictures of his previous version, because they still apply.

Some of you will ask why I?m showing this setup. This is to let you know that he NO LONGER USES THIS ATTACK. It?s slow and makes him vulnerable, and was cut out on this upgrade.


This one is still around. For those that forgot, it?s a side to side sweep that?s slow and doesn?t sweep. Set up your strong attacks and aim it to hit him right as he finishes the attack.

If you don?t remember this one, you should. Single lunge, very fast, long range. Don?t run away, dodge to the side.


He has three new attacks, but one of them happens so fast that it?s nearly impossible to predict when it?s going to happen. I?ll give you a picture of his most dangerous one, however.

NOTE: I had a real hard time getting a good screenshot. Forgive me for having to show such a large image.

Click here to see a large version

This is the attack that kills the most players. It first starts with an upwards swipe before he comes down onto you with a belly slam. What you see in the image is generally what you need to be doing; to avoid the first swipe, simply run away and start moving to the left. When he?s about to the peek of his slam, dodge towards the small opening between his right front paw and right back leg.

Some people like to move the opposite direction, but this is the most sure fire way I?ve found to avoid this attack.

The last two happen so quickly that they?re just about impossible to predict.

1. He jumps into the air and slams down immediately. No setup, no signs, it just happens. Best way to avoid this is to immediately set up heavy stander when you see it happening, or just keep your distance.

2. He gets up and roars. This is no longer a safe time to smash, as this roar is actually an AoE smash in itself. Yes, that means heavy stander. Get back when you see this and set up a powerful smash if you have a good feel for the range of your strong ones.


Constantly smashing this guy is a bad idea. His attacks come fast, often, and have a large area of effect. The safest way to face this guy is to completely memorize his movements and time your smashes in between the short recoveries of his attacks. This means a lot of short smashes.

You can try to do it solo, but if this is your first time facing this boss, I recommend going with a party.

Gnoll King, Ruler of the Ruins

Interesting boss. Brings back the ?Rampage? boss model but throws a few new attacks into the fray. This battle is basically a preparation for the second time you?ll see this guy, but you?ll want to take this one seriously nonetheless.

1. Duck and CHARGE. Yes, you?ve seen this before, but when this boss uses this attack, he goes MUCH farther than any previous boss with the same attack. Take this into account, and make sure you aren?t in front of him when you see this.

2. Axe throw. He does this rather quickly, so you?ll want to watch out for it. It has a decent splash range, so be sure you aren?t close to it OR heavy stander, as this is a smash attack.

3. A simple axe swing. Normal attack, easy to dodge, easy to block, easy to counter.

4. Sideways swipe. You saw this from Rampage, and it?s no different here.

NOTE: This guy has a break-off: His mask. He?s a faster moving boss, so hitting this one will be a little more difficult. Best luck I?ve had is when he?s getting up from being stunned, or when he?s recovering from his duck and CHARGE.


BIG FROGGY. Real original there.


Anyways, this guy isn?t overly difficult, but he?s somewhat difficult to predict. A lot of his setups are very similar if not exactly the same. I?ll keep this one short, since it?s easy and I?ve been busy preparing images for a certain Raid you?ll be getting very soon.

1. Two bites. Not a very large range, easy to block and dodge, but he tends to do it without warning.

2. The bellyflop. Pretty much what it sounds like; he just jumps on you. The range of this attack is surprisingly far, and the setup is similar to all of his others, but it?s easy to avoid. Just keep circling the boss and this will be no problem.

3. The kick. Not to those behind him, but in front. He pretty much just turns around and throws both his legs out. Again, surprisingly far range, but easy to avoid if you?re just circling him.

4. Spews venom. Not a long range, easy to avoid.

NOTE: The act of turning towards you is an attack itself, strangely enough. It WILL stagger you, so keep this in mind before you start hacking away.

NOTE-2: He has a breakoff, which is on his back (Right?) leg. Easily distinguishable because it?s a bright shade of red. Hard to get if you?re going solo, but easy to pick off if you have a party to distract him.

The Fleeing Gnoll King

The big bad king is back, and he has a total revamped attack sequence to boot. Not much more difficult from his last version, but he has some nasty attack combos that can take you off guard if you aren?t ready for them.

1. Simple 1-2 swing of his axe. Normal attack, easy to block, easy to counter, easy to dodge.

2. He swings one axe down, the other one right after it in a sweep, then jumps back and throws an axe at you in midair. This one is deceiving, because it looks exactly like the first attack initially. The two first swings are normal attacks and can be guarded, but the axe throw is a SMASH, so put up that heavy stander. Just like the previous axe throw, it has a deceivingly large splash area, so be sure to stay clear if you?re a Lann or Evie.

3. Sideways swing. You?ve seen this from his previous version and Rampage, so it?s nothing new.

4. He roars and goes on a swinging frenzy that ends with a smash. DO NOT TRY TO BLOCK THIS IF YOU DON?T HAVE A GIANT SHIELD. This attack is a killer; if you get caught in it, you have about a 10% chance of getting away alive.

The best way to avoid is to actually stay closer than what?s comfortable. Right when he roars, dodge PAST him on one of his sides. The seeking mechanism of his smash will cause him to circle you, so it gives you a good chance to set up a powerful smash.

Note: Again, his mask is a break-off item. However, it?s a lot easier to get this time around; after he finishes one of his swinging frenzy attacks, he sits there nice and still to recover, giving you a clear target.

One of the easiest break-off?s in the game, in my opinion.


You will hear from a lot of people that this Raid boss is fairly easy; they aren?t far off. Once you learn his patterns and get in the tempo of your smashes, he?s fairly easy to take down. He also introduces a new boss effect, where he staggers if he?s hit with a certain number/magnitude of smashes.

Here?s the thing: I always play hard mode + macha, as most players should.

Why does this matter? Because this boss has a high frequency of attacks, so if you get hit even once, it can spell death. Just like the previous raids, I?ll provide a few pictures of his setups.

Note: I had a hard time getting good screenshots of his setups. They won?t be edited out neatly like previous ones. Also, if you?re wondering why I?m running through it naked, I did one run just to get screenshots of all his attacks and then left.


Lann = Sword
Fiona = Sword
Evie = Scythe

Click here to see a large version

His basic attack. This attack has a stupidly large splash range, but can easily be avoided by simply circling him to the right (As you see me doing in the image). Fiona can Guard/Counterattack this.

Click here to see a large version

This is his setup for a sweep of his left leg (Right, from our point of view). This attack has a deceivingly large range, so it would be wise for Evie users to blink through this. Fiona can guard/counterattack this attack, and Lann?s can easily slipdash straight through it.

Click here to see a large version

This setup is a warning that he?s going to do a two hit smash, which is a combination of the first two. HOWEVER, the first hit is a SMASH, so Heavy stander is definitely needed for Fiona?s. For Lann?s and Evies, simply circling to the right will avoid the initial stab.

The second strike is a sweep, but is no more difficult to avoid than before. Fiona?s don?t have to worry about it if you already used heavy stander (Assuming you?re using a kite shield) and will already be out of range. If not, this attack is still a smash attack and must be blocked with a Heavy Stander. As for Lann?s and Evies, a slip dash/blink will suffice.

Click here to see a large version

This is the spiders jump attack (SMASH). He sets up and initiates it rather quickly, and it has a stupidly large splash range. Avoid by continuously circling to the right, use slip dash/blink/heavy stander if necessary.

His last attack is a sideways sweep. The setup is exactly the same as the double smash, so it?s very hard to pick out. Just keep in mind that this IS a smash, and must be dealt with accordingly; back off or heavy stand/dodge.

No break-offs to worry about here, just focus on recognizing these subtle signals and this boss will be easy.

PARTY PLAY: This boss is ridiculously easy with a full party, especially if it?s mostly Lann?s. Because he can be staggered so easily, if you have a party that never backs off and smashes him constantly, he?ll never even get a chance to attack once and will die quite fast.

Nightmare at the Ruins

Hello Laghodessa! A much anticipated boss that actually has a minimum AP output that?s more than 10! Very much welcome for AP farmers.

This is the first time they I will not recommend you doing this solo. Ever. Not only do you have to deal with the mean older brother of the Giant Spider, you have to face the Giant Spider as well. With all the constant jump spams and the extra attacks from the Laghodessa, it would be too difficult to pull off. There?s a reason why there?s slots for 8 people.

Evies actually do have a method of doing this solo, although it involves a highly ranked golem and a good understanding of boss patterns. As far as I know, you MUST be scythe to pull this off.

CREDIT GOES TO FLODEA FOR THIS VIDEO. This is a very clever strategy, and I was not the one that came up with it.

If you don?t understand what she did here, she?s taking advantage of a mapping glitch. That very far back right corner is a dead zone for the spiders; if you put one there and run across the room, it will not be able to chase after you as long as you don?t get too close. The way she does it here is by using her Golem to attract the attention of one boss, commands it to stay, then lures the other boss across the room and dispelling her golem. One boss is stuck in the dead-zone, while she can focus on the other one by itself.

I have to admit, this is a real clever strategy.


Lann ? Spear or Sword:

Both weapons have their uses in Laghodessa raid, but spears are much more effective at initiating the ?stagger? animation from the boss. Through constant spinning and gliding furies, it enables them to continually ?cause the boss to stagger and unable to attack.

However, if you don?t have enough staggers going on, Spear Lann doesn?t have a lot of means to keep itself alive. This is where Sword flourishes; by this time, you should have a decently ranked Slip Dash, and all of these bosses attacks are easily avoided. Double crescent does have a nice chance to initiate the stagger animation, with a nice knockdown rate as well.

Evie ? Scythe:

I cannot express how much better Scythe handles this raid than Staff. The most a staff Evie can do is heal, firebolt occasionally, and blind arrow when she gets the SP. Her dodge skill is not enough to avoid most of the bosses attacks, however, so she tends to have to stay farther back than the other characters.

Scythe, however, has a more straightforward strategy. With Bloody Thread, they can continuously smash both bosses at the same time without having to be sticking in their face 100% of the time. Also, Bloody Thread has a nice aftereffect of drawing the bosses closer together, assuming that you managed to loom both of them. Take a Scythe Evie using Thread to bunch the bosses together and a competent party that doesn?t back down, and this raid will be a piece of cake.

Fiona ? Sword/Hammer:

Similarly to Lann, it doesn?t much matter what weapon you?re using. Fiona?s have less use than a Lann in Laghodessa raids, however, since her smashes are farther and fewer. That is not to say that she is totally incapable of speed running Laghodessa, it?s just to that she has to go outside of her comfort zone and constantly smash without even thinking about putting up her shield.

If things go to hell, a Fiona with a Giant shield will easily have the highest chance of surviving. That is an undisputed fact.

DISCOVERY: If a Fiona uses a feather (Regardless of whether or not anyone is dead) she can draw the spiders attention. IF things go to hell in a raid, she can successfully distract one of the bosses long enough for the rest of the party to kill another simply by using a feather.


Spear Lann?s. I?m sorry, I know a lot of you don?t want to hear it, but it?s true. I?ll even show a grossly overused video to prove it.

They show that the stagger effect of the bosses can be manipulated by the constant smash damage of spears. By having a single Scythe Evie in their party, she can bring the bosses together by using ?Bloody Thread? while the Spear Lann?s push the bosses against the wall. After about 30 seconds of constant spinning, both bosses will die.

This is the ideal setup. However, this is not always possible, because other characters do exist and getting 7 spear Lann?s is not always the easiest thing to do.

This is a party I was part of; My Lann was in this party (Corvus) and we had a strategy down to a fine science.

NOTE: For this strategy, always start with throwing a Light of Palala. This will stagger the bosses for about 5 seconds and give you a chance to get in position.

Smash spam is a must. You can?t wuss out, or else a large portion of your party will end up dead. We didn?t have enough Lann?s to simply push them back, so we adopted a more free-lance strategy that involved man-handling the bosses around the map until they were both pushed up neatly on top of eachother against a wall. This was done by dividing the party into two groups and coordinating our movements until the bosses were in an ideal position.


While having these strategies are all fine and dandy, the spiders are not just punching bags. They will fight back.

His model is nearly exactly the same as Giant Spider, although his attack ranges have increased along with his size. Bigger splash ranges, bigger AoE sweeps, you get the picture. There are also 3 added details to his attack sequence.

1. When he jumps, he will often follow that up with a wide sweep around him. Attacking after he?s jumped is no longer a safe thing to do.

2. Spitting venom. The setup for this is nearly identical to the setup for his jumping smash, but you can react to it the same way by just circling around him constantly.

3. When someone is directly behind him, he?ll smash his abdomen (AKA his ass) against the ground. He can do this several times in sequence.

NOTE: This boss has a break-off, which is his right front leg. There are different strategies that involve the dead-zone, but they are so inefficient and time consuming that I didn?t deem it necessary to even mention it. Along with the fact that the break-off can be acquired as a normal drop, I don?t even see a real reason to go after it.

If you want, you can try aiming for the leg with your smashes. This does work, as you can see with the Spear lann speed run.

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