Vindictus Titan Raid & Break-off Tactics

Vindictus Titan Raid & Break-off Tactics?by Ghiggi


Please note: the only way to have a smooth&sexy raid is to use the ballista in the proper way. Several GMs has already?confirmed that soloing a ballista is absolutely LEGIT?so I will not accept any negative comments on this matter.

1. As you start (assuming you are done with the 1st room), the player in charge of the ballista will run towards the designated ballista and will start loading it?WITH 3 ARROWS. Yes, you got it right, a ballista can be loaded with 3 arrows.

2. It is essential that an Evie golems the arrows to the ballista. In order to do so you have 2 groups of arrows on the ground, choose one and summon a golem, then guide it to the ballista and be sure to make it disappear NOT onto it but NEAR it, in this way the one soloing the ballista will NOT accidentally pick up an arrow while trying to operate the ballista instead. This is very important and if done in the wrong way will force the player to "clear" the ballista area before using it = waste of time.

3. When using the ballista try to carefully watch Titan?s movements, sometimes he crouches, sometimes he moves left and so on. Take your time and shoot wisely and please note that after the 1st hit you have al least: 3 seconds before throwing the 2nd arrow, so there?s no need to hurry.

4. Once Titan has been hit twice he will be bound to the ground for a moment. While the rest of the raid is doing dps, the ballista player should stay in position or if you have the boss close to you, you can dps it and get back to the ballista on time.

5.Titan?s rage mode: if the ballista is used correctly, this mode should not trigger at all (if it is triggered, it?s only at his last bar where you will also have him fatigued and resting).

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?It also should be noted that Titan enters in rage when he?s ~75% or less of the last hp bar. This means if you are annoyed by this combo your party should stop any kind of dps immediatly when he hits the last bar (a bit of buffer as spears and lazy Fiona?s XE will do damage). Also the breakoff spot is very small and feels random as hell, so it should be speared only when it?s completely immobile (aka tired).?


Please note: this break-off is commonly considered to be hard. Well it is NOT. You simply need a little patience.

Break-off spot:?his left foot, rear side, under the ankle ring, it?s a sort of "spring".
No. of flinches needed:?5, but please note: you will need several spears to have 1 flinch, so everyone must equip spears.
Done using:?spears, fine spears, Fiona?s Shield Bash, Evie?s Mana Mine and Eagle Talon, arrows
When to do:?at last bar only and only when the boss is resting (he will stand idle for a brief moment)
When to do alternate version:

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?When he is chained by balista, he first amkes a step forward, then stanfds still ~3s.

Cause of that, an easy and fast way is to jsut throw spears when he is chained. When he flinches: attack again till next balista.
That way you "loos" a tad bit of Dps, but don?t have to wait for him getting tired.
And after the Bo (should be done by the time he reaches his 6th bar), you can still keep on using balista for DPS.?


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