Wakfu Making Money Guide


Wakfu Making Money Guide?by JerryDB


Before you read on I may give information some may deem as spoilers that they wanted to find out for themselves.?So read at your own risk.?

This is my attempt to make a?rough?guide to help new players as a introduction how to make money within the game. I will update this from time to time, my words here are not absolutely perfect and they may well be room for improvement or in my experience my beliefs may be based on wrong assumptions.

I am not going to give you any specific details.?Why not??Because this is a capitalist style economy after all. If I tell you make item X and you will make lots of money. Everyone will do this and I will have lost my way of earning money. Eventually no one will be able to earn money as people always want their kamas instantly so you get into a price war going lower and lower until your?both losers.

How to make money aka kamas?
Firstly there are many different ways to make money, the limit is your imagination (well to a certain extent).

Dropping kamas from monsters
All monsters drop kamas 1 kamas per level however high level people can kill low level monsters and farm kamas, overall the kamas earnt from killing monster just about gets you 2 or 3 zaaps a day.

The first way we are introduced to in the games is mining the most?exciting?thing possible.
Acquire the miner profession from the various npc?s before you start mining I would strongly recommend you keep all the iron ore that you gather for the copper +iron recipe. Like usual the resources are split up within a nation from low to high, in your nation that?s from your headquarters to the far reaches of the nation. So iron can be found within the first maps, then copper and so on. Locations for ores can be found on the wiki please use the links in the next sentences.

You may also want to read?Miner?and?Kamas Minter?on the wakfu wiki. If you are purely going for kamas you could only mine the ores that are used in kamas recipes BUT the best receipe on the game requires level 60 miner. So its up to you if you want to aim for the best recipe straight away. I will warn you number mining does not level very fast, other players can attack you within the mines without any penalty.

What most players do is we earn some kamas from mining, enough to travel and buy sets then we use other methods to earn kamas from then on.

There are also things that help you gain more ores leading to more kamas,?picks,?miners hat?and?pets.

Drops and Resources
This is very simple sell the equipment that you drop and sell the resources that you drop. There are 4 main ways to sell items in-game. The main places to get drops are from dungeons where the Boss monster usually drops equipment items. I believe this to be the most common ways to earn kamas, at present the UB boss drops are worth a lot of kamas, good luck.

1. At the market places for example Bonta 5th Avenue. You will pay a tax the second you put the item up for sale, the tax is the same for every 24 hours so if you put the item up for 72 hours you really paying the tax on 24 hours three times. I would argue this is the most common way to sell items.
2. From your haven bag, this time you pay a one time only tax. For a player to see your item they will need to manually click on all your sell room chests. This can be great, especially if you know that your going on holiday. You can set up shop then when you get back your rich muahahahah.
3. Shouting it out in game selling ?Item X for X kamas?
4. Selling items using the forums Trade section then trade in-game.

Supply and Demand
As everything is driven by the players, we make the prices and we make the demand. We do not have a vast amount of players on the server so you may find that lower level sets have an artificially high price then they really should. This is because the supply is low and the demand is high making a higher price. I don?t think its worth mentioning price strategies its only a game after all.

I do not know the price of an item. Use?Wakfu Elements?then type into the search box the item.
So we can see the current price and the previous prices I can not stress how amazing and helpful this tool is, I use it all the time as its hard to remember the price of 1000s of items.


Another way of getting the price is thinking is the item low level ? if it is the chances are its going to sell for a low value anyway so I woudn?t worry about making the perfect profit margin from it. Secondly check the sell rooms to see what someone else it selling for. Last option very nicely ask a high level players, could they please tell you if the item in question is worth anything. Now if they say its not worth anything I will buy it off you for 1 kamas please think about they may be lying to obtain the item cheaper. They could be, being 100% truthful and helping you out you will have to learn this lesson for yourself.

Also check what an item is used in my clicking ?used in profession?s? icon on the item then right click on the list some times make be used to make something else then something further which has a high value.

General rules
Low level items = low price.
High level items=high price for two reason harder to obtain and higher levels have more money.
The higher the rarity the higher the price. Rarity is colour coded orange is the rarest.
The higher the difficulty the higher the price.
The higher the time taken to obtain the higher the price for example levelling a maka item lv 100
Stats of the item the higher the higher the price.
Availabilities and usefulness, for this I am taking about Pets that can only been obtained through more than +3 months p2p and rings and amulets that are useful for all classes like a pp ring.

There are of course many exceptions to this simple general rules. So looking at the list you can work how to get rich?obtain items that are rare, that take lots of time which have high stats and that are useful for everyone. Easier said then done but I hope you get the idea.

Also items that are new (recently released) will have a higher value then perhaps there actual stats are worth because there current supply is low also items that have been out a long time may have a low value.

What is speculation? this is when you know the true price of an item and someone sell it for less lets say 50 kamas less. You then buy the item and put it up for sale 50 kamas more than you brought less the tax the profit you earn is the speculative profit. Like all profit venture there is a risks. What happens if the true price for that item is actually 50 kamas below what it use to be, you will then be stuck with an item, you may even have to sell it for less than you brought it. In general trying to sell for a higher price takes longer, so you will have to be patient. As the server population isn?t massive this option can not be fully realised.

On dofus I fixed the price of my items the second I saw them in the markets I would buy them and sell at my price. The player who put in the original item was happy for a instant sale. I was happy as I was earning kamas for very little effort, the only effort was waiting a few extra days for the item to sale.

I have already told you about the miner profession. In general all the gathering professions themselves do not earn pretty much any kamas however they are used within the crafting professions. For example using the trapper profession to gather resources to make a bag. If all you need to do is gather using trapper then you should make very good profit.

Its up to you to find out what makes money, what sells well. I will give you a general tip, rings and amulets sell well because they can be used by all classes. You could look up an items that have a high price that are craft able then say OMG that price is too high let me try to make it and see how much it costs.

Making an item+profit.
If you do not want to level a profession you simply want to gather or buy the resources then get someone else to craft the items this is quite common we can?t have level 100 in every profession. Lets say the craft you want to make involved you buying every resources for the craft always be in mind that the market prices of resources can switch daily, when you make the item good luck on selling it for a profit. If you keep using the same crafter eventually they make start to?copy you, so try to use a guild member or good friend who will not let not let your secret out. Also if your going to quit or take a break, let your friend in on the action.

Leveling pets to their maximum stats can be a way of earning money. You can easy get gemlins and bow meow and level these very easily to the maximum level it make take some time.

For more please read?pets.

There are many more ways to earn kamas but these are the main ones that I use. Also I would like to add you will need to come up with new ways all the time because of the other players. Say I make X item and earn massive amounts of profit one day (sooner than you think) someone else will find it out as well. So then you will need to find new ways of making money all the time. It is possible that you and the player come to an arrangement about fixing the price but even if you sell 50% and they sell 50% you have still lost 50% of the normal profit you was previously making.

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