Voyage Century Online Becoming a Caribbean Pirate

Voyage Century Online Becoming a Caribbean Pirate by Driminary

I know about gashakkel?s guide to becoming a pirate exists and I woudl like to congratulate him on making it. This guide however, will be on how to specifically become a Caribbean Pirate from start to finish.

Well then, lets start:

PART 1 ? How to Begin

To join the caribbean pirates, you will first need 10,000 silver. You will also need a good lvl ship.(preferebly Battleship) I joined at level 3 but I do think you can become one with a lvl 2 but perhaps not sink as high lvl ships.

The next step is to make sure that you empty your current warehouse and load it onto your ship. If it is too heavy for your ship, take a merchant with you in a team. Then set sail for seville.

At seville, get ready with your team and buy some cannon balls. I suggest using level 3 buckshot cannons with canister balls. Around 2000 of them is sufficient if you can afford it and carry it.

You then move on to Madeira, where you will stock up on around 2500 provisions or less depending on how many sailors you have. upon leaving Madeira, you set sail in the approximate direction of Tortue City. For location please look at World Map.

When you arrive at tortue, go straight to Pirate Castellan Levassor. If You dont know where he is, search my name for my guide to Tortue. If you are still stuck and can?t find him, Pm me. When you talk to him you will notice he says mostly the same things all city leaders do. Select the Apply for noble title and then say yes you do want to join Caribbean Pirates. He will inform you that it costs 10k, just say yes.

Congratulations! You are now a Caribbean Pirate! Now you can go around Tortue City and check some Shops. It is best in my view to read my other Guide on Tortue to know what shops offer.

PLEASE NOTE: Pirate Teddy Boys/Girls will occasionally stop you and ask for money usually 10k ? 17k. You can choose to pay or attack. I would just pay.

Now you are a Pirate, you get some special skills:

1. Disposal of stolen Goods,

This skill is used when you have killed a merchant and they have dropped their goods. In the loot window, click the Disposal of stolen goods skill in the Commands Window, then click the goods. IT WILL NOT WORK IF YOU PICK UP THE GOODS FIRST. You then get a certain amount of cash. The amount depends on the level and amount of goods ?disposed of?.

2. Extort,

This skill can be used when you have level 32 in Sea Battle. You click the skill and then click on a player in high seas. If they also have lvl 32 Sea Battle, your ship will go towards them and they will get a window just like when you are attacked by pirate raiders when carrying goods. They have a choice of Paying or attacking. If they choose attack, you get 1 notority point and you go into sea battle with them. If they choose pay, you get money off them.

To gain Pirate Amity, you must kill Merchant ships. I will write another guide soon on which Merchants to kill and how. (See Part 2 below)

But for now i must go,

Hope this guide can become of some good use.
If this guide was a good guide, it was written by Driminary.
If this guide is Terrible, it was written by an anonymous user.

Take care, Drim

PART 2 ? How to Train ???The life of a Caribbean Pirate

This is the second part to my guide on Becoming a Caribbean Pirate.

In this half i will explain where and what to kill.

To gain pirate amity, you have to kill Merchants. If you go directly north out of tortue, there is a Kingdoms of Portugal and Spain trade route. This route has absolutely NO Glory Frigates, Freedom Patrol Ships or Arbitral Cruisers.

If you go a bit further north, you will find a Kingdom of England and Dutch Republic route with the same no frigates etc.

The Amity and Ships to kill are here:
0-10??|Pearl Armed Merchant
10-20|Ruby Armed Merchant
20-30|Saphire Armed Merchant
30-40|Gold Armed Merchant
40-50|Diamond Armed Merchant
50+? ?|Abitral Cruisers, Freedom Patrollers and glory frigates.

How to kill them without boarding:

1. Stock up on Canister Balls, and Buckshot Cannons
2. Upon entering Sea Battle, anchor, then spin round 170 degrees, set sail then spin the other 10 degrees.
3. Using Autofire or manually, when the ship is in range?. BLOW THEM TO PIECES! Of course, use your own means of killing.
4. When you have killed them.??Weigh Anchor and spin round to get ure loot.

To Board Them:

Use the same steps as above until their sailors bar is a low as you can get it without killing it.
1. Veer towards them and get ready to board.
2. Board.

^^ Simple.

To gain spanish and portugese amity back, simply go to madeira at night but stay in the port. At night go straight in to a Gibraltar Battlefield until your amity is ok again.

To gain English and Dutch amity simply go around England and possibly stay in Reyjavik. At night go straight into North Sea Battlefields FROM THE NORTH.

I hope this guide has been helpful.

If this guide has been helpful, it was written by Driminary.
If this is a terrible guide, it was written by an anonymous user.

Take Care and Happy Pirating!

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