War of the Immortals Duelist Tips Guide

War of the Immortals Duelist Tips Guide by deathmakerii

When to pick Duelist?

*If you want to be a multipurpose, jack-of-all-trade character that enjoys lotsa crits(not as much as slayers) and can tank and pull aggros (not as effective as Chmps), then this char will be your best friend?

Duelists must always be pure INT, it increases crit rate and also increases your magic damage? (but he has a freakin sword! should it be best to increase its str? to increase damage output?) in case you haven?t noticed, Duelist?s normal attack is based on Magical damage, so basically they?re like Mages with kick-*** swords and a gauntlet(mutated, freakishly large arms but totally looks cool )

Duelists also have an unusually good stat growth on VIT, so if you want to tank a lil? please? never ever waste precious stat points on VIT? it fills up automatically? and at quite good pace?(though not as good as those healthwhore champs)? BUT that HP is only good compared to your fellow mages?(the primitive ones that still uses wands and staff, Magus? and those beautiful Enchas) That Kind of HP is STILL not suitable for Tanking (who are you kidding?)?. you need good gears and gems to beef up a lil? (i have a lvl 70 with full 60SG gear with an HP of 27k.. still w/o gems)?

REMEMBER: There?s a saying, Jack-of-all-trades is a master of none? it?s up to you to figure that phrase out?

What attribute should I increase?

INT, nope not VIT you don?t need it? nope not SPR, you got only 3 skills that can be spammed anyways?Nope not STR? common sense will tell it?s wrong? Nope not DEX, INT also give you high crit rate? DEX are for pussies that doesn?t want to get hit coz they have low HP pools? (u mad slayers?)

What Skills should I upgrade first?

As any chars would have done? try to uprade ur PASSIVES first?

Magic Master ? Adds magic damage to ur already buffed up pure INT magic damage? It?s simple math, High crit rate + High Damage output = ?a large explosion has shaken the earth? moments?

Enchanted Skin ? Duelists are a NEW breed of mages, and they hate all the primitive mages, so they have the skill ?Enchanted Skin? w/c increases their Magic Defense by a certain point? and Magic Resistance by a certain %, just a simple way to say? Suck on this mages?and heritcs? and enchas?

The next one you need to upgrade fast is the super imbalanced AOE BUFF(to you) and DEBUFF(not you)?

Demon Aura ? Inside this aura, you?re the GOD? It increases both your Magic/Physical defense and your Magical Attack? that?s 3 effects in 1 aura? PLUS it reduces damage taken FROM other monster, reduces both physical and magical defense of 10 targets and a nefty 3% more damage to your attacks?. That?s 7 effects in 1 aura?

Dark Aura ? Same godly powers as the ?Demon Aura? but talks about percentage, not just points? so it can scale up nicely in the late game?PLUS? an addition reduction to healing effect from the targets? and the increased damaged to monsters is? well.. increased?.

Note: Not sure if the 2 buffs stock? but I think yes..

P.S. in PVP, these aura are also usable? but use it with style and tactic? only Noobs or Self centered faggs will stay inside the aura the whole duration? try to think of a way.. to let them stay inside? (Try offering cookies or somethin)

Then the AOE nukes should be leveled too, AOE debuffs + AOE nukes = yep? a 3-second clash?

Demonic Cleave ? Deals percentage of Magic attack plus the some of all elemental attacks to 5 targets?

Shadow Cleave ? Deals same characteristics of damage but to 8 targets

Single Target Spells?

[b]Mana Steal[/B] ? No it doesn?t still mana from others?(talk about misleading titles). This is a debuff skill that takes away physical and magic attack from the target and BUFFs it to you?

Demonic Fist ? Simple way to sneak up to your enemy and launch a surprise butt sex? instantly rushes to the target dealing damage.. and SLOW? Try to recall ur problem on how to make opponents Stay on your AOE debuffs?(told you to offer coockies)

Demonic Bind ? The one and only disable you?ll ever get?(except demon bite skill @ lvl 95) It paralysis a single target opponent for 4 sec? a good substitution for offering cookies to stay?

Note: notice that some skills weren?t mentioned? those skills should only be leveled to 1? or so? depending on your judgement?. or if you?re the son of bill gates? then you will have a lot of coins to upgrade all ur skills?


*Use Magic Academy to fund your skill upgrades
*Don?t Concentrate on 1 skill to max? should balance it so everything can be leveled equally?(reason: because if you upgrade only 1 skill to the max? it costs more to upgrade a high level skill leaving you too broke to upgrade others?)
*Priorities Skill upgrades Rather Than GEARS? Skills are permanent? GEAR can be outgrown fast?
*Upgrade important skills only?
*Newly Obtained Skills can be left alone for a moment?you need not to upgrade them coz the still have the kick?


As you can remember in BOI (IF you have played that game) money cost for skills was never a problem? The Reason: WOI is still a new game? SOoo the currency (coins) inside the game is still small? thus the ROTATION and DISTRIBUTION of coins are still low..that?s why you work your *** out? to get rare items but it only costs like 400K.. in BOI? it already costs 800k? REMEMBER that Skill COST doesn?t adjust itself.. it will remain like that until coins are abundant ingame? only then? skill costs will be relatively affordable ? Give WOI a year? and skill upgrades wont be a prob?

Tips on making some coins
* Do Daily Quest
* Do Boss HUNTS for rare items
* Reach Higher Level as fast as you can.. the higher the level the more opportunities you get to obtain rare items? familiar with the phrase ?LFM BOSS HUNT? 85++?? yes? the higher the level? the more priorities..
*Don?t Spend too much on level 60 SG (Like i did) you will outgrow it before completing the set? and you?ll see that 75 GGs are more competitive than 60 SGs?
* BUY and SELL?buy low, sell high?
*Do Pet Babysitting(Made this up) level up other?s pet for coins!!

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