Wakfu Gobgob Osa Guide


Wakfu Gobgob Osa Guide?by RedXen

Osamodas is a versatile class that I would say breaks down into types based on its Specialty skills rather than its element. The three distinguishing specialties are: Gobgob, Gobup (summoner) and Symbiosa (dragon)

While the focus of this guild will mostly be about using Gobgob, there?s going to be some overlap into the other builds, but I?ll get more into that later. Up until the recent patch, Gobgob osa?s seemed a bit underwhelming. With the recent update to the Gobgob Osa?s healing capabilties, I figure its time to update the available resources to players interested in the support and healing.

II. Perks and Abilities of the Gobgob
III. Gobgob modifiers
IV. Builds
V. Gear progression Recommendation
VI. Extra and Afterwards

I. Intro:

The gobgob is a symbiotic summon for the Osa ?its a little blue star demon. Unlike other summons in wakfu, the gobgob does not benefit from +summon damage gear. It only has a basic attack (black hole) for its own abilities; the effect of this attack varies based on the target: on enemies, it does water damage; on allies, it heals and if the gobgob attacks itself (intentionally or from attacking crobaks) the gobgob is unsummoned.

Additionally, the gobgob has a life meter that is mostly linked to the summoner. Most damage that the gob takes, half of that is transferred to the osa. (To my knowledge and experience, only reflected damage is completely taken by the gobgob.) This means the gobgob could be used to shield the osa from half the damage it could take, but if its an aoe attack that hits both the osa and the gob, you?re going to get hit twice.

So outside of the base heal attack, the gobgob doesn?t seem very impressive compared to other summons, or just using the gobgob for turning into a dragon.

II. Perks & Abilities:

The gobgob is completely player controllable (given all the forum buzz on terrible ai, this is a pretty nice perk) and it converts the osa earth spells into water abilities for the gobgob to cast. These abilities on the gobgob do not use AP, so effects that would prevent casting, such as critical failure, or ap drain, do not prevent the gobgob from using its abilities. To reiterate that, if the gobgob critically fails to use one of its spells activated by the gobgob, the charge is not lost and the spell can be attempted until successfully cast.

While the gobgob uses the osa earth spells to activate its own, it also converts their damage into either a heal or damaging effect that is water-type. These spell effects are:

Armored Command???> Starry Armor?

Speedy Command???> Shooting Star?

Motivating Command???> Starry Motivation?

Vital Command???> Lucky Star?

Weakening Command???> Rain of Stars?

Starry Armor:?is a healing spell that also places a buff to prevent damage dealt to that target. When the target is hit, the damage prevented is displayed in grey. The armor buff does stack and is capable of absorbing all damage dealt to the buffed target for the duration of the buff. Additionally, the armor portion of this spell only benefits from elemental mastery, and not +heal. This isn?t a big deal imo since there isn?t alot of +heal gear an osa would use at present, but it may effect how people plan to play when considering how to min/max their spells at end-ish game.

For single target healing, this is probably the osa?s best go-to spell on paper. At 3ap, its highly spammable, has no targeting limitations (so long as the command hits the gob and the gob can see the intended target) and makes a decent attack for the osa to use when not healing with the gobgob.

HOWEVER: the duration of the armor buff is linked to the target?s turn order; at the start of their turn, the buff disappears. This can limit how effective the damage prevention can be as allies that that are either just a turn behind the osa or players at the fastest turn per round may not ever get attacked while the armor is on them. Additionally, the enemy ai (from my experience) will go out of its way to attack some else that doesn?t have the armor buff (as the ai wants to deal as much damage as possible per action).

3 Ap spell w/ base Heal 24 + 20 hp shield @ lvl 100

Shooting Star: This is a minor transposition spell. The gobgob will trade places with the target at a max of 3 range; if the transposition is used on an enemy, some water damage is also dealt. Because the spell that activates shooting star can only be cast twice per target, this spell can only be stacked on the gobgob twice.

When the gobgob moves a target, it doesn?t change the way it was facing. Tactically, this allows the gobgob to move behind a target that might not otherwise have an accessible backside and deal extra backstab damage with its attack(s).

Shooting star?s transposition effect will trigger damage effects from tiles (like moving onto a firewall) and movement trigger debuffs (like motion sickness). There are restrictions for when the gobgob does not exchange places with the target, but the damage will still be dealt. Any damage dealt will be dealt before the gob changes places, so if the target dies in transit, the gobgob returns back to space it casted shoot star. Bosses that are immune to being moved (like 3?3 bosses) will also not be moved. I do not have an extensive list of which targets can or cannot be moved, but I assume checking for a stabilized debuff on the target should cover most of them.

2 ap 1 mp spell w/ -21 Hp damage @ 100. 3 range swap spell regardless of level

Starry Motivation: The gobgob?s version of this spell offers a healing effect and grants a target +2 AP. While the ability does not have a cast limitation on it (besides the 5ap cost to activate) the target is capped at getting only 2 bonus AP regardless of how many times motivating command is used on that target in one turn. Use of motivating command can get tricky as the Osa spell version can only be cast in a direct line, but the Gobgob?s version can be cast within a 3 target radius (like the previous 2 spells)

5 ap spell w/ 38 hp heal @ 100. +2 ap regardless of level

Lucky Star: Currently, this spell is now the Gobgob?s biggest single target heal. The spell to activate lucky star on the gobgob, vital command, has a blind spot and needs 1 space gap to cast on a target; this can make the spell harder to hit on the gob as that one space can give enemies room to interrupt sight to the gob. Lucky star does not share this limitation; it has the same targeting field as all the other spells mentioned so far.

The combined heal and armor from armored command does have comparable numbers to the total heal of lucky star. In this thread (link) I crunch some potential numbers to demonstrate the difference between armored command and lucky star. Outside of that specific scenario I used for that thread, there is an absence of heal gear with +earth on it in the game, so currently, I would say its a matter of player preference to attack/heal with armored command or vital command. Just keep in mind the limitations between the two.

However, because lucky star doesn?t have any buffs on it, it does make it a viable spell to use on the gobgob to hurt targets that take damage from heals (such or ghouls or zombified enemies)

4 ap spell with +40 hp heal @ 100

Rain of Stars?This is the gobgob?s only aoe spell. It casts outward from the gobgob?s position and l has a 2 space radius that heals all allies in the area, hurts all enemies hit and reduces the enemies resists by 20%. This 20% debuff does stack up to 60%, however, the debuff is removed at the start of the gobgob?s next turn. This means that a single gobgob will only be able to consistently debuff an enemy by 40% (two casts using 10 ap from the osa) To activate Rain of Stars, the gobgob must be the center of Weakening Command. This changes the targeting icon to only highlight the gobgob; if the gobgob is only hit by Motivating Command?s aoe damage (and not targeting accordingly) the gobgob will be hurt by the damage (this hurts the Osa) and does not place a charge of Rain of Stars on the gobgob.

Aoe spell that heals or damages all targets in the area. -28 hp @ 100.

?Black Hole:?The gobgob?s basic attack. 3 ap spell. -25 attack damage or +17 heal @ 100
With 6 base ap, the gobgob can usually use this twice per turn. If used on itself (the gobgob) the gobgob is unsummoned.


Each of the gobgob abilties are linked to the Osa?s spell levels. The exception to this, black hole, the gobgob?s basic attack, is linked to the player level (though it still caps at 100) All of the gobgob abilties have a set range; they cannot be increased by +range effects, but they also can?t be reduced by -range effects. All abilities require line of sight of the target except for the aoe of Rain of Stars.

Spell Abilities aside, here are the other things that effect the gobgob:

III.??Gobgob Modifiers

?Animal Link: This is another osa specialty. For the gobgob, it matches the Osa?s earth mastery as water mastery ? the gobgob does not benefit from the player having water mastery or gear. At this time, I do not know if the primary effect of animal link (heals the osa when a summon dies) works for the gobgob. I have never had my gobgob die before. I have unsummoned the gobgob (attacking itself with blackhole) because desummoning the gobgob does not activate the heal effect of animal link, I will assume that the heal effect does not trigger from the gobgob at all.

?Animal Guard: The gobgob gets all of the boosts from this specialty while still keeping player control (osa summons buffed by animal guard can charge target to the creature/effect that triggered the buff) Additionally, because the damage dealt to the gobgob is dealt to the osa, the gobgob can trigger Animal guard by taking damage. Each instance of animal guard procing renews the bonus MP gained from animal guard:

e.g: the ally side has tiles on the ground that deal damage. If the gobgob moves onto the tile, it takes damage and can activate animal guard. Because of this, the gobgob could potentionally get infinite MP so long as animal guard keeps activating before the gobgob runs out of MP or HP.

?Critical Synergy: This osa speciality, when used, boosts the gobgob?s chance to crit on that turn. All of the gobgob attacks and spell abilities can crit. The osa itself goes get increased block from using this, though I?m not sure if this bonus block also transfers to the gobgob (as gobgob does normally get the +block the osa has from stats/gear)

Player stats: The gobgob starts off with the same Hp as the osa when summoned. It gets all the dodge, chance to crit, block, resists and +heal as the Osa regardless of the amount of points used to level up the Gobgob skill.

Fire/Air spells: Abilities that could buff an osa summon (indicated by the paw icon) can also effect the gobgob accordingly; fire spells also do not hurt the gobgob. However, while fire buffs appear on the gobgob accordingly, from my testing, they buffs from boohowl and whip only effect the gobgob?s damage and not its healing.

Backstab & Crit bonus: The gobgob does do increased attack damage from the back and sides. I don?t think a player?s backstab stat transfers to the gobgob, but I don?t know for certain as I haven?t tested this. I will also extend uncertainty of bonus crit damage influencing the gobgob either. If it does work, I will assume it only effects damage dealt by the gobgob, but not its healing.

*Ghoulified: Lots of debuffs effect the gobgob, but I?m making a special warning about ghoulified. Ghoulified converts healing on the target to damage and forces the infected target to take damage for an enemy that would be damaged. When the gobgob takes damage for another creature in this way, the damage dealt will return to the player, but it can also still place a charge on the gobgob. However, the damage-block effect moves the gobgob in place of the target, so if the gobgob is ghouilified, i?d recommend just unsummoning WP permitting.

Things that don?t effect the Gobgob:

+summon damage from gear. I mentioned it before, but reiterating this here.

Prespic hair: because the damage dealt to the gobgob transfers to the player, it treats that damage as only hitting the player so the damage reflect from prespic does not trigger.?Apparently prespic may actually work off of the gobgob. I haven?t tested this personally, but I will take word for granted at this point, though I don?t think the gobgob itself takes enough damage to make the effect of prespic worth leveling unless an osa build leans on using other summons that will make more use of this ability.

*Select Tiles: A few select tiles do not effect the gobgob. Off the top of my head, the only one I can recall is the ?teleport to random space? tile found in Cloudy Tofu. Damage tiles and glyphs all trigger from the gobgob. The enutrof bags will explode if the gobgob moves over them (instead of picking up an item)

*Lock: The gobgob does not benefit from player lock stats and effects. However, the gobgob can still lock anything that?s capable of being locked by 0 lock, or move behind a target to reduce its chance of getting away from something that does have lock.

IV. Builds:

I?m not going to outline a perlevel recommendation guide but rather just some suggested prioritization. Because the gobgob is only effected by 4 specialties (gobgob, animal link, animal guard and critical synergy) the player has options to level up abilities that would be used for other builds.

Early on, the gobgob is limited to minor damage and heals because it needs both levels in gobgob and animal link to be effective but also needs the player to have earth mastery points for link to do anything for the gobgob.

The gobgob?s heal on blackhole came after I leveled up my gobgob, so I don?t know how effective a heal that would be for early levels either.

That said, once a player has gobgob and animal link, they?re open to delving into the dragon or summoner builds. Because players have more than enough points to max out into these builds they have several playstyle options.

Gobgob Tank Osa;

The idea is to want monsters to gang up on you (or you run up to them) and you just have your gobgob focus on healing you. Gear can be an odd balance as either too much resists make you ignorable without lock or too little resists can make it hard to keep yourself alive.

Gobgob & dragon:

Use gobgob when you need to support/heal or deal water damage, then switch into dragon to focus on damage. Alternatively, dragon form may just be used as a last resort by maxing out phoenix spirit to revive once. The plus side is that dragon?s damage boost is for all damage, so this favors split or omni damage Osa?s

Selective Summoner:

This one isn?t quite as appealing since many utility summoners have been nerfed recently, but the idea is to start leveling up gobup and perhaps possession and just pulling out what summon(s) may have some utility or damage type for a given fight. The build generally relies on you having summons that attack from a distance or something that can be killed off by the player since gobgob needs animal linked leveled anyway, and killing your other summons can trigger the health back from the link. This aims to use split damage to benefit earth damage or trade off to fire to boost the summon (or gobgob) to deal damage

Healer-focused Osa:

Here you focus on a mix of earth and healer gear and plan to just stay back and focus on healing/buffing allies as needed. There aren?t a whole lot of gear choices to make this stand out unless you place specifically for something like Ivory Zordfish and Royal Crab. This is more of a playstyle choice and can fluctuate a bit from the ?tank? build.

Part time gobgob:

Since some of the gobgobs abilities function regardless of gear/lvl, other osa?s could potentially use the gobgob for a turn or so before unsummoning it or merging into dragon. Shooting star?s transposition, Starry motivation?s bonus ap and Rain of Stars debuff all have maximum utility effect from the get go. I?m not endorsing or condemning such a tactic, just mentioning people can do this.


Stat allocation: As with many/most character builds in Wakfu, the +ap, 1mp, optional range and stacking keystat or crit works for most of these variations. 4 of the 5 earth spells are range modifiable, and while the gob doesn?t benefit from +range, the extra range can help keep further back when just wanted to focus on support/healing. Crit does work for gobgob, so thats probably the best per capita investment after the ap. However, because of the turn-order effect on how starry works, players will want to keep an eye on their initiative. Some players may prefer to be later in the lineup to heal up what damage was done, others may prefer to try to boost allies asap or prevent as much damage as they can and want to go faster. Faster-playstyle turn-order will usually require stats put into initiative.

V. Gear recommendations

0 ? 20+

If you?re using gobgob at all, you?re primarily going to want earth-damage gear. Based on how you want to play, you?ll either go for earth gear primarily, earth split with fire or omni-elemental gear.

Starting from scratch, until you?re 15, what you get/wear doesn?t really matter. @ lvl 15, gobball is more or less the blanketsweep awesome for its decent fire/earth and extra +ap. The +ap isn?t as noticeable once gobgob is maxed out as 6 ap is enough to summon him and cast weakening command on the first turn. 7 ap is handy, but the ap milestones are pretty much 8 and 10

That gobbal set can last forwhile with the low level alternative perhaps being the celestial piwi set, but that?s probably take some twink work since the drops are brand new.

For ?tankier? osa, the lvl 20 shin larva set has some of the best defensive stats for the level and has omni damage (though only 12 at that) Uses less pieces than gobball, so it has a little room to make up the damage loss

35 ? 42

a) Royal gobbal: still has earth damage and a +ap from gobbal, but uses less peices so room for whaterver

b) Carnivore set: Its pretty much a higher level Royal gobbal

c) Drheller set: loses the ap, gains a range, and the +kit skill on the set lets you jump into tree or other 50+ gear sooner

d) Imperial Shin larva: Omni ap set, and while its an omni set, it actually has better offensive and defensive stats than single element sets of a similar level. But again, this is more of a planned-ahead twink set as, from my personal experience, the drops are a pain in the ass.

@ lvl 50
Gear gets a bit more involved. At this point, you can have put +1 in ap and mp. Stats + an ap armor set is a base 8 ap, which is pretty fun to have as it really opens up the spell casting comboes. I could probably specify some particular items sets, but the effort it takes to get those would generally be for players that wouldn?t need to look at this guide in the first place.


a) Tree set is the basic raw earth set for +ap and its usually easy to get/buy

b) Rascal set. available varies quite a bit since the Drheller dungeon is annoying to run at level, and the keys are a chore to get regardless of level. Its another straight +earth & +ap set, but uses less peices than tree.

C) lvl 62 set, Cold Stone. A solid earth/fire with +ap and +mp set thats fairly tanky and has lock. Not a big loss of earth element for a mixed set, but lacks initiative. The availability of the set also fluctuates a bit between markets, though its a decently lasting set that its viable to try to go after it with a group.

d) @ 65 Ancestral Treechnid. I don?t have any experience with this set, but i do know pieces are split between two different dungeons. It is a mix of earth/air if you want to play with that as a gob osa (air for whip and scaraleaf wing)


Another mile maker in gear choices. While it may have been possible for non-ap sets before, at this point, players can start wearing two complete sets. However, some of the ones that combo the best are harder to get/buy imo. If you have a 50+ set, you?ll probably be okay for a while, but if you?re still wearing something in the upper 30?s or 40?s, you?ll may want to look into an upgrade around here.

a) Kama + Drheller: Omni combination with a decent +damage, resists, ap, mp, range and crits and iniative. Usually hard to get as the drheller dungeon is annoying in many ways, the kama set is pure chance on shoveling, and any pieces I?ve seen of either usually get bought pretty quick.

b) Divine Tofu + Infernal (67)/Hood feller(72). Also an omni combination, but one that either has lots of wisdom, or some fun +lvl to elements and specialty skills. Hoodfeller is the sort of set you either plan in advance to get, or there?s a restat event around so you can reallocate your specialties to take advantage of hoodfeller?s bonus (specialties cap at 9 or 20, and don?t give bonuses for going above that) Probably best suited to someone doing a gobgob + dragon build, otherwise probably not worth the effort/money to use.

c) @ 83 Ratical set. Another new set (dungeon isn?t unlocked as of this writing) thats raw earth and has +mp, +ap and a mix of lock and dodge.

d*) Imperial puddly is pretty amazing for raw earth and +spell levels, but there aren?t any earth +ap sets that I know of that can compliment it. There are 3 options omni set wise: Divine Tofu, Divine Piwi and FireDrheller. All of which take time/effort/money that may make them frustating to get over just getting a few more levels and looking into something else.

e) Ivory Zordfish + Royal crab: to my knowledge, this is probably the only set combinations that have some earth damage and +heal on them. However, they have wasted water damage stats, and the reduced earth damage probably hurts overall damage potential compared to just sticked to +earth gear. But I suppose if your goal is to be a healer osa first, or have a water damage weapon you don?t want to go to waste, these are the goal to attain.


This is the sort of gear you?re hoping planning to get in advance, so if you see pieces of this in your 60?s or so, you either buy or try to get with group runs. More single items that give +ap become available, so gob osa?s dont need to complete full sets to get the ap and stats they want to function well.

There are a lot of combinations to worth through here because players don?t need complete sets you get their +ap goals (usually 9 or 10 base ap) This is the sort of gear you?ll want to be mindfull of starting to collect in the upper 60?s based on dungeon runs or market shops:

Forfut: probably the easiest of this list to get. Its effective +earth and has extra mp to feed into satisfaction rings.

Kraken: Far as I can tell, everyone else wants at least 1 piece of this set: Its a powerful omni set for raw damage, though it does hurt the resists.

Penelopy Vampro: The other high level omni set that actually has solid resists. Mixing Vampro with Kraken is probably the best thing an omni-aiming osa can aspire to have.

Radioactive: A solid earth set thats pretty droolworthy, but it seems like its more the sort of set that someone else is selling to that other guy that nets/costs a fortune.


Beyond this, I really can?t say ay this is the point I?m at in the game. I can make guesses and suggestions, but anyone who claws up to this point should have gotten the experience and resources to figure out for themselves where they want to go from here.

While I mentioned the different possible styles I tinkered with, I didn?t really sell why anyone?d want to deviate from anything not straight +earth. For mixed bags like split earth/air and earth/fire you having a few more spell options to getting around earth resists in battle. Damage-wise, earth usually needs to be at least 1 space away from the target; if a monster is right against you, you?ll either be doing less damage, tossing spells onto the gobgob instead, attacking with your weapon or using a spell in a different element

So the perk of mixed or omni is again, either getting around resists or dealing more damage to monsters that swarm you. I personally leveled as an earth/fire and used boohowl for my pointblank attack and tried to position gobgob to get hit by it (though tbh, a boohowl hit only adds like 10-20 damage to the gobgob, so not all that great) or I used mooing for dealing damage when I didn?t have vision.


I didn?t say anything about weapons earlier cuz I think its more a matter of preference for what sort of weapon you want to use and you?ll find usable stats to go with it. I personally favored 2h melee weapons to fill in my weakspot, though I could see healers perhaps wanting a main hand + offhand combination or even someone wanting a bow to get the +range benefit without having to stat one.

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