Vindictus Stats Guide


Vindictus Stats Guide?by DarkAshelin

What does each stat stand for, and how can it benefit your character?

  • STR: Strength: Increases the damage done by physical attacks (1 STR = 2,7 ATT). For all characters except Evie, more STR allows you to pick up heavier objects. STR can be increased with Strenght Mastery and Enchant Scrolls.
  • AGI: Agility: Increases your defense (2 AGI = 1 DEF) and Stamina Recovery rate. It also allows you to recover faster from being knocked down. For Evie, AGI also increases Magical Critical Hit Chance. AGI can be increased with Agility Mastery and Enchant Scrolls.
  • INT: Intelligence: Increases the smartness of your character so he will no longer be a derp. Well not really, INT increases M. ATT, Magical Critical Hit and shortens the Meditation time to get AP. For Evie, more INT allows you to pick up heavier objects. INT can be increased with Int Mastery and Enchant Scrolls.
  • WIL: Willpower: Having more WIL will get you more HP (1 WIL = 0,6 HP), and increases your chances of activating Standing Endurance and Life Flare. WIL also increases your Critical Rate and Critical Damage. Critical Rate obtained from WIL is not shown in your Stat menu.
  • LUK: Luck: This will affect the amount of drops you can get from monsters, increasing your LUK can get you to drop 1 or 2 extra white cores. This does NOT affect?WHICH?drops you get (like rare drops). By default, all characters have 100 LUK. The only way to increase LUK is with a Novice Badge (+7 LUK), Cadet Badge (+10 LUK) or event items (often a Necklace that increases LUK). Divine or Luck Blessing Stones will temporarily increase your LUK in a single dungeon.
  • BAL: Balance: This is an important stat that affects your damage output. Every time you attack, the game calculates a minimum and maximum amount of damage for that specific attack, and selects a random value inbetween. Having a higher BAL will make the game choose damage values that are closer to the maximum amount more often, so you will do more damage overall.
  • ATT SPD: Attack Speed: Increases the speed of your attacks. Pretty straight forward. ATT SPD can be increased by upgrading your weapon to +6 or higher and Enchant Scrolls. Characters with a shorter height (chosen during Character creation) have a bit more ATT SPD than taller/bigger characters (taller characters have more attack distance/range).
  • HP: Hit Points: Increasing your HP increases the amount of hits you can take (directly related to DEF). You can increase your HP by leveling up, getting titles, leveling the Health Mastery, WIL and Enchant Scrolls.
  • Stamina: Stamina is needed for every attack, so having a good amount of Stamina / Stamina recovery rate is important to keep attacking, dodging or blocking (especially Vella?s have trouble with Stamina). Stamina can be increased with Stamina Mastery or Enchant Scrolls. Stamina Recovery can be increased with Battle Respiration and AGI.
  • ATT: Attack: This stat is used to calculate your damage for each physical attack. ATT can be increased with STR and Enchant Scrolls.
  • M. ATT: Magical Attack: This stat is used to calculate your damage for each magical attack. This stat is only important to Evies. M. ATT can be increased with INT, Magic Mastery and Enchant Scrolls.
  • DEF: Defense: A higher DEF decreases the amount of damage you take from monsters. DEF can be increased by Defense Mastery, AGI, Stone Skin, Armor Proficiency Skills and Enchant Scrolls.
  • Critical: Critical Rate / Chance: Determines the chance you have of landing a critical hit. Critical Chance can be increased by Critical Hit, WIL and Enchant Scrolls. For Evie, AGI also increases Critical Chance.
  • Crit Resist: Critical Resistance: Monsters can make critical hits as well. Having a higher Crit Resist brings down the chances of a monster making a critical hit on you.

What is important for which class? Sorted in most importance (though this does depend on your playstyle, so you don?t have to follow this exactly):

  • All classes: LUK, BAL
  • Fiona: STR, WIL, AGI, ATT, DEF, ATT SPD, Critical, Crit Resist
  • Lann: STR, AGI, ATT, DEF, ATT SPD, Critical, WIL, Stamina, Crit Resist
  • Evie: INT, M. ATT, AGI, WIL, DEF, Stamina, Crit Resist
  • Karok: STR, ATT, AGI, DEF, ATT SPD, WIL, Crit Resist
  • Kai: STR, AGI, ATT, DEF, WIL, Critical, Crit Resist
  • Vella: STR, AGI, Stamina, WIL, ATT, ATT SPD, DEF, Critical, Crit Resist

This guide is still incomplete, and I?m by far no expert. If you have anymore information, objections to my suggestions or additions, please post! ^^

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