Wakfu Stasis Foggernaut Guide


Wakfu Stasis Foggernaut Guide?by JerryDB

So you want to be a badass motherfogger? read on

I am using the standard 11 AP build.

Firstly I leeched my fogger up to level 90 before I started to use him in combat.

Fogger base damage on stasis spells increase dramatically in the later levels so not linear progression this is done in purpose.

Critical hit damage does not affect stasis spells.

Stasis spells across all levels give the same amount of stasified, so there is nothing wrong with using the long way spells to stack more stasified .

At current Stasis can get the backstab increase damage (hitting them from behind).

Stasis spells give the status Stasified which at level 100 give +50% stasis spell damage. It also give 25% chance to steal 1 WP. It seems like 25% chance for target to steal WP then a further 25% chance to gain the WP that is stolen I may be wrong as most things die pretty fast.

So focus on one target to keep them stasified for extra damage.

Why use stasis have you been to frigost the high the resistance LOL who cares I am stasis look at this damage!. So as predicted by pretty much everyone the stronger the monsters with higher resistance the more appealing it is to cut straight through and do some damage. Also I love all the animations stasis striker is my personal favourite.

Benefits of this build

  • Can fight close range
  • Good consistent damage
  • Stasis looks amazing, hits through resistance
  • Only needs +critical hits to get better damages
  • Owner of a laz-e-boy chair
  • Best damage in turns of speed and doesn?t rely on stasified to do the majority of damage
  • Good to an extend to solo (can be playing like an iop)

Bad points

  • Low mp
  • Not a tanking build
  • Low range
  • Not the highest hp
  • Uses ring of satisfaction
  • Not the best at low levels especially trying to solo
  • Possibly low initiative depending on equipment
  • Doesn?t shine until high levels with 11 AP
  • Does not fully utilise stasified so doesn?t benefit the other foggers as much

Specialities (I only usually talk in terms of maximum level)
This is the order I levelled them, level them in any order you feel

  • Critical Turbo max.
  • Painless steel max.
  • Mircobot max.
  • Mother fogger level 6
  • Armor plating to max
  • Groove to max

The ones I used and why
This is the order I levelled them, level them in any order you feel

  • Critical turbo this is your main most useful passive, if you use an WP spell you get +100 dodge +20% crit next turn. Note if you summon cybot with 2 WP you only get +20% crit. Also if you use blazing fire twice you will received double critical turbo so +40% crits.
  • Painless steel a passive that gives you +20% more hp, you will need it as you are close range
  • Mircobot used for tracks and mother fogger
  • Motherfogger I call this my laz-e-boy chair or turrent mode. I mainly use this when I simply do not have the range to attack. I only level it to 6 so its 2 AP. So microbot 3 AP+Motherfogger 2 AP = 6/5 ap left to do one attack.
  • Groove for the +mechanics and rail size increase

The ones I have missed out

  • Cybort I love him, but his main weakness is 3 mp which is simply not enough as well as low hp, no lock/dodge at high levels he will be killed by one monster 95% of the time. I was formerly a stasis striker /cybort build yes sometimes I could do 1400 to one target but 80% of the time I couldn?t.
  • Fogginator pointless for stasis
  • Salvage as my built is all about crit not much hp to make this useful
  • Fire and oil without any real decent fire damage a bit poinless also the oils annoys me
  • Stasis striker I love this spells but it is simply not practical to use every turn, I used this spell for 3 months, non crit damage 500 a turn / all crits 900 per turn
  • Ray of stasis this is the best long range spell but we can only pick two spells also minimum range of 2

Remaining points put anywhere I am probably going to put them into cybot as he looks cool, who needs hp when you have two guns for arms?.

Stats at level 120 = 595 points

  • 1 AP 150 points
  • 1 MP 100 points
  • 22% crit (all crits) 330 points
  • 15 points spare which I will put into HP


Aynaloxide this is your core spell which you should be spamming every turn as it does sick AoE damage and triggers critical turbo.
Heath of Stream your second main spell, this is used with the Aynaloxide combo attack. This is your main attacking spell from range as well.
Stomp if you are close range might as well stomp on your enemies.

Main Combos at level 100
Standard combo Anyaloxide 6 ap 243 + Heart of Steam 5 AP 175 = 481 + stomp (some damage)
Ranged or 10 ap/saving WP combo Hearth of Steam 5 AP 175 x 2 = 350
Range with sick AoE Stasis thrower 5AP 148 x 2 =296

Main Combos at level 100 with level 100 Stasified (+50% base)
Standard combo Anyaloxide 6 ap 364.50 + Heart of Steam 5 AP 262.50 = 627 + stomp (some damage)
Ranged or 10 ap/saving WP combo Hearth of Steam 5 AP 252 x 2 = 504
Range with sick AoE Stasis thrower 5AP 217.50 x 2 =435

I have left critical hits out of the maths on purpose.
I will give you the main combo as an example.

Level 100 Stasified at +50% critical hits Standard combo Anyaloxide 6 ap 364.50 + Heart of Steam 5 AP 262.50 = 627 + stomp (some damage)

627*0.50% = 313.50 non crit (627 base on all crits =940.50 base) *0.50% = 470.25

Average damage with critical hits 313.50+470.25 =783.75

On two backstab crits I can do 1,100 damage as a rough damage guide.

General tips and useful spells

  • Apart from the main combos, if you are really short on WP points and surrounded you could use Ray of stasis 1ap 1 mp and hopefully steal some WP back.
  • Stomp is used when you 100% do not need to move at all.
  • Hammer time 5 ap pushed you AND the target back one, you can use this on an empty tile as a little boost.
  • Ray of stasis+Stasis shot sometimes it might be worth using this to stack stasified as it has pretty good range
  • Mircobot to create rails personally I do not use rails they can be combed with motherfogger quite well. I find the fact you can only summon at one range and the tracks are linear to restrictive for me to use them.
  • Use motherfogger if you know the targets will be within range soon as it may be a better option then using hammer time twice.
  • Use motherfogger to stabilise yourself when needed remember there is no AP cost to remove the state.
  • Use motherfogger if you do not have enough range OR you want to debuff enemies with with Stasis of as I have found in frigost fire.
  • If you do want to use them lets say on a ranged map summon behind you, then run in a straight line then summon in front. Next turn stand on a micrbot then use motherfogger now you can move forward to attack then retreat at the end of your turn.
  • Remember to deactive motherfogger is zero AP so when your targets are close enough release those deadly farts
  • Pummel to create a block in front of you, which stops line of sight
  • Blazing fire used to buff up next with critical shooting remember to be careful with your WP, you can use this twice a turn.
  • Flame Fervor on the rare occasion you may need to jump behind a target then use hammer time to escape, or the other way around. Use hammer time then Flame Fervor to get behind your target.
  • Steampalm this has great no line of sight AoE sometimes used to finish off mosters that have ran away or I now use it to debuff at Frigost (monsters/allies).
  • Motherfogger with all elements depends on what you need its always 148 base at lv 100
  • Cybot occasionally this might be worth a go, hit it with Hearth of Steam you can then hide it near the back for free/extra damage or to keep pulling you backwards hopefully keeping you alive.
  • Microbot with Salvage to get some free heals.

Also stasis throwers damage (all elements) simply increases with your level and stops at level 100.
I never use microbots to inflict damage on enemies it is most efficient to use spells directly.


Yes I hate the neckfut.

I am not going to give advice on lowwer level sets as I leeched and started at high level.

So my set as you can full full vamp/ any ammy/full justice set/maka bow/ring of satisfaction.

You basically want to get 11 AP.

I use a makabow for the +crits and the extra range so Heart of Stream and hit a little further.
I know I could use maka cards and get enough more crit but I prefer the range.
I will forever use the ring of satisfaction to get my 11 AP.
So as I said early I started using my fogger once he could wear vamp set I would have liked to have tried Kraken set but it was too much effort to drop it.

My equipment could be much better btw if I had more kamas.

I play with my eni most of the time so HP is not a big issue.

Below is my future set. So final stats 11 AP 5 mp.

Other possible critical hit equipment can be found?here thanks again everyone.

The best pet for this build would be a moofly or maybe a dodge/initiative/clawbot pet.

P.S All questions to be on this topic not in-game please.

P.S.S I may have screwed up the maths I don?t fancy double checking it, as well as countless spelling and grammar mistakes

Please tell me if I have forgotten anything especially little tips/tricks.

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