Wakfu Water Prospecting Enutrof Guide


Wakfu Water Prospecting Enutrof Guide?by Silus87

Water enus are not all created equal. A well built water enu can be a very powerful pvp fighter.
This is not a guide for that enu.

Instead, this guide will show the most typical enu build ? the drop whore?.
This is updated to the latest version of wakfu (v.1.17).

The basic idea:
A drop whore water enu is a good build for a new character. It?s not that complicated, it deals good damage, and it?s fun to play. It?s also EXTREMELY popular with other players in dungeon runs, making it easy to level, and easy to make money. With a water enu in your repertoire, you?ll have much less trouble gathering mats to level professions, and getting rare items for this and other characters.

The downside: they?re quite common (for those of you who want a rare and exciting build), and they have terrible resists.

You will use Treasure Tracker to derive damage from your prospecting, and Geology to maximise your prospecting in battle. You will attempt to drop pouches at every opportune moment, and turn them into big pouches when necessary. Your drheller will be a very potent ally. It will finish off weak enemies, slow down the approach of stronger enemies, and pick up pouches you can?t reach.
Gear: you will want the maximum PP possible at all levels, with some allowances for MP.
Stats: crits, AP, dodge. Crits are primarily important for Purge. Having a high crit rate is the only way to increase the success rate of Purge. This is VERY important for boss fights. It also increases your damage, and the rate at which you drop pouches, which is nice.

In a fight:?you have good range, good damage, with a weak non-line-of-sight option (for the less experienced among you, this means you can have an obstacle ? player, enemy, or environment ? in between you and your target, and you can still hit them). Low resists, decent HP.
You want to avoid close combat for two reasons: 1, you?re gonna have fairly pitiful resists, so this will lead to death. 2, Purge, a key spell for getting rare items (see below), can only hit between 3-5 range. Close combat means you?ll drop a pouch 2 away, and you?ll have to move to use purge. Not ideal.

Your general battle plan will be:

1) get to the nearest mine. If it?s gold, great. If not (90% of the time, even with maxed geology), turn it into a gold mine using mine mover, and then move onto your new gold mine. You?ll often have to cast prime of life to do this.

2) build up your pp bonus ? the Treasure Hunter state (not to be confused with Treasure Tracker, which is a passive). To do this, you need to be standing on a mine, and you need to cast water spells on a target. Casting them on the ground will not work, but casting a spell on an ally (ask first!) or your drheller works fine, if there are no enemies within reach. The higher the level of the mine, the faster you build up this bonus (gold is obviously the best, and you?ll probably be turning every mine that isn?t silver into a gold mine).
Your max pp bonus is at state level 50. Each level is +2 pp, so that?s +100 pp, and it lasts till the end of the fight. No need to top it up. On a gold mine, this will take 2 rounds of hitting targets to achieve. Silver will take 3, and so on.

3) pouch enemies that need pouching. You?ll usually do this with Rascalry. Once a pouch has dropped, you can use Purge to turn it into a big pouch. See below for more details on these spells.

A few notes on pouches:?
Pouches give you extra items. This has no effect on the drops you normally get at the end of the fight, though you will see the item from the pouch in the end of fight summary. In addition, when you pick up the pouch, you will see the item you picked up above your head. Whoever picks up the pouch, gets the item.

Big pouches do not give more items, but they increase the chance of getting a rare item. This means that if you?re looking for common drops (for example, if you?re farming mats for crafting), you should NOT use purge on pouches. By increasing your chance of getting a rare item, you?re decreasing your chance of getting a common item.

When pouches explode, they do damage to all adjacent units, friend or foe, including you. 3 things can cause a pouch to explode:
1) The spell Purge has a 25% chance to fail, and thus make a pouch explode.
2) if you use Purge on an already big pouch, it will explode for more damage.
3) if an enemy or a summon (your drheller included) walks on a pouch, it will explode (Your drheller CAN pick up pouches for you, but only by using its Collection spell). In this case, the unit stepping on the pouch will NOT take damage, but adjacent units will.

When collecting a pouch, prospecting appears to be important. This means that you (or your drheller, who uses your prospecting in this case) should probably pick up pouches instead of other players, when you?re looking for rare drops. Unless, of course, you can?t reach, and there?s a danger of an enemy/summon destroying it before your next turn. In which case you should probably let someone else pick it up.

Furthermore, when a player picks up a pouch, they will get a one turn damage buff (Power). The strength of this buff is dependent on the rarity of the item in the pouch. You?ll generally get 10%, though you can expect the occasional 30% buff.


lvl 0:?Makabraspecting ring (you really really really want this), Quaquack pet. If this is your first character, it?s extremely unlikely that you?ll be able to get these without spending real-world money (ogrines to buy the ring, and you can buy wakfu-mag 2 as many times as you like for 100s and 100s of bronze tokens, with which to get a quaquack).
Quaquack in particular is EXTREMELY rare and expensive. You get it from the quaquack pond game in the trool fair, and it took me in the region of 400 bronze tokens to get it. Also, its food (?Tidbits?) comes from the trool fair too: you need to spend 1 bronze token to get into the zoo, and then it costs 1 bronze token for 10 tidbits. If you can?t get them immediately, get them when you can. Yes it?s gonna be a pain, but it will be worth it.
N.B. if you do get a maka ring, DO NOT get any other maka items. When you wear 2 maka items, both level at half the speed. This really sucks, and you don?t need any other maka items.

lvl 0-30:?Wear whatever water gear you can easily get. Focus more on levelling then on getting good gear, and ignore the prospecting on the gear. There?s no good pp gear before 30, and you probably don?t have treasure tracker levelled enough for it to be useful yet anyways.

lvl 24/26:?Alms (ring) or Crabring: both give 10pp, and aren?t difficult to get.

lvl 30:?Truffle set
you can skip this if you don?t want to spend a bunch of bronze tokens, but its a great piece of equipment.
The only way to get it is to buy it for a total of 83 bronze tokens (38 for the belt, 45 for the hat) from an equipment machine in a shady gambling joint on one of the bridges. 25pp from 2 items is SEXY, though.

lvl 34-42:?Bum set
more tokens (or you can buy them in the markets, they?re on sale fairly regularly), though how many depends on how lucky you are. Very sexy. Bum Breastplate is a moderately rare reward from the gold rush game, and Bum Cloak and Boots are fairly easy to get from the enutrof game.

lvl 38:?Schnek ring is a nice upgrade on crab ring/alms

42-48:?Mussly set
this clashes with the bum set, and replacing bum boots with Waders (the Mussly set boots) will lose you some PP, but the MP bonus from full mussly is definitely worth it.
OPTIONAL: mix with cloudy boots and epaulettes. The epas you should definitely get, as they?re really the best prospecting epaulettes for a looong time. The boots are optional, and a massive pain in the ass. You?ll probably want them eventually, but no rush. Mussly is much easier to get.

51:?Imperial tofu cloak is awesome, but a HUGE pain in the ass to drop. Kozcu cloak (arena reward) is a good alternative

lvl 55:?The Sharkal (shield) and Kawfy Wand: You?ll need to get these crafted (can be a pain, but you will probably use them forever. The only thing better is Exi?s Ancestral Shovel, which is lvl 100 and OMG so hard to get.

54-60:?Deckhand set: Delicious. Drops from pirates on Calamar.

62-67:?Kama set: amaaaazing, but another pain in the ass set. This is obtained by digging with single-use-shovels on calamar. Wear the hat and necklace as soon as you get them, but dont? replace deckhand belt/bp with kama belt/bp until you have them both, so you can maintain your MP bonus.

64:?Ultimate Survivor Leaf (cloak): again, pain in the ass to drop. Seeing a pattern here?

The Ghoulie (amulet): I believe this drops from Ghouls.
Valhalla Breastplate: arena reward, this will be tough. Socketed, though
French Maid Helmet: drops from the boss of the Nun dungeon.
Old Slippers: drops from monks
Hairy Rat belt: drops from monastery rats

84:?Heated Ring

ULTIMATE PP GEAR *dramatic music*
Doziac hat and epaulettes (arena reward, lvl 95).
Valhalla Breastplate (lvl 80)
Ultimate Survivor Leaf (lvl 64)
Hairy Rat Belt (lvl 77)
The Ghoulie (lvl 80)
max level Makabraspecting ring
Tap Shoes (lvl 90, drops from ghouls)
Exi?s Ancestral Shovel (lvl 100, master craft)
Imperial Merchant Ring (lvl 100, master craft)
max level Quaquack.

Final equipment bonus:
225 pp (translates to 112 damage all elements
1291 hp
+1 ap
+2 mp
118 ini
100 dodge
11 crits
1 range
9% all resists
25% more fire resist
48% damage (all elements ? 160 if you include the bonus from pp, just from equips)
36% more water damage (total of 196)

This also gives you 5 square rune slots (for damage, resists, or crits), 1 circular rune slot (for hp, dodge, or ini), and 1 triangular rune slot (+ elemental spell levels). You can also supplement these stats with food from the chef profession. Personally, I?ll be using resists runes (2 air, 2 earth, 1 fire), as well as some camonkbert (+22% resists) so I don?t die the moment something looks at me, along with a dodge rune and obviously a water spells level rune.

a note on damage: you get 30 more pp from treasure tracker, and 100 more pp from the in-battle treasure hunter buff, giving +65% to all elements. You get a further +65% to all elements if your?e on a gold mine. So, your max water damage bonus is actually 326, and your bonus for your other elements is 290 (not taking into account your mastery bonus). This is ABSURDLY high. Most characters can expect an endgame damage bonus of around 2-300 from equips (and 150 ish from mastery), to put this into context.

The 2 master crafts are made with Master?s Seals. These seals are specific to each profession (eg. Master Jeweller?s Seal) and can only be obtained by levelling a crafting profession to lvl 100 ? so, only once per character, per profession. This basically means if you want a good chance of getting them, you?re probably gonna have to level close combat weapons master and jeweller to 100 yourself. This sounds horrible, but you really only need to keep them up with your level, which isn?t so bad. Also, you?re a water enu. You drop tons more mats than any other character. Stop complaining.

you have 525 points to spend.

My recommendations, in the order you should get them:

1 AP (150 points) ? this means you can make a gold mine, and then rascalry x2 + purge, all in one turn. very useful.
1 range (80 points) ? you not only need to reach targets to pouch, but you need to reach BEHIND them with purge.
19 crits (285 points)
and dump your remaining few points in dodge or ini, as you please.


Water Tree

A close combat (range 1), 3 ap spell which does medium damage and has a good chance (5-50%) of inflicting broke and dropping a pouch. This is a good back up for instances where you?re forced into face to face combat. However, since you want to avoid face-to-face combat, this spell is not a priority.

2-5 range, 2 ap, 1 mp, extendable range. medium damage, and 5-40% chance to drop a pouch/inflict broke. This is your main spell. It has a slightly lower chance to drop a pouch than cutting, but the range and ap cost make up for it. Your pouch will preferably drop behind the enemy (ie. the opposite of the direction they?re facing). If that spot is occupied, it will drop to the side. If both sides are occupied, it will drop to the front. I haven?t tested what happens when all sides are occupied.

3-5 range, 2 ap, low damage, non-line-of-sight, extendible range. This is your second main spell. This spell has a 75% chance of turning a pouch (dropped by Cutting or Rascalry) into a big pouch, and a 25% chance of making it explode instead. A crit gives 100% chance of turning a pouch into a big pouch (very very handy). As I said before, if you use Purge on a big pouch, it will explode, with an increase in damage. Though, in general, this is a terrible way of dealing damage and you should never do this.

2-4 range, 5 ap, extendible range. This does a lot of damage to broke enemies. This is useful, though it?s up to you whether you like this more than cutting for dealing more damage. Personally, I don?t use it very much ? more levels in tax would mean sacrificing levels in cutting, and I find cutting more useful for dropping items in close range. Also, 2x rascalry does approximately the same base damage as 1x Tax on a broke char, with better range, and 1 less ap cost (2x 43 = 86 vs. 88 base damage, at lvl 100).

1-4 range, 6 ap, 1 wp, extendible range. This is one of the most damaging spells in the game. For a combat water enu, this is a core spell. You, however, are not a combat water enu. Furthermore, it uses WP, which you need for summoning drhellers and casting prime of life. Most damning though, is the fact that it destroys an item, and thus prevents you from dropping a pouch. This makes the god Enutrof cry.
Level it a bit for the damage/resist bonus if you like, but otherwise ignore.

Fire and Earth spells

I?m not gonna go through them, but you may want to level some of these a bit as backup.
You?re gonna have some decent fire and earth damage anyways, so you can use them if you like. If you want a true multi-element build, I have another thread in this forum on my experimental tri-element enu. Feel free to have a look, and play with it if you like, but keep in mind it is very experimental and I have no idea whether it will work in the end. But it is fun?.
In particular:
Ember is great for it?s local AOE if you get surrounded; Hot Magma does a lot of damage, linear AOE; Deadly Nightspade and Shovel Shaker are nice for their MP reduction, and Shovel Kiss is lovely for its MP buff to allies.

Keep in mind, though, that there is a cap to the maximum amount of experience you can have amongst your spells. By levelling a fire spell, you?re opting out of levelling a water spell, and thus reducing your endgame water damage. However, you?re gonna have pretty amazing water bonuses from equips, so you might decide it?s worth it (I did). Fire tree gives you AOE, and earth tree gives you an MP buff and MP steal. Also, your master craft items will give you +40% chance to steal MP, so you may as well use it!


By lvl 105, you can max out 5 specialities, and half-level a 6th. A note: for passives, half-levelling means to level 9/10. For active specialities (your spells), half-levelling means to level 6, as the last 3 levels cost the same amount of points as the first 6.
Here are my suggestions. First I?ve got details of my suggestions, then the suggested order.

Treasure Tracker
This is a core passive. It gives you a sweet permanent pp buff, and also turns 50% of your pp into damage. Max.

Your second core passive. At the start of a fight, mines will randomly spawn on the map, which are visible only to you. These mines will be of a particular colour/type.
In order of strength: Iron (worst), Tin, Silver, Gold (best).

While you?re standing on a mine, it boosts your damage, your chance to remove MP with earth spells, and your chance to inflict broke (and thus drop a pouch). Most importantly, when you cast a water spell on a target (won?t work if you cast on an empty square), while standing on a mine, you increase your level of the Treasure Hunter state. Max is lvl 50, and each lvl gives +2 prospecting, up to a max of +100 pp FOR THE REST OF THE FIGHT. awesome.

A gold mine (which you will generally end up on) give +65% damage, +45% chance to remove MP/drop a pouch. Furthermore, you gain the Treasure Hunter levels fastest on a gold mine. You can expect to need 2 turns on a gold mine to get lvl 50 treasure hunter.

I only levelled geology to 19. This gives you the maximum number of mines per fight. Levelling to 20 increases your chance of finding a gold mine (ie, the chance that there is at least one gold mine somewhere on the map) from 95% to 100%. I don?t think this is worth it, as that gold mine is still most likely to be in a useless position. Besides, you can turn mines into gold mines with Mine Mover (see immediately below).

Mine Mover
Core spell, but no need to level it (I love it when that happens).
This moves the mine you?re standing on to the target position, and turns it into a gold mine. VERY USEFUL, as you?ll almost never have a gold mine where you want it. Levelling it increases the range, which is of limited use to you. However, having 1 level in it, and thus 1-2 range, is great for giving you added flexibility in placing mines. I wouldn?t add more than one level, though you may consider adding 2.

Phone a Frheind
This summons a drheller. Levelling it increases the drheller?s HP, and the range of the spell (from 1 to 1-3). Furthermore, as you increase it?s level, you get a more mature drheller (Young -> Immature -> Adult -> Mature -> Ancestral). The greater the maturity, the more AP and MP the drheller has. See wakfu.wikia.com if you want full details of this, I?m too lazy to copy it here xD. Very useful.
Your Drheller?s level, and thus the level of all its spells, is the same as your character level (though capped at 100). It?s base elemental damage and resist is also the same as yours.
Your Drheller has 3 abilities:
Furrow: Unearths a new mine (5-15% chance) and eats a larva, which heals it (30-50% chance, water heals).
Collection: which allows it to pick up a pouch for you (walking over a pouch with a drheller WILL DESTROY IT).
Drheller Claws: Fire attack, see Combat Training passive.

Your Drheller is a VERY useful ally. max this.

Combat Training:
This passive increases your drheller?s HP, damage, and resists. It also unlocks the Drheller claws spell at lvl 5 (your drheller can?t attack at all before this), adds the flaming state to it at lvl 10 (only useful if you use the fire spell Fusion, or if you?re fighting with a fire iop or fire sac, who can apply the scalded state too), and adds a chance to remove 1 MP at lvl 20. Very useful, max.

For your 5th maxed speciality, and your extra half levelled speciality, you have a few choices:

this is primarily for earth enus, and it may seem odd to level it as a water enu. BUT. By allowing you to combine your AP and MP, it gives you the ability to get basically anywhere on the map in one turn. Awesome. Furthermore, it heals up to 20% of your HP, which is AMAZING in a bind. Also, with maxed phone a frhiend, you can get a great damage bonus just by walking a couple steps. Combine this with the fact that you?re gonna have some decent earth damage due to your high PP and treasure tracking, and you can actually do some decent earth damage if you need to. All in all, very useful. You can either level this half way or all the way.

Prime of Life:
You?re going to be using this regularly anyways for the +1 MP, even at lvl 0. However, at max level, it gives +2 MP. Very very useful. Also, if you?re fighting enemies which regularly remove MP, it gives you a great chance to turn MP loss into MP gain. Sexy. However, this spell only really gains significant usefulness at max level. So, either max it, or don?t level it at all.

Mass Clumsiness:
This spell removes MP from everyone, including you and all your allies, and increases your dodge. This can be useful for keeping the field the way it is, when everyone?s in a good postion. It?s particularly useful when combined with prime of life, as that gives you a chance to INCREASE your MP while removing everyone else?s, AND boost your dodge. However, there are a lot of classes which rely on MP, and they will be extremely annoyed if you steal it. In my opinion, the positives only outweigh the negatives when you use it with prime of life. So, if you max prime of life, you can consider levelling this half way.

God Enutrof?s Blessing
This is quite an alluring spell. 10% chance of an extra item from our patron god sounds very nice. However, these items are almost always useless, so you can basically ignore that aspect.
The only useful thing about this spell is the bonus chance to inflict broke, and drop a pouch.
BUT at max level, rascalry has a 40% chance to drop a pouch. When you?re on a gold mine (you can almost always get onto a gold mine when you want), you get an extra 45% chance, giving you 85% chance, over 2 hits. You really don?t need more than 100% chance to drop a pouch, so there?s no reason to max this. Level it half way if you like, but no more.

lvl 0-40: Treasure Tracker to 20, Geology to 19
The order you do these in isn?t particularly important. Do one, then the other, or half one, half the other, then finish both? however you want. Both are core to this build, and equally useful. I left Geology at lvl 19, since I didn?t feel the extra 5% chance of finding a gold mine was worth it, when you?re probably still going to have an iron mine in the most useful position. Also, you?re generally going to be turning mines gold, so the number of mines present is much more important than the level of the mine.

lvl 41: mine mover to 1

41-50: Phone a Frheind to lvl 6
51-60: Combat Training to 20

At this point, you?re on your own. At some point you want to max phone a frheind, and you?ve got your final 2 spells to level (one full and one half). There is also the option to leave phone a frheind at lvl 6, and max 2 other spells. By this point, you should have enough experience playing an enu to decide what you want.

Good luck, and have fun!

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