Wakfu Summon Osa Guide

Build Type: Solo PvE, Group PvE
UB Capable: Plausible, not reccomended

Cost of Sets: Cheap
Difficulty: Moderate

This build is by far the most common. It relies on using your summons as a conduit for damage. Usually, this playstyle consists of hiding behind your summons and buffing them rather than doing damage yourself. This build concentrates mostly on leadership and summon damage gear but in turn sacrifices high resistances and personal damage.Specialties in this order:

  • Gobup to 9
  • Gobgob to 8
  • Osamodas? Blessing to 20
  • Possession to 9
  • Animal Guard to 20
  • Phoenix Spirit to 20

Gobup-?Why Gobup? It?s the soul of your summons. The higher level Gobup is the more powerful your summons are. At max level they will receive 70% hp, damage, resistance of the captured monster and 75% of the original monster?s lock, dodge, and initiative. Note,?this does not add stats to the summon. It actually decreases the stats because the monster is weaken when it is tamed than it is when it?s wild.?Aside of that, it also increases the range which you can summon your pets. This allows you to start fights further back and summon your pets near the enemies.

Gobgob-?Gobgob increases the number of summons you can hold and it decreases the cost of capturing a creature. At level 8, you unlock all five slots for your summons. There is no reason to level it beyond 8, the skill points are better used elsewhere.

Osamodas? Blessing-?This is the newest skill to the Osa?s arsenal. This allows us to summon multiple creatures at the same time. The way it works is listed at the top of the guide in the Leadership section. The reason you level this before possession is because you will be around level 40 at this point and that?s the same time you get your first leadership gear. You want to be able to summon multiple summons ASAP for this build. At lower levels, you can get away with depending on the AI. Your capabilities as a pure summoner increase immensely when you unlock this skill.

Possession-?1AP to control your pets? Heck yeah! At max level it even doesn?t need a Line of Sight. This spell is an absolute life saver. By the time you level this, you?ll realize how wonky the AI is. It?s usually hard to get your summons to follow strategies and tactics in fights with just the AI. At the point you level this you?ll probably have an ancestral crackler and a crackrock. You can use this spell to force the ancestral crackler to stay back and heal the other one.

Animal Guard-?Sometimes, especially at later levels, the enemies will work their away around your minions and start attacking you. This spell at max level has a 40% chance to give your summons 5MP, 80% resist, and +40% damage any time you are attacked. If it procs more than once in the same turn, it will not stack. When combined with possession, it?s a great way to turn the tables in the fight.

Phoenix Spirit-?I personally prefer this over prespic hair because you can only have a max of 5 summons per fight no matter what. That means if you have 2 summons out and they both die then you only have 3 summons left. More often than not, I find myself with only 1 or 2 summons alive towards the end of difficult fights. As a pure summoner, once your summons are dead so are you. This gives your summons a 40% chance to revive at max level. It?s nice to have, but not worth leveling any sooner.


There is a lot of debate about what?s best to level when it comes to your abilities, but as far as a?pure summonergoes this is the best.
Stat them in this order:

1 Range
You?re getting range first instead of AP because all of your spells are in multiples of 2. The only reason to have an odd number of AP is for Possession when it is level 9. You won?t have that until about level 61 anyway so there is?no reason?to stat an AP first. As far as gear goes, you won?t be getting?any?AP from gear until later levels.

1 AP
About now you should be level 61 and have possession close to being maxed if not maxed already. This will allow you to pull off combos such ass Boohowl + Possess or double summon + Possess.

As a summon osa, your job is to kite. You want to keep as far away from the enemies as possible while still being able to buff and control your summons. Having both an MP and a Range stated is the best way to do this.

Rest into Block
This is probably going to be the most controversial thing in this guide. Because you?re a summon osa, you will have low resistance and health. The best way to make up for this loss is to stat block. In my current set I have 50 block which means I block?half?the attacks that hit me. Mathematically speaking, reducing all damage by 30% for half your incoming damage is much better than having roughly 200-300hp (the same value point-for-point as stating hp instead). Your end game gear will also give block which will help contribute to making you a brutal summon osa

Other Osas may suggest stating initiative instead, but this is a bad idea. Even in pvp, block is better than initiative. I rarely go first and I win almost every pvp match. There is a better Osa build that?s more PvP centered if that?s your plan though which I will include in this guide.


I can?t stress this enough, as a summon osa?your resis will suck.
One of the best ways to combat this is to distribute your spell points among all your spell trees like this

This way, your can make up for your lack of resistances via your spells.
The reason this works out for a pure summoner is because you are not worried about your own fire damage. Your summons act as a conduit for your own damage. There are 3 main spells you will be concerned with though:

Whip-?This spell increases the damage of all your summons but a certain percent up to 120%. At end game you will have 8 or 9 ap, so you can level whip to 73 which gives all summons a 60% damage buff. You can stack this twice for a max of 120% and use the rest of your spell points elsewhere.

Mooing-?This spell buffs the resistance of your summons. Since they?re going to be tanking for you, you should give them as much resis as possible. This spell does cost 2mp to use, but it shouldn?t be that big of a deal if you statted an MP.

Boohowl-?On the occasion that your summons stand next to eachother, you can buff their damage to the same value as a double whip, but save 2ap. Or you can supercharge one summon. The only downside is this is a linear spell.

Why not level? ?


Levels 1-15:?You want to use red piwi and red googoo. You should fly through these levels rather quickly.

Levels 15-30:?Tofu set. ?B-But Lyia-chan, w-why not Gobball set? It?s fire!? Yes, it is. But it also gives you +1AP which is useless to you. You?re going to be using your summons as a conduit for your damage, remember? In this case, you want tofu set for the mp. This will allow you to kite easier. Also, you need levels in your air spells anyway so you can use them as temporary damagers if you want.

Levels 30-48:?Royal Tofu set is great. You get some fire damages and an mp, ore health, more init, it?s all around better. Pretty much a complete upgrade. As far as a weapon goes, you can use a pilgrim staff for your first +leadership.

Levels 48-61:?Yay, you finally get your first real osamodas set. You will wear everything in the Celestial Tofu Set with the Royal Chafer Crown and cape with a unique ring. At level 50 you can wear a kokotop. Because the top is a craft, be sure to find a perfect one. You can look up the stats of the perfect on on Waku Elements. For the boots you want to wear Polnuds and for the weapon you want a perfect Toh?Lo hammer.?Click here?to see the set on Wakfu Elements

Levels 61-100:?Ahh, you?ve finally made it to the second best set you can get before having to claw your eyes out for seal crafts. The only thing changing here is you?re wearing Alpha Predator instead of Royal Chafer. You?re also going to be wearing boowolf boots as soon as you can for the additional summon damage. At level 78 you can weak the Nu-Clear Cudgel instead of the hammer. It gives you a leadership and a pretty hefty summoner damage buff.?Click here?for the set on Wakfu Elements.

Levels 100+:?Here is where it gets nasty. You need 3 seal crafts and a rare drop to make this end game work. The first and easiest thing you can do is replace your boowolf boots with tap shoes. They?re a rare drop from forfut ghouls but with some dedication you can do it. Next, we?ll replace the hat with the imperial commander helm, breastplate with the imperial summoner armour, and your weapon with Fryou?s Little Staff and a Khiel?s Aegis. The reason you want the staff instead of Eskarina?s hammer is because you can get a solid +20% resist to all from the shield and more health while only losing a little bit of summon damage. The amulet will be replaced with a Seawater Long Collar if you want +8 leadership and 8 ap or you can use an AP amulet if you want 9AP and 7 leadership. I suggest the longcollar though for the resist. The good news is your previous set will last you until you get this set. There is really no rush.?Click Here?for the set on Wakfu Elements.


Ultimately, the summons you use are entirely up to you. There is no end-all-be-all for summon choices. It all depends on your play style and what you prefer. These are just suggestions

Levels 1-15:?Stick with gobball. This is your best tank for this level

Levels 15-20:?You have the choice of using the rat or gobbette. The rat hits like a truck and the gobbette heals. Whichever you prefer, both work well

Levels 20-30:?The Gobball Warchief is absolutely brutal. Basically the gobball on steroids. He can
charge the enemy with a chance to stun and he can take massive amounts of damage.

Levels 30-40?Get the blibli, then the aggressive blibli. They can keep the enemies away from you and still do massive damage. An alternative would be the scaralady since she can hit in an AoE and heal you.

Levels 40-50?You?re close to getting your summon gear, but you?re not there yet. You can glide through these levels with just a crackrock. That guy does massive damage. The Crackler at level 45 makes a better tank but does less damage.

Levels 50-60?Here is where it gets fun. At this point you should have Osamodas? Blessing leveled and have your summoner gear. You should have 5 leadership and about 105% summon damage. You could summon two ancestral cracklers, an ancestral crackler and a crackrock, a spear shark and an ancestral crackler, and much much more. Mix and match, find out what works best for you.

Levels 60-70?You will get your boowolf around here. It will be your best tank until you can get blimprats at 72. Use the boowolf with your other summons or you might be able to pull off 2 boowolves.

Levels 70-85?Blimprat with a boowolf is pretty snazzy. The only downside to this is you don?t have any ranged attackers. If you can pull off a blimprat with a crow, that?d be ideal. Normally that would be hard to do until at least 83. Play around with the crows in the kelba and the rats at the monastery.

Levels 85-100?Whispers! You can finally capture whispers. These things are beasts. The infantries make great tanks, the crossbows are wonderful dpt, the standards are great healers. You can couple these summons up with your rat or crow and feel unbeatable. If you want a more powerful summon between levels 79-85 you could always pick up a borbat in forfut. They are pretty nice, but whispers are much better.

Levels 100+?Now you?re ready for the big guns. The Boohemoth is a level 100 summon that can cast sacrifice on you. This makes it so that he swaps places with you and takes damage instead when you are hit. The whispered crackrock is decent ranged damage at 105. The northern Archer at 112 can take AP and force the target to turn around. He?d be much better if he was a lower level though, 112 levels is quite expensive. Even at these levels, the blimprat is still massive damage. He can easily dish out 800+ damage in a turn by himself. Remember to mix and match summons though. Especially the new ones from Frigost.

The Tank Summoner

Build Type: PvP, Group PvE
UB capable: Yes
Cost of Sets: Moderate ? Expensive
Difficulty: Easy-Moderate

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