War Inc Damage Model and Armor Information

War Inc Damage Model and Armor Information by sergeytitov

Just wanted to clear something up ? how damage is calculated and why it?s not always one shot one kill for snipers.

Here?s basic math for damage model :

? There?re two types of armor ? head gear and body gear. Head gear protects against headshots, body gear protects body.

? Each gear have protection value ? this is basically how much percent of damage it will absorb. Ie if number is 25 then 25% of the damage will be absorbed first, rest will be dealt to the body part.

? Damage to the chest dealt at 100% of damage value. Ie if damage value AFTER part of was absorbed by armor is 50 points, then 50 points will be deducted from health if player got bullet in a chest. Double damage dealt for headshots and if you hit in leg or hand ? damage is halved.

? By default player have 100 points of health.

? Health can be increased by learning MEDIC branch f the skill tree. Medic Level 2 will give you 10% increase ? means 110 points. Requires only 3SP points.

So lets model how much damage will be dealt to player when you shoot him using SV98 sniper rifle. By default at point blank range it deals 200 damage. Damage linearly declining over DISTANCE parameter ? it?s 500m for SV98 ? means at 500 meters it will deal 100 damage. Crossroads from Church to Market is arouns 200-280 meters.

So lets say that usually you only use around 0.8 of rifles damage ( at 100m distance )

Means that it deals around 160 points of damage.

Next ? lets assume we have Level2 Medic character who wears decent 25% armor ( those numbers are representing damage model that will be in game as of tonight May 12 ).

Lets assume that character have BulkUp ability that adds extra 10% protection.

Damage Dealt = 160*65% = 104 points. You need 110 points to kill person ? so he?ll walks away.

How ?fix? that. Option number one ? buy damage increase boost for Sniper Rifle. Option number two ? learn Sniper branch of skill tree. It will increase your sniper rifle damage.

Option number THREE ? will be available today or tomorrow ? buy Armor Piercing bullets.
Each Armor have ?Level? assigned to it ? it clearly stated in items descritpion. There?re three levels ? 1,2,3.

In Items section there?ll be available Armor Piercing bullets ? Levels 1,2,3. What it means is that is you have this item ? then bullet pierce thru armor and doesn?t loose it?s energy ? ie full damage is dealt to the body.

Option number 4 ? buy .50 caliber sniper rifle ? it?ll instantly kills ANYONE ? no matter what type of armor, skill level, etc they?re?

Actually exactly same math applies to all other guns.

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